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Close your eyes and imagine this eternal bliss. your every wish at your fingertips and more perched on a throne near a stream so serene and exquisite a scene you've never seen, yet you still dream of more. God is paying God is fear. God is grief gone are tears, idle speech you shall never hear and the prophets make up your social sphere and more.

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The martyrs righteous to the truthful to you are from them and they from you, they held tightly to what they knew was true. And to join them. You did too. There's more maidens chase to restrain their gaze last than a glance for days and days. Fun and frolic as a child plays with a breath that leaves your lips is braids of the one who gave you more. Imagine you and your father with ages the same. Imagine showing off your book with no shame. Imagine nice little Sahaba their stories to entertain. Imagine Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam knowing your name, what could be there more Gardens underneath which rivers flow a gold so far, and yet so close? A journey worth taking for those who

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know tell me do not wish to go for more. For all the bounties and all the grace, all the sights and the smells and the tastes will be forgotten without a trace as a frozen in time and space. When you see his face.

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What an excellent master of a miserable slave. You forgot, and He forgave. He gave you guidance and you still straight. You asked for mercy that he gave and more and more and more