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But it's not healthy, you know, you're gonna get sick and you Your body will not sustain itself if you don't sleep six to eight hours a night now

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because you sleep 30 hours for the sake of a law or for a law, and there's some barakah in that, then is a lot better than a person who sleeps 10 hours.

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But the young lady if What if you know,

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it's also a pure mattress.

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You want to be fit, you want to be healthy, you want to be strong. You and I get up early in the morning and open your eyes and you're so fresh. All you need to do is establish

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your quota Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and he couldn't beat the me Elaine

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and I am in a say, be aware be conscious of pmma make sure you establish the yamane Lima Why do you have to establish the Emiliano Sala law. Tell us for what benefits your home for inaho that was Swanee Hina public number one

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you have senath to follow.

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He said this is the practice of the people before you.

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Followers of new

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as a Moosa the disciples of Isa

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they are set up they are our center.

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We have examples to follow an example to follow a code walk or button in a law hitter Hannah and it will bring you closer to your law

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attorney for Mr. Donilon.

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Do you know man and learn the meaning of natural

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in Arabic, they say

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MK Mattila

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has been pushed away from the mercy of Allah

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by anila, far from Alma.

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Now, beyond manly it will allow you to be closer to Allah not far

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because Satan must route men alone.

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If you and I have you are the answer Schaefer person on the same level

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then they would have the same dwelling

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same in

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when you hold on someone lohani he was

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still only the seller.

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example you have people to role model. It is not only something that will bring you closer to Allah, Khan, he will all also expect your sense.

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Well, could Luna

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Selena Kabira and Bella synovos. All of us were sinners, different levels, different levels.

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And that's why I met when a hammer was he used to say one Lionel cannon in marcion. In the movie, he had mad at us. And this madman handle Rahim Allah, He said as

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the morass with the sins that we commit of smell order, he said, You will not be able to sit with us.

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if the Masia that we commit smell.

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You come out and you saw a lady and you did not lower your gaze. And you looked at her and then you come at the mission you stink.

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How many of us really work with deer to commit Masia?

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Why do you stick because you must Yeah.

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But in reality here, that's what happens to us. We all sort of mousy. So it would be your money will wash you from the mouth.

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Con woman had one and I will also prevent you from the sins when you want to commit sin. When the shaitaan whispers to you when that Masia presents itself to you and says hey, Teluk, and all yours. Then the yamane will remind you he will work as a bodyguard. He will protect you and protect you from the mafia. He will shield you

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From this you know some 100 law when you turn on your computer you have this as a all you know download the same with secure and protect your computer. Imagine when you download the system of the emulator in your life and you make it part of your life, then it will work as a shield that protects

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you from all the virus, all the mass all the sins

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as soon as sin comes up pmln is there to say that no.

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Someone wants to work towards you to to put you in a massive damage name is out there to protect free. bodyguard. Yeah, if What if it?

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were called a salon lohani he was selling them. And he would cast

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he will remove it will relieve the body from all illnesses.

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From m

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Yanis. What else can you ask for you? This is the best deal we can ever find this is a Muslim, the ultimate with Tell me also how do

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we follow the trick of the people before us. Serbia, Serbia, you can hack the consulate in Milan, our wedding work on in Manila.

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And here, you will bring you closer to Allah. Not only that, it will remove you from your sins. Not only that, it will protect you from sins. Not only that, it will physically make you a lot healthier. Are you telling me now imagine you take this, you know, formula to a Catholic physician you said Listen, you know I can only save three hours?

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Because I print the MLA or will he tell you

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to say no, no, you need more than three hours, sir.

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But I'm telling you, I guarantee you this will work in spite of everything and anything that they said because we believe what came from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And you remember also the hadith

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of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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when he said

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in the field, Janet aura, and I love this Heidi, seriously is a Heidi that needs you to imagine because when this aura of rooms, chambers of joy

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it's your place.

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I went on I imagined my whole off. One in my head is my thing small. You know, when I imagined my whole life? I want to imagine something that I cannot see the walls. Yeah, knees off of my bedroom in general. I don't want to say Oh, excuse me, honey, I have to go over No, I want to take right a horse or have to go around my bed. Right? You know, I want my room to be so big, so spacious. That if I ask all my children I'm

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on my wife's not watching this.

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All of them

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they say oh, this room is still too big.

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So hold off. So if you remember if you just when I say this word of

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if you are looking at it just from from the from the point of view, your small room cannot have that. Because we want to be in general in general. So your hurunui sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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In this, you're all while

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you're inside. Imagine the view.

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And actually the view

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you're sitting in you or in your agenda in your room

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and you have that beautiful hair line right next to you reclining on the bed Mashallah.

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And you're looking at that view. And you see Oh my god, it's so beautiful. You see water and see flowers to green. And you see, you see everything that a man would desire.

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Every everything and you see birds single trees.

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You see will then move on running to serve.

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You know you looking at that view, and you say whoa,

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this off.

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When in the waterfall you see outside

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and you see your other line going on. They say honey, I'll be back to stay where you are and you get out of the room.

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And you go

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this is gentleman you see everything

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and then he says hello Maharani we'll send them what button and then you go out

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and you go out

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and you look back you have you heard I hear some Hana law and you have you know lying down next to this river

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Marina later acid yes no smell the color would not change you know so, so tasty so beautiful and is running Mashallah. And then you have another river right here, wine and then you know while you just enjoying yourself, you look back and you see Wow, you see you're horrified. And who do you see at the window looking at outside your door and I knew other her line.

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And he said just next to the river, and I'll be back.

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I'll be back.

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Yeah, your coronary artery he was by no I'm in Baltimore about the area.

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You come back because you see the size of the bed you see the comfort of the bed, you see everything and then you come back

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for Canada Lehman era Subramanian It's so beautiful.

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And whenever you're born in Ghana,

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mera hai norat What are Odin Samia? What a hopper ah can be bash but at the same time, I can see you smiling because you just put yourself in general but imagine

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for whom? The Sahaba said Dr.

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Lehman Acaba and cannamd the people who speak good always good always Hi. Always gentle. barn up ama Tom and they feed people and I'm not talking about South Africa you just feed people when you feed people. People will love you and you will love people and they will love to be around you because this is from the son of never use a lot of money he was selling them and even that I'm sorry sold a man and he set out to sell them then gin What did they used to do cook for people cook

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he was so not that generous that's some handle nobody comes to their house now we

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call our battle network battle

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or even when NASA

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and he spends the night standing late while everyone else while everyone else is

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if you want that

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if you want that scenery that I try to paint it in your in your mind and I know I did not do a fair explained explanation for that or did not paint paint fairly fairly. But imagine that

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it's because of pmma is because you fit the person is because you said what kind word kind words and this hadith avani will Hakeem masala Albarn

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I am not happy. Okay. I don't know much of

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what would it take for me to be labeled as a personal private family?

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I don't know much. I don't hardly know just ama

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your Coronavirus Allah lohani he was setting them men karma be Ashley

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Let me look up minella he would not be written among the hitless

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often is a person who's absent minded heedless about things at least

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with 10.

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Would that number of is

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your name will be removed from the list of the heatless month

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and you will be elsewhere. Your Name your file will be taken from that department to a different department.

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Your cool

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woman comma be me it I

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can kind of minimal quantity.

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me it is.

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And if you

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resign 100 is in your dm and Nate. You are among the quantity

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is high right.

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Now how many of you were here last night where the Imam red Hall sort of an emerald

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and some of you were scratching

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In your legs Mashallah and you will go and left and right

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if you were here you were written among the on a team last night. So congratulation

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because he did I guarantee you more than handle an iron

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so your name was added now you're among the quantity in the evening last

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called a woman comma b n theI

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cortiva been an EU country

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and if you stand up if you recite 1000 diapers I don't even have 61,000

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you can repeat that 50 I again and again and again and again until you say 50 times I'm sorry 1000 times the total number is

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not a what are some

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what are the

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is each one

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is as big as the mountain of

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mountain a

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huge mountain when you go to Medina and they tell you this is a mountain of

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whoa that's

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I got two of those because of my last Gina's

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because you prey on genius.

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And here you are the problem the people who have that evening life somehow know what

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so what if

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all you need is this stablish that pmla specialist last 10 days of Ramadan when you have the opportunity, praying behind someone who will lead a whole sort of idea in Milan, in what Raka and you should say Subhana Allah I'm Amanda

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there I've been promoting

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any house I'm no longer being a halfling

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I'm no longer Minnesota Hi, my name is been added to the list of the righteous in the lives of Hannah Montana, but with the right with the right intention.

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Now let us go and see how this man some of the law how he was sent him that we follow How does he used to pray

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and when to lie to describing his Salah

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as we know pm and he was forced on him.

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Yo hola you have a mid

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laner in LA

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yeah mohammedia Muslim stand up in the night. The whole night except little except a few smoke pot.

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This one Swan Minho, Carina prehab of the light or maybe a little bit more or less. I was it and he and increase add more or less work till 430

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and then a last set is sort of a sort of one minute Navy fighter had JDBC in

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one minute late. Yeah, Mohammed fortnight, Stanford 200. recite the Quran. Why?

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Allah subhana wa tada canossa Ania bata kerobokan

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your Lord may raise you in the form of Mohammed which is nice.

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And I say Sarah, the Allahu Allah.

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She said

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can I never use a lot more honey he was saying lemme Yakumo mean and Lainey had tatata Kadima.

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He used to stand up during the night

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and tell his feet crack, literally. Anything was swung, and, and you get bigger and bigger.

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For according to the who, Lima Tasha ohada jasola

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what what do you do that?

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Why would you do this?

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Welcome to horfield Anika Mata pandemonium

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the hour that she's talking about the beginning of surah. Tilford in a

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movie in Kerala Mata Mata, so his past sins,

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his present sins and whatever he would do in the future is forgiven.

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The man is sinless

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