The Descriptions of Jannah #4 – The Physical Characteristics of The People of Jannah

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Mina Shea banyuwangi Bismillah

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We're in

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femen z

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woman higher dunya

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali, he was a happy woman with a hammer bad suta inshallah, we'll be continuing in our series about gender. And in our last lesson, if I'm not mistaken, we were still talking about the doors of gender. And quite a lot has been mentioned about them. And I also mentioned last time that people will be entering genda in various stages and batches. So this is a part two, we're going to be in with a part two, we didn't have time to finish. So please, if you haven't listened to the previous lecture, please go back to that one because this is a continuation from where we left off that had mentioned, the fact that our prophets of the law

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one day he was seldom said that the doors of Jenna will be calling to various people by name certain segments will get an even higher honor that the doors themselves will call by name. And depending on the good deed, depending on the one action, that was the most salient feature of your life, that door of genda will be calling out to you. So the people of Zika and the people of fasting and the people of South Africa, each one will have a specific door. And there also is going to be people who because of their good deeds because of their patients, that they will have certain blessings and privileges as well. Now we're going to continue on from where we left off, and I mentioned that the

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doors of Jen net will be flung open in preparation for them, as Allah says in the Koran jannetty I did in molfetta had a level above that this is sort of sod verses 1552 51 that the doors of Jenna mufa Taha and refer to her as we said, one of two meanings in the last lesson I mentioned this, either, they will open up in anticipation of the believers, or that the believers will say open and they will open up. So either they're prepared and open waiting, or that they are automatic doors, almost like you just say open and they will open up. And so a lot as Virgil makes a point of describing the doors of Jenna with a very interesting verb and that is perfect to have. And as I

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said, there's both of these meanings here that either they're already open or that they should open up anytime that the person wants them to open up. And we also learn from the Hadith as well, that the people who will enter Jannah, the people who will enter Jenna through these doors, that they're going to be going in different batches, as we said, and that the people that we're going to be going the first show have the brightest of faces, we have the characteristics of the people of Jenna, that they will have bright faces in a hadith reported in Sahil Bahati that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the first batch of people that will enter Jenna, their faces will be as bright

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as the moon, their faces will be as bright as the moon, and the next batch that will come after them, they will be as bright as the stars of the sky, the brightest stars of the sky, and then batches and batches after them. So we have as well that the people who enter agenda, they will be shining bright they will be as we say in English, they will be beaming from the new word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so this shows us that of the characteristics of those early batches is that they will be shining bright there's going to be a newer coming from them. And that that note itself is going to be in stages depending on again the the the sequence of people that are entering, and as

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well we learned Another interesting fact that these doors of Jenna as the people enter their faces are bright and shining, we learn Another interesting fact about these doors in one Hadith reported in Sahih Muslim that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that that between the two between the two pillars of the doors of Jenna is the distance between Makkah and hedgerow or between Makkah and busara. So he has, there are a number of narrations of these and again, again, some some people don't understand Hadith when they find one Hadith that says makin Hydra, the other one says McCann bozrah they say oh look contradiction. We have to understand these things.

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The first sleep there are being narrated by chains of narrations. And sometimes one of the narrations might have a different wording and it is allowed by unanimous consensus of the scholars of Hadith to narrate by meaning and so if one of the narrator said, you know, from Makkah to Hunter, and the other one said from Makkah to Basra and in reality it's a similar distance, you get the point number one, number two, sometimes our profits of the law while he was Selim said the same Hadith in multiple gatherings, and so there might have been different wordings use so there is an element of you know, being too technical or pedantic, there is no contradiction to say McCann hedger

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versus maca to bootstrap By the way, where's hedger? 100 is a faraway city in Yemen. It is one of the furthest cities of Yemen and so and Busan is the opposite side. busara not Basra. By the way. The Hadith never mentions Basra, the modern city of Iraq, Basra was created or was you know, founded after the death of the prophets of the law where I sent him when you when you come across the face the phrase the word about sadara. The Yeah, Matsuura. You mean busara, which is now in Basra, and Basra is a city that is outside of Damascus, basically. Okay, so it is a city in modern day, Syria, Basra. And it was the northernmost tip that our traders would go to after that was pure Roman

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territory. So boser or busara is on the top and hedgerows on the bottom and maca is smack in the middle. And that's basically the furthest distance that our traders would travel to the editor she thought it was safe is basically this. So what our profit system is saying is he's basically trying to make us understand the doors of Jenna, are those distances that the traders would take two months, three months to go, and then come back that distance is going to be the two doors of gender. So these are minor doors. These aren't small doors, like the doors to our house, the doors to gender are beyond what our imagination is. And then in a beautiful Heidi that gives us some hope. And that

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gives us some hope. And that is a hadith narrated by which even has one by the way, this interesting narration here. It's a very beautiful and long narration is in the sight of a Muslim that boasts that Aruba was appointed as the governor of Basra. Now we get the actual city of Boston or Busan. And when he was about to die, Aruba was a major companion, he migrated to habush. And Medina, he had done so many other battles. And when he's about to pass away, he's given a lecture or speech to his family that is recorded and preserved as a Muslim. And he basically says this world you know, is about to depart and leave. And this world is not here, permanently. And nothing remains of this

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world really, except for like the waters of do for example, that is an empty glass. In other words, don't prioritize this world. And you shall leave this temporary world to an abode in which that you will live forever and ever and ever. And therefore make sure you leave with the best of good deeds. And then he says two things about heaven. And hell is very interesting, Heidi. So by the way, he is saying this from his own, he didn't say the Prophet system said, but there's an important principle that every student of knowledge knows. And that is that anytime a companion says something about knowledge of the unseen heaven and help, anytime a companion speaks about something that has to do

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with the knowledge of the unseen, we automatically assume that the companion must have heard it from the prophet SAW the law while he was selling them, because the companions do not speak about a law or heaven or hell, or the day of judgment or the attributes of Allah or any of the aspects of Eman, belay, they don't just speak off the top of their heads, they must have heard from our prophets a lot while he was selling them. And so rutabaga even has one he says that, and I have and the fire of hell is so deep that if you throw a large rock or stone, it shall fall for 70 hudy. for 70 years, it's going to continue falling until finally the thump is heard. And a time will come that it will

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be packed with people that huge distance will be packed with people. And then he mentions the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned to us and he mentioned this phrase that the two pillars of the gates of Jenna between the distance is 40 years travel for autobahn, ina arm and 40 years of traveling so massive door. And indeed a day will come that between those two doors, people will be jam packed, jostling and shoving with one another, completely packed. And that's a very good sign. This means that Jen will be people will be coming in by the millions and billions people are going to be coming into gender. And and we learned from this Hadeeth that this massive doors of

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Jenna even though the distance between them is 14 years travel and then the other heads had mentioned between MK and Hydra and again, these are distances that you know, they don't we don't have to take that

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distance and apply it in the hereafter. It's something that is meant for us to understand the concept that that massive door there's going to be people that are literally packing the entire 40 years distance so that they're jostling and shoving with one another. And another Hadeeth in the mortar jumbo Ronnie are the Libyan Salam narrates that between the distance of the doors of Jenna is 40 years and a day will come when it is packed tightly, just like a herd of thirsty camels when they are brought to the well to drink water and there's complete you know, keypad the camels are everywhere and the people are everywhere they're jostling and shoving, you know, to get the water so

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I've done I've been Sam said that a time will come when between the two doors of Jenna that will be that level of pact and that's a good sign and shout out to Allah that we hope inshallah we are amongst those people. And we already mentioned that the the sequence of people entering gender again, I mentioned some of this last week will continue from here now that the sequence of people entering gender will be predicated on their status in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In other words, the greater and the higher the status, the faster the person will enter gender and the easier that hisab the faster the person will enter gender. Now, do we know as well that wild that hisab is

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going on on the plains of the Day of Judgment while the hisab is taking place, batches will already begin to enter gender and of the earliest of batches will be the more hygiene that were poor for Cora and more hygiene as idleness or hypo Hadith says the poor of them or hygiene shall be the first group that enters genda and we also learned that the Shaheed will be the first groups that will enter agenda and in a hadith that Al Haytham he narrates and imagine it with the feasts, Netherfield life that the Prophet system is reported to have said, the first people to be called to Jenna will be the hammy Dune, those who prays a lot constantly in every situation in good situations and in bad

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situations. So those who constantly said hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, they will be the first of the batches to be called into gender. And we also learned in the Muslim Mohammed that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that I saw the first three people to enter genda and the first three to enter the fire of hell. As for the first three to enter agenda, he said the Shaheed and the servant who fulfills the tasks of his owner, and he still worships a lot subhana wa tada and a poor person who lives a dignified life for Tehran without 50. And he is poor, but he doesn't go and do, you know, begging or indecent things are earned through how long he struggles

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through his poverty, and he lives a dignified life and he lives a life that people don't even know that he is poor. And he puts on you know, that dignity that is a characteristic of Islam and he man and so our Prophet system said, that person is of the first to enter gender and

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the person the first to to enter the fire of hell. Number one, he said an evil tyrannical ruler, because you know, when the rulers go corrupt, you know, the country goes corrupt, as we have seen in our times, and the majority of countries of the of the world. And number two, he said, a rich person who does not give the heck of a lot the charity that is do so a rich person who is not giving any charity to people that will be the first to enter Johanna. And then the third is a poor person who then despite his poverty, he is very arrogant in his lifestyle, he lives a very arrogant and he exudes a very arrogant demeanor, that person as well is going to be the fire of Johanna. So, we

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learn here there is a sequence of entering gender. Now, a very important point to be mentioned is this, there are two separate and distinct blessings, we should not confuse the two of them and mix them up the two blessings number one sequence of entering and number two, the level or status within gender, these are distinct and separate blessings, you can have the one without the other, and you can have the other without the first and you can have an either physical as refuge and you can have both, okay, so you can have people who enter gender earlier, for example, for clear will enter agenda before the honey before the rich person, and that is a blessing. And that is a privilege. But

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it is possible that the rich person will enter agenda later, but because of his good deeds because of his sadhaka because of his lifestyle, he shall have a higher place, then the poor person, each one has a privilege. Each one is a blessing, the blessing of the order of entering the blessing of the sequence and priority of going in and then the blessings of the actual station of the macom

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Usually the goal is that we want to enter gender of the first batches, and want to have the highest level of gender, but it is possible one can have the one without the other, which is, the more important we should say each one is its own importance. But still, technically speaking, what is more important is your final resting place in gender because the full color will enter 500 years before the other near Okay, that's definitely a blessing for them. And for those 500 years, using a very long period of time, definitely the full color will be enjoying gender, and the other Nia will be sweating it out in Johanna. So inserting the non agenda on the Day of Judgment, sorry, the hyssop

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not Johanna, Mashallah, not every rich person is going to go to Jana escolares orchard to give us the dunya, the good of this dunya and the good of the archaea, and to avert from us the fire of hell. But what I'm saying is that for those 500 years, the rich person is sweating it out, he is having the hyssop You know, he has to answer for everything. And during that timeframe, definitely the fade is very happy hamdulillah he is where he is. But then it is possible when the final decree is all finished that the faqeer has a higher level. And in the end of the day that is eternal, that is permanent. It's not 500 years, it is for all of eternity, and therefore no doubt each one is

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important. However, in the end, what is the more important is the permanent abode. And we want to have both we want to be of the earliest of batches, and we want to be of those who have the highest of ranks. And I also mentioned that the people who enter genda that instinctively they will know exactly where their locations are, and so they will enter agenda from the door that has been assigned to them. Now we already know that there is one door that is assigned to the home of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is the default door for the home of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that our Prophet system said that I shall enter the door of genda from the right

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hand side and all of my mo will come through that door and then other owners will enter through the other doors. So there is one door out of the eight doors of gender that Allah azza wa jal has blessed and that is the first door that will be opened up. And that is the door that the oma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will use to enter gender and it is only for the oma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It is also possible that somebody from the above the Profit System is called by the other doors as well, as we mentioned by Abu Bakar acidic radi Allahu taala. And, and this is going to be a blessing to anybody who is invited by multiple doors and they can

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choose which door they want to go into. We also learn that the oma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is going to be the largest and the bulk of the people of genda is going to be the largest and the bulk of the people of Jenna. And that is a blessing given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and through him to us his oma in a hadith reported in the Sahaba Muslim and others that Abdullah bin Massoud said, we were with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a tent. And he said to us that, would it please you if you were one fourth of the people of Jana. So there are 120,000 you know, prophets, and there are over 310 messengers, as we know from ahaadeeth, right, so

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there are 1000s of owners that have come before and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is the final number. So out of out of 120,000, prophets and other 300 plus messengers, how many members are there going to be? And our Prophet system mentioned in the Hadith that I saw on the Day of Judgment, visualizing it, that it saw

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an oma resurrected with their Prophet, and some prophets only had you know, 2030 people, some prophets only had you know, 10 some prophets and only have a handful, some only one or two, and there was even a prophet with no followers, right? So there's all of these prophets, and they have their own mess with them. And so our Prophet system said, out of all of these omas, if my oma were to be one fourth of genda, would you be happy? They said, Allahu Akbar, of course, we will be happy. So then he said, Would you be happy? If you are one third of the people of gender? They said, Allahu Akbar, yes, we will be happy. Then he said, Would you be happy if you were half the people of

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gender? They said, Allahu Akbar, one half Yes, we will be happy. Then our prophets a little long winded. He was Selim said, I swear by the one in whose hands is my soul. I am hopeful that you shall be of the half of the people of Jenna, I am hopeful in Neela, our Jew that my own one oma shall be one half of the people of gender. So all of the must put together and our own mother's womb of the Prophet sallallahu. I sent him there, basically.

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equivalent of gender and that is because our own the home of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is by far the largest oma, there is no competition. There is no comparison, the sheer quantity and the quality of the people who will follow our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is no competition with any other oma. And so that should give us a glimmer of hope that should give us inshallah, to Allah, a little bit of, you know, positive attitude that insha Allah to Allah, you know, we will be of the people that will enter agenda, we should always have that hope as long as we also have the fear of the opposite. So in another Hadith in the Muslim, Mr. Ahmed, an entity that

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our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the people of Jenna are 120 ranks or rose, and my own man shall occupy 80 of those ranks or rows. So what 120 so forth, you know, so imagine what 20 batches, let's say, right? each batch is one is how many people we do not know. And our Profit System said, I am hopeful that my oma shall be 80 of those batches. And what this means is that 80 out of 120, you know, that is eight out of 12. That is basically two thirds of the people have gender. And so two thirds of the people of gender insha Allah, Allah will be from the oma of this prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and all of this is because of the honor that Allah xojo wants

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to give to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and as I have said, over and over again, that one of the biggest blessings that Allah has given us is that we have been blessed to be in the oma of the Prophet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In another Hadith, we learn that the people who enter Jenna, they will have certain characteristics and features, right? So they're entering gender, and they're entering through the doors, and as they enter, we will see these characteristics, they're not going to be completely like us right now, there's going to be some key differences. What are those key differences? Well, of them, I already mentioned that there would you

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their faces are going to be as the Hadith says, Miss ruido Ahmadi Laila tell whether that the full moon the brightness of the full moon will be shown on their faces. And then the second batch is going to be like the brightest stars in the sky, and then it will go on and on. And so there's going to be the light of a man will be demonstrated in their faces, and this light, it will also be proportional to the light that they had on the Day of Judgment, when a lot has been mentioned in the Quran. That new romea savina add him will be a man in him, their light will be racing forward with them, this is their nor that will they will have you know, from the beginning of the day of judgment

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all the way till they enter Paradise. And that light by the way, it is literally not metaphorically literally the light of a man. And so the stronger our Eman was in this world, the brighter that light shall be on the Day of Judgment, and the brighter it shall be as we enter gender. So it is our job to perfect that light. And that's why we make the out to Allah robina at Milena neurona, while Filipina, or Lord perfect our light and forgive us. So we want to be blessed with light. And we wanted that light to be strong and bright in this world and in the era. So our faces insha Allah data will be as bright as our Eman was and as our Prophet systems had depending on where they are.

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And then he said that then they will enter their monazite permanent that they're going to enter their abodes. And then he said they shall never have any pain or suffering. They're not going to be even need to use the restrooms, they're not going to defecate, they're not going to urinate, they're not going to be spitting. They're not going to be you know releasing snot, nothing all of these bodily functions will cease right, you will not have to go relieve yourself because that is something that is not just that is something that is of this dunya you will not have to go even you're not going to be

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having any type of experiment come out Nothing is going to happen. Not even a spit is going to come and then he said that the combs that they will use will be made out of gold and the my Jamia Dima Jameer is the incense that is used so the my jammies will be made out of aloe wood which is was the most expensive wood at their time, and the sweat that they have will smell like perfume so they will be sweating, but the sweat will be for the perfume the sweats will be because that is what in this world the sweat is not a pleasant smell. But in the ophira the sweat will be something that is pleasant. And then he said an alcohol mala holo Piero Julian Whitehead, their manners and their

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hearts will be as if they are one person all of them will be as if they are one person, meaning what?

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There is no politics in gender. Nobody will be backstabbing another nobody will mean making fun of another

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Nobody will have any issue with anybody else in gender, what a blessing place that is why it is gender. You know, in this world, even the most righteous, there are problems with certain people, it's the way it is, you cannot get out of that even the most righteous, there are certain people you just don't get along with. And you know, that other person might also be a person of your mind and taqwa, you know, this is the reality of our world, even the Sahaba you know, some of them did not get along with others it is with the way humanity is some of them even went to war, because of differences of opinion and whatnot, this is what it is.

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Yet, in general, all hearts will become highly Roger hollaby, Roger and wired as if they are one heart, there is no jealousy, no pain, no sense of any, you know, evil against another person, pure 100%. And that's why it is gender. And by the way, this shows us anytime you have unity amongst a group of people, anytime you have unity amongst a group of people, you have tasted one of the fruits of gender, right, you have tasted one of the blessings of gender, because our Prophet system literally said that when you enter gender, all of the hearts are united. And therefore, any time a group of people are united, and there's genuine brotherhood, genuine love, genuine compassion on

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this earth, realize that they have tasted one of the fruits of gender right now and imagine what it will be like in the hereafter. And then our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah truly be him. Damn it his Salaam su tuna de la and fish sama, all the people who enter agenda. So they were phrases are going to be shining bright, he said that there's going to be no more bodily functions, all of that is gone. And of course, bodily functions that are a sign of weakness and a sign of wasting time. And a sign of having to go is something embarrassing, any bodily function is embarrassing enough to go to a private place, nobody's there. And it is something that is legit, and

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our you know, human fear and our religion says it is not just and so Jenna is not having any of that. And then he mentioned that they're utensils, we're going to come to the utensils, we're going to come back to these issues of utensils and food and drink and companionship, although this will be in Sharla bit by bit as we continue. And then he said that there will be united on one heart. And then he said every one of them will be as tall as their father. Them 60 there are this is the route from here to here. This is the era Okay, so the units of measurement, obviously back then were not in centimeters or inches, you know, they would use a finger or they would use a hand span. And

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again, it's an average distance, right? So a hand span, the average human being their hand span is relatively the same. And this is a they're all from the tip of the elbow all the way to the tip of the middle finger. This is their our and our profits. A lot of them said that Adam was created 60 cubits height. Hadeeth isn't body when Allah created Adam, the most 60 cubits high, and then he came down to this earth. And then most correct interpretation is that he came down, he came down in the size that we are now so when he was created, he was what we would consider a giant that's in genda. When he came down here, then basically he is our size and we are all that size up until now. Then

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when we enter general again, we shall revert to our original size and the original size tuna there are 60 cubits high. And this is a blessing from Allah subhana wa tada because obviously, to be that size, obviously it gives an indication of strength, it gives an indication of power, it gives an indication like you will feel like he will feel like a king because you will be a king, you will literally be a giant, you will feel the strength and you will be able to enjoy more every type of pleasure that is imaginable will be of course, made even more because of that body size that you have your eating pleasures, your central pleasures, everything will be there more and so the

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enjoyment of gender will also be magnified. And so the height of the people will all be 60 cubits as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there is another interesting idea that describes something that a lot of people are not aware of actually which is Hadeeth isn't to me this authentic and it's an email from his Muslim and others his authentic idea why they've been juggled rhodiola one who said that yet. hora jannetty Elgin netta juden more than mocha Helene Urbina author last in with a theme so this is a beautiful, interesting Hadith. The Prophet system said the people of Jen now will enter Jenna yet Hello, hello, Jen Nettie l jen netta. The people of Jen will enter gender

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Jordan more than mocha halleen Annette within with an athlete so he gave four characteristics okay. These all four are describing to us very unique things about the people of gender judo.

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Number one, Judo means they have no bodily hair. Okay? So no hair on the hands, no hair, you know the underarm no hair, their bodies are absolutely hair less dirt. Molded means they will not the men will not have beards, we're gonna explain this. So the men shall enter Jenna beardless mode, mocha halleen with coil in their eyes, ie This is decoration. For them the in our culture, unfortunately, is very rarely seen. But for that culture, to have coiled in your eyes was something that is very decorative above that with that, and with that ethene their age is going to be 33 years old. So their their faces and their age, they will look as if they are 33. So we learned a number of things

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from this, okay, first and foremost julik them body hair, body here, it is needed for us in this world to protect us from the elements body here, it is something that makes the skin as well healthy. Because you know, our skin keeps on changing. So that body hair, it makes it helps us to keep a little bit cool a little bit hot to when we need to do that. And of course in our bodies, you know, we appreciate that hair in this world. But when there's no need for it, when the temperature is absolutely perfect, and there is no need for that, then the hair becomes a nuisance. And so we shall enter Jenna gjort never to have any hair on our bodies. mold is as we said, The Man Who does

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not have a beard. Now, this is an interesting thing, because generally speaking, a beard culturally islamically even it indicates masculinity. It indicates strengthening indicates the characteristics that are considered manly, in human society. You know, pause your footnote, and these days we're getting this whole, you know, issue of what exactly are the genders of the generals, you know what all that does is a discussion for another time in place right now, let's just assume the default which is the default of the of the entire history of humanity that there are two genders, and each gender has certain characteristics. This is what's logic and rationality and biology and psychology

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and human experience and the entire history of humanity shows even if a small group of people of our times wish to deny the obvious, so there are two genders and each gender has certain characteristics. And each gender is noble in its own way. So masculinity has certain characteristics that it is known for. And of them is strength, one of them is to inflict fear, one of them is to, you know, and again, this is not to indicate that nobody of the opposite gender has any of these, we're just saying there are certain things that come and therefore having a full beard, generally speaking, and by the way, surveys have shown this actually, non Muslims have done these academics

00:32:49--> 00:33:29

that a beard adds an element of respect, an aura of knowledge, an aura of wisdom. This is something that surveys have demonstrated, right so when you have a beard automatically, there's an assumption that you are more wise and more knowledgeable. There's, there's an element of strength and masculinity in the battlefields and whatnot, there's an element of also, you know, striking the enemy, with fear. And therefore in this world, the shediac says that men should grow a beard, there's no question about that, that it is something that the shediac has come with that men should have a beard However, in the Hereafter, there is no need to indicate strength, and everybody is wise

00:33:29--> 00:34:12

in gender, and there is no need to have that sense of all and respect and masculinity in the Indian hereafter. There is no need for all of this. And and to not have a beard is a sign of youthfulness, as well. And so when you enter Jenna, you will look young, and you will faces will be bright, and there's no need for the characteristics associated with the beauty in this world. It is not needed in the Hereafter, and therefore it will be flipped around. Now some people say oh, this shows that men should not have a beard. On the contrary, the reason why this hadith is used is to indicate that in this world, it is masculine, it is a part of our shediac to have a beard in the next life, when

00:34:12--> 00:34:59

there is no need for those characteristics, then that youthfulness that vigor will come and there is no need for the beard Lee hair on the man's cheek and face and therefore the men will enter without any beard. So Jota then more than mocha hallein mocha Helene, as we said, means their eyes are going to have on them. And this was a sign of beauty that is still around in many cultures. And then he said at the age of 33. And this is an interesting age 33 and 33 is the age where our scholars say that it is one of the pinnacles of maturity and vigor combined because you see, maturity actually does continue way beyond 30. Nobody's at the pinch

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

Although mature at the age of 30, but you see, after 35, after 40, you know, and I would know this my age right now, the physical strength starts to deteriorate, right? You no longer have the physical strength that you had when you were, you know, in your late 20s, the pinnacle comes, you know, obviously, the actual Pinnacle is maybe early 20s of pure strength, but then in your early 20s, your mind is not you know that to develop compared to later on. And so that intersection comes from around 30, something to around 40. So that is the age you know, your 30s is the age were really the the pinnacle of both physical strength and of intellect, they are the highest and then after

00:35:37--> 00:36:19

this, the physical strength goes down, and the intellect continues onwards and that is the son of Allah that is how Allah created us. So what do we enter Jenna, we shall have the beautiful age, the age of youthfulness, that is not childish, right? It is youthfulness that is also manly. It has youthfulness that comes with its own experience and wisdom and vitality, all of this is combined. And therefore, everybody that enters Jenna will be the same age and the same height, nobody is going to be short and tall, nobody's going to be old and young, everybody will be exactly the same age. And therefore if a person died at the age of 80, they're going to come to gender at the age of 33.

00:36:19--> 00:36:53

And if a young you know a person passed away, a teenager passed away, they will also come to the age of 33. And of course, there's the famous Hadith in tirmidhi, which is considered to be one of the jokes of the prophets of the law, as it were the humour of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And of course, I have given a whole hold about the humor of the prophets a little longer I sent him are processing them, he made humorous statements that we call jokes, he made them but even when he made them, they were all true. And of course, one of the more famous ones, an old lady came to the Prophet sallallahu, I sent him and said, O Messenger of Allah, make dua to Allah, that I will, that

00:36:53--> 00:37:36

I am allowed to enter agenda. And so the Prophet cism said, Oh, lady, servant of Allah, O en te whatever they will, they will, in our, in our language, we say, oh, Auntie, you know, made servant of Allah. Don't you know, that elderly ladies do not enter agenda, right? And so she began, you know, worldwide as like, oh, what how is this gonna happen? Like, you know, she got, you know, like, what is happening, and then our profit center said that yes, old ladies do not enter agenda, Allah subhana wa, tada will resurrect you, and bring you out in your most beautiful age and fashion at the age of 33. And then you shall enter gender. And so this is a handle any joke or halaal humorous

00:37:36--> 00:38:12

statement of the prophets assume that after this, she said, you know, started saying Allahu Akbar became very happy. So the point being that the process and told her old lady's old man, you're not going to be old, when you enter Gen, you will be at the age of 33, a young, you know, eight, that is Manasa, that is of the best age. And that's going to be for all the people of gender. So we learned therefore, that people will come in in batches, we learned that their physical characteristics will be different. We learned that their age, their height, all of this is going to be something that will be the same. So there is no preference of age, and there is no preference of height,

00:38:12--> 00:38:51

everybody's exactly the same in that regard. And we said as well, that there's going to be a sequence of events. Now, there's going to be a little bit of overlap. We've already covered many, many weeks ago, the issue of the shuffle art, the issue of batches of jahannam going into gender. And so the question arises For how long will people continue to enter agenda and the responses for a very, very long time, the doors of gender will be open to doors of gender. Some have even said that the doors of gender never shut, and that some have said this. I have not found anything explicit in the Hadith. But there is just you know, statements of scholars industry guard that the doors of

00:38:51--> 00:39:06

Jenna are open, because nobody is going to leave anyway. There's no need, the doors of jahannam are locked shut, the doors of janome are completely locked shut, that in Masada Fiamma the moment data and so

00:39:07--> 00:39:45

mirasol all of these words describe the locking up and the chaining of the doors of jahannam. Jail is locked up. As for the palaces of gender, and there's ultimate peace and security, the doors are open, but who's going to exit gender? Right? So the doors are open, how long will continue, people continue to enter. So they will be the first batches. We already talked about them, those that will enter agenda without any hisab. And those that will enter agenda with easy has have the focus, for example, and the patient. So you're going to be entering while judgment date is going on while the hisab is still going on. Just like you know, the analogy that I can think of right is that the smart

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

students, the smart students always finished the exam the fastest, they shut their book, and the teacher says okay, you can go and the rest of this is like oh man, they're having fun outside or going out. You know, I remember my days that in my high school and whatnot and 100 hours of those that would go

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

Berkeley. Um, so you know, I remember those days and you always like you're happy I'm out and you feel a sense of such elation and joy. And even though it's only half an hour, one hour, you know that one hour is more precious to you than 10 hours any other time, because you're able to enjoy and everybody else's, you know in the room. So there will be people that hisab is going on, the exam is going on, have a lot of zolgensma make that exam easy for all of us. And they are inside of genda. Now the example finished, the hisab will finish. And that's when we assume again, that's when the gates of genda will be jam packed as profitsystem said, so when the exam finishes, and the day of

00:40:38--> 00:41:14

judgment has been completely finished, that is one the bulk of the people going to genda that's when the default of those who have been assigned gender, may Allah make us amongst those people, they will then you know, cross over the set off, and they're going to go to the contoura. And then they're going to be entering gender. And so that's when the gates will be completely packed. Then after that, the day of judgment, of course is over. But what's going to happen, we talked about this in my previous lectures when I talked about the fire of hell May Allah protect us from that, and I mentioned that there will be people who are Muslim righteous people, but they also have major sense

00:41:14--> 00:41:57

and they have to answer for them in jahannam. So when the Day of Judgment is over, a group of believers will enter Jannah and they shall remain there. Now remember, we talked about the entering of gentlemen it is possible out off all of this, we talked about that right. So the actual people who worship Allah subhanho wa Taala, who bowed their heads down to Allah, they shall never enter the gates of Johanna but they will be punished via the ambience of Johanna and as I said, in an Allah knows best that this appears to be the 100 out of this habit out after going to be in a place where the fire and the fumes affect them, but they are not inside. And so there is going to be groups of

00:41:57--> 00:42:34

people they have to be penalized for what they have done. And bit by bit slowly but surely, they will finish their sentences right? Whether it's gonna be a few hours or a few days or a few decades or a few 100 years or a few 1000 years, bit by bit batches are going to come and shuffle will be done for them. We mentioned this headache and SIBO Holly and again, I'm not going to go over the long history that everybody who has a coins way to remind anybody who has this mustard seed anyone who has an atom's wait anyone who has the smallest, smallest, smallest amount, people are going to come in batches the angels are going to come people are going to mention their family and friends

00:42:34--> 00:43:18

bit by bit. So Jenna, people will be trickling in, trickling in for a long period of time, right way after the Day of Judgment for Allah knows how long, eons and eons and those people who trickle in the later they come, the more the suit and the and the dust has affected them. So much so that the last batches that will come. The Prophet system said they will be completely covered in no uncertain darkened like charcoal, they will not even be recognizable, right, the very last batches that enter from Johanna so there are degrees of being affected by jahannam. And as they enter, some of them will have less, some will have more. And they will be recognized by those suits and that dust and

00:43:18--> 00:43:55

that clouds and that's why they will be called Johanna miyu and the people of gender that enter gender and they will ask a lot to remove from them those marks and stigma. So Allah will say jump into that river which is next to the entrance of gender. And so when they enter gender, they will jump into that river when they come out palace they are exactly like everybody else. And so now they have entered Jenna fully like everybody else, no mark of gender has left. Even those that would burn to a crisp. Our Profit System said when they jump into the river of life it is called the river of life and when they jump into the river of life, they will flourish and grow as they were completely

00:43:55--> 00:44:35

brand new. All of the effects of Johanna are gone. So the batches will continue and continue and continue until finally the very last batches that Heidi doesn't obviously the Audrey in and sigh Buhari that a lot zildjian will say anybody who wanted to make intercession has made intercession, all of the prophets, all of the angels, you know, all of the the believers anybody who had any friend any relative that was worthy to enter Jenna, right? And again, that's the key because if you're not worthy to intergender it doesn't matter who your friend is. It doesn't matter who your connections are. If you do not have the key of the Kadima of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah,

00:44:35--> 00:44:59

you will not enter gender and therefore, the people of the Kadima and the people of Eman and taqwa even if they have the biggest of major sins, eventually somehow through some fashion through the shofar of somebody, they shall eventually enter Jenna, then Allah will say, everybody who wanted to make sure if Allah has made sure far and no one is left

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

Other than our Hamad Rahimi, which is himself, then Alo will take three observers or according to one Hadith one, probably any one call, but that means a man's fist. But of course, in the case of Allah, we do not know what it means exactly, but we understand the concept that a lot of xuejun will take a batch full, and how many will be in that batch of a lot, right? How many millions and billions will be in that batch of Allah subhana wa tada Allah will take a batch full out. And they this batch is the very last the very last people. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will then say to them with horrible gender, go ahead and enter gender. And we even have a beautiful Hadith about the very

00:45:43--> 00:46:27

last person to enter Jenna completely, the very last person to enter gender completely. And this is how they reported in Sahih, Muslim by the famous companion, even miss Rudra, the low one that he said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the very last person to enter Jannah will be a person who is walking, do with difficulty, you know, towards the exit away from Johanna. And he slipped sometimes and he falls sometimes and he stands up and he continues walking and the fire continues to just come the fire of the flame comes in, you know, hurt seven takes it back until finally when he exits and so he has been told he can leave right. And so he is basically the very

00:46:27--> 00:47:15

last person now he is walking out to that area of punishment. And it's not an easy walk after all that long time that he has now finally, you know, able to walk but not without any problems till the very end. Until finally when he exits that area, he shall turn around and he shall say to Baraka, Lady in a journey minica All Glory be to Allah who saved me from you. Indeed, Allah has given me a blessing that no other person has ever been given. Meaning what is the blessing? I am the last person. That's it. Everybody who has left is now helaas permanent and forever. So this is the person he recognizes that he is the very last person to exit from jahannam. And then, so he's just exited,

00:47:15--> 00:48:01

right? And of course, while he was in jahannam, his only two hours Ola, let me out or let me out or just get me out of here. Now that is answered he is the last person. So now he's that two hour has been answered, he is now outside. And then when he gets outside, then he sees in the distance a tree he sees in the distance a tree. And so he makes another to actual law. And he says, Oh Allah, allow me to just get to that tree so that I can sit down and take shade under its shade and drink from the water around that tree. And so again, so he has the first two hours, let me out agenda he's out of Johanna. Now he sees a tree in that area outside of Jenna, right? It's the area that's leading to

00:48:01--> 00:48:41

gender, but it's still a far place away. But all right now you can see that one tree. So it says Allah allow me to go there. So a lot of xojo says, Well, if I give you this, what if you asked me for more after this, the man will say I promise you a lot. I promise you that that's the only thing I want. And the Prophet system remarked, and a law has already excused him for breaking that promise he's going to break it alumnos and Allah has excused him because the law knows that the man has no patience. We are like this critical internal bifa we don't have that patience. Never ever say to Allah never say to Allah, that Allah I'm never going to ask anything more. Because we need a law for

00:48:41--> 00:49:19

every single millisecond we will never be sufficient from a luck we always need a lot and in our need to Allah is our is in our poverty to Allah is our richness. Never say Allah is the only thing I want know a lot. I want more from you and more and more. And I want everything you will give me because of Allah, I am fulfilled and you are the honey. But this man doesn't know all of this, this man is the last person exiting Johanna, this man is not paying attention to Hadith and knowing all of this knowledge, whatever he has done in his life, you know, cause that is the very last person to exogen them. And so he will say to Allah, Oh Allah, I promise you that as the last thing I will ever

00:49:19--> 00:50:00

ask. And so Allah gives him permission. So now he has the power to walk to the street, and then he will sit down, and he will enjoy this tree and he will drink and he will stay in the shade. But then now he is enjoying. He's looking around, and he sees a tree more beautiful than this one bigger than this one. And he will remain quiet because you remember his promise he'll remain quiet. But for how long? How many decades? How many millennia? Is he going to remain quiet? And so he then says that you are up. Oh my Lord. I asked you that let me go to that tree over there. A lot will say or son of Adam Didn't you promise me that that if I let you in this tree, you

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

would not ask anything else. And so the man will say, yeah, Rob, let me just give to that one tree, and then I promise you nothing more. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala will say, okay, and the process and I've said once again, that Allah has excused him because Allah knows he doesn't have the patience to remain quiet. So he will then go to that tree. And he will live under that tree and drink from its and eat from its fruits and drink from its water. But then he will see a tree that is outside of the peripheries of the gates of Jenna, you'll see a tree, and he knows after that tree is gender. And so that tree is even more beautiful than this one. And alumnos. In some versions, by the

00:50:42--> 00:51:24

way, there are 10 trees and some versions, you know, three trees, but the point is, keep on, keep on keep on until finally he comes to the largest and the most beautiful tree. And that tree is within visual distance of the gates of Jenna. And each time he's promising a law Nothing more, nothing more, nothing more, until finally he gets to that tree. And he can now hear the laughter of the people of gender, the murmuring of the waters of gender, he can smell the fragrance of gender. How long do you think he is going to remain there? How long is it going to remain there after he has made a solemn oath and another solemn and another solemn oath and maybe 10 ODEs to Allah subhana wa

00:51:24--> 00:52:09

Tada. And each time he promises Allah subhana wa tada that nothing more. But now he is literally at the gates of gender. Literally, this is the last person to enter gender. And so he raises his hands and he says, A or B. Okay, Nia, oh, my robe, allow me to just enter gender just just enter gender, Abyssinia, and so a lot of xojo will say, oh, son of Adam, what will cause you to stop all of this asking? What will it be enough of you? Will you be happy? If I give you the entire dunya? And all that is like it? Will you be happy that this whole world of blessings, the whole dunya imagine? And another one like it, will you be happy? And that this the man becomes irritated? And he says, Oh my

00:52:09--> 00:52:49

Lord? Are you making fun of me? And you are adorable? I mean, are you joking? You're joking over line, you are a large virgin, and you're you're making fun of me that you're going to say to give me this whole dunya. And then even Mr. Rude, who has narrated the Hadith he began to laugh. And he said to his students, do you know why I'm laughing? They said Why? He said, because when our Prophet sallallahu wasallam mentioned this Hadith, he too, laughed. And then he asked us, do you know why I'm laughing? And then they said, Why? The Prophet said, because a loss of Hannah with Allah will laugh at the impatience of this man. And this frustration of demand, when the man says, Are you

00:52:49--> 00:53:38

making fun of me? Are you joking, and you are the Lord of the worlds and then a law will respond. I am not making fun of you. I am not joking. I am capable of doing anything that I please, you shall have this world and 10 times like it. And that will be the last person to enter Ijen Think about that. Dear Muslims, as our final Hadith for today, think about that. We want this dunya one 100 million of it. That's it, and we're going to be happy. If we have the smallest portion, the richest people earn an own how much a few billion dollars and look at their lifestyles. Can you imagine this whole world, the whole dunya and all of the pleasures of this dunya and 10 times? I mean, our mind

00:53:38--> 00:54:27

just goes blank, our mind goes blank. And Allah says to this last person to enter agenda, that that is all yours. What then do you think of those higher up? What do you think of those because you see this guy, he got the dunya. And we understand the dunya. We see the dunya. We know the pleasures of the dunya. And it's great. But the people above him in the highest places, fee harmala. I know Rottweiler, even semi at what a hotter AlkaViva shell. In that place. Words cease to have meaning we don't there are no words to describe those levels of gender. So this guy, God, the dunya and we know the dunya but the people have the highest levels, they shall get that which the eyes have not even

00:54:27--> 00:54:34

seen. And the ears have not even heard descriptions of ni even the minds and the hearts have even conceived.

00:54:35--> 00:54:43

Some of us when we hear this heady, they say I'll be happy if I'm that last person. And I say Why? Why?

00:54:44--> 00:54:59

Why aim for that? Aim for the highest of the high aim fulfilled dose Eliza and then it should allow you to either work to for it. And maybe just maybe if you don't get to the very highest at least you get to a much much higher place. Don't aim low aim

00:55:00--> 00:55:08

Hi and make dua to Allah that a lot of sewage it makes us from the full dose of Allah inshallah tada until next time said I wonder what happened to lie

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