Murtaza Khan – Vices Series – Ep. 04 – Loose Tongues

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of focusing on individual actions and bringing them to the heart is crucial for personal development. The negative impact of words and actions on one's body, personal and professional emotions, and actions is discussed, including the need for privacy and control in Islam. The importance of shaming individuals for their actions and showing them in public culture is emphasized, as it is crucial for individuals to hold themselves out in public. The golden era and privacy and control in Islam are also discussed, along with the importance of letting people know about issues related to backbiting and shaming words.
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of the praising lots of Canada, surnames, greetings and salutations, what the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he spoke about the impact of one's prayers

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or unfortunately for some of us the negative impact

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of abandoning our prayers or neglecting our prayers, on understanding the impact of the prayer

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as a person understands the prayer, the spirituality begins to lead the individual should lead the individual away from carrying out atrocities or carrying out her own things. as Ron mentioned, in the center, the

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center takes a person away from for what he can take the person away from even

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so the prayer is not codify not spiritually focused upon Unfortunately, the end result will be for some people it needs them towards sustain carry on doing for why he should carry out

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evil actions. And so we mentioned the beginning of the book or Allah mentioned Kabira Camille

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is going to be something difficult except for those individuals are in a state of submission to Allah Subhana Allah does again you know, sort of

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stand in front of Allah Subhana Allah in total devotion, total commitment, if you needed to see these if these verses are indicated here, wherever you find that previously, the companion will exchange greeting the Maven speak or say certain words. And as these verses were sent down a full moon they

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have faith on a silver platter Gustavo

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God and preserve your prayers, and specifically the middle of prayer call Roger. The most accurate statement immediate bracelet and Assa

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T stands in front of Allah Subhana Allah totum devotion commitment. So, when a person has developed that commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah is not just the external limbs, but internally becomes all focused, committed towards the loss of Hana data.

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From data mentioned, we know that kaviraj Sheree and Athena anomala por la raggio

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manner your kingdom is short important understanding the Arabic language because many of us understand one to be conjecture, speculation towns

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around the world, the southern Arabic words can totally mean the opposite. in certain places, it's not the sum of the translators, those who doubt meeting the Lord. It is I mean, those who doubt and delina una anomala. Those who know for certainty, they're going to meet in order to return back to him Can I achieve that those who really understand the impact the prayer, it will change them, they know they're going to definitely they are made to meet Allah Subhana Allah. So they become vigilant about every single thing about their lives, not just the external limbs that we worry about, as you mentioned, on many occasions, some of us we become so frustrated, so focused upon people praying

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around us how they pray, obviously, it's good to remind one another encourage one another. So Luca, Munoz suddenly pray and you see me praying in a hadith in Bukhari, you should advise him to see him, but sometimes it becomes overzealous, overzealous practice. And every time it's always just worried about the people around us.

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That fidgeting inside our prayers, wherever we were with our clothing, with our garments, or other even foods that come to our mind, and we lose the spirituality, we lose that focus. And this is drifting away in the heart of away from a Muslim handle data. And that's the heart. And the limbs are the smallest element of a piece of flesh. Inside the human being to elements of flesh, need to be coded by shows that a person's present impact upon them, all at

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the heart of the individual. So a reward is given to the individual, according to their focus inside a salon. gradings are given by lots of hand to another person's focus. It's at the center, according to the intention, and the purification and focus of the heart inside the prayer. The second piece of flesh that was read many of us If not, I would not sound extreme to say all of us

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don't seem to control it. It

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is a term and this is a shortfall in impossibly all of us. Because the impact of that hasn't really penetrated us, to make us to begin to control our lives. Just that we worry about the outer focus we do focus on these these elements to make us become better individuals.

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Because these are bad practices, which unfortunately become common practice amongst Muslims. In today's headache that we find in the lab the

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elements, now you

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paid no attention to just one word. Notice a statement is one word that is asked as a word Yes, it

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doesn't begin to slip, drove all the way into the Hellfire, between the disobey the heavens and the earth in various directions, the wordings that existed, present pays no attention to whether the other word that they say, and a person begins to stick begins to drop more and more further, deeper into the hellfire. And as we find that one word, as they say, can destroy all your actions can destroy your email, can destroy your life, can destroy your home can destroy your family can lead countries to warfare, just 130 by one word. One word the district is for your actions. can you offer a word of disbelief, pessimism destroy a person or begin to discuss at a time that is intentional or

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unintentional? But am I allowed to go to View is unintentional person says certain words they should, they should know certain things. But they're going after certain words, it could nullify the action. Likewise, the breakup of families common practice, among so called Muslim that we find no tolerance. One word he said. That's an unfortunate, it's sad to say this, but it's still amongst us that we find. And the words that we use are words that we exchange, and a lack of empathy amongst ourselves. The townhomes are split. Families are broken, rights are taken away from kith and kin, because of anger or rage of just saying one word that breaks the whole family apart. That breaks, a

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nation breaks it apart. And I quote, define words. simple words, it may sound strange to some of us. But there's essays and research has been done, about words that lead to war, just acting on words amongst politicians, amongst leaders, and lead to war between countries. To some degree, you find a person lost about why they went to war, over a dispute about animals was known as the pigs war, about entered into someone else's territory, it's somebody else's area, and a dispute broke place and war broke out. The initial the shallowness of the human being was not called the fight. But they don't seem to understand that how the impact of words can lead to such atrocities on the face of the

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earth that we find. And many of us at least worry, we think is a small matter. But it's more matter that we find a small piece of flesh is dangerous, doesn't even cover that we find. He asked the corporation had December 29 42.

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He also

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encouraged me to something that would enter into agenda. When you buy into me and in a take before away from the headphone. Look at the response of the population.

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You've asked something magnificent, something as is going to be impossible to achieve the question you're asking me very difficult to respond to. So he highlights what are the action the person needs to do first by highlighting the Pillars of Islam, then highlighting about the secondary issues supererogatory extra issues that we can do praying inside, they're not giving us good deeds, then the

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tsunami, the highest peak of it is all to do with fighting and struggling away. We have lots of Hannah Diana, and a segment that we find that some of us may think that this individual may be elderly individually. This was just a young boy

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added oma with the most knowledgeable regarding halal and haram of this coma, as measured by the prophet Elijah sinner who died at the age of 34.

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is at the age of the person may hear the name I think this person may live for many years and enter the company only at the age of 34.

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But yeah, he asked a trigger question that would concern him and concern the rest of the companions, rest of this Muslim woman, then the

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shadow lead you to that which will control all of these affairs. Everything that I've listed will control all of this.

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For the minister, send me a shot of it and he said he pointed into COVID tongue and said Tamara,

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restrain this. This is the whole the whole P and that whole heavy. Everything revolves around this morality agenda. He is taken aback. He said Are we going to be held accountable for what we under format,

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form of of retribution of abuse

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King, rebuking rather the devil that made the mother perish.

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You haven't even understood this.

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In you don't even you don't understand this. In other words, in Simple English, you could say you don't even understand this but your mother perish. You think you won't be held accountable for this feature your tongue?

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Will people not be dragged on their faces or placed their noses, except for in the hustle and sit at him, except for because of the harvest?

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Look at the words of the process of looking at the harvest, the vegetation, the fruit, the crops, the end result, some are there's no Samara, there's no fruit, the fruit is going to be loss. The loss of the result of one's tongue is going to be a grave loss on that day, happy tomorrow, met any student.

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This should awaken the individual. Just like we're vigilant about all of the the Pillars of Islam, all the practice is done. Why? Why are we not vigilant about restraining our tongues that we find? That's what does get mentioned that the heart and the tongue is a reflection of one another. You know, maybe one other person could utter a wrong word or say something incorrectly state of anger is possible when we're human beings in Sun, but when it becomes habitual. When a person speaks, and they say certain words, they use certain words, certain language that we find, are not the scale mentioned, this is just a reflection of your heart.

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Excuse expression by faith comes out your mouth, then your heart is faithful.

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That's what really matters he has mentioned they've continued habitual practice that the language that you use the speech that you use the words that you use, the remarks that you make, is habitual in your life, that a person has to question their heart, they should question a question themselves. The tongue is only a reflection of the heart and in good words come out of the mouth. That's habitual. Obviously in a good gathering, anyone can say good words. But in general practice, when the only only the people are speaking whatever it may be, then good words come up. Good reminder comes out the initial a good sign and good Hall does even mention

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the good word in such surah Abraham and the bad word and good word as new as saboten is summer. Talk to Buddha Buddha he made

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a good word is like a good tree. The real good word is among Sadie mentioned in the series it is.

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But it impacted the good words is the other actions or other good words that come out good are fruit. That's the parable of a good buddy with a good word. And in the parable is given a person with a bad word. with bad statement.

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There is no established man. I mean, there's no establishment on the earth, for that person to use a bad word for the word, no establishing for the individual that he uses bit too long.

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Medieval hierarchy

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will give

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us a bit too low levena Avenue. A lot of people who believe say a word who are meant to believe

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in having said that and remain steadfast What does it mean to remain steadfast? Then adorn yourself with everything that is related. Yeah.

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Another heavy speaker a young boy, Abdullah with us.

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Oh, young boy, let me teach you certain words. What is the purpose of teaching? If for the

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present alone present you mean to preserve the rights and regulations that belong to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will take care of you become vigilant about all your limbs and your focus and commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah unfortunately, that we have so loose with our tongues and like what do you find is mentioned certain ads with our private Fox as well, that we studied this and if you find it summarizes it summarizes how this Muslim coma begins to begin to enter the element of corruption, lack of preserving their private parts, they just sit in the corner and then leave if not, then we find loose with our tongues especially with a dictator especially among so

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called practicing musou that we find we pay no weight,

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we pay no weight towards our tongues and the words that we add that we find it trivial but appropriate. I mentioned however many admin Nima bainer.

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In Saudi say, whenever guaranteed for me to God, what is between these two jaws? What is between these two legs? admin level Jenna, I will become a guarantor for that person and a gentleman to intercede for him to ask the individual into paradise. Sounds trivial isn't sounds very like sounds

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Easy. So why did the professor mentioned that? Because he knows there's going to be problems. People are not going to be able to control the terms. And in order to control the private parts, that's a fact. That's what he's had he is giving a shout out towards if I never had a final answer. And now, what was the most thing

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that will get people to go into into the fire or alpha?

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How do you think

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will be the mouth and the private parts? Most people don't do the Hellfire because of the emails, because the speech and because of a zinger of adultery, fornication, and liver alpha has led him to unfortunate towards the Hellfire that he hadn't mentioned before that the opposite was the most of the people the agenda taqwa line was

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fear of Allah Subhana Allah and good character. Well, RC cola and ahead of good characters what is good speech, good language, good etiquette. etiquette. So not just a Sharon ethical speech is the use of of the body use of uttering things

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which will lead people to enter into general, like all the final heavy is

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the whole of the body goes out every single morning. The whole body says, resist, hold that speak into one speak into the tongue. So let's say

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if you are straight, then all the rest of the limbs will become straight. If you are crooked, if you're evil during the day, then all your limbs will become crooked and evil during the day. So all of the parts of the body are a rebuking requesting the tongue that when you wake up in the morning feel not feel alone during the day. rectify your affair with your speech after during the day. Now you're calling in

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at noon a word there's a person at SFO, Rocky, Rocky,

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Rocky when it is in the names of the two ages that he had. This is a pod that existed what is what concerns us now, you

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know, what do you do after except for ki Rahman? TB? Yeah, the Muna

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noble scribes that are sort of infobar noble stripes, they write it down. They know what you're doing, but they visualize it as visualize us. We can't see them, but they visualize us and they write it all down. That's all it is. What is common amongst us that we find

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of the use of the tongue, backbiting, gossiping, slandering, tailed mongering, rumor mongering, lying, character assassination, either top division amongst Muslims. Sounds strange, isn't it, but unfortunately, is a common practices amongst us Muslims, that our life revolves around this

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rank among Muslims that we find that the speech that we utter, in essence, it shows a lack of understanding of the law of Allah Subhana Allah, unity of the Muslims is paramount. There's always people debate about the siting of them present, etc. If I remember I've documented mentioned, even if I don't, even the country's wrong, even if there's a minor issue that could possibly could be right. But for the preservation of sanctity and unity, the Muslim Ummah, you fought with him and you bring your past with them. That's what the Sharia teaches us. Sharia doesn't teach us that every time you see something that doesn't agree with you, that you pick up on the highlight, created into

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element extremely key that actually teaches unity that we develop that suddenly began to let go to look at the greater image, the greater image of Islam here that concerns even Redeemer, who outspoken of corruption of innovation of corrupt views of deviant views Vidya works in great detail. If there's a major threat upon Muslims, a major failure of disbelieving, attacking Muslims harming Muslims, devoting their wealth taking them down taking the property harming Muslims, for the greater interest in becomes Paramount at the moment because

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to rectify a veil to give one image, one element of protection for Muslims who began an onslaught we put a worker

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through his work when he concluded what he wrote. These are views that existed a person should understand these views shouldn't live in a bubble word of creating rankle dissecting.

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On a face that you find that fuqaha different wildly expansively so much in such a degree person doesn't even know what the right view is. But Islam teaches tolerance on certain things to accept them when we become hasty in our tongues. Such as Hey,

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can you madman

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words that we've heard that person seems to understand

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What have you learned in your life? To say to a 50 6070 year old person where knowledge is no and no journey, he's ignorant, or be foolish, ignorant journey doesn't understand cane. Look how light these words are.

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person who's 70 years older than you, as an advocate of expressing certain things to another person to say to them that they're wrong and this and this is the way that you may derive some which is wrong is unacceptable. But because we don't see, we're not nurtured, we're not taught, because environment around is taught us to just lash out with your talent. Anybody out there, you don't agree you lash out at them. This is not good trivia. This is a good teaching. This is not good etiquette. This is what the professor he warned us about. being vigilant about our tongues, they find the complaint is literally throughout the life, like codified goods, and forms of backbiting

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that we find the realm of discuss every person make remarks about the physical features, their religious characteristics, their worldly affairs, their character, their wealth, their children, their parent, their spouse, their servers, the attire, that men are walking, the amount of smiling, their manner of frowning, that's backbiting that's done by someone we prefer attributed. A person can say what they want about another individual make remarks rudimentary remarks about another individual, because you don't agree with them. That is backbiting. And if it's not true, the head is mentioned, then you've slandered the individual. And so laundry can be raised to the coffee. If you

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slander person, a Muslim can raise the case to a judge. And the judge can place punishment upon you that has been done inside the Sharia instead of bronies. And something like that. So to know about Bolton, slandering a person saying something about an innocent individual, and likewise, gossiping and discord amongst people, common practice, even amongst a religious circuit,

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their religious circles, that's what we're going for just enough gossiping from here today that we find we find an American law You're

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the one who spread rumors and take the spread, this is sufficient anything just to narrate it just generated that show the person is a liar is an imposter anything they just begin to narrate it to another individual who spreads times about another individual had eaten Bacardi and a man now your total gender what is number mean? What is NEMA mean? When you find that we find the progression you will pass to grades

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and you praise tweets upon the degree to these two individuals as it has become a form of alleviation at the highest level Sudan is in some way placing flowers in a great space for this

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specific American

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Salalah already send them a place to pick up on the rate that the country will be diffused for the short while but what concerns is that is

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that a normal you at the Bernie these two individual being punishment inside the grave and not being punished for something which is a grave sin meaning that many of us we find it trivial as for one of them he never used to cleanse himself after getting to the toilet drops of urine may drop on him dropping his clothing faith in a person stands up and urinate you find is a high chance of probability that drops or you could drop on your clothing and you don't even notice it drop on your on your on your body parts you don't notice it. Now just impurity that there they found that this person was punished for them to drop the urine dropped upon them. What Stanley the second indivision

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can am shipping Nima used to walk around with gossiping, telling tales. They said this was sent spreading at least individual Chinese whispers to everything and spreading around both of these individuals are being punished inside the grave. Why am I qualified to speak openness, the so called reputation to exist on YouTube and videos that we find? Read through study the language study the speech, derogatory rudimentary remarks. That's not a sign of personal side when we listen to the words carefully. Look at the content. Look at it. Look at the speech, the way words are presented. This shows a lack of focus on one's tongue and language. And it can be the people who go around

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spreading any listing to get it as well as we read. We don't have time for such things. By no means that we read through the blogs, read through the comments before the statements shut shut down the person is taken aback. It is it is Hello We mustn't Is this a language, it is a speech. It is our etiquette. Then we have serious issues. We have serious problems because if this is this is the last

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Within a word that we are using as Muslims, we have serious issues that need to be resolved. We will go back to grassroots basic elements of teaching Montana, you know,

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whoever believes in a London last day, speak well or remain silent. So all these comments that we've done, they all show the corruption inside the heart, the corruption of our tongue, and we pay no attention to it. And that's the point if we remain remain with a religious certain

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so called religious people listen to me and mentioned centuries ago, about people who claim to be vigilant about academic rights when they get to forget about the control of their tongue. It is amazing how easy for human to control and protect themselves from eating heroin. wronging others staying away from alcohol staying away from Xena, it is difficult for the individual to control his tongue. It's easy for some people to stay away from drama, but it's it's so hard for the person to control their tongue. A man is considered religious pious and a worshipper associate.

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Tamia mentioned that a person is considered to be pious, religious, and a worship of lots of panel data, however, uses words, which anger lots of parallel data, and pays no attention. No importance to each room is lowered by speech, the distance between the East and the West, they invented continuing how many times you see a person who refrains from the lewd acts of wrongdoing, while he's found flows in false speech concerning the honor of those who are alive and dead, and he's not even care about what he

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does. And many of us today, whether the person is alive or even a person is dead. We can't restrain our tongues is a general principle for the person who's dying to Unruh in a law. The person affairs belongs with the laws of Canada, if you want to make if you want to make some review, it has to be an academic review. It's not just any comments, it is when you find out if a person makes a comment, but this about what what is this mean? What is the intent behind that position to delve into things that don't concern them becomes a may or may become a form of cassara

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a form of destruction loss for the individual.

00:27:24 --> 00:27:28

Because unfortunately, too much too many of us have much free time in our hands.

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We have much free time on our hands in the so called modern world that we find. If you're gathering becomes known, then shaytaan as a portion of it. That's what he's gathering and becoming known. We can't construct a time towards constructive things. But we can we can constructively sit there and watch all of this for hours on end and make these comments. So shavon picks in this, let's see, but I live in a sea of actions, as you mentioned, that for many of us, unfortunately May Allah forbid, as speech in other words could become an element of destruction, remorse or regret. And as some of the brandberg mentioned, become one's graveyard. They become so regretful for the individual. As a

00:28:10 --> 00:28:52

person should be vigilant about social media, and the use of social media we keep reminding us of time and time again, that a person could put aside comments and person plays certain images. A person at times cannot take them back further may take them down, but it may go viral. And that will become a form of destruction of that individual form of shame for the individual. And it doesn't mean we should be we should be full of shame, which is full of remorse. Because in another movie Toba two feet removed from his top and head incident imagine a person who lumati Coloma tomorrow is a new journey. All of this oma will be pardoned forgiven by Allah Subhana Allah, except for those

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who expose their sins, Facebook that we find snap and all these other forms that we find is what is it is just displaying certain things. But we can safely conclude many times is how

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many times is horombo things that are displayed because this is whatever it may be showing the world showing people. The person in general people may look for basic mistake of *. What has this ethic of a Muslim, even for young men to show show their body if they always covered what need is there to display such things. And many times that we advise that sisters displaying their faces, even with plastering their faces would make up that we find how the

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is not allowed. But you find that message exchange images exchange comments or exchange. It only needs to be called if it needs to be controlled. And you find that comments are made that we find and as we mentioned so many of us rightfully we make practice other practices. We over emphasize that we begin we began with them, but we find that how much of US alone Luca malarkey, Danica Cooney as we mentioned earlier

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Benjamin, what is the thing that controls all of this? All of the actions are praying, fasting, everybody will control all of this is going to be our tongues that show the obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah does he want me to do all these righteous actions and practices, but we fall short upon our tongues. In conclusion, we find the classifier is a fifth halifa. And then in the golden era as well, and he's time said, decoding words, the one realizes that his speech is part of these deeds, then you realize that your speech is actually part of your deed, just that you worry about the action you carry out when you train these words to only what is of concern to him, and he's of

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benefit to him, when he doesn't understand it, and my speech is actually just like I worry about how I pray Our fast house, take them around, then the person will become more vigilant. And that's what Islam is because being vigilant about are so visual because actually maybe we could fall short. And look at Parliament, forgive for words which are uttered words which are made harmful to another individual, what will happen to those individuals may Allah forbid, the boss and shame on the day of judgment

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will be good deeds and bad deeds. All of us may fall short and all of us will fall short regard the rights of Allah Subhana Allah Allah for re will parley with forgiving overlook alone take seven people an element of secrecy awesome Did you don't do this you don't do this? Did you don't do that. Personally acceptance is it. Allah will say that I can see me on this dunya for you I can see today is when that will happen. If a person says a comment to another individual, you can't now say yeah, Allah forgive me. You can't say Allah, intercede and forgive me because I said these words. That won't happen on that day. Allah will say bring that person, bring the person and what will be done

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does we find that people are different types, different forms of different natures and find the creation admiration image, because the image of the person that I mentioned, that had the most creative of various elements of Pura Gibran was sent to Gather, Gather all elements, red, brown, mud, etc, the soil, put it all together, every individual is different. Everyone's structure different, everyone's feelings a different person should be worried about a particular thing that just the Muslims just shrug it off. On the day of judgment, some people will say, I want my right. I want my right given to me. Can you take me for me on this? dunya? So what will happen that day? I am

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I just want to say, oh, forgive me. Pardon me? Excuse me. Those are just words that I said, at the heat of the moment. I didn't really understand them overlook this love. The person would say I want something from you. What will they want from me? What will they want from you? What do they want to take from us? Do you want to take

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equities, that's what they want to take. You find a person coming with a judgment with a mountain of cookies. But a professor mentioned, he is a Muslim. He's a bankrupt individual. He's a loser. How's he bankrupt. Mountains of good deed housing becomes a judgment mountain don't just disappear like that. But how

00:33:19 --> 00:33:29

he lied against this one, he revised this one, because this one, he slandered this one, he felt wrong about this one. He said a bad word to this one, he took the right of this one. So if

00:33:31 --> 00:33:53

that's the case, then take his deeds. Take my deeds, give it to him, that he's bad deeds and give it to me. So I become bankrupt, you become bankrupt. This shows that the state is we began to be so vigilant about Islamic identity, Islamic practices. We're so rigid about it. But we find it internally is an element of corruption,

00:33:54 --> 00:34:28

to the call at times, that a person is taken aback that if this is supposed to be practicing Muslim, that imagine the state of the masses of the average person, the state of their hearts and the state of their tongues, will not give us all the doffing and ability to live true to our words the truth that I speak to encourage ourselves to be vigilant about speech about words and utterances that we've harmed any individual go and seek pardon retribution and tell them to excuse us to forgive us to overlook us. Basically, find the build up to fight anybody who's making a journey to the house of Allah, Allah it is we can say to certain degrees

00:34:29 --> 00:34:48

to go meet the past, meet your family members, meet other people and ask them to forgive you to pardon you to overlook any words, any comments or whatever it may be. So when you make that journey, you may be in a state of purity, and you're taking a genuine return back from that journey. You're in a state of purity that your mother gave birth to you is that the head needs that mentioned

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