Rasul Allah Is Bae – Eternal Eloquence

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the respect the prophets of Islam have for the Prophets and how they have raised their rememb possession. They also mention the name of Jesus and how he says "know the prophets." The speaker suggests that they should have the respect for the prophets that they have seen and that they should have the respect for the lightest and the most intimate relationship with Jesus.
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the way that people talk about the Prophet sallallaahu Selim, you know, the Rasul Allah Salah Salem is my boo. Prophets lie Selim is my bae. And it's just you know, say God Who you talking about? You know, one of the things that we learned in Salta, a SHA. Allah Azza says about the province cellulitis and no more fine I look at the clock we have raised your remembrance, we've raised you remembers the MAMARAZZI comments on this verse and he says, that Allah azza wa jal, one of the ways that Allah Allah did has raised the remembrance of the prophets Allah is and LEM is the respect that he establishes for the prophets of Allah, they send them in the Quran, how so? He says, Allah never

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calls the prophets Allah, Allah Allah he was sending him by his name in the Quran. Never. And you may think to yourself, yes, he did. He you know the prophets of Allah. They said it was named Mohammed has mentioned four times in the Quran. Allah never calls him by those names. So Allah has never says the young Muhammad he never says oh Muhammad in the Quran, whereas Allah calls the other prophets by their first names. He says, Yeah, Isa in Mimoto affic. What? Ilya he says, oh, Isa, I am going to cause you to die. I'm causing you to die. And I'm going to, I'm going to raise you to myself. Allah says yes, Acharya in Nanhua Shirakami. Hola. mismo Yahia Oh, Zecharia we are giving

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you glad tidings of a boy whose name is Yeah, Allah says yeah, Ibrahim.

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Ibrahim, you fulfill the vision. But Allah so you never called the Prophet cellulitis and by his name, he always says, Yeah, you have maybe you heard also, oh, Prophet, O Messenger, never by the name Muhammad salallahu Salam and so we have to learn through this. The manners that we should have with the prophets of the lightest and the respect that we should have for the prophets that I said and he's not your cousin. He's not your friend that you call him by his first name. He's not your he's not your he's not your bae definitely is not your boo. No, none of that he is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, and when the wives of the Prophet saw the light is him that are calling him

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Rasul Allah, and he just showing us the respect that they had for the prophets of Allah is and him even though they're his wives, and they have the most intimate relationship with him, you'll find that they call him but also La Silla. Leidos and all of that from the respect that Allah Azza did is showing us that we should have by the prophets of Allah I said, Well, I can now look at the clock.