Beating Procrastination, Depression, Fear and Anxiety

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The importance of confirming and verifying knowledge and information in their religion is emphasized, along with the need to develop a holistic approach to addressing mental and emotional health. The emotional complexity of the human being is also discussed, including the physical and emotional aspects. The importance of protecting privacy and family members is emphasized, along with seeking help from others and working together to achieve wellbeing and healing. The need to remove myths and distrust negative emotions is emphasized, and individuals are encouraged to take care of themselves.

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Missoula Welcome to level salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who Allah, Allah, he was actually he, he Mehreen Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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I wanted to first and foremost, appreciate everyone who's here at the session. And I wanted to thank everyone for attending this final session. It's a beautiful weekend. And we definitely understand if people wanted to get in some last minute shopping or do something else. But at the end of the day, it's really about the purpose and the MCSA for which you came. What was your objective for coming here and if your objective of coming here was to come closer to Allah, to learn more about the Messenger of Allah, to learn more about your deen and religion and come closer to the example of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then it's very fitting that you would depart from the

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convention having attended the final session, so may Allah subhanaw taala reward you may Allah bless you may Allah accept. So my session here today is about beating procrastination, depression, fear and anxiety. Now, before I address the topic, and I do this with nothing but just Claire for the purposes of clarification, it's important in our deen in our religion to confirm and to verify knowledge and information. There's a hadith that is quoted there in your program booklet talking about the subject of this particular session. And it quotes a narration that says

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that oh people have Taqwa of Allah, have Taqwa of Allah as his worthy of Him, striving, gaining his pleasure, have certainty that the world is temporal, and that the next slide is everlasting. This particular narration as quoted there is actually not an authentic narration. But there are other authentic narrations which are similar in meaning that I wanted to share with you here today. So these are gems from the prophetic wisdom and lessons from the fountain of prophetic wisdom. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, not the Allahu Imran Semia Amina Hadith and for heavy LA who had Diablo who Hey, you know who the prophets a lot he soon says May God bless that

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individual who hears a Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam. And then that person learns it memorizes it learns it. And then they go on and they transmitted on to someone else, they pass it on to someone else. For inner who Aruba harmony via kin, laser beam clean, because sometimes someone who carries the knowledge from point A to point B might not know what it's what he can do with it. They might not know what to exactly do with it. They don't realize its full scope, and its full potential. But you might take it to someone who be who will be able to do a lot more with it. We're up behind me Falcon Illa man who are alpha human who you might take the knowledge to someone

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who can do more good with that knowledge. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he goes on to say, celestial he saw in La Jolla, who La La he Nepal Muslim in Nevada.

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There are three characteristics and qualities that the heart of a believer is never devoid of. There are three qualities that the heart of a believer possesses. Number one,

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is Lasala Amelie Leela to sincerely do everything that you do for the sake of Allah. Ultimately, at the end of the day, that is the bottom line. That is why you do what you do. Number two, when when also how to lighten the mood without your armor, and to constantly give good advice and good counsel to those who have responsibility and authority over you. Meaning we have leadership. We respect leadership, we work with leadership, but we also hold our leadership accountable.

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And we give them advice and we give them counsel and we correct them when we need to correct them.

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Well, you zoom in Gemma GEMA and always remain with the congregation with the group of the Muslims never isolate yourself. Manchester should somebody who isolates themselves shall become isolated. So never isolate yourself for in Dawa to whom to hate Amin whare in him, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that when Muslims collectively get together and pray for something, Allah

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answers that prayer.

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Called a woman Ghana who akhira then the prophets Allah alayhi salam said, Whosoever focuses on working for the life of the hereafter Gemma Allahu Shem level, Allah will gather that person strength. Allah will give that person strength, which Allah Karina who he called me, he and Allah subhanaw taala will make them rich, internally, will grant will grant them the prosperity, the richness of the soul, they will have a strong soul. Well, I tend to Danielle here, well he arrived the MA The dunya material things will come to him humiliated and debased wanting to serve that person, woman ganache Nia to who a dunya. But whoever lives this life, only wanting material things

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of this world. federate Allahu alayhi, the eye to who Allah subhanaw taala will distribute, and Allah subhanaw taala will break up that person strength and that person's resolve, it will dissipate what Jhala *a Hubei Na Na he and Allah will put that person's desperation right in their face, that person will always have a very desperate feeling about them, when I'm yet to him in a dunya Illa makuti Bella who, but someone can only get as much dunya material things as was written and destined for that person, but you cannot achieve more than what Allah subhanaw taala has written for you.

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This is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Now, the topic itself was the idea that do overcoming procrastination, fear, anxiety, depression.

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Now, there are some comments that I wanted to share here.

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Class classical orlimar, classical scholars of Islam, they would divide the existence of the human being into three essential parts, the,

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the intellect, the rule, the soul. And the just said, the body.

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The alcohol, as I mentioned, is the intellect it's the rationale, the rational part of the human being, the rule is the soul where the spirituality lies, and the just that there's of course, a physical component, the animalistic components,

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there are conversations today.

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And I would also posit the theory and support the idea that we need to revisit this analysis of dividing the human existence into three parts. And I would say that we can we can also say today, from what we have learned and what we have realized about the emotional complexity of the human being, that there are four parts to the human beings existence in this dunya, the intellectual, the physical, the spiritual, and then the emotional,

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the emotional, which is referred to as the a wildlife,

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or the hula, it fear of a person. And the heart can be the place where that resides. Especially in recent times, we are learning increasingly about the emotional depth and complexity of the human being.

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And these four components, the, the intellect, the physical, the spiritual, and the emotional, they all work together in unison, to contribute to the well being of the human being to the person. And any time any one of them is out of sync.

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Anytime any one of these four components is out of sync, then it leads to an imbalance that results in suffering, whether it be the body, the mind, the soul or the emotions. Allah subhanaw taala commands us in the Quran, or the hoodoo facil me Kapha 10 enter into submission to God completely, holistically,

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Mind Body, soul and heart. So while I must say that spirituality is the most important part of this equation, why? Because God forbid, God forbid Allah protect us all. But as someone might struggle intellectually, they were not given a proper education.

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Or someone struggles physically, they're ill, they're sick. They have some disability.

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Are someone even struggles emotionally, they're sad or they're depressed or they're struggling with different things.

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They can still achieve salvation. They might struggle here in this world, and our heart goes out to them, we empathize, but they can still achieve eternal salvation in the life of the hereafter through a meaningful relationship with Allah.

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However, to undermine health and proper care, in regards to the other three components in the human being, the intellectual, the emotional, and the physical, will prove extremely damaging to individuals, to families and to communities,

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to individuals, families and communities. If I neglect my health, my physical health, if I do not educate my mind, if I do not take care of my emotions, my heart and I just completely say, No, I just care about spirituality, I won't take care of my health, I won't educate my mind, I won't emotionally take care of myself, I will struggle I will suffer. And Assam does not want us to suffer Manzana alagille, Khurana Lika, ska, we did not send down the Quran upon you to make you suffer. That is not the objective. So we have to develop a very holistic, well rounded approach to dealing with the entirety of our existence. And I will reiterate,

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in this equation, the spiritual component is by and far the most important, there's no doubting that. But that does not mean just because one thing is more important that you neglect the rest. And so what I wanted to mention here today, I wanted to talk about the importance of spirituality. And I'll come back to that in just a second. But what I wanted to advise myself and my community

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is that we take mental and emotional health very, very seriously. consult experts of those fields, and those disciplines, and how to address and remedy such issues in our homes and in our communities. We have to get away from the myth that you can pray your depression away.

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We have to get out of the idea that you can just pray your different emotional struggles and challenges away that you can just pray and it'll all magically go away. We have to get away from that idea. Our families, our communities are suffering greatly. Talk to someone who works in the community who works with people who talks to families. Talk to them, how many families are destroyed.

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How many generations suffer because of untreated mental and emotional health.

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When it's not dealt with properly, when they are not addressed properly. Not only that one person suffers, their family suffers and their children carry that damage forward.

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It's extremely detrimental and harmful. We have to start taking this very seriously. Now to come back to the core of the message that I wanted to share here.

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And that is the idea of the importance of spirituality. I will share a dua of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, a prophetic supplication, the prophets Allah the summon an authentic narration narrated by Omar he used to make this dua every day on a regular basis. Allahumma inni Luca Aafia dunya will akhira Oh Allah I asked for your I asked you for wellbeing for health in this dunya and in the Archaea

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Allahumma inni Celica Alpha. Will our theater fee Dini with dunya Oh Allah I ask you for forgiveness. And I asked you for protection. Well being in my deen and in my dunya what a Hollywood family. I asked you for forgiveness, and well being in my family and in my property in my wealth, Allahu Mistura, our RT O Allah cover my faults my privacy while I'm in row it, and protect the things that I care about.

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Allah my full name in benei min baleia de whelming healthy, Oh Allah, protect me from in front of me and from behind me, while I'm Yemeni you are Unchi money and protect me from the right of me and the left of me, woman phone key and oh Allah protect me from above.

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Have me well, oh, they'll be automatic. And otol I'm into it. And I ask for your protection. I take refuge in Your greatness in your might, that I would be deceived, and be taken advantage of from beneath me.

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This was the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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We have to understand the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would teach his companions salaallah ask Allah for forgiveness will Alfia and wellbeing for dunya will akhira in this dunya and in the hereafter. salaallah Allah Azza Lafayette dunya will ask you know, he again repeated it to emphasize it. And he said for either Arteta, Lafayette dunya will akhira for the aflutter, if you have achieved wellbeing in this dunya and well being in the life of the hereafter, then you have indeed succeeded, you are successful.

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The spirituality is at the core of the matter.

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Commit yourself to having a meaningful, personal, individual relationship with Allah subhanaw taala everyone starts somewhere. Make the intention to start your journey back to Allah today.

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Everyone made the intention before you leave this gathering.

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That I will turn things around say in sha Allah. Everyone made the intention before you leave the gathering today that I will fix my relationship with Allah say in sha Allah, that I will begin to build my relationship with Allah every single day going forward, say in sha Allah.

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That is our ultimate salvation. And while we are doing that, do not neglect the other three areas of your being. Educate yourself. Read the translation of the Quran, read the life of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam have an intelligent approach to your religion. Learn your deen

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take care of your physical self. I need that advice more than anyone I understand the irony in that, but we're all working on it. Like I said, everybody starts somewhere and take care of yourself emotionally.

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Have surround yourself with people that love you. And that care for you. That look out for you. That tech on you that see how you are doing.

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And if you weren't truly struggling emotionally, never shy away from getting help and get help from people who have the ability to help you. counselors, therapists, mental health professionals. Go and talk to them, seek assistance from them, and you will never regret it. May Allah subhanaw taala grant each and every single person here well being May Allah subhanaw taala protect individuals, families and communities. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us as a community to work together to provide wellbeing for all mankind in this world and to lead all of humanity to salvation and the life of the hereafter does not come along

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with Allah