The Marriage That Led To Jannah

Muhammad Alshareef


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AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the risk of a marriage being shut down by fear and how it can lead to problems. They encourage people to protect their marriage from this happening and to take action to fix and remove termite damage from floors. The speaker also mentions a program called marriage that is open for registration and encourages people to register before the deadline.
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Let me ask you a question. What scares you most about your marriage? There's always a deep fear. I'm sure all of us have experienced it can even be fleeting at times, but it comes and goes, does my spouse still love me? Do I still love my spouse? Are things still the same? It's scary because a marriage, as we all know, takes two committed people. And people do transition and change at times and our hearts change. Even the best marriages run the risk of deteriorating to loving and devoted people can grow apart, and people don't often notice it until the damage is done. Wouldn't it make you happy to protect your marriage from something like that? Wouldn't it melt that worry away if you

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work together and you and your spouse came to close any gaps and come closer together? Are you still with me? Mohammed Al Sharif, founder of discover you has put together an awesome team to help transform your marriage from Okay, good, safe to outstanding I'm honored to present to you this online program called the marriage that led to gender this program is now open for registration. But for a short period of time, all eight modules are available to you forever. If you're able to register before the deadline. I want it to be something that you feel it in your heart that this is the right decision for you. This is something that isn't just for those who are on the brink of

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disaster. And may Allah forgive us for using the word divorce and being in that place. But I ask you in sha Allah to preempt, to come forward before the cracks begin to show so that you can soldier them, fix them, remove the termites from the floorboards and make sure that that foundation remains intact. I know that this is something that you want to carry forward for your life for your children's life and for your future and a life and a marriage that will lead us all to gender