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Welcome to another episode of the 99 names I am your host Bilal Han. And we have here with us mata shoukry acetamide. a comb Allah Casa de la habana Gatto? How are you doing? Good. How are you? doing? Good, we're almost done for this recording session. And oh, by the way, well that No, we'll go, we'll get to that rater. Now we are going to go over the name of a law. So get a roof, a roof, r A apostrophe, o f, if that's how you want to spell it. I was gonna say I will start with a L and then R, O u f, no.

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Roof usual the roof.

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Rah, rah, rah. There we go. You put the apostrophe not just for our i o. f. Okay. So our roof, the Merciful, the Merciful and different from Allah. Or him, or her man? Or hemara manual or follow for

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us, was it but you have how many different versions? Yeah, so I mean, there's so many when it comes to forgiving. So you have losses, Rahim? Well, Rahman or Haman are all about mercy. Okay. I'll have a food on the far left here. That's about forgiveness. Okay. Right. Oh, the action versus the being? Yes. Okay. Okay. So Allah is it is a man merciful or he merciful or oath. merciful? question, what's the difference? Okay. So, I kind of understand the difference between general Haim or find somebody who

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is, is merciful. And never Heymans who's always supplying the mercy. Okay. Right. So one has a supply and the other one is the inventory. Okay, nice.

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Nice, not just once but always versus the capacity. Okay, right. So what's wrong?

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Okay, so our roof has a different aspect to it. It's considered the height of Rama, okay. The height of Rama edit includes this notion of angst or shefa like worry.

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I don't understand. Okay. So

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there's this aspect of of of

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I don't want to say fear but just anxiousness. Don't do it. Don't fall into it. What does have to do with a law? Okay, I'll get to it. But we're, we need to know what first what's the law? Because the law for something that people have also okay. I was just thinking, yeah, let's just before we think about law, this law as it exists in human beings, okay. Rough as it exists in human beings is, you know, that feel risk averse, being risk averse, feeling fidgety, not wanting, you know, it's your it's your mother. She's merciful for you. So she she doesn't want you to take that job where it's the night shift because she's afraid that you're gonna get like tired or she doesn't want you to

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take this. I get tired and gets called Carson. Yeah, you know, this false is mercy. Yeah, right. But at the same time, there's fear. And there's worry that's involved Decker, the highest level of where you don't want that person to suffer any harm.

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Okay, that's an offer. And so a lot of it says about the Prophet so I sent him He says, but Meena or offer, Rahim, the province of the light is Allah is to the believers. He is a little orphan. He is Allah him, he's merciful, okay. But at the same time, he's a little older, he's worried he's anxious, he wants to protect us from all harm. So when it comes to this concept, is a lot. Not only is it that he has a capacity for mercy, and regardless of when and where he's always giving us a mercy to fall into this in in the first place. Right. Okay, what is a preventative concept? Okay. And the rahima is a cure.

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Refer roof is the prevention and drama is the cure. And that's why it

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can be merciful even though it involves pain. So how does how do you reconcile this concept where if Allah doesn't want you to fall in the descend into sin in the first place, then why would you replace one who doesn't? Who is someone who doesn't ask for forgiveness? Say that one more time? Okay. So how do you reconcile between the concept of the fact that okay, if Allah doesn't want you to fall into sin in the first place, now granted as humanity, we're imperfect, we will, I mean, that's our very nature. But if one did not send them, Allah would replace them with someone who did.

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Okay, so if Allah azza wa jal does not desire for us to sin, then why did he? Why did the prophets have a lighthouse? And I'm saying that if Allah azza wa jal were to

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replace you, if you didn't send a lot to get to replace you. Yeah, well, you answer your own question. Think about it.

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That's why I'm asking I'm trying to reconcile between this concept here. The fact that if you're saying it

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If we're going with the understanding well you have two aspects you look at it one is forgiveness. Yeah. A lot as a good loves to forgive. Yeah. Now does every person who is our people better off at times because they said sometimes Yeah, I suppose okay, because it gives them humility. Okay, great. And what would happen if we never sinned? Because you could ask that question and you couldn't say it a lot. I didn't ever want it for us to sin. Why did he create us in the first place? Yeah, that could lead into that question too. Yeah, okay, but the creator so we could worship him there you go. And then you come into this other concept which is the greater concept because these I don't have

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any we don't have the time to discuss this even with regards to this session. We were hoping that we would actually have a session for ones that was under 10 minutes

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what these questions just end up leading to you know, take you down a rabbit hole okay. And at the end of the day a lot

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a lot as well is not asked about what he does. But here you have the concept of and we're going to get to it doesn't necessarily mean that Allah azzawajal never wills for people to commit sins obviously Allah has a good wills for people to commit sins, but you recognizing that this is not something that allows you have lust for you and it is better for you it's always better for a person to not send it's always better Allah has created us and he's warned us and then after we send a lot of his Rahim he's merciful okay and mercy is what you need after the sin Okay, mercy is what you need after the sin I want to give a particular example that will make this issue of Rockford clear a

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lot as we get says with regards to the punishment for the people who commit Zina a lot as he says without holding

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him out first and feeding ILA and continue to rely heavily on Allah. Allah as he says and do not let that stop you from executing the had the punishment Okay. Do not let a lot first stop you Well, why would Russia stop you?

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Why would Russia stop you? Because you're anxious you don't want them to you don't want to you know it's not like murder where people are like you know, get rid of this guy he's a cry Rosina is usually something consensual people kind of can

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empathize with it. Okay. Right. It's not like every you don't think you know, a person go their whole lives. And no, you know, most people have never really contemplated killing a person. Right? Right. But can people empathize with the feeling of being in love? Yeah, wanting to be with that person wanting to be intimate with that person? Absolutely. Right. So long as it says and do not let Russia stop you from

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fulfilling, fulfilling justice now. Exactly.

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What about Rama here? This is an ex Allah saying don't have Rafa on them. But does that mean don't have Rama on them? Okay. No, it does mean have Rama on them. And in fact, implementing the head is an execution of Rama. Okay, so they don't get, they don't have to pay for it in the hereafter. Exactly. Sometimes a person's lutfur which is their worry and their acts and they're not wanting for you to suffer any pain is a lack of mercy. Okay? Because you can the father who disciplines his child,

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meaning puts them on timeout, meaning, you know, is very stern with them. Or the Oh, he's no method. No, no, no, no, no, I was gonna say make him do a squat. You know, just hold it there. Yeah, put their put their nose. I had a teacher who used to. He used to draw a circle on the blackboard and you make me stand there with my nose.

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In the circle. It was really embarrassing stuff. But at the time, or the person who's Stern, right? I mean that they don't have mercy on you. But some of them don't. Okay, but let's not focus on that. Okay. The people who don't see your parents, but yeah, maybe the parents because they don't they don't want you to do they don't want you to turn out to be bad. Okay, great. Now if a person has too much love for all the time but fought fought fought often, then they don't want you to suffer the slightest pain, even though that that pain may be what's gonna cause you to grow and protect you in the future. Oh, so parents being over protective being over protective yes. Okay to the point where

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it actually becomes corruptive. Okay, okay. So here

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having a silver spoon essentially there is there are sometimes your

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fear over people is what causes them to actually be harmed even more okay on the line, so long as he says don't let that feeling of Rafah when it comes now to establishing justice, do not let that dissuade you or do not let that become an impediment with regards to the religion of laws again, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day, so Rafa, like I said is the highest level of mercy and that's why the prophet SAW I said, it is described by that. So what is the point here? What can be takeaway one is, again, recognizing that a lot out there, there's a lot of a lot as it does not want us to make these mistakes a lot as Jen has sent us guidance a lot as a yell has sent us this another

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profits symbol light if so then all of that we can be guided a lot of debt has made himself available and accessible and all of that just so that we are protected as much as we can but then after a person falls into sin, what's their relationship with Eliza yet? That's where the merciful Eliza did is forgiving a lot as he loves to forgive. Yeah, and

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whoever seeks a lot as he says mercy inshallah to Allah will find it okay. So let us know how Medina seem to feel