Maryam The Chosen 17 – Why Was Maryam Asked to Shake a Palm Tree

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The segment discusses the shaping process of shaping a tree to make a quote, highlighting Allah's presence in the sea and his support for individuals seeking medication and treatment. The historical context of Islam's provision for women to drink fresh water and write dates is also discussed, highlighting the historical context of the assignment that the speaker is discussing. The provision is a result of Islam's grace and is not just a woman who wants to write dates.

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Have you ever tried to shake a tree much less? A palm tree? You can't even get your arms around it. So why is Miriam told to shake the base of a palm tree? After she gave birth? For harmala top of the tree he

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Maria Maria is synonymous, fatigued, exhausted just had a baby all alone. wishing for death. Allah subhanho wa Taala then brings help the baby speaks for nada ham in data alert as any other Java or bouquet Atticus area. Well who's the lake epgd Nicola the vs continues but the baby speak sing Fernanda and so she was called mean data from underneath her a lotta has any don't grieve herzan Don't grieve at the job or a bouquet attic sad yet Your Lord has made underneath you a river the baby speaking terrible who's the naked big in Nevada and shake the base of the palm tree to socket I make a lot of engineer right dates will fall continuously fall the socket, it will continuously

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fall. I make a lot of engineer for Cooley. So eat Where shall I be and drink or Korea Aina and be content, calm down, relax, it's going to be okay.

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Now something really interesting Allah Subhana Allah tells me and he says, Well, who's the Daikichi inocula says shake the base of a palm tree. Now, I don't know if you've ever shaken the base of a palm tree before. I'm about to attempt to do so myself right now. But Miriam is that she had just given birth alone by herself. I want you to appreciate that, like women who gave birth in COVID. Right? Like the fact that they weren't able to have their loved ones with them in the room, even though they had nursing staff and even though they had doctors, it was incredibly stressful to give birth alone. And yet many MIT is that is giving birth, not in the hospital. There's no nursemaid,

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there's there's nobody, there's nobody and she gives birth by herself. And then after that ALLAH SubhanA data tells her to shake the base of a tree. A woman fatigue by childbirth is not being told to shake the base of Mohawk tree. I'm about to shake this base. Right now. It's all after I've been working out at the gym. I'm prepared a little bit I'm not stretched out. So if nothing happens, it's because I didn't warm up but the goal is to make a leaf fall let's see what we can do

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nothing's moving some of the birds moved.

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Got some drops from the rain. That's about it. Allah Subhana Allah Allah still tells met him I didn't set out to shake the base of the tree. Even though her energy her effort wasn't going to make the dates for Allah subhanho data was going to make the dates fall, Allah still commands Musa to strike the sea with his staff. Even though Musa staff wasn't going to split the sea. Allah was going to split the sea for Musa is that up. But we learned through this the incredibly important lesson of Allah being the one who facilitates and us still needing to engage and put in utmost maximum effort. And so a person studies hard for the exam, but their heart is not attached to the studying their

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heart is attached to Allah Subhana Allah to grant them success. A person goes and seeks medication and goes and seeks treatment and goes and seek healing. And yet they their heart is not attached to the doctor or to the hospital or this procedure. Their heart never moves from the station of tulipwood reliance on Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah, they know that Allah is the One who makes everything effective. And that Allah subhanaw. Taala is the ultimate causer. But he has placed causes on this earth for us to seek out. And so a man comes to the Prophet salallahu de Sena, and he says, there's the ambiance of what's behind us. But he says, Should I tie my camel, or rely on Allah, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, tie your camel and rely on Allah, the heart, and the hands are always effectively together.

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Allah subhana wa Taala has this voice. Now the voice the verse doesn't say who it was, okay, mean data, it's just underneath her. But there are a couple of options. Number one is that it's Djibouti, the angel is calling are that's what some of the first sitting considered. The other is that it is the baby himself. And that's important that the province ally Sam confirmed in authentic hadith that Jesus Christ spoke in the cradle. But that, of course, is for sure going to happen. When she goes and takes him back to her people. The baby is definitely going to speak that. But in this scenario, this quotation, is that Djibouti or is that a side a center? I believe that it's a side hustle, it

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is Jesus. And that's for a number of reasons. Number one, that Allah subhanaw taala made Jesus speak,

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to comfort his mother, and to foreshadow the fact that he's going to speak later. So when she goes carrying him to her people, it's not going to be something like she doesn't know what's going to happen. she witnesses the baby speak before so that she is comfortable taking him to her people and trusting that he's going to speak again. But also they are very angry citations with Quran other citations of the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala says Mendota, the one who is underneath her calls to her. It's not she is called to from below, but she is called to by the one who is below her. And who's that going to be? It's going to be at Eastside he set up this facility and argued and they

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said it's not appropriate that you breed is that and this is a woman who just gave birth that God it is and I'd be underneath or the angel would call her from above her, the angel would be above her, but who's going to be underneath her it's going to be the child that she just gave birth to. And so at Eastside a tsunami upon and BPCE Jesus Christ is the one who addresses his mother in that moment. John on a Bukit datakey Surya, your Lord has made underneath you a spring or a river city as a flowing river. This was placed in front of many MIT has set out for her to drink cool fresh water and Ace ideas and obsess and shake the base of the palm tree. And write dates are gonna fall. So eat

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and drink and be contented. But there's a parallel here is that Medea so far in her story twice is presented with miraculous food. In the Quran, we see earlier in her story, every time is like it used to enter into her prayer chamber, he would find this physical sustenance, that he didn't know where it came from. And when she was asked where it would come from, she would say it's from Allah Subhana Allah data that was medium in her old world. Before conflict entered into her story, a young woman happily worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, in her Madhab, in her prayer police, and here she is now a little bit older, but with the weight of the world on her shoulders, carrying a burden that no

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woman has ever carried before, or will ever carry after her. But this, this is familiar. The miracles are familiar. The provision is familiar. The same Lord who took care of her yesterday, is going to take care of her now, and is going to take care of her tomorrow. The same Lord who provided for her in her days of ease, is the same Lord who will provide for her in her moments of difficulty. And that's the same for us. It's the same Allah, the same Allah, who took care of us when we were younger is the same Allah Who takes care of us now, who's the same one who will provide for us tomorrow. And it's something that we have to remind ourselves of, every time we go through

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difficulty that I've only ever got to this place because of God's grace. So why would I doubt it now? So eat and drink and be assured, eat and drink, well, cuddly hyena be content? It's going to be okay. And here's a really important lesson.

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Maria, Mia said, I'm fatigued, exhausted, is being told shake the base of the bomb tree. Now, don't we all know Allah subhanho data just like he made the spring come out. And it was said, Ibn Abbas said that it was a dried up river. It was a dried up river in Bethlehem, that Allah subhanaw taala cost to run again. And I was Googling, you know, trying to look up. Are there any sort of sources of water in Bethlehem? Are there any rivers in that area and there aren't any, but there are these huge aqueducts.

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These reservoirs of water that they call the the pools of Solomon or Solomon's pools, and this was basically a water system that was built around 200

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years before Christ, it was a, it was I mean, it's nowhere near the time of Sunday man it is set up. But they still call it that and it was to deliver water to Jerusalem. So these are these huge,

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these huge, these these big reservoirs I shouldn't say huge, but these big reservoirs in and around Bethlehem and we said that Bethlehem is around 10 miles away or nine miles away from Jerusalem. So in any case, Allah knows best. Allah subhanaw taala caused a river miraculously to appear in front of mighty mighty cinema. And so Couldn't he have made the dates fall to the lesson that we learned is that Allah subhanaw taala also teaches us to seek the meats to do our part, ALLAH SubhanA data is going to split the sea for Musa but he still tells him to hit it with his staff. The staff is not what's going to make the sea split, but Allah subhanaw taala wants Musa to do his part, what we

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learned with delicate to what could which is true reliance on Allah Subhana Allah is that Allah is the One who provides but Allah Subhana Allah data has also legislated means for us to seek that provision. Allah Subhana Allah says, We're Lidija I love them a lot of the deluded Allah is the one who made for you, the earth subservient to you. Philosophy monarchy has so go in its pathways will Kulu medrisk and Ephraim ALLAH SubhanA diatas provision. So the act of eating from Allah's provision is tied to the act of walking, going out seeking that livelihood seeking that sustenance. The act of that is that's about to fall down on medium is that she even if it's symbolically shaking the palm

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tree, she's not going to shake the tree but Allah subhanaw taala wants her to do your duty. But Allah Subhana Allah wants her to do her part. Though what cool is these two things together? It is that your heart is attached to Allah, but your hands are going out and seeking those means don't quit is that your heart is still but your hands are busy, your hands are busy, but your heart is still I'm doing what I need to do. My heart is not attached to any of those means my heart is attached to Allah subhana wa Tada. So you're busy studying for the exams, but your heart isn't attached to the work that you're doing. Your heart is attached to ALLAH SubhanA data. So you're

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asking Allah to grant you an A or to make you pass that exam or what have you. You're seeking health through diet and exercise and all these types of things. But your heart isn't that attached to any of these procedures that you're doing. Your heart is attached to ALLAH SubhanA data and you're asking Allah for health, spiritual health and physical health and you're calling upon Allah by His name is Shafi. The one who heals you're preparing dotting your eyes crossing your T's trying to execute that business strategy, that business plan at the highest level. And your heart is not attached to any of those strategies in any of these gurus in any of these brain trusts and any

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advice of your mentors or anything like that it's attached to Allah Subhana Allah because Allah is the One who makes all of those means effective in the first place. And hence a man comes to the Prophet still Elijah sent him and he says, Should I tie my camel or rely on Allah and the prophets, Allah lightsome says no tie your camel and rely on Allah. Your heart is never to waver from the station of Reliance but Allah still wants you to take the means as an act of worship. Shake the tree