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The importance of knowing one's Facebook Live numbers is crucial for gaining fast and avoiding embarrassment, and Facebook Live is a practical strategy to make missed classes happen. To track one's health using a paper and pen, finding an app, and finding an accountability buddy can help. The importance of having multiple accountability partners is emphasized, and starting a Facebook group and trading people on Facebook can help hold others accountable. The goal is to make up small and large groups to achieve health goals, and starting a Facebook group to hold accountability partners is recommended.

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All right, number one is the Leon is really good clean up as possible let him initiate on our team Bismillah Rahim Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I hope everyone is doing well.

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And, inshallah today we will be talking about, okay, thank you very much for those who are attending because the voice is clear. Because today we will be talking about something that might be bothering a lot of us these days, because Ramadan is over. And this is the time to make up our myths fast. And I thought of doing Facebook Live, because I wanted to share something that has really helped me. And

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this can inshallah help you to make up your mess fast as well. So when I started Islam, and I realized that okay, you had to make a promise fast and never done. That was a very interesting phenomena, because

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I did not fast throughout the,

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throughout that period in which I had no knowledge of the sun. So I had to calculate and I made the calculation in a way that I multiplied my most fast back then rather than, you know, multiplying it with six or seven. Why, because I just want you to be on the safe side, because you know, sometimes you don't know that your initial portion of Ramadan, and any portion of Ramadan, both are affected by your periods or a sickness or whatever the case may be. So mine came out to be something near 70 Plus, right, so this number might be intimidating, intimidating for some of you. Because this is quite a huge number. But trust me, there are others that I know, who have made up like 300 Plus as

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well. So what is it required in the first place in the first place, it requires the knee and the will to do it. So once you have the knee and you do it.

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It's kind of a last month, Allah open the pathways, he really sends down his special help for you to make a few minutes fast. So Subhan, Allah had students in the class that you know, they were they were always looking for other ways, like,

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you know, this, this is a very big number, and can we find another way. So I usually tell people, if you have the will, and if you have the near to, Allah will help you to do it. Right. And if you do not have the will and the near to do it, even making up six paths, is a huge a very, indeed intimidating task, right? So

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I'm not going to get into the setup here. So you can give me any reason to make Mr. Fast up here to your pregnancy, breastfeeding, sickness traveling. So whatever the case may be, we're just talking about the past that have been missed and not why they have them as an Inshallah, even in our discussion, we'll be taking keeping it very practical, and we will not be going towards the fixate because inshallah the scholars can answer this question. And even if I know the answer, I just try to

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avoid, I just wait answering the questions, because Subhanallah that's in a specialized area for specialized people. Right. So we will start with the practical side of this. So my first advice and my first practical technique to make you miss fast is, know your numbers. Knowing your numbers is very important, because you know,

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knowing the task is winning half the battle. So a lot of people we are like, kinda we don't even know how many fasts Have we missed. So it's just about this Ramadan, and the number is small, like six or seven, the strategy will be slightly different from if you have missed for like, a lot of days and the number is bigger, like 70 or 300 Plus, right. And let me let me just tell you one thing, even if the number is 300, don't worry, what it takes is the will to do it. Right. So when I was in the process of making a mismatch, I just you know, you kind of have one on one conversation with last month Allah so I kept telling her last night and I'm trying my best and trying my best if

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I die in the process, please you know, right me among those who were making an effort, right, who were just trying rather than, you know,

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those who actually did not make up their misfire so it's just like

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either you become successful or you just die trying. So inshallah we have good hopes that Allah subhanaw taala will write this among those who have made up their Miss paths. So, so the first thing is knowing your numbers. Now, if the number is small, meaning if you just have to make up the mismas of this Ramadan

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the strategy will be slightly different. Why because a

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My recommendation is and my personal practice to some extent is that I make up my miss class in a group, right? So six fast 60s hellos. Why? Because it helps you to build the momentum. Right And subhanAllah the Ramadan wipes in Ramadan atmosphere is still slightly here. So inshallah it will not, it will not be difficult to, like fast and ago, and it will help you to build the momentum. And also when you're doing something in the flow, that thing becomes easier, meaning if you're making your sewer and star in a flow, you're making it every day, it becomes like it becomes a habit. So when it becomes a habit, it really helps you to make up, or it helps you to make meet the small

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target. Right. So my suggestion is that if it's a small number, you can keep it in a go. Now, first thing is that when you have a big number is that don't worry, right? I reassured you that there are people who have made a mistake numbers just happen. Yeah.

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one more thing that I'll remind you, if you have a big number is that, you know, it depends a lot on your belief system. If you believe that Allah will help you make the of these mistakes, Allah will inshallah help you make up these mistakes, right? Last month, Allah says, in a hadith, the good see that I am as my servant believes I am. So Inshallah, that will really help. Now again, if you have a big number, you have to do a few things, right.

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So the first thing, again, subcategory if you have a big number is to track

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track tra CK. Remember, whatever you try, you improve whatever you try to improve. So whether it's your finances, whether it's your mix, Mister Mister fast, or whether it's your weight loss journey, whatever you try to improve. So what do you have to do is to have a paper and a pen, if you're like old school like me, or if you're a, you know, modern gait, which you can use to look for an app or something like that, personally, I'm not a very tech savvy person. So I have no idea about apps and all these things, I hardly use anything of the sort. So look for it. And if if you're comfortable with that, if you're comfortable with an app as a tracker Insha Allah, the app is going to help you.

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And if you're like me, what you can do, you can make a simple column, and you can write the number like 1-234-567-8910 11 1270, right. And every time you make up a mismatch to cross that number, please do not do this in your head, it's my advice, it's my humble request to not do it in your head. Because you know, it's just not like something that you can make up in, you know, five minutes, okay, forgotten the number, you can do it, again, to make sure the number is correct. If you have forgotten the number, you will have to spend an entire day making up for that. So it's always a good idea to

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track it. And to place it somewhere where you can see, meaning you can place it on your mirror on any wall where you can actually keep an eye on it every day. So that it will keep reminding you that you have a worthwhile goal to afford. Right. So that will really help. So two tips when it comes to tracking, you know, have a tracking sheet or app or whatever suits you. And second thing, place it where you can see every day or where you can see it like it's very visible, so that it keeps reminding you that you have a task. The second thing that has really helped me and that that is definitely going to help you as well is to have an accountability buddy, right? What is an

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accountability buddy, an accountability buddy is a person who has you know, somewhat similar goals and who can motivate you and you can motivate her right? So find a person who's as motivated as you are to make up them as fast and then

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you know, that person is also having the numbers similar to you. Plus minus 10 Right? Because if you are having like if you have to make up six facts and the other person has to make up 60 facts, that is not you both are not going to resonate with each other, right? So find a person who has somewhere so if you have certainty she has 60 Or if you have 60 to 70 I hope I'm making sense right? Now, remember that when it comes to accountability, buddy, the number should not be

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too high. Sometimes what happens is that

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20 friends make up a WhatsApp group and I'll tell you how to do it. And that's not entirely wrong.

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But sometimes 20 friends make a Facebook group or a WhatsApp group and

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And what happens is that when you make a very large group, it becomes easier to hide. So, you know, if it's a group of three sisters doing the reporting and 10 are hiding behind them, right? If they have not made it, when you're one on one with someone, when you have accountability buddy and you all like, let's say three fronts, patching together, it becomes, you are like, you're on the spotlight, you cannot hide. So it's like, you wake up in the morning and you're like, Okay, I feel I'm having headache, and I'm feeling dizzy. The other person's like, no, no, you have to pass right? Or you feel it. Okay, I have a class to take today and my throat is already dried up. So what am I

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gonna do? I think I should drop the fast the other person is no, no, a lot of people fast and a lot of people teach. So it's okay, you can still fast. So that that's what happens when you have just one person to hold you accountable, or just two people to hold you accountable. So three people doing it together, it might not be as rewarding. The right way of doing it is that you can, you can start a WhatsApp group and add the people as much as you can, you know, deal with so you add those people, you add trading people, and then you ask them, you know, on every set date or day that have you fasted, have you fasted and you know, give me a green tick or something like that. That's how it

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may work. But on one on one

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basis, I would highly recommend to have just one or two people, right? As your accountability buddy. So large number of accountability decreases. And, you know, if you have to go and do something on massive scale, Inshallah, you can start a Facebook group and, you know, lead it in a way that you can hold everyone accountable. Okay, so once the accountability buddy is there, and please ask the last part that love to send, you can't do any accountability, but if you do not have any, you know, no one is coming into your mind, inshallah Masumi God who loves Khandala loss model, I will send someone because that's how Allah smart Allah has helped me, that's how I have made up my

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mess fast.

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Okay, so now when you have a large number, of course, like, if you have 300 class, you cannot do it in a go. And I wouldn't recommend it either. Right? This is not something that is like, really

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The suggestion is that, you know, look for Monday, Thursday, and the white is great. Meaning that you can fast every Monday and Thursday, because that is also recommended the monsoon days, but you are making up your throat faster talking about that. And they are but these are like 10 to 11 days per month. And it's kinda it's like it's happening, but it's not a burden on your soul, like you have to pass every day. And this, it's a decent gap in between the days. And it's not like the modern, if you're if you're into nutrition, and if you like studying about these things, the modern concept of intermittent fasting. A lot of people and a lot of nutritionist endorse the five is to do

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concept, meaning you you eat for five days, and you fast for two days, meaning the body will go through the cleansing process for two days in a week. You I mean, if you're into intermittent fasting, you would would be knowing of course, you know, the day break down meaning 16 and 16 is to eat or at 12 to 12 or 10 is to 14 you can look into it inshallah. But if you are into modern nutrition, nutrition, this thing might,

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you know, you might find it interesting as well. Okay, so that's this, this number comes up around 10 to 11. And if you multiply this by 12, meaning the 12 months of the year, it comes out to be somewhere around 120 to 130. So if you are just maintaining your pace based on Monday, Thursday 9am obey it is inshallah going to definitely help you to make up your huge number of missed funds right? All you have to do is to make God will last count Allah and

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and have an accountability buddy and track it. One of the ways to do is to

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look for winter days, right so now we are similar in this part of the world, but we are living the South Asian part.

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The days are longer and it's hard and it's it's difficult to make up them as fast. I would highly recommend not to give up on this habit on in during summer days. Because, you know, taking it up in habit. It's like really then requires a lot of effort. But you

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If you want to focus on the winter days that becomes like really easier you don't even know and the fastest done philosophy maybe you can make use of your winter days as well