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Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of feeding people with chronic illnesses and their obligations to eat healthy foods. They explain that individuals can either gather their poor meal or give their miskeen food to help them feed their poor or dis-outiled family members. The speaker also discusses the measurement of weight and the importance of giving healthy foods to a needy person.
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in English in English in English

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and all of you see this

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you know this is

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anybody going once going twice

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this is called a mud.

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You know, we talked about earlier

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the one

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who has a chronic illness

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and cannot fast the month of Ramadan, the one who has a chronic illness,

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one word that he does not expect to be cured from

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and one which he is not able to fast with.

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What does he do? What is his obligation? He can't fast the month of Ramadan. So what is his obligation?

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He has to feed a poor person for every day that he missed. So it's going to be either 29 or 30 days.

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The chef Rahim Allah mentioned at that particular time, hold up again, okay, don't worry.

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I'll hold it again. Don't worry, I'll let you just give it give it a second and show

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the safe mention for him hola that those people have two options of feeding, they can either gather the poor people together.

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Okay, and then they give them a cooked meal, lunch or dinner.

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Okay, so they bring five people together, and they have to be Misaki. By the way, it's not just any person that you meet, the people have to be miskeen, meaning they have to be the poor or disadvantaged thing. So what do they do? They either gather them five, six at a time or all 30 at one time, whatever, and they feed them a prepared meal.

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Or they give them a half a SAR

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for every day that they missed, so they give this person this miskeen they give him a half. What is a half Assad? Assad is four months. Okay, this is a mud.

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how do we measure this? The way that you do it is for example, just imagine we had a a bucket of rice here, for example. Or barley.

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You would dip this in, okay, until it's full, and then put more on so that it's heaping. So it has to be heaping. It's not level. If it's level, it's not a mud. The mud has to be heaping like this. Okay. That is one mud. You if you do that twice, then it is two months, which is half of a sigh.

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Half of a side. Clear.

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All right, so four of these equal Assad. Two of them equal half of Assad.

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Four of these is what is given as a capital 50. We'll cover that tomorrow inshallah, but I just want you to be able to see this so that you can understand what is a mud because a lot of people say you have mothers to two handfuls like we talked about before, that's going to vary from person to person. big hands smaller hands. This is the prophetic mud. This is similar to the one that was used at the time of the prophet Isaiah select was sitting and this has come to us today by way of a snap.

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So the person who gave this to me

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a lot further, he got it from his shit who got it, who got it from zaytoven thetans are the Allahu tida angle

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because he was the ones at metabo was the one who used to do these accounts and fitted for the profit I need to select yourself. Right so I wanted you to see this today. In the lines I will cover as a cattle fitter tomorrow and sell it because there are some issues that come up with the cattle fitter every year doesn't have to be food. Can it be money can it be so we're going to deal with that tomorrow but in the land heater botica with China

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Okay, excellent. Mashallah. So the brother says how many kilos is this fire. If you fill it up, now I want you to pay it.

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Because there's a very good point. If you fill this up with cotton, how many kilos isn't going to be?

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one kilo?

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Cotton cotton like cotton that you make your clothes on?

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Maybe 10 grams. If you fill it up with lead,

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maybe 678 kilos a lot. This is why the mud is not a measurement of weight. It's a measurement of volume. It's a measurement of value. Now, the scholars have said with good wheat

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and Lj right for good wheat. A mud is approximately

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two kilos and 40 grams.

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Okay, Danny, you could say four and a half pounds. Sorry.

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Lala Assad Assad of wheat. But for a sigh of rice. Okay, it's it's more, it's more like 2.2 and a half kilos. Okay. And um, what is a quarter and what is a quarter of Assad? And what is a quarter of a sock? So again, in terms of volume, it's approximately a sock is approximately 3.2 liters. Volume, because this is approximately point eight liters. Volume. Okay. 990 800 milliliters approximately now.

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Yes, for the for the expiation for one who cannot fast in the month of Ramadan. Yes, his expiation is a half size it has to be given to a needy person. Okay.

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And you can't give more than one to the same person.

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Before it's a canceled fits of which we'll cover tomorrow. No, it's a full sign

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A slip of the tongue occurs at 5 mins 40 secs, “For good wheat, a mudd is approximately two kilos and forty grams.” This was clarified when a question was asked, as the intention was a saa’, not a mudd.

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