Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #19 Al Atheem

Mohamad Baajour
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Cemani come to LA he's got a cat get

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Smilla Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda myInfo now and finally my alum Tana was at Nile mon Yeah, hammer rock. I mean, yes, Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge. I mean, your ability I mean, along with Eric NFE, Jimena, Heather was able to jump on Mahoma which I had to follow up on on body to Farrakhan masoumeh or attach alfine with Dana shocky and Rama Rama Amin O'Brien me.

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Inshallah Tada we continue with the names of Allah azza wa jal, and like I mentioned, tonight's name is a loving, a loving and loving is also from the root, three letters I in via meme I in via meme and

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it has four meanings which are very close to one another. The first is the Great, the large, second is to be of aim is to be great in rank also. Third is to be powerful and superior and honored. And the fourth means to be above any, above any imperfection, above any imperfection. The name Allah Veeam has been mentioned in the Quran 1111 times.

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You know, let me ask you a question.

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There are two surah in the Quran that ended Sabir bismi Rebecca Levine what are these two souls

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Masha Allah, lucky and then Hakka, Hakka both of them for some business Mirrabooka a loving and Subhanallah this name Levine is also is also mentioned in the best area in the Quran in Ayat al Kursi. When I would do if uma were Hua Li Li, a loving. So this name is mentioned in the best area in the Quran. The theme is the magnificent, the supreme glory the greatest, he is the one whose might are is contained within himself, the other is within himself. All his actions are perfect, and only he Subhana deserves to be exalted by creation.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he is Avene by himself.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala is Aleem in every attribute that he has. He is our V min. His knowledge he is I've even his Rama he is I've even his Murphy's Law. He is our Lehman his hearing. He is our Lehman his seeing, he is our Lehman on his attributes. So the theme not only by himself, but he also the theme in every attribute that he has Allah subhanho wa Taala he is the ADEME in his ability in his power in his forgiveness in his bounty, his bounty is our theme and Allah subhanho wa taala.

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You know when we hear the Hadith of the kerosene,

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the Hadith of the sea

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said that all the heavens and the earth

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all the heavens and the earth and the Milky Way's and all that, compared to the size of the kursi of Allah azza wa jal is like a ring thrown in the desert.

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Ring thrown in the desert, all that Milky Way's that we hear all the time they just

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found out that there are 10

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million, also planets and all that all of that, compared to the kursi only is like a ring thrown in the desert. And the crusade compared to the ash is like a ring thrown in the desert.

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That's why your brain stops ceases. It stops thinking so they could see compared to the throne is like a ring

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thrown in the desert. So Subhan Allah and this is the greatness of His creation, from a relic of Allah subhanho wa Taala we cannot comprehend in our intellect and our mind the greatness of Allah azza wa jal Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he said in sort of zoom or

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when a

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cup or dairy will or will do Jenny COVID or two young men mukhiya was sent to not only to be any, so the Hannah who

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usually Akun all the seven heavens and all the seven Earth are all like a mustard seed in the hands of Allah azza wa jal Subhan Allah, how great is Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you cannot make tavini when you know Allah azza wa jal when we know Allah azza wa jal, there is no way that you can make them to anyone else. There is no one will be.

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No one will have more other men in your life then Allah azza wa jal, the more you know Allah azza wa jal, the more you will have to have him of Allah azza wa jal Allah subhanho wa taala.

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To know you know,

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how do I know if this name

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is applicable to my life? Am I following this name in my life? Do I feel the name a lot of them in my life? There is a way to find out how.

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When it comes to the orders and prohibitions of Allah azza wa jal when it comes to the Emerald build model for Neha and Ivanka, when it comes to the awareness of Allah

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and the moon karate themselves of Allah azza wa jal to prohibitions, people are of two groups.

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The first group they do not care whether it's halal or haram, whether it's an order or prohibition, or the same. The second group is divided into two people who will

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obey the orders and stay away from prohibitions. But they need

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why, why is this order? Why do we have to do this? They need something What's the what's the wisdom of fasting of Ashura? What's the wisdom of the prohibition of completely prohibition of alcohol? What's the big deal of I'm drinking a little bit of alcohol in my bed not driving, not harming anybody. So they need to know the hikma to in order to follow. They want to know the hikma behind the prohibition or behind the wheel in order to follow and then this the second group is the one may Allah make us all amongst them? Sunday, Atlanta, Savannah Wattana they listen and obey Allah subhanaw taala said that Rasulullah sallallahu said that they say we listen and we obey. So these

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people, the last group, are they making Talim to the enter or to the Amer

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are they make into the into the one who's making the order or to the order itself?

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The one who's making the order, right, the other people are concentrating on the order itself to see if it is or not. But here the second people, the second group

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are the ones who have us. We they do not need ACHEMA they do not need proof. They do not need anything Allah said so Hamas, he's the Hakim himself. He's the Aleem himself who's making this, this order. So that's it. This is now these people. This is how we know how much the theme is implemented in my heart. The more listen carefully which is this the gist of the lesson today. The more you are concerned about the orders of Allah azza wa jal and the prohibitions of Allah azza wa jal, the more Allah is Azim in your heart. If you want to check, how are them how great is Allah and your heart check, where are you when he tells you don't do this, do this.

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If you immediately without any doubt, you follow hulless blindly Allah subhanaw taala has orders. That means Allah is Alim in your heart. If you keep doubting and all that then Allah subhanaw taala is not as of him as he's supposed to be in, in our heart, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said when they

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You have them chat your hola from Southern MIKTA theme of all the orders of Allah and at the same time, he said when they you ask them for an Atilla both, whosoever make them to the orders of Allah and whosoever make him to the dude to the boundaries of Allah azza wa jal. So, this is shows us that Allah subhanaw taala is praising the people who fulfill and obey his orders and the people who stay away from from his prohibitions.

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Allah subhana wa Tada Jaquan have chosen this name

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specifically from all the names to be set the record

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we don't say subhanallah about Bl kohara Jabbar al Heyman Subhan Allah B al Azim we repeat it many many times every single day. You know, it is the other team who has chosen me from all these people to be a Muslim. It is the Aleem who gave me the ability to make that sujood you know it is the Aleem himself subhanho wa Taala he is the only one that I bow to the only one who deserves me making Roku and making Sousou to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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some people will recognize, listen, this is very important. Some people will recognize the greatness of Allah azza wa jal through His creation. Some people will recognize his thought his other man is greatness through his

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through his mercy.

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But you know, what is the best way to recognize the greatness of Allah azza wa jal

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is through studying the Quran

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is through studying what he said about himself? Allah He the more we study the Quran the more we study the Quran and understand the Quran, the more we know how Greatist Allah azza wa jal you know Subhanallah Potamia rahamallah Shaken Islam. He said the statement when he was jailed, he said a very very beautiful statement. He said

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I felt he said I felt like I wasted my life. Not dedicating it all to the Quran. This is a man who has a Mujahid This is a man who has an island. This is a man who spent all his life in spreading the Dawa to Allah azza wa jal and he felt that he wasted his life because he did not dedicated just to understanding the Quran, he stuff I was given a life again, I will dedicate all that my all my life just to understand this book of Allah azza wa jal Subhan, Allah Quan, how blessed we are to have this book amongst us, how can we live with with this name? By by making Allah subhanaw taala then in all our life by making Allah subhanaw taala of him

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in all our decisions?

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When we make the decisions, yeah, when I know, I repeat this all the time, but this is this is what the whole deen is about. It's about health care, and reminding each other when we make Allah subhanaw taala of him in our life, before we make any decision we ask ourselves is that I've been pleased with that decision.

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If that the team is pleased with that decision, I go very happy, very happy, whether it's a job, whether it's a move, whether it's a marriage, whatever it is, every aspect, is that a team happy pleased with that decision? Is that they will be pleased to see me at that place

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at that wedding, at that party, will that be happy?

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This is the question we have to ask ourselves and

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the other murmur of Allah in our heart. The decision will this decision that we make will determine the outcome of Allah in our heart.

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I know it's very easy to speak, and very easy to listen, but to implement these things, and this is why we are discussing these things. We're not discussing this to fill up Al Hamdulillah epic has a lot of lectures.

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No Jaquan No, it's not the reason why I'm sitting here. I'm like I always repeat I'm more responsible than you. When I start saying these things. I will be questioned by Allah just like he will be questioned. I'll be more questioned Because salah Salem warned us and Allah who warned us limiter Hold on, let alone and Allah warned us

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and the Susanne Selim warned us when he went to the to jahannam and he saw the people in Jahannam and he asked Jabril Why are these people doing this? Jabril said these they used to tell the people do something and they go and they do not do it themselves.

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May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the least people who listen and apply inshallah. I mean, there are

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blank. So if you have Philip

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another way to remember that theme is to fill up our scale with this name like Subhanallah

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one of the simplest and easiest Hadith

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coffee for 10 adults Alison

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Sahil attorney Phil Meezan. Habib attorney, law ramen trouble

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Subhan Allah who would be handy Subhan Allah Hill loving, towards light on the tongue heavy on the scale. So beloved, imagine you hear word that they are so beloved to Allah, I'm saying something that is beloved to the Aviva himself. Subhan Allah who be handy Subhan Allah I love him. Very, very simple and so true. Subhan Allah, you feel like it's so light, it is light span Allah Subhan Allah Allah, there's no you know, the heavy let us call

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for Han Allah.

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So, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala we can ask him by this beautiful name. When Allah Azza wa sallam told us that the Sunnah is when you visit someone in the hospital. What do you say? Sure. You always visiting people sick but you listen to the sick

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as an Aloha theme, or Bellagio la vie? En yes FIAC I ask Allah Avi, the Lord of the Arusha law, the the great throne to cure you how many times? Seven times right seven times when you visit somebody who is sick, this is one of the DUA as Allah has been robbed Bill aushadhi and yes fear let me ask you a question. Can I use this about some for something else? Like for example, I said hola hola them but I've been honest with them and you pick up give you tofield Can I say that? Of course. What's wrong with that? Absolutely. And he had yet to guide you as an Allah and Avi Rob Levine

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there's nothing wrong with by stay, but specifically Roscoe Sallam told us for the sick, but there's nothing wrong to praise Allah with this great name before I make before I make any any dua.

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Subhanallah and when we make dua in general,

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remember that you are asking the Aleem himself and you are asking the one who

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said surah Taha.

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multivalue fanciful Hara B rasa.

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Soluna candle G van, whereas Illumina can eligible call

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and see who has been thus far. You know, I love to remember this area before I make the DUA and when they ask you about the mountains, tell them Allah can shatter it.

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So the one can shatter the mountain cannot give me the simple request that I have shattered the mountains in Sefa nessa Subhanallah so I can use this name in sha Allah to Allah with all your requests to Allah azza wa jal hoping and having certainty that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will will accept us of Allah Allah them but I believe Charlene and you will Illuma Lima your boo Yaga I ask Allah subhana wa Taala Allah of the Mirage, Naveen to give us Sofia to wherever he loves and wherever it pleases Him. I mean there are Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was at the age of 18, Subhan Allah Muhammad, masha Allah Allahu Allah and let's talk sroka on a tour Willick

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don't forget tomorrow inshallah at 615 and 630 and please make a lot of salad on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam?

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Just like?

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the future

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