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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a jumbled mix of characters and symbols, with Moqud bin Abdul Qaeda expressing frustration over the deaths of 10,000 people. Moqud bin Abdul Qaeda claims that all reform he brought to their country was painful, but the woman says it was because people understood that all reform was painful. Moqud bin Abdul Qaeda says he was brought to the grave of Ahmed bin Abdul reminded them of all reform, which was painful, and that they were proud of the reform that he brought to them. The transcript is difficult to summarize as it appears to be a jumbled mix of characters and symbols.
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I'm going to bin Abdulaziz, while the alongside I know, is one of the most fascinating people in Islamic history because he is unanimously by consensus. The First Majestic did the first Reviver of this OMA after the companions of the Prophet slice of them. And he is included in hola Fattah latia. Deen amongst the righteous guided Hooda thought, even though he's not a Sahabi, he just ascends in rank in every way. And it's such a fascinating story because, like we were talking about Saturday and wive, while the alongside on who we're talking about a man who really didn't live long, right, he died at either 39 or 40. He was the governor of Medina from 25 to 32. And then becomes the

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Khalifa in the last two years of his life. So as clean off is only about two years.

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He's someone Subhan, Allah who is able to achieve much, and was a scholar was someone who would be described as having more reverence for Allah in His heart than anyone that you would ever meet someone whose knowledge was unparalleled, someone who's asceticism, his head was unparalleled.

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And so his death is going to be extraordinary. And I wanted to include it because it is very much so connected to what we should be aspiring to as we're hearing all the stories of the Sahaba now before I get into his you know, there's a narration that once a man will the alone time he was dying, so not in fantasy was dying, that he had musk in his room, good smells in his room, and he laid down and he said, Tonight, there are creatures that are going to be coming to me and they smell fragrances but they don't eat food, meaning he was ready for the maniacal ready for the angels to come into take his soul. And that's one of the signs of hustlin Kitaen one of the signs of a good

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ending is that you kind of feel it at the end and you prepare yourself now I'm going to bin Abdulaziz had a great fear of Allah subhanaw taala just like his grandfather, I'm going to hop up while the Allahu Tada and hope despite everything amazing that he did. And despite all of the praise that he received for what he did, until the very last moment, he's worried about going to hellfire. He's worried about Jahannam though no one would speak to them in that vein in that spirit. So he calls a friend of his who is a great scholar by the name of Raja bin hayleigh. A legitimate Hey, what are the Allahu Taala and who actually is ezeli is a scholar from Azusa and Philistine amazing

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scholar of Islam and a contemporary of Ahmedabad, Abdulaziz and Alma, even Abdulaziz give some instructions, he says, Listen, when I die, I want you to be the one to receive my body in the grave. And when I'm there, I want you to uncover my face. If you find that in the grave, I'm already facing the Qibla then thank Allah subhana wa Tada and leave me there for Allah has granted me agenda. And if you find otherwise, then insist on the people to ask Allah to forgive me and have mercy on me. So it's something between him and Allah subhanaw taala it's not something a practice that, you know, we go into the graves and if they're facing the Qibla, we say Hamdulillah that we would set him to die

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regardless, but that we would assume otherwise, in a different situation. So he gives that instruction.

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And then he calls for his wife and his children. I'm going to beyond that. Aziz had a very righteous wife, Fatima betoptic. Medic, all the alonside on him, Allah, wonderful, righteous woman that he would praise often. And he embraces her and he bids her farewell with an Ayah from the Quran in the mail you offer slobby Rona agilon, VOA hisab, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada compensates the patient, without any limits. So gives her the glad tidings of what she would receive should she maintain patients in the case of his death, then suddenly, he looks up and his gaze was fixed on something. And he asked his family to leave he says, Oh Flo Jo, and he asked them to leave. So they leave but they stay at

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the door, and they peek in and they can hear what Ahmed bin Abdulaziz is saying. And they said that a light entered into the room. And Omar says the following he says marhaba and behind the Hulu, welcome to these beautiful faces allottee laser, we will do he in sinuata these faces that don't belong to human beings or gin. So he's looking at their faces, and He is praising them. And then he recites Tilka Darren akhira Naja Aloha Lila Dean allow you to do an allusion to the audio LFSR that will actually what's that this is the home of the Hereafter we granted to those who don't seek elevation or corruption.

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And this earth and victory belongs to believers and he kept on reciting that verse until they stopped hearing him recited. Then his wife and his children walked in. And they found him facing towards the Qibla his face shining with a big smile on it. And he was reclining his his head on his pot. So as if he's staring at gender, he's staring at something as his soul was coming out of his bodies panel, I mean, how would you want to leave you think about the ayat in the Ladino Carlu Rabona Allah Huzzah. Musta, calm tetanus,

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Allah to Hafele when our toxin whatever she will be gentility, quantum to idle. When Allah Subhana Allah says that those who believed and worked righteousness and they were firm, the angels come to them at the time of death and say, Allah to Hafele What are tasm don't grieve, don't be afraid of a shooter with a gentleman. And here's the paradise that you were promised. So with almost all the allotted time on hold, you're seeing that happiness family seeing that happen. And you go back to that conversation between him and although John know how you are Rajat says so I went to the grave of Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and his janazah was attended by 10s of 1000s of people. It was a very painful

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janazah because the people understood that all of the the reform that Ahmed bin Abdulaziz brought to the OMA it was at risk. So Elijah says I was waiting in the grave and I received the body of Ahmedabad Abdulaziz and he said I uncovered his face and it was turned towards the Qibla already and he said I'd never seen anything that bright in my life not even the full moons panel is completely you know, lit up with this big smile on his face. And he praised the last panel John and thank the last panel Tata for what he had seen. And then the last KERAMA the last miracle that happens with Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah Tada. This was a man that feared Hellfire despite resembling the

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people of paradise, his entire life. Use of MK Rahim Allah to Allah he says that when we buried Ahmed bin Abdulaziz when we dug up his grave, we found a note in his grave. And that note was clearly not written by human hands. And it's a Bismillah R Rahman Rahim man on mean Allah Yama have nabbed that it has been on Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. This is a guarantee for Ahmed bin Abdulaziz that he has been protected from the fire. So it's it's it's it's not like you know, we can expect that notes. And maybe we don't have the ending to the same level of beauty have witnessed ending. But what is instructive here is that if you live your life pursuing Allah's pleasure, then your

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transition to paradise looks a lot like that transition, maybe not with the same level of detail, but certainly with the same level of tranquility, and the one who seeks protection from the fire will be protected and the one who seeks Allah's pleasure will be granted it may Allah subhanaw taala grant us His pleasure. May Allah protect us from the fire? May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings. May Allah subhanaw taala gather us with his right to servants, the humans of them and the angels of them and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the companionship of our beloved Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and genitive for the DOS Allah Ameen de Zachman lol Hayden was sonamarg come

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around to my Hebrew accounts

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