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AI: Summary © The transcript is a jumbled mix of unrelated and unrelated sentences and phrases, including a planning party for a football game, a garden party, and a meeting with a doctor. The speakers discuss various topics such as social media and the success of the game in attracting players. The segment includes advertisements for various products and talks about various topics, including the rise of the dollar, the state of the country, and celebrities impacting the media. There is no clear conversation or exchange between speakers.
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of this is a lecture in Sharla just a question kita ag que

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apne rapsi a tableau can communicate which study case Sanjay Jain

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DK Yatra Kiki which party's younger Johnny definitely been a Sunni Yogi

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Elissa APP que ha in monkey are extra buttons that handle larger look in resume on kill you yeah the honey again looking at the kick okay again APO button Devaraj So 92 definitely going away which I hope you get a lot a lot but then the virus and Anna Jaffe the Shiva Tiki work cabbage Hey whoa

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goose Edna you can sign kill immaturity cassava both MSRP dot apne hottie Serpo che concepts of the XR le tsunami the opposite experience came off the left level on the opposite maturity industry level filmbay Or ABAB experience or maturity going okay. lf level per se do Hey, go in Sun

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Moon telepathic open McTell history que se amalgamate a lotta he does he shattered a year the honeymoon to Arcadia yada yada yada yada honey to Haibo believers skinny. Yeah, Joe. Imagine Molly Logan, when Kelly hamesha haircuts above the likeness of a bowtie or the inshaAllah is see them at SATCOM arch key to classes cardiovascular and other I see a girl Hey Kayla, Kayla Would you open Nikita Vika karma to work persona Natalia or is sorry I'm gonna make her work as a que tu Terrassa appui Skene at NSR you email Facebook we we share here with the app please feel free to share it feel free to take a friend printout or

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UK observe other UK taki Facebook Live who do yoga she inshallah Koshi Ricky Kcb is Ivanka Where's Rudy Samar Lakia J. Oracle kisi OLS Ivanka Reza Judy Samar logo Siva Kojima rock the inshallah to eat mosquito cara cara can't hear anything. It will be up Prosser guide KB

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GG tourism doc MEC baccala della Khurana formatting kitchen Miriam Wendy M Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from Syria Barddhaman coochie to them Jaco so we communicate Oh for me for Eid my caribou Kiki would you put down with a dye that Dan kita Picard Nivola modificata the Muskie Picard because Mr. Andrija level about Katana very profound he careful yesterday holy question he can don't get a good symmetry Pokhari any unluckily Amal person a key supercar J. Hummer in Sanjay Kumar my barber loan keeper Carson key bizarre Raja Deleon Allah Allahu Jamar personick is a Bar Bar Bar Bar Takara je para la Perry Malaysia que pasa

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I'll give you a little an eight by the camera and make your own Yes, keto Mojo, Pokhara Jana Ahmed Giovanni's Room number two XL Luca you should try to take dockable yoti This will be a marketing you can work in confirm me Qubool hoti hai AUDU cooling UTM kirkyard

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Escobar nujoma regenda Amica que hemos dissident ask you to basically just split the syllables taboo he will agree well apart they can do our case scenario you're going to get the relief they bought at Murray bought sorry Sadie didn't come a pathetic dockable booty Hey, Wuhan

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middle of love or love amigos Andy thank you so much ki K but then you work ASMR thing it was DOM only que la bella me sorry Jess Hi sharp codium Technically this comically was Iconia Mr. acido amongst Belikin they think he lumbago Magneto ska Casa rota or throughout the UK and I'm looking to die for an RT America Okay, yeah on saham Cassatt okay so then your uncle Hamid is in the email connection when that

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little detour is important about Elijah he Maliki etc mmm after certain technical need rock and I'm serious about getting there so a novella lawless alumnae I should have della della Nasi is the commander of in Annika en Acacia Telangana and honey Bucha. This will last a lot hours and say he mentioned that like I can watch etc that keep it minimal Jacob Allah the other day. This made me to come through less Allah louder silibinin to da CK Allama in the car for one when we install COVID BLK three Mizuki pretty god says why are up there Bucha will be good I gotta keep it here to ya the key apna is on women takle Kana bajas Rudy keyworkers or Maya haemoptysis Okay, Daria been engaged

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to yalla vicia to him after Nevada market percenter Thalia has a medium often muddy, ablaze with recovery. Hotaki Isleta kebari Moonwalk, Luke suddenly

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I have pretty geeky Lena through pottery Jairo middle Fisher Elana through other major label hazhar Me

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NOC Victor Otto is counted love work and adventure RC Sol banteng any is a sulky it's a kratky bother. Is Italy equivalent Kokichi Rossi Salafi, shoeless Allah Islam can rica Catholic you are free MAHANEY may be ashamed and Amazon Athena shimmy substance are then connected to charity or apne Carvalho be encouraged they

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of course it's meant to prevent at Hillel at them covering me at the arcane this issue of missing the social Qixi wrap me up later Oliver j is certainly annually Sol ki Fessler Sozzi Krishna alakija giggsy Mahtani Hey kisi is in the box me upon the job dunya manga con dunya so Jaga is curry skip now Agha planning Valley erotic to many Hermitian stars inspirational teacher Cooper planning for a Jamari to Kuna Humvee, a pre planning carry any Facebook? He lives Kanika MCSA da ki three SIP planning is it hygiene or planning the Marquis de masala we talkin annually as arguments super Bundy cadmium habia Kelemen Superman muriqui Superb and the output be Kerlin Nikki Yaga ki K other co

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serif he starts at Da Bucha Hey, good with ADA Accra participate in a document OCIO gap looks at me

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g because a participant in medical school okay.

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So say Kay

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we are in the Gianna Tara watershed vinyasa there are other Hola isqi inshallah recording opprotunity to

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tk da to Harmony Care Clinic apne planning Turkey is cool. Another lady some needs walkie for American Kayla Umera plan on taking care get up in the home to be cool killing chicken.

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So now Kentucky is ye wrought iron hamara risk Taksim hurrah en que very risky planning hurry whoa hamari mata ki planning oral yo ya hamari saw as my ski planning hurry yo, yo la la la myself here come on La Cana cheerio, but hum JMO sobre la que ver que no yeah hum G Haibo Facebook browse Korea Yeah, it's rad sorry first exam was an entire road there was a refresh there's an entire

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public a WS lambda to Symphony they

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came out to be I think or 100 mo shopping Pinnacle ML to see is rocky near or is rocky or disappointment Achillea chassis planning gara or ski Sathya Corinne campus Cooper I know get K who sees me much more Oh judges. Oh percent naked to guess. Malaga Yeah, okay. pharmaceutique can kiss the hugging chakra and sign it safety hamari Zotz related planning over here. This is Idahosa Bukal baby. Take care of Villa Hill methyl Rolla. Mira qu e Mark Sydney came up with this event they give us all the gear. Uber came on last time totally came so much Nikki Marquis. Hey, good job. hamari planning hoorah. Yo the homie planning career Humvees the far carry Humvee Ibadat Mutulu Humvee the

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Waikerie package Hey, allow myself hey come on law permit allow myself to him command locked in my inshallah. So

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I'm yaki donker hallway Clicktale are they think is a hamara with a look Bandai and even

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hesitant Rahim kitasato Murata Lu has it Abraham KEY TO YOU DON'T BE leukemia Ravager nama masala teaberry student Why is Leakey inone very comprehensive is in case you are curious me apne say these are some metallic or with a mom will monopolize the Amish yarmulke area priestly dominated animal para que que ye they kick me discolor damang me to the key of these are skinny damang apne bit chunky damang Me ticking up their vowel then kill you the among the Waldenses other Pisco Hassan para Bahama Komodo biryani Surya

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Jehan Bernier Bernhard a medieval Venky he Mario Perez, Antarctic is known as carbon or thermo Minako you can hear him just some key man and then what does he say go there go there the Saudi secretary to sorry Oh my kill your dog to eat aspect yoga. Do you see the ominously include Ke Ke da it says we've offered so that we can open our journal I must remind you look you

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ye ye Ibrahim alayhis salam o PBT smile Hisar milky mandatary Bukoba ki Tamika de vida. TK scmr again but profound lesson you will tell

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Napa Valley to TCMs autism talk to her inshallah SCO bracketing

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But check this out. We'll get it up quick. I'm kidding.

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But to suddenly go either way, which is admin it gets in the way. Yeah, husband is admin gabbiani Picard you Yamato children who sit out there

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as compared to Apple comma Kayla Korea, Chili's up nine foot Bay.

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Come in.

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I tell a

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kid we help karate.

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But very good labor bonding. This is the word that I'm looking for bonding with yourself. TK opportunities are milking, Shukria. Nausheen bought bought say apne yaki calm assignee, Sujatha key bonding with the cardiothoracic budget and the funny thing with that process was a copy data biryani purgative Kathy Zhu EVO

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no charity but the bigger letter to resume so beautiful and bonding with our dear god masala about this body level SK masala they came, Gem Humberto tena Jonnie Humbert Chitty of humbly way yeah hamari machi go buddy holding a

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Seco de Gama This is somebody with the Tata money without without the jockey Misaki Tapia humbly we are missing Dr. Manga eek engineer Banda acre JMO geologist when get the hang of the live demo Pinnacle guy parents which are a Gilliam mostly from Pinnacle get so Raha Johanna Japan buddy with the data to disperse quantity direction when can different different directions Monica theta team

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Linkin Park is a common purpose become good piano to Raheen. upkeep common Odachi active bonding Aegis user is glasses connection making Ibrahima is my lellis allowed in comparison. TK will come the whole era whether Kawakita me to who really can carry on to personal bond as Bob beta strongwater TK the AP is simulated annealing Gwadar my mature married Carvalho Binky calculation Lake Himachal Barmak says in Vegas Nikita pika Verma Allah Allah Magne beta SR Jana will milky qui the mind business Eurocargo Allah de la middle of hamari Rahim Allah now on kisi common purpose can encounter a

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Latin a man

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semester magicky my home cooking business you could automate a husband skip delivery caring ticket the Jeff gal would make up is a common purpose become getting hit up key opinion bonding strong booty II are to serve a purpose serve both tickets Allah Tala hum may or may shahada may or may butcher your male married parents. You may yield some metallic bow to Luke Johnson Mr. Bucket you may have Hi Mary mini hum kisi common MCSA telecom Gary who said they should have macrosomia nega Kia common MCSA dos if there was a mirror BIOS with a football field like a shortcut mirrors cannot serve as a common aesthetic and I became getting Aki doc and Nash lukari through miraculously Die

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Another common purpose they they are too bulky common pit the same you know cocky bonding Yogi McGivney slo boo boo John Q key A Sarsa boozer J

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pipe in an intercity shuttle need a QP machinima Bakish Italy the Q team of alcohol Sony Bucha Medusa balmy message and academic Graviton Electric Guitar Jam you can message me me so bukkake ritual leggy my mobile quicker at Amina message as a matter of user data loss Al Hamdulillah or get me out the music of Roger roger de sala de la NaVi bacteria de Souza here money wandering UK Sivan Neagu second message digna here ticket so

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D platform a company maybe bucket with you bought say but as an overnight ticket

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what a turn good again LABaki tra CK Musa let's alumna Yakata La Bella bukata que la la la mujer strengthen Cara Moochie humid be the same mytub Icy Harun se, chicken

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chili Tao de la salaam kita Terrassa second action will Kiddicare opener Africa Molina saadani Though the list ranking again my what do we need

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to survive we can get a Bucha luteum Cobla waka or what?

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sensitive time turbo

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Emmanuel okie dokie

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Elena Sabra and can lead our server on daily it's not like 11am the server he is with the server. It is the money Tina eco the money made in Holland upon you Cooper Sydney doll Lena

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Molina the O'Neill they have a reversible process of Domina automatic get them Gemma to Dickinson thinking on when he heard XML CMRR latte ki cudham Doug Magothy money shot is related mom lotto hungry decision making the new hamari videos related mom lotto McLean was killed that leaves the Adaro in San keys in the email la Kalani who in aqui SE has my security for too long. Here's nice keep it up. Caretakers my cynical producers my shape, etc, etc. Here's my cushioning key as my nice scene with the police

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To this

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tiny hidden among natural minor or three Felina sovereign

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okay yeah the star family supportive name here your absolute star one okay supportive name Hey yah kissy crowbar me? Keyboard awkward hookah they Cachola yeah hey Bucha name another law says Dr. Nicola server Dino magick stubborn on Dale the successful colleges in the bath with the addition a favorite isn't cooking teacher name a butcher because other person could curse because other number DVM which are three or they can the university good time thing yes good colleges get it we're pretty swanky together America persevere until they give us to hold their own to startup unless it's authentic Elijah and he gives each and every year feel good yeah Mira thesis knee vascular medicine

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offices. Nikola Kia up universal Burundian

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Tico Yeah, we input

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okay to argue to argue that wilderness Salam ki dua

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Tickity IV to have this video Aikido has a degree Aikido they came

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for hot,

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hot me favorite guy is leak is a three LS alumnus and Dr. Kena two resources name Mary Kay Marissa Mr. yodeck Javon Walker. Thank you CVTC the apne resources the ignorant

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Zachary and Hassan impossible Theodore Keegan key thingy over over here on key baby munched he or his harlot. Manone caca que la bella Moochie but chatter a of the stars a persona show them a positive feel now looking up Ed King, the optimal Hellenic Barbra Jean, just a look at that bouquet and we're Dadaji get them a uncle gKt or something like that. Or with an IRA okay, but then Asciidoctor can Medaka to get legit data data.

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So genuine Baba Ji data GQ buraimi

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Like just imagine Calcutta Casco?

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Amani epically bent the salvo the authors can butcher that I'm getting a hawk out here with any

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weekly comment, sometimes a video on SLM Q button in Korea MPC aka beroukhim olymic women Loretta Skiba Zarya Blonko. Mini

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medulla Shut up with Shipe you get it again? How he came up with a VA truss I had on collectivo Muslim

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Kista Hachioji doc ma Baba Ji so mermaid mclubbe delicata

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De Luca.

00:17:39--> 00:17:44

Tononi something Suja where he took a letter Lenny Aruna la Sidama Nicola de la

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Bucha ye Madhu Surya then the year by any committee Nicola che or will be sneaky la la Madrid so you can gain protection Tilikum who the year catch up a little Lankan dog goolka legend

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who she's another disbelief these statements are taken him with a matte metal. Woodhall will be removed and he gets to quote your essay key a lucky Kibriya Yannick a lucky resources tabula rasa can have the resources but also mechanical key tasks cochleae Can you draw a blank getting a to abalone apne lipo impossible G socially to Apalagi impossible Allah him Allah He many students can see on mclubbe Generally we mess along pochampion kitchen ki Shaadi ke Sol K motto loudly with a higher medical science into batata kitty kapsabet

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your app kitty I'm sure he gives you an homage to Jesolo homegauge And he is stage archaeology of oppo study medical science will say moderate care to keeping the acne under Allah may Allah Subhana Allah DNA dia Donna hasta la Kobe here or meet me Hey yup husband he did a weekend job the unusual episode Pakiya where Alana curry

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da guinea pig Allah Tala

00:19:03--> 00:19:20

to impossible Marilla Cafe Gerken Selma, Selma and the Kawartha jewel Sula SallAllahu Sallam ki wife on Selma Capella husband, the two shoeless allows him to Jagielka gitam SR claro que Dakka Dakka illiteracy data de todo Sophie taking the opposite of Mercy Mater Canosa

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or Vicki abou Selma say methadone Comilla Guinea mela

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Keisha de la sala Laos

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Ibrahim ki da se hamara Tolo Rahman alumna and Prasanna alum Dr. Lena Kia yet as Serena said, Adam Nikita it Manu *taka joven ko Ani, consume Korea so Dickens in beginner hum to her did Panini Connie did not put on for how to me hubbies per yo ya tell them a piece that doesn't give a damn who can get with Angel Allah Allah caparisoned Miyota Johan kissing to seek is at nine South Africa

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was lucky between direct Allah Allah many all the key be

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But Nika you're being done when you come into herkes uniqa gonna say REO Ganga NASA Kobe muscle Mugen it's gonna be I'm gonna get a leak in Abu Salim ran within key qualities and Athena Kanaka therapy Jana beautiful zone Khadija the for the for

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the year. It's the corset for Samia. Speed up when he goes to school he has a shaved kiddo. He has shaped up with me Congress at Cameras lithography with Dr. Kellogg and Emilio McConkey the man haka soccer mom, they took a VSO the opposite party of robotic he's made up to Sunday between the kneecap Ultra skanky Latella am Ironman have come up on Monday, as it hasn't been set yet hasn't Misaki conversation Minneapolis here which is pretty much Sigillata conversation Musella couples get a lot Elena mucilage Nancy Bucha Mary Hartman my right hand McCain young SAMSA the Omaha case if you're gonna give me 30 I'm really lucky it should have been enough like you know many cockamamie either

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military him as a Grata but take it down or maybe buckling down all women it was pretty common to conversation going on in drag here Lamacchia

00:21:11--> 00:21:16

meaning to have Kakuka Simcha to Tina app message in lung candy cow on

00:21:17--> 00:21:30

to the tab start to feel can sit down geeky Whoa. Whoo WhatsApp message. Go Facebook big thing when I look at that challenge that look your challenge. Thank you. Kay.

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apart the nakshatra Mashariki exotic apne

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now I made it. I mean it has many Argosy also junkie messages funny or unkind bizarre good now in Skype with Tata, Marisa monimoto Skype but then he catches

00:21:50--> 00:22:10

the MCSA botanika Tips kisses a mocha Athena disembark Lomnica nicotrol top there was a conversation Kanika they are taking Allah Allah say, communication Allah say Ma, la semana Hotbird oni Sydney conversation give her a bath key variety unless it Taluka Thank you. Bye. Tony said pick out my last morbido

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ticket. So at this meeting here with Melissa key chat. Misha continue the game at rasa distract Odium.

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Hola Sydney lemony Lindy birthday. Can you hear me okay let's say connection developers and women they're gonna tell us a lot more but they're less than an opera car located in North America tiny

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dog can use your attorney to prasa especially a command line judge cannot go any further just generally, you can guess it gives you some hope but also PwC baatein

00:22:42--> 00:23:19

so if you're going to get the student give both go through the the Neelima and the valium and clean it up a meridian meditate on Keymaster job te Kanaka na sheltered net indicated Ramona Muslim or non KeePass he family Tina mabena. Coach, salmonella kandawgyi Canada could you mean a day which we didn't have a key room at the moment he he came up Kobe Kobe you think is sada heard the Rossi challenges come a cappella has that has America as panela as my shin I do think Ella Bucha mica damage and ecology which came into the region to to become ASCII.

00:23:21--> 00:23:27

Mataji TK Islamic Krishna getting into non kosher de

00:23:28--> 00:23:37

de among you to eat dog Yeah, can you kick Escobar Musa Salam Keisha de okay to run to job we will VT on crucial Debbie maryada to bring up again for the comprehensive Bri

00:23:39--> 00:23:40

Miss Bucha ism kiddo hey

00:23:41--> 00:23:56

what's it cheesy it's me chamilo Jackie to US market they can't do longer shall be him and get him one of my favorite though the MSRP though katp Tillery I get it then I think you Musa al salaam Abu Musa al salaam ke

00:23:59--> 00:24:01

because I'm an asset okay looking at Theo and his environment

00:24:08--> 00:24:19

of the kisi essay by Nico Malik both featured speaker and moving Catholic and Muslim communities Yvonne Claire Napier ago international speaker and Masha Allah monkey's Avanti clarity Kike but

00:24:21--> 00:24:59

to again I'm taking away some unnoticed peace of mind clear Neo Orosco Jackie Kasia to me announcement crew to lecture don't come without spending a talaga any ATM is equal attorney will come or who Cebu teacher Genki hours on a Sunday morning morning somebody somebody conductor because he can do Hello? Yeah up cover a little quick cheer speaker when he or die bunny up a PJs a ban or a p sorry to say hola Kira Mr. Margarita bought the trouble is you can have all these two 3k carova Yeah 3k K rubbish. Surely Sabri. We're still young. We want to look the tamilisai name is a monkey gronckle the ducky Oh, yeah, commonly hum apne to keep in

00:25:00--> 00:25:43

The mom to manufacturers hotel separate was Rupa Thank you Camus da keyboard you should need to do to team for us honestly who knew and SLM need lucky to be in now to become an s like family said he'd be here you know unless only doc up committed medical La La mera mera el communica Vanessa la Monica Neva Tamara la tautological vitamin C Rita. En una Islami, especially Kim ADAMA, you hum the general Donaldson thinkin Bahasa it is a hoppy se ma ne se when there's a shadow new theory to Amartya Sen yatta yatta hum kisi se na prima donna dato Maria saying you're at home okay, but to focus you say well at school Madonna Jordan Angel Marie say new data Give me three new I can address

00:25:43--> 00:26:03

again Kayla PVAC Dawn Mongo any discovery but tiny little Amala less Ramadan Cara voz honey Anushka near medical with e&m Tara here when our holiday Yeah, okay in inequality another emoji Tawfeeq became a sugar adapted indicate unless this kicked off exude manga. You can do near the Syrah me hamari pass Arjuna or lucky toffee now

00:26:04--> 00:26:05


00:26:08--> 00:26:10

to Jehovah to

00:26:13--> 00:26:14


00:26:16--> 00:26:28

humble come knickers again and give some a j k. Sub Papa with the hajipur Nikita Studium cerca de agua damang mecanizado really congested hola get off evening Yogi to

00:26:29--> 00:26:40

wu chi some amo mini LASIK a ticket please chat me empathic Odium report distracted either a necessity Subhanallah a common ecrb Ilica banker then

00:26:42--> 00:26:46

do she was already she came aapko Facebook page assay apne

00:26:48--> 00:27:22

just abalone evenly link join Kima passionate Kiba Gosling Monica we here we are meeting Catan patrimonial Allah Appa Skiba Bucha stealing through regenerate you can have the practical part Amara Salah ugly passionate is Parappa negotiate with you to toffee just the neodi of Allah Allah Kena about the Chrisitan are darker so you can have sugar tessitore the Alaska State Office of Mauna Kea kehlata Jewish Bernice Tamaki toffee they are particularly Michaela tourists come to Vegas come to cinemavilla Salaam shouldn't get our feet Margaret June you cannot have any board means they have hamari article key state kiya hai ki hamari is in the name of the symphony elkon mo naman Nazarene

00:27:22--> 00:28:03

yaki tabula rasa Thank you Allah Tala which is offering they can Dixon Kinema kaha Hanuman heavy Guinea Allah when Allah insha Allah z then knuckle agar to sugar Kuru with them at an Oregon law any hamari is in the key may be or your cookie Zonda you can make simple formula ye he to existing amount here was cheese give special credit Okay, we're gonna have is this group membership sugar and Margarita la casa Vega. You can look it up as the sort of makeup of running imitating arrows and decoders which elegent the tutti tutti cheesy as funny Mila has logged on to give me a minute I'm gonna call her sorry Jesus summer time. Continue cheesy Azadi silica canopy Nia silica or kidney

00:28:03--> 00:28:48

cheese and lucky Naima theta of Allah Tala Anatolian visiting here Thomas to SR surah so they can't you Mocha ubuck Not Amedee kala de la hamari de CRI K W hammer skinny Makasar so Archer Choti GZ sugar was Oromia but chapter sugar was already seeking but TRT seeking gay kids panela Believe me it's a sugar daddy Kinesia Yeah, names don't make us a sugar daddy can EJ to simple formula just his keys that TJ PESA Whoa, spoon hoe Coronavirus Mercato husband wife relationship with Mr. Bucha up to to existing amount of use Kili sugar doc and Ashoka Yunus Allah Salam multiquip Eight mythic complete and Hera thunk is in the gimmick come eat on coo coin it and etha Kevin kissa cow Nuala

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mobogenie, giving EVO Nichia darky symbol que la la la la la panic in decontaminant salamin kala many Multichem would say he many he, Zune yeah apne Tikka confession Kana again wubi but

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the radio they are especially as the fire active I'm getting sick, menarche, ASTRA de la pregunta bus major condition Malabar toda la somni go before the rodeo there. If anyone is lanky Calder cannot have a Rahimullah salami

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Hook No Well his name is Saira Salim kala kala kala treatment the attack which is falling in my channel today. Salima Shama Luna Nikki, again, what do you do I'm SPF merci beaucoup bucur security and just keep it short. The Sooners, Allah Allah Allah Salonika Hata ke

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l Maru Isla de mi Felipe de que in San apne

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those stuck in in Bogota. The leakage of Aki company achieved need about your friends and children about it. Give me the LUMO say

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surrounded within the chaotic que mancha level Hydrotech you can each of our puppies in Dari may end up keep those which carpet or tear to again daddy

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The Level Two here we need to tell them this rule is not a cam Dickey Camry those on him but he can homage to those two.

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I mentioned those videos kinetochore aptiv. But to get to those totally doc and educate point either cap was in his in the email Mamiya 1000 telling you when you those are they have Mojang it was kinder Dockery, Tierra de la mina Bucha Kobe Solly friends they luthiery salami pecan key docky que la la comme gigging StuCo kami they are just companies in the game a move so much take AP is in the chemo for Santa Clara shaibu ovo abuse ki de docket sector or athlete.

00:30:36--> 00:30:39

Athlete Bernie Sanders allows him to torture ugly apartment ministers Can

00:30:45--> 00:31:02

you believe Solana dock Ethiopia NEMA Semyon Tawanda hamara he mean a lotta la Moochie Johanna be mighty chugay Here let the emoji of MIT they can torture yet the cliff Java physical who here chivor Psychological who Jaco psychologically tortured psychologically RPC

00:31:03--> 00:31:34

memo de la jolla KCTV victim yapping up physically he's embarrassment of the lie. Your healing process Sultana Abhishek via began to suffer rotec Who is mad say she wrote a deadly is bad cakra Can I keep on my slide? In at some pillow whoa then jokes are sticking I'm too strong for everything Nene Bucha meanwhile, metal bra strong result of Healing Within usually category loogootee to coach minneota Speaking about kappa Tango Bonanza, any

00:31:35--> 00:32:24

dizziness rasa the DD husband's is a La Silla yogi. And people who want to scuba dive heavy PiFan kiosko but their Facebook status Liga Instagram pay update via WhatsApp a though Dookie Ashara lucky So Max Are you get to give us husband or evening up Kisara uzun in the faqeer apne a bizarre to zoom on Randolph IKEA would repeat get get get k. So you do know extreme 100 na K bar bar panela Bar Bar BISAZZA Tikka Rona Rona your apne saya Jew masala Hey, co X except Enoch Edna Josefa school was cake Ralina Can I Kulina kedma To you will Islam with Erica Nikki okay and gala Donna magic which way are up on camera he mean made you happy is meeting to encourage you that you have only meeting to join

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can indicate yes, I've got a nice clean dedicatee here a comparative silly haka we'll discuss Kandivali catwalk UFC among your kin kin cheese Ophelia manga or a little further May Your son is a delicacy planning Gary. To inshallah la parte de Kunis na ki jagah map Facebook feeling shaky Oh yah se pro se ijazah Turkey inshallah Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh