Maryam The Chosen 16 – Can A Righteous Person Wish For Death

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The group discusses struggles with first childbirth and fear of death, as well as struggles with religion and praying for death. They emphasize the importance of praying for death and not wishing for it. The success of brochures and tools for personal growth is also highlighted, along with the need for individuals to not hesitate to feel the effects of difficult circumstances and not hesitate to see the effects of difficult circumstances on their life. The speakers also emphasize the importance of living a long life without evil deeds and transformation of pain and frustration into joy and meaning.

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If medium said I wish that I died before this moment, how do we understand a righteous person wishing for death for harmala to have the burden to be more

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Maria is being driven by the pangs of childbirth to rest at a date palm tree. And she says, Oh, I wish I had died before this. And wasn't Oblivion forgotten.

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Her challenges have just been escalated. If before her her challenge was to worship Allah subhana data and seclusion facing her Lord, she would not be facing her people, at the same time facing physical pain and mental anguish. She's dealing with her first childbirth on her own, which is just think about that. She's she doesn't have her mom with her. Think about your first childbirth get you on your spouse with you. You want family and friends, your sisters like everybody, they're celebrating with you, pushing you through assisting you. She's dealing with her first childbirth on her own. She doesn't know anything. She doesn't know anyone. She's got no one to help her with

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anything. She says I wish that I died before this. Welcome to an SMC and I was something that was forgotten. Why is Mariam wishing for death? Why is my dear I'm wishing for death. You remember bubbly? He said she wished for death at a shame from her people and fear of slender. Mr. McCarthy said she wished for death for two religious reasons. Number one, she was afraid that Ill will be thought of her religion. Remember Benissa eaten by now. This is the end of Venice law. They've become so corrupted. And she is a beacon of light. She's the one holding it down her and her family are holding down worship and chastity and, and belief in Allah subhanho wa taala. They're holding it

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down. She's a symbol of virtue for that community. What's going to happen when she comes carrying a baby mama caught me says she wished for death because people are going to think that she's just as corrupt if not more, and that she's going to be slandered. So number one, she's afraid of what she's going to represent of the dean. But not only that, she's afraid of what the effect of her coming with a baby's going to be out of her mercy and her taqwa and hurt her purity. She doesn't want people to fall into slander because of her. She's not thinking about, okay, don't you don't need to judge me. She's not thinking y'all need to make sure not to judge me. That's all on you know, she's

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thinking like, I don't want to put myself I don't want to put them in a position where they are not entering into slander because it's a mortal sin. It's a dangerous sin. And in those cases, your mom according to be says wishing for death would be allowed. If a person fears fitna with regards to their deen or they fear that they're going to be a cause of fitna for the dean of other people Madea in that moment wish to be that or to be someone who has forgotten. You know, the amazing irony of that is that many MIT is saying in that moment, I wish that I died or I were something that were forgotten. But Allah Subhana Allah wills for the exact opposite to happen. Far from being forgotten.

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She is the most remembered woman who ever lived. She is the most revered woman who ever lived. You go and you Google, like popular names, and between Mary and Maria and Maria, and Maria and all of these variations of this name. It is one of the most popular names in the world and has been for 2000 years, but is it allowed to wish for death? Is it a lot true to

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wish for death. So how do we how do we reconcile between this and Muslim, the province of Elijah says, How do you feel old and he says, Let none of you wish for death, nor should you ask for it, nor should you make drought for it, because when they die, their actions are terminated. And he said the age of a believer doesn't add anything to them but goodness. The more a believer lives, every test behead that they make every time you simply say subhanallah that's, that's that's incredible goodness for you. Every time you say Leila Allah just in that moment, every single breath that you you add to your lifespan, if it is in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala it's more than one time

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam was walking by a grave and he had his companions with him and he said to rock is that one of you can offer tool guys are more beloved to this person than your entire world. I mean, how long does it take to just pray total cause so any extra day that you live we're able to pray five daily prayers I mean, that's incredible reward for you. As long as you're still alive, you're still in the game. And so the province the license says Let not one of you wish for death. And another Hadith the hadith of Ennis and as well the Allah on who said, the prophets of Allah send them said, this is another thing he said, Let none of you wish for death because of a

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Mitch a misfortune that befalls them. If he can't help but doing so he should say, Oh Allah keep me alive as long as you know that life is better for me, and allow me to pass away if death is better for me. So here the Prophet cellulitis and is detailing the prohibition and he says that a person should never wish for death because of some misfortune that befell them in the dunya. So a person shouldn't wish for death. And that also gives us a little bit of an extra idea as to mediums wishing for death that may or may not have been wishing for a death because of a misfortune. For example, emammal bumblebees position, but rather, Medea, McCarthy's position seems to make more sense now

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that she was wishing for death, not because of that, because of her fearing that it will affect her religiosity or the religion of other people. And so it's not about the dunya in the province, the light isn't was telling us don't make dua for death. Don't ask Allah Subhana Allah or wish for death. Because of a misfortune. I lost all of my money, oh Allah allow me to die. Or I've been diagnosed with the sickness Oh, Allah Subhana Allah allow me to die. The prime minister, little lady us and him says no, not because of a misfortune. But if a person can't help it, here's an avenue, here's a tool that you can make that is appropriate. And that is, oh, Allah, allow me to live as

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long because I don't know. I don't know I might be wishing for death. But beyond this misfortune is incredible goodness for me. And that's what medium beyond that misfortune or that challenge. It wasn't even a misfortune, it was a challenge. Beyond that moment was incredible goodness for her look, her name was the most remembered she is the master of the women of the world, because of that challenge that she went through. And so you don't know what's on the other side of the obstacle. You don't know what's on the other side of that challenge. And so the province of ally Davis and him says, If you must in that moment, then don't refer back to your knowledge refer back to the

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knowledge of Allah subhana Dawn and say, Oh, Allah, allow me to live as long as you know that living is better for me, and allow me to die. If dying is better for me. Perhaps a long life might be a fitna for me. I might live to see changes in my family changes in the community changes in society that I can't handle that might corrupt me. And so if you know that in me living a long period of time is going to be corrupted for me it's going to harm me in my dunya it's going to actually harm me in the hereafter. Then allow me to pass away the province of Allah to use and live in another Hadith similar the Prophet sallallaahu Selim used to make the draft that's reported by an American

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what he used to say Allah homogeneous look, a fellow hybrid, watercolor mocha rod, Hoban, Misaki. Were either a lotta fineness if it nothing for kidney naked late afternoon, he says, oh, Allah asked you for the doing of good deeds, and the avoiding of a lot of evil deeds and the love of the poor. And if you desire a fitna for the person, if you will, a fitna for the community. If people are going to be tried with corruption or so some sort of fitna, in the deen, whatever it is, then allow me to pass away without having gone through that fitna without having gone through that trial without having gone through that trial. You know, even some of the companions asked for that. Don't

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let him hotdog, Eli, the last year of his life, in which he raises his hands to Allah subhana wa Tada. And he says, oh, Allah, my, I've become weaker in my old age. And my, my, my responsibility has grown, that the Muslim empire has gone and I've become weaker. So call me back to you, oh, Allah. And it wasn't much longer before a model of the law and who was martyred. But I'm not on the line. What's he complaining about? He's complaining that he's like, I can't, I can't do this anymore. This responsibility at some point, this is going to become a liability for me. If I'm not able to actually fulfill its rights, so call me back to you. I'll go

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What a little while the Allah and who he says federal civil law, civil lightness and him said, None of you should wish for death. If He's righteous, perhaps he may add to his good works. And if he's a sinner, perhaps he may repent by giving a long life. There are some people would have did another able to live to 30 because if they had died at 20 years old, they were wilding out, there are some people that have denied that they're able to live to 40 because if they had passed away at 30, they were on a different path hamdulillah they live to 60, to live to be able to see, to be able to repent from their sins. So the Prophet symbol by descent says let none of you wish for death. If

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they're righteous, you only add more, you only add more Ramadan, so you only add more resources into the Quran. And if a person is a sinner than Inshallah, to Allah, they'll repent, and these statements of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam speak to the reality of that we don't know the unseen.

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We don't know what the future holds. And so you're surrendering your desires and your knowledge to Allah subhanaw taala his knowledge and his wisdom, if Meriam had died in that moment, we would have lost out on media and we would have lost out on these ideas and we would have lost out on Jesus, two of the greatest figures, greatest gifts, greatest mercies that humanity has ever received, but she lived and so did he. And after that difficulty past was goodness that she could have never imagined Imam Shafi Al Hamdulillah He says that I am a tough hieromartyr Shah who also beneficent either hakama Allah O Allah.

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Allah dunya Baca, everything's gonna pass, even difficulties will pass. So he says, Let the days do as they please, and be optimistic when Destiny decrease and don't despair for the events of days past because the events of this world were never meant to last. Until he says, no sadness lasts forever, nor any Felicity, nor any moments of hardship or any luxury, if you are the owner of a heart that is content than you and those who own this world are equivalent. But there's a beautiful Hadith when it comes to hardship that I want you to pay attention to, I want you to know this hadith really, really well. The prophets of Allah is sending them said, Allah subhanaw taala laughs at the

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despair of his slave, even though his help is so close. I want you to imagine somebody who their world is crumbling down on them. Mary MIT has said, is sitting on a against a palm tree and she's saying I wish that I like her world is crumbling around her, that anguish that people feel the province little lady said him said, Allah laughs at the despair of his slave, even though his help is so close. The companion of Buddha Zini said that our Lord laugh and the province The Lord said yes, he says, even when demand Robbins has said, we will then never despair from expecting good from a lord that laughs You know, this hadith when I really got to appreciate it is when I became a

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father myself. So I'm holding my daughter, and I've got her you know, she's, she's crying, and she's so she wants a bottle, and I've gotten the bottles in the microwave, heating it up. I don't know how you feel about bottles and microwaves but don't ask me moms don't come for me. But the idea is, is that I would find myself actually laughing like I'm so enamored by her she's so cute. Even when she's crying even though she's fussing even though tears are streaming down her face. And I'm, I'm I'm perfectly calm. I'm because I know what I know that in a moment that that sadness is going to transform into laughter, that pain, discomfort is going to transform into comfort. And I control

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that. And so I'm not bothered by her crying. In fact, I'm laughing. Because it's just a moment and it's gonna go away. But when she's crying because of a pain that she has, when she's crying because of fever, there's no laughter that parents are doing because we don't control making that pain go away. The promise, the lightest, him says a lot laughs at this despair of His slaves, even though his help is so close. Well, Allah is always in control.

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And his help is right around the corner, and you don't see it. But Allah subhanaw taala is laughing because soon your situation is going to transform and that that pain, that sadness, that brokenness is going to be replaced with meaning and success and happiness. He said, We will never be deprived of good from a lord that laughs was there a moment in your life where you felt absolutely squeezed, you felt absolutely broke and you saw no light at the end of the tunnel. And then your difficulty turns into ease. Was there a moment in your life where you had you yourself? Were that baby you yourself? Were that person who was sitting in despair, and Allah's help was right around the corner.

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What was that moment? I love those types of stories because they're inspirational. They inspire that person who's in that moment in that in that place at that particular time. So if you do have a moment that's beautiful, please do share in Charlotte Allah write it in the comments. I look forward to reading it as

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usual insha Allah and let's inspire each other medium just gave birth to a baby by herself. She's in her most difficult, emotional and physical moment. But Allah's help is so close. It's not right around the corner. It's literally underneath her. The baby spoke