Abdullah Oduro – The Comprehensive Call (Part 4)

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a comprehensive speech given by the Prophet sallama to encourage people to be strong and to be strong against evil. The speech includes a quote from a book called "immilify the world" and a comment from a woman named "they're not saying anything about it". The speaker also mentions a woman named "they're not saying anything about it" and a woman named "they're not saying anything about it" in a conversation between two speakers.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Moroni the law he

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said Amara camara to live with Academy the Peace and blessings of Allah smart Allah be upon you all. Now the Prophet sallallahu wasallam gets a more general into our gets a little more general and as we know the Prophet sallallahu wasallam within his da is so comprehensive sometimes he gets specific and then gets general after that and sometimes the opposite for hidden gems that we inshallah may discover in the near future. But here the Prophet sallallahu wasallam after mentioning, you know, mercenary, bad and shirker, being British Uist and doing excellence in his worship, he goes on to say, Well, look, no matter what,

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every matter, still felucca the metallic indika into alignment. So here he says, Well, look, no matter where I will be coming shortly matter. So firstly, he says, I asked you for the good of what you know, and I seek seek refuge in You from the evil and that which you know. So firstly, this is a general thing because everything that he asks from before all of it is good. So if any, anything is left is just to be general general. And this is some kind of law what is called Joanne Mary kelim. Or it's called a woman as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said to eyeshadow, the Levant, that is in a hadith and narrated by a fitter Gabby and his keytab keytab. He said, Yeah, Isha la ke B komen o la que Bella Joanne mer, oh, Asia, upon you just take to importance, the comprehensive speech to have speech that is very, very comprehensive, a small amount of words, but it has an extensive of a huge meaning. That could be volumes in books as this do I that we're covering, it is from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and everything that he says is comprehensive as a province of the line. It was an upset in the OT to be Joe me and Kelly, that barely I have been given the comprehensive speech. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in a

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beautiful verse, that is in a small little story that side had been up below cost reading Allahu anhu. He said to one of his sons when he walked in upon him he saw that his son was making Mashallah but it's due I was Oh Allah I asked you for Jenna I asked you for heaven. And all of its good, what was stupid aka and you know, the goodness of it from the lakes of honey and the bracelets of gold, etc. And then he said, Now we will become in a naughty

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of Lala house Allah, Allah I seek refuge in You, from the Hellfire from the iron collars and from the chains that will be pulling the inhabitants of the fire. And so I am going to be your cause. He said, Oh, my son of God said to unladen kiss here. Where was that time in children can hear. He said, Oh my son, you sought refuge. You asked for all of a lot of good and you sought refuge from a lot of bad and evil. And then you recited the verse of the last panel with Donna, which is in the chapter out off chapter number seven verse number 55, Odell Beckham, Subhadra and Hosea in the hula, you have bullmore taking call on your Lord, with humility, and in secrecy. Verily, He does not love

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the ones that transgress and then he said, has to be had the goal he said, It is enough for you to say, Oh Allah in the Luca Lille in Alabama in the local generator, or malerkotla, la Herrmann Colin wireman. were becoming a Natty malerkotla la him in Poland woman. He said, just say this, Oh Allah, I asked you for heaven, and whatever comes close to it from statements and actions. And I seek refuge in You from the Hellfire and whatever comes close to that, and statements and actions. So this is Joanne I'll kill him as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in in which is reported in Abu Dawood, that I shall have the law no use to say she said, Kenny, your gebouw, who added

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Joanne here, while you're there, omega Derek, he said he used to love or Matt bainer that he said he used the promise of something we used to love the comprehensive da. And we'll leave off anything other than that. So the comprehensive speech is that which is important here, a Luca hydrometallurgy, I asked you for the good of that what you know now, the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala is endless, and it's perfect, rather from its perfection is that it's endless meaning

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there is nothing that is hidden from him because he knows about it. He knows about everything that exists because he created it. And that seems the only correct way of the definition of perfection in terms of this attribute being knowledge. That is why one of his names is aligning, and then you say I have to become ensuring that totland that I seek refuge from the evil have that which you know, and what's important here is that evil no one ultimately knows all forms of evil except the law. Some things are evil in their essence and some things are just objects which most

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Have them are and depending on how we act with it, so Allah knows all kinds of manifestation stations of evil. It's important for you just to ask Allah to seek refuge in Allah from all of that evil. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from those that asked him from the good of what he has created, and the good of what he knows is good and we seek refuge in Him from the evil of that which he has full knowledge into who will use Alec and again it is Luca Hydra Matlin Vika Minh Chateau de mer Tottenham also the law of cinema Vatican Vina Mohammed Mila Swingtown bless you all. I said I'm more akin to lying or better Catholic. Thank you.

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