Rattle Your Cage – Spoken Word Poetry

Ammar Alshukry


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The host discusses the importance of perception as a way to measure one's potential and offers tips on how to achieve it. They encourage people to stand out by their accomplishments and write new pages to tell stories. The host also mentions that people may not know their potential and that they will not be cased by speech from ATG.

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Tonight we're going to talk about who you are, as you walk out and look upon the night sky,

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under the canopy of the stars.

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And you see how high you can ascend? How far can your bubble take you.

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You see many people, they talk about being extraordinary. And they end up living lives that are completely extra Ordinary,

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ordinary sheep, ordinary dreams

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caused by ordinary sleep.

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today, we want to speak about where you want to go,

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who you have the ability to be.

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Some people they say that perception is reality.

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So you live your life, like it's a five minute speech, guarded by the angel of death. So when he tells you one minute, you can't believe that you have one minute left, so you hurry and try to catch up. So you run out of breath, and then your limbs collapse, and you die in regrets.

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But like we said, live your life for you don't live it for anyone else. Because it's too short for you to live it for other than you live your life for you don't live it for anyone else. Use your interests to bring you to your goals, your wealth, your health, some of us are physically inclined, some of us are spiritually inclined, some of us just are simply completely and recline.

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But if you live without motion that leads you to be like dead wood in the ocean that is tossed by the sea.

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Which means that you have no goals, which means you have regrets. Now, like I said, some people they'll say, are guarded by our perception. We're guarded by what people perceive of us. We're guarded by that which society tells us that we need to be I would say, even the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was not safe from those who would cause him names. They called him with a mum, the one who is worthy of blames, but he stepped up and he stepped out. He said, I am the prophets of Allah no lie, there is no doubt he was outstanding, which means he stands out. So be outstanding. Meaning stand out.

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be outstanding. Meaning stand out. So tonight, let us rattle our cages. Tonight. Let us step out of our cages. Tonight. Let us write new pages. Tonight. Let us write a beautiful story to be told for ages.

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I will not be caged by speech from ATG.

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Tonight, you discover you I will discover me my potential is not known by anyone except for me. Even five minutes is a cage because you see, I only needed three