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The importance of faith and spirituality is discussed in the media and in the church. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to be mindful of their parents' actions and not just for their own sake. They also discuss the misunderstandings of Islam, including the belief that only one call is recognized in modernity, the use of "one a lot" in mon hopefuls, and the importance of respecting parents and children. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to not do things they don't want to do and to honor their words and actions in relation to their religion. They also mention a woman who was taught a lesson on being a good neighbor.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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Yama Allah. May Allah, Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah. Allah Allah ilaha illallah wa de Mola Shri Ganesha Ganesha de novo Maulana Mohammed Abu hora pseudo

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subotica kahana

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corporeal Hamid

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Amina shape on Raja smilla rahmanir rahim

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Cordoba Myskina Vanessa Bailey. Voila. de la in Alamo ballerina Cano.

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Makana shavon we are up jika for appalling abuse on the masala

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laser lasal was Bill McAfee when I was lucky enough to see the rocky movie. Oh, come on. It was Sarah

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Milan and Avi Rasulullah. You will Kareem would have known as a communicator he did and I was shocked. Irina will unreliable hired me. Honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders. While the world continues to progress technologically. Simultaneously, it plunges further into immortality. One of the tragedies of our progress of how material progress is that coupled with our advancement in technology, we are losing our morals, our values, our ethics, and there is the price we are paying to go technologically advanced, the world is becoming more and more materialistic. And if you look, nevermind the Muslim we are accused of being over religious. Hence, the media often

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speaks about the moderate Muslim, the moderate Muslim, but speak to any person belonging to any divine faith, and he will tell you, and He will echo the same sentiments that faith, spirituality morals are becoming absent, becoming an American psychologist once made a beautiful observation of the American society. He said that our this was an American psychologist writing in the news column of America, he writes that America's glories and evils are tightly fused together.

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He said America's glory and evils are tightly fused together. Furthermore, he writes, the various source which contributes to the vitality of his economy is the same source that contributes to the breakdown of marriages is the same sort that contributes to kind why the speeches of liberation contributed to economic advancement, and woman came into the commercial world, coupled with debt it led to home breaking up and marriage has been shattered. So America's glories are tightly fused with evil. And then he furthermore said, We are a nation who are blessed and burdened by our values. We are a nation who are blessed and burdened by our ethics and our beliefs. And this is exactly what we

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see happening around us. That materialistic approach towards everything

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is coming to such an extent that it's dominating everything. Faith is been excluded from the equation totally, just not as Muslim but you speak to any person, any person belonging to a faith of divine religion will tell you that religion is being undermined. Religion is being excluded. You know, on a lighter note, they say this person was walking free. She was going to the church, so he couldn't find the church. So there was a youngster they are delinquent. So he looks at me says father way off. He says, No, I'm looking for the church. This is all you just carry on straight that you turn right and you'll find the church. So you can say to my boy, but by the way, the thing you

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must come tonight, I will be delivering a sermon how to get to heaven. So he says you don't know where the church is, when you know where Heaven is, man.

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You don't know where the church is going to tell you. But it might be a very simplistic approach to the whole thing, but that's the reality. Nobody wants to hear about heaven. Nobody wants to, it's been excluded totally from the equation, and it's absolutely materialistic. I chose before you few verses of the Quran, and briefly I run you through this year, these are verses of surah bunny.

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Now, in this particular chapter, Allah tala speaks about the commands, which are the general broad principles of every fight. Any person with same logic any person with different understanding, would also echo the sentiments and will be common despite the differences of faith, color, creed and nationality. And hence, it is revealed in sort of a which was revealed to the Israelites as well as the life of birth of a loved one who saved if any person wants to understand a condensed version of the Torah, then say

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To read this year there are 14 commandments or 1014 commandments, that Allah speaks about your. And he said if you want to understand what Allah revealed in the Quran to the previous nations, and hence the law revealed it in the Quran to the believers. So if the Muslims can latch on to this because it's part of the Quran, and people from other faiths can get on to this Yes, believe me the planet earth will be a different race to the wall.

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There's a desperate need and intervention of divine revelation. We are living in a world where absolutely everything is focused and is analyzed through the logic and through the mind. So if you can level healthy dividend logically, they give meaning to what you say. And so we find that same sex marriages have become common why because logically they have an argument. Anything that has a logical argument is accepted in any channel and is promoted. So in this particular process, Allah Allah speaks about the general principles, ethics, morals and values, which every human has the Quran speaks about it and applies now but it was revealed in the previous scripture, in fact, just

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for the record purpose, may I add and say that as Muslims we believe up to the Quran. The next book in medicine is the forum. Why we respect all divine scriptures it is important that we understand the divine grace grading as well how has Allah graded? The Quran is the final the absolute revelation. And next up to the Quran is the Torah. Of course we are thinking of the unadulterated version of the Quran. The Quran speaks about the Quran.

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Allah musawah Haruna.

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Allah has preached the Quran in this verse, Tina moose and Nikita

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Coronel Ola.

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Now, what is illiteracy in these qualities are we supposed to be inborn inherent in every human and this is what we are lacking today. The first command Allah Allah,

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Buddha Allah, that Allah has to all the times in the ages, the first most vital most important injunction is the belief in the one a lot in monetarism and that is the doctrine of one call, that none be worshipped besides Allah. Allah says this has been from the very beginning in all the divine scripture. Second command immediately after that will be the Sunnah Santa Allah says kindness to your parents. This is not just a really just not an Islamic angle. This is not an Islamic flavor. But this is throughout every person supposed to have been, you know, promoting this concept and loving dutiful towards his parents. What does the Quran say? At the Santa

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Rahmatullah used to say that even if a lion had not revealed the injunction of kindness to parents,

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morally, humans are duty bound to be kind to the parents. More so when Allah has revealed it in the Quran, he says even hypothetically excluded from the Quran, and say, Allah has not revealed it in the Quran, human morals and ethics cause and demand that we show loyalty and faithfulness to those people by virtue of which was entered into the world.

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Now, you speak to any person from any faith, and he will tell you this is a common problem in the world, that parents have been sidelined in marginalized. I was now in Australia. So one person was developing some land and he was now you know, with a different flavor. So instead of calling it home At home, they call it our parents home, our parents, so you know, to soothe yourself that we've dignified deposition. So you put them in the same place, but you give it a polite approach. So anyway, he took me that he was developing, and obviously he was economic chances for him. So he sees the opportunity to develop the land, people at the age of 40 already moving in.

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So, you know, at such an early age, they've been marginalized from the community, and they have been alienated and put into one side.

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Now, what does the Quran say?

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Mama often, I recall once was a very great scholar was visiting South Africa and he was addressing a congregation of Allah Ma. And I had the opportunity to be present there. And he said, One day a non Muslim friend of mine taught me a lesson. A non Muslim friend of mine taught me a lesson. I said, Let me listen to the man who spent his entire life in Quran and Hadith. And yet he says he learned something that really Salaam says that wisdom is the last item of a believer wherever he can grab it human.

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Wisdom is the last item of a believer wherever he can, he's most deserving of it. So he says I met my non Muslim friend with whom I was schooling. So after having a little social discussion, and we opened up by asking your parents staying with you from among all the children,

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So he says he taught me a lesson on such a polite way. He said, let me rephrase that. Yes, you are right. I am saying what my parents among the children. My parents are saying with me is not that I'm providing them the accommodation, as we commonly say that I'm keeping the old man I'm keeping the old lady said until he says, No, no, I am staying with my parents. In other words, given up the impression that the house is still my father's, and he remains ultimately, I might be the breadwinner, and I might be providing, but it doesn't necessarily give me the advantages approach to say that I'm running and my parents are staying with me. No, no, I am staying with my parents. He

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says that was so cheap. And it led me thinking that yes, that is the correct way how we should view when we speak about our parents. So the Quran says

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the Kalka Zuma, if they reach age, you know, they become old hokey Allahumma one or both of them

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have been, then don't even frown upon what they say never meant disapprove. Don't even frown and of the light now, but are they allowed to say if they had to be a form of disrespect? Less than frowning? Trust me, Allah would have made that also forbidden.

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Abdullah now but are they allowed to say under the commentary of this ayah Allah says Don't frown on what they say. If they had to be a form of disrespect, and an unpleasant gesture, which you could reflect to your parent lesson from him, trust me that also would have been forbidden. Then he used to go around with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Dr. Mattila coo Masha, Yama says the evil son killed the rebellious son killed the disobedient offspring to go on doing what they want, I swear by Allah, they will never see them.

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Tell them to do what they want. I swear by Allah you know what I'm saying you this is just not the teachings of the Quran. This is the divine teachings which featured in every divine structure and the world today as it is moving. Absolutely nothing is you know, today it's totally materialistic. My father used to always tell us of this boy he was away so he had to write a telegram today to SMS time so anyway you can SMS but anyway those days so you send a brief telegram to his father and what is the only money so he writes to his father he says no money no fun your time.

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So the father was also shot it is too bad to set your desk

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no money no fun your son.

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My son are you okay today what it is only money.

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It is only money. It's totally revolving around materialistic the whole approach please has been excluded from the equation.

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So what does Allah say that when they reach out a pinata Paloma, open ohana can hora Houma La Paloma Colin Karima 70 Disney Moosa, who was one of the greatest of savvy, he used to say that a child should speak to his father, like how just obedient slaves speaks to our hearts master. Number one, you just obedient. So you know, they need to justify to rebuke you to admonish you, then he is ill tempered he is his nature is very unpleasant. Can you imagine how cautious how sensitive, how polite, how accommodating, will you approach your parents and how would you speak to them? That is how children ought to speak to their parents.

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Then Karima and say unto them a polite word. Furthermore, what with Lama Jana lilina, Rama, Rama, Rama Kamara

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and spread before them the week of mercy. Read before them the wings of mercy. Come before them in a kind way, humbling yourself, you know, lowering yourself And that's not all up to serving them physically, materially financially, then go on to say Oh Allah, I am unable to do justice to the kindness of my parents, I beg you show your choices, blessings on them, you know that that when that person came to levy sallallahu wasallam and he said only we have a lot

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I have done for my parents. This is the point you mentioned also, scholars say that a person ought to respect his father more but serve his mother more. As far as servitude is concerned. Islam a lot of that we serve our mother more and we respect our father more simply because the woman has gone through so much more with regards to burying and endless in us in meaning and etc whatever else he didn't do. So anyways, it only made of a lot. I I tried my level best to do for my parents, whatever they have done for me. Can I say that now? I have conducted and I've equated it. So I've met a kindness. I've done this. I took my mother Yeah, I physically carried her I spent on her and I did

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everything for my parents what they did. What was the words of the visa lottery was seldom a lover but he said for in omaka colonies Alec will you return he

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You don't know. The difference is, perhaps physically, you have done the same thing with a gun for you. The only difference, I'm afraid if they did it for you, and they cherished it, you do it for them and you dread it.

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What is the profit so they can say, they did it for you as a charity. So your mother just served in a free prize. It was a prize. Believe me it was a prize to get up, not to sleep. Just you know, in the end, you slept nicely. That was a that was an absolute pride. It was joyful. You might be also disturbing your sleep, adjusting your you know, whatever commitments you have to do some small basic errands of your mother, but I'm afraid it is not your pride. I'm afraid it's not your pride. At times you feel intimidating on your personal life, on your family life on your social life, on your free time on audio this time. In fact, let me let me let me translate the words of Psalm 141. It

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might sound crude but nearly Sallam said it in this way. They did it, hoping that Allah prolongs your life. And you do it hoping that they die soon.

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They did it hoping that Allah given Shiva he was, you know, my time has come out of your fuel. And you went to see your mother hoping that you know now she's old and what else now we have to go rather she goes on with whatever opportunity of service and treatment Allah has given you, your parents have aged and this is the time your mother needs your time you have to sit with her and all the wrong routine in your part as a child in your you know, in your youth, which which we all unfortunately a time, regret and we have certain wrong, this is the time to seize that opportunity.

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So then the second command that Allah Allah has given in all the divine scriptures, all the divine scriptures and today Unfortunately, this has been taken out the Western society strongly advocate.

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This is the key difference and the core difference between Western education and Islamic education.

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In a weapon second, a child will be told repeatedly that by the age of 14, you're entitled to this my boy hypoxi new demands by 16, the CEO of democratic rights, my 17 year old has Liberty by 18 you report it by 19 you take legal action. These are the slogans that have been shunted. So that boy is waiting to mature only to tell you You owe me this and you've deprived me this and you owe me that. But on the contrary, a boy been exposed to Islamic culture he's told my son as soon as you mature, there onwards is no longer remains the responsibility of your father to support you now it is his kindness through the roof above you is a sign that the plate of food in front of you is is murky.

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The car you drive is his kindness the phone you hold it is his his kindness type of thing your oldest your mother, my 16 year old sister, your neighbor, my 17 year old nephew, your your senior, he is reminded of his obligations to others

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is the key difference. Another thing you will find that today generally all the professions that a person might take up, he might tell you he has a passion for it. But it is motivated strongly by economic reasons. We cannot separate these two, he might say I have a passion to serve patients. And I have a question to fix cars for end of the day. The underlying reason is it motivated by themselves of the monetary returns that is going to bring as debt freezes very strongly in selecting which contaminates the whole thing history which comes in it is so shallow, this world is becoming the currency is becoming it's difficult to find humans in this world. It's difficult to find polite

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trying, you know normal humans that will be polite, saving up who's a part of your lawn who said in the time of innovation a lot he would tell them I trusted everyone. If he was a Muslim, he Islam won't allow him to live. And if he was a non Muslim, the environment was so clean it would have exposed him he would prefer speaking the truth. I didn't have to bother who I was dealing with the environment was so clean. And within Islam, what allowed him to live and a non Muslim the culture and the environment was to clean. You know that the stigma of Alinea was too evil. You just get so quickly exposed that a man will never speak alive. Now this is what the world is desperate for this

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desperate intervention of divine revelation that we need to follow divine guidance that is not all Allah speak about the parents. First of all that continues.

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Mama camara bionis of the law

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demartino forsaken. incoco nosara.

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Vina Baccarat in this birthday is Grace, Grace, Grace, solace for a person who at times intends to do good with his parents, but somehow it is misinterpreted, it is not interpreted. And it creates a sense of hostility between him and his parents. A lot. Allah says if your intentions are noble, and you sincerely want to obey them, but time wrongly your action was

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was interpreted, then provided your intentions are clean, Allah will forgive you provided your intentions that means you had not intended to offend your mother who is not deliberately intended. And by virtue of your continuous obedience to them, as in later stage, your parents will be convinced himself also, after the second command that Allah has given in all the divine

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commands that Allah Allah gives.

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And be kind to your relatives, be kind to your relatives. Now we can explore the topic of social ties. It has become so sad. And he says, you know, the alarm on a weekly radio program, which was attended by a lot of people. So one Thursday night, he sat down, and as people came in the gathering, he said, Listen, do me a favor. If anybody is not in speaking terms with any of his relatives, will you please leave the gathering immediately. So one youngster stood up and he walked away.

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And he had an aunt living on the outskirts of Medina, with whom he had some problem and there was some friction. So he came to the house of his aunt knocked on the door, suddenly, his aunt was very happy, very surprised. Tony's astounded what's happening. She came into recess in Milan, recently, forgive me. You know, things haven't been all that. Well, we haven't been speaking has come to us sincerely that you apologized for Forgive me. So that was very happy. She received him. Well, she forgave him. But she said, Can we Why suddenly at this time? What is the reason? So he says, You know, I attend the gathering of Abu Ghraib.

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And today as I came is opening comments with anybody who's not speaking politically. So the answer is forgiven you but do me a favor when you go back to Obama era ask him why suddenly today, this is how he started his coffee. So he said, no problem. As long as you forgive me, I'm happy. He comes back. He said, Tony, the gathering of abora via lavon will

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ask you what's the reason why you went? He says, when you made this comment here that anybody who was not in speaking term should leave the gathering. Then I realized there was an answer that I wasn't speaking to. So I went to pick up my religion, but my hand has forgiven me but at the same time, she just wants to also curiosity know, what was the wisdom behind this opening comment today?

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Ilan said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the third day This was on the third day used to conduct this program.

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The actions of the oma have presented before Allah.

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They are presented in the court of law and almost looks at the action. And oh, Allah overlooks Allah. Allah expresses kindness, clemency and forgiveness. However, if Allah happens to see that there's friction between two relative Allah a ship them, so they don't resolve it, I won't forgive them. So they don't resolve their intern, they don't resolve their differences, I will not forgive them. So as a result of that, the Allahu says that I decided that that will be my opening comments. Now there is look deep down into our life maimone internet, Maron has written that they are three, three, that there is no differentiation, whether it's a Muslim or non Muslim. Number one, when

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you've given someone your work, whether you've contracted to a believer or just believer, it's not less important if it's a non Muslim, and it's not more important. If it's a Muslim, it's of equal importance. That is a deception. Not always Okay, no, no, it's of equal importance, because honoring your word is actually a contract to your Creator. It's actually a contract to your Creator. So he says, there are three things there's no differentiation, whether you're speaking to Brother Mohammed or Mr. Thomas, whoever it is, you have to be prompt and you have to be particular about honoring your work. That's the first thing. The second thing is when you've been trusted with something

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somebody has put an amount of value, read, read a word visa, secret, read, finance, read anything, you have to honor it, whether you're dealing with a Muslim or non Muslim, learn to honor your word and be be respectful to what you say. And the third is kindness to your editor, whoever that relative is, you've got to respect him and you've got to be kind to him, the Muslim or non Muslim. We find when sadly Olam accepts that Islam. Then his mother said, as long as you remain a Muslim, I will not eat a morsel of food and I will not drink a sip of water, and I will not take shelter to compel her son to forsake Islam.

00:24:18--> 00:25:00

She thought that the sun will give up one day lead to day pass, but the sun was very firm and he was, you know, deep rooted into Islam. So he came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he said whenever you have a lot, I have accepted Islam. And this is what my received what my mother has said that she has promised that she will not accept. As long as I will not forsake Islam she will not eat and she will not treat you as it went on to the third day Allah tala Xin vvv versus what India has to shreeka v Molly Celica v. Mon philosophia, Huma wasafi boo boo Macedonia Aruba if your parents compel you to

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just obey Allah, if your parents compel you to just obey Allah, then do not obey them in that however, besides that, be kind to them and beautiful even if they are non Muslims. So, that is the kindness. Now, in today's time, in today's time, I have said this and let me seize this opportunity again, that obviously, everybody's very deeply and cross in his world and nobody really has time to take part in the events in the development of his family member, each person is so engrossed. So, maybe your brother's daughter got married or someone was thinking that family, you have your own issues with which you are dealing at YouTube, you cannot get time out of your own problems and hence

00:25:40--> 00:25:44

at times, you cannot respond promptly to the occasions in his family.

00:25:45--> 00:26:23

The sad thing is we need seldom we meet seldom but when we need on those seldom occasions also we make excellent such nasty comments even a few minutes meaty, we make it our so you know you you haven't seen your cousin for years. And then you decided you happen to go for a holiday to Mauritius or something. So he sent me coffee. So then when you go this is all you lost your place. You lost your direction. What happened when someone passes away? That's why, you know, nasty, nasty comments in today's time, I believe that is when we need we don't have to take our time to meet but whenever we meet if we can just say kind words, then I think also we are getting somewhere we are getting

00:26:23--> 00:26:46

somewhere. We only meeting at variance and we are only meeting us and that is the reality of our life. It's a sad reality, but on those occasions when we need let us be guided let us not be snobbish let us not insult one another. So the Quran says we're asking for baja Cabo and gives a relative he'll do whatever you owe him. You know, the most telling story in that regard is that

00:26:48--> 00:26:50

time doesn't permit but I just mentioned one thing to you

00:26:52--> 00:27:34

is don't I Serbia lavon ha we know she has become a victim of accusation. And there was a slander that was being promoted or circulated against her regarding zero. And this was instigated by the leader of the monopolies. And there's a whole details transfix about it, he accused of dinner with another hobby for one of your movano but as this slander gained momentum, and it was circulated, then some innocent Muslims also became a victim to this year, and they also gave it a degree of prominence. So they also started circulating and you heard what happened when I started the alarm ohana you heard what happened. And this one month that had passed in the entire orgy was the most

00:27:34--> 00:28:11

painful month in the life of Abu Bakar and navy for a lot simply because it's vulnerable consort of Maria Rita Rahman is the daughter of Abu Bakar villano. And for that one month, there was no divine revelation to clear the air to say I shall be alone I was innocent. And after a month, Allah tala had revealed it. Now among the people that were guilty was the cousin of Abu Bakar. And this cousin of Abu Bakar was a very poor Javi also, he was among those that migrated in Abu Bakar financially seabreeze wealthy every month out of a kind gesture, he would give some finance to his cousin's looking at my relative Allah has given me a need to support him. But when he realized that this man

00:28:11--> 00:28:38

had a hand in the accusation of my daughter, in all human aspirations for which I think human being is justified, he took an oath and he said, that From today onwards, I will discontinue all financial support to my cousin. I mean, I support the men and he can stand up and say my daughter has done this year. He barely takes the oath that he will just continue the financial support, and Allah revealed the Book. Imagine what I said, while I was leaving home como esta

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por la vida Misaki no mo Haji Rena, FISA de la del, it's not becoming, it's not becoming of the learned and the wealthy among you to stop the good actions because of the wrongs of others. That was the verse of the Quran. Tell them they must learn to forgive and forget if they want Allah to forgive and forget.

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Abu Bakar came out he said only of Allah tell ally want his forgiveness. And I am prepared to do anything because his cousin Mitra, the man who accused his daughter of Zilla and dissent, and he said, I forgive you for what you've done. And from today onwards, I will double my financial support for you.

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Now to give money to someone ALLAH forgive when we give, you know, we want people to acknowledge that life long. Imagine the qualities of Sahaba crumb, it was this that united them, and voila, the world is desperate that we unite. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said and I leave you with

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that person who is desirous that alarm must bless him in his health. He's well given perkett in his lifespan and in his wealth, telling him to join science and Allah will bless him both in economy in his wealth, as well as in his life. Every person wants a long life, a healthy life and a wealthy life. The Divine formula is enjoying the entire May Allah tala give us the topic and the ability that means calculator

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here and when we have discussions with non Muslims, this is what our Quran says that was found in the Koran. It is time to enter your world embraces us ethics, morals and values that it brings about some sense of sanity in this world. Otherwise it is blind following it is materialism and there is no end to this evil. Only Allah knows in which way this is heading. I can't afford understanding what's going on.