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Episode 11 : Straight Path

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The importance of following straight paths and not letting things happen without our knowledge is emphasized in Islam. The use of the word "sabines" in Islam is also discussed, as it describes a path taken by Allah. The use of the brain and actions of the brain are also discussed, and practicing ten commandments and creating a chart of them is encouraged. The speaker encourages the audience to practice these ten commandments and make a chart of them.

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So happy he, Marine, Allahu Allah And Pharaoh now and found that he was he didn't have any money I mean, this is the 10 commandments series and this is the final and last commandment, the 10th commandment. And the 10th commandment, by the way, is a commandment that simply sums up all of the other commandments that Allah subhanaw taala shared with us in these verses and

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Allah subhana wa tada says, When thou said all themistocles human and this right here is my path. Allah described to you a very, very long list of things, right nine things. Allah says all of this is my path. Well, I'm not all the stuff demon. This is my path. That is a very straight path. It has a very, very straight course you can get on this path and it ends up in Jeddah. That's where it goes Muslim and extremely straight. There are no turns and twists and there is no ups and downs. It's very, very straight. Allah subhana wa tada has left us on a straight path. But who then follow the straight path, when after who is Sue Buddha be calm, and don't follow all the other paths that are

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there as well. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had drawn a line for a straight path and across it, he drawn other lines as well. And the profit to send him was trying to say that this is the straight path. And then along the way, there's going to be all these other turns. Don't take those turns out the Navy was on a long ride, he was setting them up and their profits to send them through a path and then along with those paths, on the other ends of the path, a large messenger Salallahu it was sending drew lines and those lines are not the correct path. He was trying to say this right here is this little out that must have been the path that is extremely straight. The path

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that has no crookedness within it and Allah subhana wa tada is telling us the same thing. But notice Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to a set off as the set off

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okay. But when he talks about the other paths, he calls them what a Sabine I Sabine can be a thick and narrow path, a very, very tight, straight, narrow path, right. And it can be a very big path as well. But as it all is a big path as Rob is a more specific path. Sabine is a general term for any path, but salt has some qualities, we're gonna discuss the qualities of a set off in a moment. Okay, but amongst the parallel with the ISS, follow this path, what are the who soon and don't follow the other paths, the sabines. And then he says that I thought, well, kabhi Cohn, then if you end up following those other sabines, it will take you away from my Sabine. So we know that there is a

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Sabina that is a general term, it's used for a good and bad path. It's used for a path along the path of a law. And it's used for paths that are other than the past civil law. But the path of a law has a specific name, and that is a sirop. And more specifically, it must have been okay, all of that is clear so far. sebbene is the path of a law in the plethora rather than a loss of what the law says, is that specific path that is for Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's why he says, follow the commands OBD if you end up following those other paths, what it will do, it will take you away from the main path. Alright, there's a reason why I keep going to this. Why? Because I want to stop and

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talk about that all for a second, as the author is the word that Allah uses for his own path, and will stop him even more. So the one that is St. I'll set off. It comes from the word Sahaba. Or it started originally with the scene instead of Assad. And then later on, the scene was transformed into Assad because about their thick letters. And it was because of the ease of pronunciation, it became a slit at all, instead of a sail off and the word settled. It means to swallow something, it's thought out the shape data who if somebody swallow something you say start off, okay? And the reason why Allah subhana wa tada uses this word that has this connotation of swallowing something is

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because when you're on the path of Allah Subhana, WA Tada, then you will feel swallowed and indulged. You're totally indulged and engrossed within whatever you're upon. And that's why whenever you feel closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala you're indulged in the dean, if you're not feeling indulged, and you have to check something, you may be doing something wrong. Within your lives. There might be something you're doing many generally on the right path, but you may be taking a little bit of detour every now and then. So when you fix those detours, you will feel indulged because the path is such that it almost envelops you swallows you. Imagine a person walking down a

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long road. When you see him walking when he gets towards the end of your viewing range. The person will almost be swallowed right into the path you'll still be on there.

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But it says if he swallowed into the path, this path is such that when you are on it fully on it, when you go further and further on it you will remain even more further and further firm on it because it indulges you, it involves you and it almost swallows you right into it. This is what you're on now, you'll become firmer and firmer if you're not becoming firmer and firmer in your religion, that you're doing something wrong. And you have to start questioning yourself about that. What is it that I'm doing wrong? Is it that my connection to a lie is not strong? Is it that my connection to the Quran is not strong? Is it that I'm not giving the rights of my neighbors, my

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family members? What is it that I'm doing wrong? Is it that I'm not giving my Zakat, sometimes it could be something like that, you're not doing your obligations, whatever it may be, there may be something you have to ask a line by the way, if there is something within your religion that you're doing, especially when it deals with other people, and harm towards other people, you will never feel the hell out the sweetness of humanity, there will be no reason apparently, for you to be able to feel that sweetness but you turn to our law, in devotion and make dua to Allah O Allah allow me to recognize the faults because of which I'm not able to connect to you allow me to recognize the

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fault because of which I'm not able to have the same sweetness in myself, Oh Allah, allow me to recognize the false because the which I'm not able to ponder and recognize the beauties of the Koran. And Allah will show you and guide you to those. Another point about the salt is the fact that it is a very vast path. And this is very, very important to note. So all is a very vast path. And I'll tell you something, that one of our Messiah. He once said that and he's a very, very famous chef, I will choose not to mention his name because he mentioned this in a in a private gathering. He said that

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the path from here from aliyot Tameka

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is a path that is a highway, it's got a lot of lanes.

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And we have people out there that have a tendency of just throwing, you know, bombarding people with accusation in their faith in their, in their manhood and all sorts of things. He said, there are people that are going on one lane, and there's another group of people that are going on another lane, and another group of people going on a third lane, all of those lanes are ending towards where towards Mecca, they'll all get there, no matter which car you're driving, no matter which lane you're on, so long as you're on the path to Jenna. So I'll set off is not a very, very thin path. You could say a dub would be a thin path, you could say a Sabine might be a thin dog, you can say a

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buddy, it might be a fin. So one of the qualities of this sort of author is that it's very vast, it's accommodating, and that's Islam Islam is accommodating. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala, His Prophet apostel, he teaches us to be with SLR album, the people who are the vast majority of the oma, all of them can fit on this path, the vast majority of this ummah can fit on this song. And that's why a lot chooses the term of setup because all of them in short, low data are going in a good direction, the vast majority of the oma that is and this is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala prefers the term of still out over other things will unhide us at all Themis stuff Dyneema This is

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my path, it is a straight path, but who then follow the straight path set a cool bone a yachtie false metal metallic even kina and authority query as Imam Ali ignore will be uploaded. So you do not even know Bill Pallavi says that set up una yata 30

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kV in Anatolia in a query that the day the people they ended up going into the different paths, okay, you have a road, a major road, a major highway, and then you have another other roads that also lead to that same path and sometimes they may come to a dead end. Okay, those are called sukoon. Or those are called Buddha. Yeah, two little Daughters of the path, as in little extensions of the path. So sometimes you can take a little left turn if you see the highway is you know, really, really tough at the moment you take your little left, turn and leave and take the side road, the village road, people get stuck on those village roads, you have a major goal here to accomplish.

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And you have major points within Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling you don't go on those side roads stay on the highway. The highway is this setup that I'm discussing? What's that set up? Those are the nine points that we've already discussed. And the 10th point that we're discussing today, the nine commandments that we've already discussed in the 10th commandment that we're discussing today and that is to remain for firm on all of these things that everything else that Allah subhana wa tada has guided us to Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he says that ECOSOC will be the lucky one that this is the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala so you may have fear I asked

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Allah subhana wa tada to give us a topic to have fear of Allah subhana wa tada one last point I want to make one last point. And that is known as Allah subhana wa tada starts off these verses in verse number

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151 Allah subhana wa tada finishes it off and says daddy como Sakuma he.

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In verse number 152, or loss of Hannah with Allah says daddy como Sakuma here

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and in verse number 153, he says daddy como Sakuma he. Now

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he's trying to remind you of the three phases that you're going to need to go through in order for you to accomplish perfection within these 10 things, a loss of Hana without SS.

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So you may have intellect. So in order for you to understand the benefit within these, you have to have a brain you have to have intellect. And then if you have a brain, but you don't use that brain, some people have a brain but they fry it by drinking, they fried by smoking, they're frightened by smoking marijuana and drugs. Those are those people are not using their brains. By the end of it, they don't have brain cells and they lost the intellect as well. Other people use this brain into that poor and pondering and contemplating, he says, if you use the brain in contemplating these things, then you would have achieved to the point of that code. When you end up doing that code with

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your uncle. When you have a brain, you use the brain, then you'll get to the point of dupois that you actually implement these because you'll recognize the powerful nature of these commandments and you'll recognize the benefit of these commandments within your dunya and within your hair after I asked Allah subhana wa tada to help us recognize the benefit within these commandments. My appeal to you at the end of this series is that you look at these commandments and make them maybe make a chart This is the action item. They could take a chart and go and make write down this chart and put it on your wall. So every day when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you see after you do

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your thinking when you wake up is these 10 things. These are the 10 things the 10 commandments that I got to live by. This is the set off the line was the theme. This is the set off on a lot that is straight, I asked him to give us a trophy again to practice to convey