Concealing The Faults of The Believers

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When Rudy bIllahi min shallowly and fusina Amin say Dr. Medina Mejia de la who for La la la, la la de la y shadow Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola Sharika why shadow Ana Mohammed Abu Hora solo? Or Sophia whom in Korea Heidi rubella varicella a man on us Hello masala Coumadin Mahajan, very lightly ruhakana Hurry ha

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So also abuse Allahu La, about Allah Allah Allah azza wa jal vikita He will carry him by the rules of bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Yeah, you have leadin tabula haka to

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demon or Kyla to Allah you a nurse to Taco Bell Kamala the Halacha Kumi nursing Wahida Wirkkala caminhadas Oh Jaha mean humare gel and Kafeel on when he Sir What's up? Hola. Hola. The DISA Aluna b He went on hum in Allah Ghana La Cumbre teba Oka Allah Allah you have to talk Allah wa Pulu Poland said EDA usually hola como la

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where my otter hola hola Sula, who forgot the first Jose and I'll Lima and my bad.

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All praises due to Allah we seek His guidance and his forgiveness and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the whispering of our desires, whom Allah guides no one can misguide. And whom he allows to be misled. No one can guide and I very witnesses there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone, having no partners and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his slave and His messenger and his perfect worship.

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Allah says in the Quran, oh you believe fear Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of Islam. And Allah says, Oh mankind's, Fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produce from that so it's made and made from their combination many men and women, so Fear your Lord whom you ask each other by end by the ties of kinship, verily, Allah is Ever Watchful over you. Allah Allah says, Oh, you believe your Allah and say that which is correct, he will correct for you your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, then they are indeed victorious. To proceed.

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There was a companion named Matt is an SME,

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made a severe mistake and committed a major sin.

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He had committed Zina when he had

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previously been married my son

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and so after a while, he has conscious at him and he went to Abu Bakr declared the Elijah

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and he told him what he had done.

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And so the response of Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anhu, was, Did you tell anyone else about this? And he said, No.

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And so he said, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Go back, repent to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and conceal your sin.

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Maya is then after a while, went to omit him the habit of the Alana.

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And Omar's response to mais was similar to obey works.

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And then he went to a friend of his after, whose name was Hassan.

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And he told him no,

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you have to go to Rasulullah sallallahu to set it up. And you have to tell him about what you did.

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And so he went to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as was his norm, when people would come and confess things. The prophets of Allah do said Allah would seek out ways to distance him from the act. Are

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you sure what you're talking about?

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Are you drunk?

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Are you insane? Is this man insane? He's looking for excuses for this man.

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Have you been married before?

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And he said, Yes. And so after this man had continued to testify against himself and remove any sort of impediment that he would have from the judgments of Allah subhanaw taala being upon him, the Prophet salallahu Salam commanded for him to be stoned.

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And then he told his dad, this man who had inspired my eyes to come, he said, low self to be phobic, the kind of hatred and luck. He said, If you had covered him up with your garment, it would have been better for you.

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I will buckle up the law and who had told this man stay away. You committed a sin between yourself and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah don't consider don't expose yourself, conceal yourself with the garment of Allah. And so today I wanted to talk about this concept of concealing your faults, concealing the faults of the believer. And so there are two parts to this. There is concealing your faults, and concealing the faults of someone else. And the Prophet sallallahu send them one says when it comes to your own faults

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The province of Elijah Selim he says Kulu Motema Alpha il mucha Haroon he says that all of my Omar forgiven, every one of us will be forgiven, except on Mujahid road, the companion said, Who are the Mujahid on a messenger of Allah, He said, those who committed a sin at night.

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And Allah conceals their sense.

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And then they go out in the morning and they say, oh, so and so I did such and such, they uncover the cover of Allah. These are people who no one would have known what they did. Privately in their house, no one would have known what they did when they were with their friends on a particular day, no one would have known what they did privately yet, they go out publicly, and they expose their own selves, they tell others of what they did. Oh, so and so I did such and such last night. In our day and time it's by tweeting it in our day and times, it's by snapping it in our day and times, it's by putting it on your for you page. It is by putting it on other people's for you page it is exposing

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the cover of ALLAH SubhanA data. And the provinces everyone is forgiven, except for those who expose themselves. And so the first step is that when I conceal myself, when I commit a sin, that I can seal that sin. Now a question then becomes this is how shaytaan comes to people shaytaan comes to people and says, If you conceal your sins, then you're gonna fail. You don't want to be someone who's two faced, you're trying to be all righteous in public, but you're privately you commit all of this, and you commit all of this. And so for you to have integrity, that means that you must expose your own sin so that everybody knows what you do in public and everybody knows what you do in

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But concealing sins, is not hypocrisy. Concealing sins is Iman.

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Concealing sins is not hypocrisy, concealing sins is Iman, because the prophets, Allah, Allah, Allah has sent them told us to conceal our sins. And when a person exposes their sets, a lot of people don't pay attention to this. When you expose your says, you become an agent in normalizing and fascia which will come.

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When you expose your sins, you become another person who's making it more familiar to everybody.

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You become another person who is introducing people to things that they might not otherwise be introduced to.

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You become somebody who other people can point to a look and say, this person does it, and this person does it, and this person does it. So why don't I do it.

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And so number one, is concealing your sins. And one of the benefits of concealing your sins is that it allows you to grow out of those sins without them ever becoming part of your identity. I had a friend once who told me he said, Hamdulillah, I gave up smoking, finally gave up smoking. I've been struggling with it. And I finally gave him up. And I said to him, when did you start? I was shocked. Because this friend of mine, we were teenagers together, we spent teenage summers together, we spent, we traveled together we did. We were in cars for hours together. And I never knew this person smoked.

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But the reason why I didn't know is number one, I wasn't looking for it. But number two, because he himself made it a point that he hid this aspect of him, even from someone we were very close.

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He hid it. And what that allowed him to do is that it allowed him to resolve it in his own time resolve it in his own pace. He never identified as a smoker, it never became part of who he was, he was allowed to struggle with it and suffocate with it privately until Allah subhanaw taala protected him from it eventually. And that is a gift that we give ourselves when we don't expose our own sins and our own vices. You allow for yourself to grow out of it naturally. Number two,

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is exposing the sins of others, exposing the sins of others the Prophet sallallahu send him says yeah, I'm not sure I'm and I'm gonna be the Sani

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Oh, you who believe with your tongue, and Iman still did not enter into their hearts.

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Do not seek to follow the outline of the Muslims. Don't try to seek out the mistakes of the Muslims don't try to expose the private matters of the Muslims because whoever seeks to expose the private matters of the Muslims, Allah subhanho wa Taala will seek out their faults.

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And whoever Allah Subhana Allah that intends to seek out their faults, Allah will expose them even if they are in their private domain

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for a person to go and Allah Subhana Allah says what I say just says what I have to Bhagwan Baba Allah subhanaw taala says don't spy on one another. A person goes in there and they're trying to find dirt on somebody. Right? They're trying to expose someone they're trying to find something wrong

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The prophets of Allah Allah has sent him says, Don't seek out the faults of the believers

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have to live near miss Ruth one time. He was told of a man who they said this man, alcohol is dripping from his beard in his house.

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And Abdullah was rude says

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in Hina. And if the Justice says we have been prohibited from spying, and whatever comes to us, that's apparent, then we deal with it. Then he's saying if a person does something privately in their house, we've been prohibited from spying.

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I don't care what a person is doing privately in their house, I have not been obligated to go and chase down and knock on doors and go into try to seek to uncover people that's incredibly damaging to a society Allah subhanho data says and don't spy on one another. And there's an even more to me profound statement by mowing the lawn. And this statement is a Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu sent them that my little Dylon who reports and he says

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that Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said to my Alya in nicotinic Tabata, our rottenness. I've said to him Okita and to see the

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report about a Buddha. He said if you seek to follow the mistakes of people have said to whom you corrupt them, okay tentative see the home or you might corrupt them. And so I would that that he responded to the statement and he said, Kelly Mattoon Samia Hama Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam na Allahu Allah via that this is a statement that the Prophet SAW Allah they are sending them spoke and while we are heard and more how we have benefited from it. Why because more Ali became the believer. And so this idea that if you seek out the faults of people, you will corrupt them, let me give you an example.

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You have a parent who's always digging in through their their kids stuff.

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They're always going in through their drawers, they're always looking for anything.

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They are opening up their notebooks. They're trying to read what they write, they're opening up their journals. So I want to give you an example, imagine you have a father, who's reading the diary of his daughter.

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He's reading and she's 13 years old, 14 years old. And he's going through her journal.

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And he finds that she wrote a,

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a boy's name and heart arrow, all that type of stuff.

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It explodes. Whole family has a

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tribunal for this girl. And all of a sudden, she went from a a simple crush that might have passed to now everybody accusing her of dating and accusing her of this and accusing her of that and accusing her and it can grow and grow and grow and grow.

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And now that she has been exposed for something that she didn't even do, especially if the accusations are greater than just have that have a crush.

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How do people respond to things like that?

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If I'm going to do the crime, or if I'm going to do the time, I might as well do the crime.

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They're already accusing me of this anyway. They're already saying that um, this anyway, how many a young person do you hear them saying, my family already thinks that I'm this and this and this and this.

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And so my is saying that will sue la sala like this, and I'm saying that if you seek out the faults of people, you don't allow them like my friend who was smoking cigarettes and eventually grew out of it, but if everybody had exposed him and if everybody had known that this is his habit, and this is what he does, and all of that just becomes a lot more difficult for you to resolve it.

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It becomes a lot more difficult. And so the province of allied ism says do not seek out the faults of the believers. Do not seek out the faults of the believers. And the prophets of Allah they seldom says In another Hadith, he says in a myriad of Tillery butter financee I've said the home that when a ruler seeks to make doubt amongst the people or find out against the people, he corrupts them, he corrupts them. And so number one, not seeking to expose your own faults and number two, not seeking to expose the faults of others upon the massive metal mostaccioli We're looking for stuff thrown all over right.

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hamdulillah salam ala Rasulillah. A common question that comes with this then is, but what about so and so? What about an abuser? What about someone who is harming people? The scholars of course they made exceptions. The default is is that people's faults are to be protected. people's faults are to be concealed. Allah subhanho data are the prophets of Allah they send them segments Cetara Muslim and Cetara Hula, hula dunya, Alaska, that whoever conceals the faults of a believer Allah will conceal their faults in the dunya mafia, they will conceal their faults, especially if a person

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and has repented. One brother was complaining to me. He said, can you imagine a friend comes to me to my house. And he tells my kids back in the day your father used to do this and used to do this and used to do this talking about things we used to do 20 years ago or 30 years ago, exposing me to my children, what kind of friend is this? I wanted to kick them out of the house.

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Can you imagine, especially when people have moved on in their lives that you then go and you bring back what they did 10 years ago, or 15 years ago, 20 years ago that you expose it, it's even more horrible. But the the question that the scholars answered is, who are the people and so Imam and Noah he mentioned, six categories in which it is not backbiting. It's not backbiting for you to mention something about a person. So he says, number one,

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is if there's the volume, if there is oppression, so a person has wronged you, and then you're taking them to court, then you're taking them to the community, even you're taking them to your you're taking action against this person, that's not a that's not, that is not exposing the sins of a believer. Number two, seeking assistance in changing amonkar. So there is a community vise or there's a number of actors who are doing harm to a community and it's not necessarily happening to me. But it is a wrong that is happening. And so then I'm going to change that move that if a person really believes that this is something that is required for them to change a monkey, then it becomes

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acceptable as well. Number three is seeking fatwa. I'm coming to the chef and I'm I have to I have to mention, for example, something that my father is doing, I have to mention something that my brother is doing, I have to mention something that my my wife is doing Hyndman to Earth, but she came to Rasulullah sallallahu de Sena and she said Abu Sufian is a stingy man, her husband that will Soufiane is say it's Quraysh at that time, and she said I was Sophia and as a stingy man is it allowed for me to take money from him without him knowing? She's his wife. He doesn't give her he wouldn't like for that to be mentioned in the presence of Rasulullah sallallahu. This ended up and

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yet, the province of allied ism says to her Yes, but you can take with you know what's reasonable. But the scholar still mentioned, if you can not mention names, even in seeking fatwa, that's better. But if a person must insert conflict, well, then that's allowed. Number four is warning Muslims of the harm of someone. And that's permissible by the consensus of the Muslims and it could be even be obligatory, you have someone who's taking advantage of someone who's Miss Miss handling money, someone who's stealing money, someone who is committing fraud, whatever it is, that person is someone who should be exposed. Number five, the facet who's known for their vices Imam Muhammad

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says, there's no helmet for a facet, you have someone who's publicly exposing themselves, everything that we're talking about is a person who is otherwise dignified, and they have a vise and they're trying to resolve it. That's what we're talking about concealing the faults of people, you have a person who's struggling with something and they're trying to, you know, they're trying to resolve it, but someone who's publicly open about their sins, then there's no there's no sanctity for this person, this person who's who's celebrating their sins, talking about them is not exposing their sins, they're exposing that plenty already. And the last they mentioned is to identify someone.

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There are many scholars names are names that don't really they're not really beautiful names, like an ATM machine, the one would blurry eyed or loud, or if you describe somebody and you say, you know, so and so. And they're like, which, which I meant, there's like 10 minutes and you're like, and then you fill in the blank with something that isn't really,

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you know, something that they would like, but it's an identifier, then they said, that's okay as long as that person is okay with it, but if they're not okay with it, some people have names that are a little bit challenging, a little bit difficult. But if they're not okay with it, then it becomes harder and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada knows best. These are just some guidelines with regards to concealing faults in in a time and place when everybody seems to be exposing either their faults or the faults of others, we ask ALLAH SubhanA data to make us of those whose faults are concealed in the dunya and Athleta. And who are those who are gathered with the prophets and the martyrs and the

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righteous and the truthful, excellent companions are those that Allah subhanaw taala be of those when we experience a network with ALLAH SubhanA data when he brings us close to him and he mentions our sins to us? That Allah Subhana Allah data make us of those who had said to them, I concealed your sins in the dunya and I am forgiving you for them now. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah allow us to hear the speech and follow the best of it Allah whom in and as Erica general Maccabi they haven't caught environment when the rules are becoming a narrow Makabe hum encoding Mammon. Allahu mattina fusina taqwa, Jackie Hunter Hillman Sokka Antonio hom Allah, Allah who must have to do novena Allah

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who Mr. Zulu been our iba and IR camera when we go to the lobby or come home I come out of band so the era Allahumma Maccabee I didn't know Mr. La phenom and kubina frequently makan Alohomora Maccabiah dynorphin hint of his scene or Philistine was a little bit either muslimin Allah Houma trim Jaya home what her Mota how much prima donna homea or hamara Hamid Subhan Allah because Ms. Rahman and I'm sitting or hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu

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