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Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 21st episode he talks about the name of Allah – Alqayyoum

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to a discussion on the 99 names of a law we have here with us on model shoukry. And yours truly

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hamdallah suasana also in LA So right now, we're going over the word, la you. And I really appreciate the conversations that we're having. And I hope that people who are watching these videos also comment and because the more be like me and share your tamson idea, the more all of this comes the you know, we're in the preparation stage right now for this class. So we're still probably t minus six months away, maybe maybe a month. So as of this recording, this recording is being done on September September 2018. So I don't think six months away, maybe before but in the meantime, whenever this is 2017, look out, yeah, whenever it's coming to a city near you, whenever this is

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published in Charlotte data, we'll definitely be looking at your comments and tangents and reflections and stories, as well, with regards to these names, and, you know, it'll just add, oh, I just had an idea a little off topic. I think one of the contributions of the class is how to use the names of align the attributes of a lot in a context of dialogue.

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Okay, explain. So, simple example is how often because one of the things that's that, that really makes Islam unique, in relation to all the other faiths and religions of the world, is the fact that no other faith or religion has described a lot in such detail. Of course, yeah, exactly. And so the question that comes up, is how do you leverage that, and communicate to people like that, personally, people have liked it. To my own surprise, people have been,

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I don't say dumbfounded. But just, people don't know a lot. They don't know a lot. But even like Muslims and non Muslims, nobody's given you just give them a basic interpreted meaning of the translation of, of item cracy. And and Fatiha and as loss. Yeah. And they're like, they're just like, blown away. Yeah. Yeah, I agree. I mean, so the first thing is you learn these names, and you internalize it yourself. And then you make sure that you communicate to people who Alonzo jealous, and I agree, 100%. So the name that we're going over? I don't know if we mentioned it already. We did. Okay. And so LTU is mentioned a number of places in the world. One of them is in adequacy, just

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like we mentioned in the last video without hype, and also added Emraan. Now the difference between that high end delcom, as we mentioned, that high was mentioned in the five places, right, I'll pay you and that hey, even though it's paired with, it'll tell you, it's also mentioned separately at Hey, however Liu is always paired with and he always, always Okay, and so we have here, either kursi and we also have here, so as mentioned in less than five places. Yes. Okay. So we have here it could see and we also have here, the second verse of iron block. And we also have in Seoul of Baja, verse 111, why Anything will do it for you? Because hava muhammara volmer. And so here we have these three

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verses in which I use is mentioned LTU in that particular way. Okay, that name, okay. And then you also have

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verses in which

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this comma is being mentioned one of the in one of the past videos, we talked about adorning oneself with the attributes of Allah. Yeah, try adorning yourself with that. Okay, you

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Mona Lisa, okay, right. So the men are the maintainers Okay, protectors of women. Now, what does that mean? Okay, you mean?

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The one that they assume is the one who maintains and looks after and nourishes and provides for and all of these aspects analyzer does that for all of mankind. Okay. So of the meanings of La yom. yom is the one who maintains his creation. He's the one who

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records their statements in their actions. He's the one who knows their circumstances. He's the one who knows their good deeds in their sins. Ally's agenda is the one who rewards them for all of these things. And so again, it's this notion of just encompassing the creation of laws, you're the one who looks after the creation, and is there with the creation and also of the meanings of LTU is the one who, although he's maintaining everyone else, he does not need anyone to maintain So basically, he is the one who maintains the question then I have for you is that hey, you know, you might do you think they're paired together so much? Because he's the one that maintains life.

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Right? And he himself is, his self is like, he himself is at height, right? Yeah. He in and of himself is at height, and he maintains the life of everyone else. Right. So he is at high end of himself and at the same time, everyone else

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Hey, it depends on him. Okay. He's the one who maintains everyone else. He's the one who looks after everyone else. So he's the one who raises everyone else.

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Okay, yeah.

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So he's the one who looks after all of this. So is there a relationship or a diff? Is there a difference between

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you? and Rob? Rob? Pay UWM is an aspect of it depends on how you look at it. But Rob is defined Lord, Master sustainer provider, all that right. And even one vote, if you look at it in this and a lot of you'll find that he says, I'll pay him as one of the aspects of that define the word ROP. Okay, I'll pay him is the one who maintains and so from that end, it is a description, or it is included in the term up. Okay. But on the other end, you could flip it around and say, Rob is an aspect of him being a legume. Because some scholars, they looked and they said, I'll hate and they'll pay you this combination is every other attribute goes back to him either being at hate or

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being a legume. So when you look at his attributes that talk about his own perfection, yeah, it all emanates from him being at height, okay? Like, hey, is representative of all of his attributes of perfection, okay, and then I'll play you goes back to all of his attributes of taking care of and looking after his creation, like a reserved, like a movement, right? So it's like you have a lot. And then you have Halo a you. And then from that everything comes? And some said, At higher volume is up here. And it is it's multi level. Really? Yes. above a lot. And hailstone is the greatest name of a lot interested that combination. Okay. So that's pretty interesting plot. Yeah, that

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combination of those two names is that he'll tell you, it's also because they looked at the evidence is, you know, advocacy has the greatest name of a law, the Greatest Name of Eliza is at the beginning of sort of Milan. And so they looked at it the origin sort of thought so they looked in there like, Well, what do we see? We find that how you lay you in there too, just like we see a lot. And so that's a debate for maybe another video, what is the greatest name of a

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novel is

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an album, The Greatest Name of a lot?

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Good pop quiz question. What is the greatest name of a lot? Yes, it's not a you could always argue that whatever answer you give,

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I mean, as long as you get one of these popular answers, yeah, well, there are some there are some that for example,

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that there is no Greatest Name of Allah. Really? Yes, but okay, that it's more like arwen really means it's malai loudly like this whole concept of there being reached number or lesson scholars held that it didn't that there is no actual Greatest Name of Allah. Okay, so are we getting into calculations No, no, no, we're just getting into a quick juicy tangent because we need to fill time on this video and I'm just kidding.

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All right, so let's uh, let's wrap this up actually though, is that we said that this name some of the scholars they held that all of the names and attributes of allies would have come from this Yeah, and an action item the province that ally they sent them in so none of

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the books of a sunon even Mr. adalah the law and how it was received the sooner you have sooner maybe that would have any say you have a minimizer and a Timothy right that's the sooner so then you have a Muslim are not included in that no they're not in the sooner when you read in books that the sooner because their books are not soon you'll find them saying no, so here are saying hey, what does that mean? I don't know. The sooner are the actual books of Hadith Okay, shouldn't that be that would okay or as soon as a Buddha would write soon and even imager soon so it's the titles but they just became known as title as soon understood and that's an investment Exactly. So these are the

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four books are called The sooner Okay. And then you have

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Buhari and Muslim

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that are generally considered to be slay head behind Slayer Muslim, okay. And of course they restricted their books to being so he only saw he only but not everybody did that. Okay, so hold on so there's even measure there may be a Buddha who the fourth one and he say and they say okay, so when you find a hadith like this hadith here, it was mentioned the author mentioned, it's mentioned in the books of sunon. Okay, so for you to know what it's for. Yes. Okay. And then you have Buhari and Muslim, which are specifically exclusively souhei. Okay. And then you have automatic motto, which is the golden chain.

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Well, the golden chain is in other books as well. And there are lots of golden chains depending on who you ask. But the one that you're talking about B is basically because these days is mainly

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because he's studying Spain, Muslim Spain and their mind

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Nikki so Bella is now all about the Moto v Matic and all of that yeah have been Yeah. Lacey was one of the people who actually learned from Mr. Malik and his teachings is what resulted in Spain becoming influenced by the motherhood mountmellick and as a result the identity of the Muslims of Spain became that of being Maliki to differentiate themselves from the Muslims under abbesses rule who are majority Hanafi great so FYI fronted before y'all Okay good. So, so this howdy that's in as soon as the prophets of Allah de send them as is narrated by evening Mr. Rude that the prophets of the Lyceum said malerkotla staford on my holiday de la isla. Hello, hello uma to Buddha, he will

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rewire terrassa morato Farah who encana for lemon Isaiah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says and this is incredibly powerful, he said that whoever says

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I suffer a lot I seek Allah's forgiveness, the one who there is nothing worthy of worship except him to relay and I repent to him

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three times, but how do you write three times that person will be forgiven? Even if they fleet even if they fled from battle? and William Azhar what was the full statement? Whoever says a little la la de la ilaha illa Who are you? Okay The one whom there is nothing worthy of worship Allah Okay, except for him at Hale Khayyam ever living the one who maintains everyone and I repent to him. And in one narration seeing you that three times the statement, they will be forgiven, even if they fled from so the meeting of the two armies so for a while.

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I stopped for Allah Allah de la la la, la, la la la de la ilaha illa, who

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three times gotcha. Right. And Toyama is deaf is considered one of the mortal sins as the province of the Lyceum described it and that shows you the level of forgiveness that is achieved or achievable by making this stuff a little longer. Or is it just a stone's throw a lot of stuff a little blah, it's all for Allah. Allahu Allah, levy Levy, levy

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a levy

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in the hood

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I will pay you

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stuff, Allah, Allah de la Ilaha in who and how you very good. And so we end here inshallah Tada. That's an action item to learn the supplication and we ask Allah to make us of those who when we hear speech, we follow the best of it. Or someone who is in a coma. Do it also have a cynicism