Islam – Good Omens Yes – Bad Omens No

Ammar Alshukry


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The speaker discusses the restriction of building buildings without the 13th floor, which is common in Islam. The province level license says that it doesn't exist, but Islam allows good omens. The speaker believes that Islam's stance on omens is an extension of good expectations from Allah Subhana.

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You know, in Islam,

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we're not allowed to believe in bad omens Black Cat ladders, I'm sure you've seen lots of buildings that don't have the 13th floor. airplanes that don't have the 13th row like these things exist until today. And the province level license says that doesn't exist, but he liked alpha.

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What is alpha L? He said a good word. The province Allah like to send them like good omens and he did not allow a bad omens. So why do we in Islam allow good omens but we don't allow bad omens if an ibis the cousin of the province level lightest and um he explains it and he says, because a good omen comes from good expectation from Allah.

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Do you believe that Allah would write for you the worst? Like Allah who we know Rahman Rahim Allah produce a Salam. Like it's an extension. A good expectation. Optimism is an extension of good expectation from Allah Subhana Allah