Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2012 #26

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the confusion surrounding the name of the Prophet Mohammed Ali's wife, as well as the use of shiny individuals to indicate a strong desire to be called by the Prophet. The upcoming release of Jana, a series of YouTube videos featuring Hope and her son, the goddamn goddamn goddamn goddamn goddamn god. The importance of forgiveness in addressing sin is emphasized, along with upcoming episodes and talks about the importance of forgiveness in addressing sin.
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So that might have come up nothing like that I don't want to catch all the other ones as you were coming into another episode of rock your Ramadan 2012 they 26 yesterday we went to that trip, you know from the grave and what happens in the grave and what happens for you the believer, and then from the grave we moved on into the name of the mashup, whereby the sun will be on the top of the heads, the distance of one mind, but because you are amongst the seven categories, you know, or one of the categories that the Prophet Mohammed is or some has mentioned, that will be put under the shade of Allah. The day one day is no shade except to shade the seven categories mm added a pious or

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a righteous or adjust mm.

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Lacombe massage is a man whose heart is attached to the masjid. shabu Shafi by that he learned a young man or a woman who has been brought up in the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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a man who's been seduced or called by a woman that's got wealth and beauty but he says I feel Allah subhana wa tada and as you learn to have the filler to people who loved one another for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada and a man who who gave a charity in secretly and the second category is a man who who was alone You know, played Allah subhana wa tada so much so that he started shedding tears crying of of the field of Allah subhana wa Tada. So in hamdulillah you know, seven carries, you must be amongst you know any of these categories or more and then inshallah Daddy will be called to be put under the shadow of Allah. But the thing is, now that you are on additional holidays is still

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the thing here, you know, there's a little problem What's that? Another problem is that

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there is no thirst, no people, no sun on top of their heads, but you've been called to be put under the shade of a lot of data under the shade of Allah but I'm thirsty. Okay, wait for you. Because hamdulillah You are the believer, you will be called by the prophet Muhammad I sent him to come directly to his person and drink from his water from the best of our culture, you will be called Your name will be called in Sharla. To Anna to drink from the vessel of gossip whereby the water is so it's sweeter than honey and whiter than, than milk than snow. Some people will go and drink from directly from the vessel and others you insha Allah who will be drinking directly from the hands of

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the Prophet Mohammed Ali hisako. So there's some people who will be running to drink from that water, but they will be prevented, they will be stopped. Why? Because these people have created be that they have innovated in the deen after the death of the Prophet Mohammed it started and then after that, the chef will start the intercession would start but you know before the intercession that is the seed that is so scary that would happen. A very very, you know, trembling heart trembling scene. It is Jana Hellfire that will be brought you know, by 70s got 70,000 sub chains and push carried by 70,000 angels you know bring in bringing this gentleman he has a we laugh but for

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you again you don't have to worry You don't have to be scared Allah subhana wa tada says by that would have been done was he

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in alladhina Saba Patna who min alpha snap in Medina Saba Patna Saba pata whom in Shoshana Egon move to LA Yes ma'am owner has

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says those whom

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for those whom the best reward from has preceded the only from us from Allah subhana wa Tada. They are far from it. Yeah, and they will be far removed from it. And what is it here? It is Johanna Hellfire and Allah goes on now as an owner has he said they will not hear that out of the anger of Hellfire as it will be making such a very horrible sound that day. But the believer you in shot low data, now is not only has he said they will not hear the sound of hellfire.

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You don't have to worry and hamdulillah and then and then

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the papaya was sort of after the shefa what would happen the sort of the the, the Book of Records will be flying and new insha Allah who will be taking a book of deed with your right hand. Allah Subhana Allah as you would be called to go and stand before him. He would put his partition around you so that nobody can hear what happens. It just between you and allow, look, allow us to look we've got it

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comes from setup setup, he will not expose you. So he will put his partition just between him and then he will say, I have the my safe remember them back advocator of golden Becca data. Do you remember the same day that you made the same that this day so and so? Do you remember this day, you know, you may be seen So and So remember, but nobody's listening just you and Allah Subhana Allah would say, yeah, I've set out to her Allah, Kofi dunya will utrillo halakhah yo, oh my servant, I have not exposed you.

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I have not exposed you.

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That day when you did it. When you committed that seems, I have not exposed you.

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I will forgive your seat today.

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And I would forgive yourself today.

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Not only that,

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but Allah subhanho wa Taala would change your that integrate

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all those sins that you have, so that you will see that? Allah subhanho wa Taala

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unless it hadn't occurred to her that would

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convert the

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into good deeds.

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So, why

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because of Amada 2012, and a bad that you have done in Ramadan. And not only that, but you have kept and hamdulillah the bad after Ramadan, those of you who have kept towards the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala after Ramadan of 2012 Alhamdulillah So ladies and gentlemen, today is the night of the 27th.

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is the night of the 27th which according to the majority of the scholars, and and, and, and and the Sahaba conveniens is that today is the night of the decree late.

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Late Let's ask Allah and I thank him and I thank him Allah subhana wa tada and we praise him for having done that giving us this opportunity to witness to witness this night, the night of the 27th What's the the secret was the treasure of these days? What's the secret? The secret of this day, ladies and gentlemen, is one word is one word. Our mother, Russia, you know, like a mother having mercy upon her son, our mother, the mother of the believers, her Asia, she has

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a prophet of Allah today. What should I say today?

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What should I do today? What should I say today? The Prophet ISIS and told her oh hi Aisha. Either I've worked he had he later or if you were to live to witness this night say increase in say a lot, say constantly Allahumma in the gutter for one to help with that for me. A lot of them are in the gutter forward to help with that when you are a law. You are a full professor, the professor of sins and you love to forgive

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a face my sins. You know what? My sins? So the word or the secret of the treasure of today? This night is the name of Allah an effort that they have a lot of effort who the one who faces to see, you know, when we sit in Nairobi, I find medical I didn't miss Gianni The king has issued his pardoning, you know, on on the on the prisoners. In Arabi. We say I thought from an iPhone after the king has issued his part and full pardoning on the upon the prisoners. Here today is the Lord of the Lords the king of the kings of law. Today is the day of today is the day of pardoning for more than just forgiving, there's a big difference between forgiving and pardoning, or

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forgive a lover forgive you, but you're seeing is still there, he will see it, but

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it will, he will. Just like you've never done it. Unless I know what I know, a face that seems and that's why I shot our mother, she has so much mercy towards us, as if she wants to tell us all my children, this is the leader that you should be making in the night of the 27th or the night of the of the lahoma in the Gulf War and to help whenever that fall and and not only that my brothers and sisters, but Allah subhanho wa Taala will not only forgive you for and alone will not only forgive you, or face your sins, but also he would convert those bad deeds into good deeds. All the bad deeds all the crimes have asked today is absolutely today is absolutely in love with data. The Night of

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the 27 in sha

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is still rushing. While it was

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Escuela de Maya Hama overwhelms and exceeds everything, you may think that you're done is big, you may think that your sin is big, is massive, but the Lamb of Allah is more or less, the forgiveness of Allah is more than massive and handling and handling that So today, you're glad I know some of you are watching maybe some of you are smiling, maybe some of you are crying, you know, you are as if you are, you know, combining two amazing degrees degrees of two amazing you know, beautiful qualities, you know you are happy, happy, of the of Allah of the forgiveness of Allah. And you are crying, crying, of you know, embarrassment and love

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thinking about the sins that you have committed, but knowing that Allah will forgive that same despite how major that sin is. The law will forgive it insha Allah who died but also my brothers and sisters if you want a last opinion or data and yet for and look and yeah for and that Please repeat after me. Allah home in the car for one to hit f1 for me.

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If you want a ma yeah for Allah to forgive you to face your sins.

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forgive others. Today is the day of forgiveness of lucapa on the night of the 27th or the ninth of April Cabrini will come out and he will say are you had a you harness coolness in your head and in Mindy columnists? He would say oh people, I forgive everyone. Today I forgive everyone. coolness men if he hadn't been

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wonderful was final.

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I'd have to ship una Ania Philip mahalo. Allah says, forgive and let go. Don't you want a lot? Don't you love Allah to forgive you? So today my brothers and sisters, if either of doctor if you have made your father angry,

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God asked for forgiveness.

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What if your father has even made you upset? Therefore forgive if you have made your father, your mother angry today? Go and ask for forgiveness.

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Or even if she has made you upset today is that they offer forgiveness that of course.

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If you have made your wife angry, don't ask for forgiveness today. If you have made your husband angry, or upset,

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go today and ask for forgiveness. Your friends, your neighbors, your relatives, today is the day of forgiveness. Why because you want to live with the name of Allah, Allah. And the one who not only forgives, forgives, faces this

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and do that. You may even say Oh Allah Yeah, I thought today Do they try to load data tonight whenever you are, did you hope allow witness or Allah? Yeah, I thought

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you might witness that I forgive so and so. For your sake, so that you forgive me tonight.

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Oh, my goodness.

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I forgive I forgive so and so with the intention and the hope that you will forgive me today, the night of the 27th which could be

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your last bit was for to practice it to convey until another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2012 I say as salaam aleikum

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wa barakato

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