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The importance of Islam and its use in relation to wealth and profitability is emphasized. The holy spirit is seen as a source of wealth and profitability, and avoiding poverty is a habit that is associated with profitability. The importance of honoring guests and returning to a familiar place is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to have a source of income. The segment also touches on giving and not giving, as it is a habit that is associated with profitability, and the importance of mindful behavior in one's actions. Finally, a woman describes how her friend received a profit from a rich man and eventually gave it back, highlighting the importance of giving in charity to alleviate poverty and empower others.

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In a hamdulillah nama Do you know when to stop Pharaoh? When arugula haven't showed already? I'm fusina Ami say to Medina, you had the love for Loma Linda homonuclear further Hajela or shadow Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Shady. calahorra Shadow no Mohammed Abdullah surah.

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Sophie you mean to your Hulu? wedlock? rissalah. Adele Amano knows how to record madam Hadji Tilbury Leila can hurry heartless ILAHA Axolotl Abdul Salam who

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rebelled Allah Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran yeah you have lady in a taco la haka to party whether to move tuna Illa anthems the moon. Allah says, Oh, you who believe here Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of Islam. And Allah azza wa jal says, Yeah, you had NASA taco Rebecca Mala, the Halacha Kumi nursing Wahida or hudec Amin has Ojha over thymine Homare Jai Liang cathedra when he saw what Takala Hello lady to Luna be here well our harm in Allah Ghana it kumara peba Allah azza wa jal says, Oh mankind, Fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produce from that soul it's me and made from their combination, many men and women.

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So Fear your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship verily, Allah is Ever Watchful over you. And Allah Azza says, Yeah, you have to talk Allah haka, Ducati. Allah Azza says, Yeah, you know, duckula Hua Pulu covenant said EDA use la Kumar ma Hola, como la come on up Allah Allah Sula, Taka devisor hos and Alima. Allah says, Oh, you who believe.

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Fear Allah and say that which is correct, he will correct for you your deeds and forgive you your sins and whoever obeys Allah and His messenger. Then they are indeed victorious. As for what follows all praises due to Allah we seek His guidance and his forgiveness and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the whispering of our desires from Allah guides. No one can misguide and whom he allows to be misled. No one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone. Having no partners in that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam limits his slave and His messenger and his perfect worshiper.

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La xojo.

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He tells us, that of the ways that he designed mankind, and while Allah azza wa jal placed in us instincts of the great instincts and desires that he placed in our hearts is the love of money. Allah says Xuyen alienness her Boucher Hawa, Mina Nyssa, he will burn in well panoply on 30 minutes the hubby will feel bought while hailing Misawa. What an annual health. Allah azza wa jal says it's been made beautified for people,

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the love of their desires, and then he lists them. And the first is he says a nice up the love of women.

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And then children

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will come Kantara incredibly large sums of gold and silver

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and fine branded horses and cattle until I land. And Allah azza wa jal says that is the enjoyment of the worldly life. And Allah azza wa jal with Allah is the best return.

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And we are told by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that our love for wealth has no end.

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It doesn't end with a six figure salary, it doesn't end with a million dollars it doesn't end with to the province from Allah it was, he says, that if the son of Adam had Why do you mean that law have been in your corner who are the and if a person had two valleys or had a single valley of gold,

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they would still love the son of Adam, the daughter of Adam, the child of Adam would still love to have a second

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William Lofa who inlet to rob where tube Allahu Allah men tab. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says the only thing that will fill the mouth of the son of Adam

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is dust, meaning death. And Allah azza wa jal accepts the repentance of those who repent to Him. And so this desire that we have that is so deep that Allah azza wa jal placed in our hearts and placed in our design is not something that is ever going to be satisfied unless we come to terms with it. And until we become people of contentment, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he commanded us or he instructed us and he says, Kenya can have Pana have contentment and you will be other than us, you will be the richest of the person because true richness is to not need any more. And so if a person still feels like they are in need, then no matter how much they have, they will always be in

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a state of poverty, no matter how much they have. And so

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Today I wanted to speak about something that remedies this desire. And something that cures this desire and purifies this desire and that is charity. And that is charity. Allah azza wa jal has obligated on our wealth. A charity that we give that is obligatory called Zeca. And a charity that we give that is voluntary and that is sadaqa. And Allah azza wa jal pairs, Zakah and Salah in the Quran, in over 80 places in the Quran, a common Surah Zeca the ones who established the prayer and they give the charity they establish the prayer and they give the charity and Allah azza wa jal made the giving of charity and attribute of the people of Bill of righteousness. Allah Azza says Lacell

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era and to elude, you have contributed machinist, they will

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well I can help Euro man and a biller, he will you will ask Allah Allah says righteousness is not that you face the east or the west righteousness is whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, well I told my Allah Allah Who beat they will call bow your time I will Misaki Allah azza wa jal, he says the one who gives

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the relatives the one who gives wealth even though they have need of it, who do they give this wealth to? They give it to their relatives, they give it to their kin. They distribute it amongst them, and they give to the orphans and they give to the poor weapons said he was sorry, he didn't offer that up and gives to the ones who are asking and gives to those who are enslaved. While kama salatu is a Kata when we're following him either I do a Siberian I feel about circular Bhadra or worried about so that he can let you know Sadako Allah, Allah azza wa jal says and those who are patients in poverty and hardship and during battle, those are the ones who have been true and it is

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those who are the righteous and Allah azza wa jal he made the giving of charity and attributes of the people of paradise Allah so yes, it's in a cleaner future nothing are you see the Anima atta hombre boo him in the home can acapella singing. Allah describes the people of paradise to be in gardens, surrounded by gardens and springs.

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Taking what their Lord has given them they were before that before they reached that stage. They weren't singing they were people son, kind of Karela Mina Lady Maya Jeroen, they used to sleep little of the night will be less highly homeopathic balloon. And in the morning times in the early dawn before fidget they used to seek Allah's forgiveness will be unwise to him when he sat in my room, Allah says and their wealth, there is a portion there is a right that they give to those who are asking them and those who are in who are prevented those who don't have wealth. And little Sulu last Allah Allah Allah who has said, was the most generous of the people. The Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam has it been Abbas he says that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam kind of edge with the NAS, the Prophet sallallaahu Salam was the most generous of the people. And this is a statement that you hear so much in Ramadan, and he was the most generous in Ramadan when he would be like, the wind. The wind touches everything when it blows past and so the prophets Allah Allah they send them was the most generous, yet his family, Adam hammer salatu salam, they're also known as being the most generous. There is a story of an Hassan and Hussein and Jafar even Abdullah Abdullah of new Jaffa, the son of their cousin

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Joshua, I've lived in Jaffa and has an Hussein, we're traveling, and they had come across a they had come across a rest stop or a tent in their travel. And they found a single woman there. Her husband had gone out with the pasture. And they asked her if there was any food. And she said, we don't have any food. I don't have anything. We don't possess anything except for this small, skinny goat. And we did would you offer it to us. And so this woman, even though she didn't have anything, she could not be inhospitable to these people. And so she offered it to them. And they sacrificed it. And that said, we're a group of people from Medina. If you ever make your way to Medina, then we would love

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to be able to thank you for that.

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Her husband comes home, where's our goat? She says, Some people came and I needed to give it to them. I needed to honor our guests. And he said, Why did you do that? And he

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he was very vexed. Let's just say

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he was very colorful in his language.

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They ended up having to pack their backs when the villages and the people of the countryside no longer able to feed themselves. What do they do? They make way to the nearest city. And their city that they went to was Medina. And she her husband became a carrier of wood there. And as she was walking one day down the streets of Medina she meets and hasn't. And he recognizes her and she doesn't remember him. And so he says to her, Do you remember me? And she says, No. And then he says, Don't you remember when me and my brothers were traveling such and such a new? He said, Hold on wait here.

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And then he goes, and he sends for a servant to come. And he brings her back 10,000 gold coins, or what was equal

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To 10,000. And he says, now go visit my brother and present and go tell him what I did.

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And she's completely overwhelmed. She's this generosity, this benevolence, this thankfulness. She goes to her brother. And she says, Well, your brother sent me to you. And he says, What did my brother do? And she says, He gave me 10,000. She says, Okay, wait here. And then he goes, and he brings 10,000 on her sandal, the Allah and when he gives it to her, and then he says, now go to my brother, meaning his cousin, have to live in a job for and then he says to her, when she comes to have the lightning job. He says to her, Well, what did my two brothers do? She said,

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overwhelming me. One gave me 10,000 And the other he match. And then he says to her, Well wait here. And then he goes, and he doubles it. He matches both of them together. 20,000 and he brings it to her. And then he says, No, but that TV, that's up to him. He says, If you had started with me, I would have made it really hard for them.

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I would have made it really hard for them. But this was the benevolence and the generosity of the family of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and they were known for that debate.

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But this concept of giving and giving and giving and Allah Azza says Linton

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Boone, Allah Azza says you will never attain righteousness until you give from what you love. And the examples of that from a sort of loss of a light SLM are too many, why is it that we find hesitancy to give

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because of the promise or the threat of shaytaan? Allah Azza shaytaan we are a documented fact we're more compelled fascia. Allah says Shavon he threatens you with poverty if I become a person who gives and I give a lot or I give a little then I am not going to have

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an Allah Azza just says, Oh Allah Who Yeah, I mean, who have Allah, Allah who has given it Allah says and Allah promises you forgiveness from himself, and Fidel and bounty and Allah azza wa jal is why say Allah, because expansive, he's vast, Allah has the resources and Allah azza wa jal is all knowing, and Allah azza wa jal, he promises that whatever we give Allah is going to replace Allah says in the absolute respect him and Yeshua I mean anybody were to do ruler, Walmart un* to Michigan for where you live, oh,

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Allah as we just as whatever you give, whatever you give, he is going to replace

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and just in case you need a reminder, he says, well who are hadal Rasul? Allah is the best to provide.

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I mean, that promise that he's making it is backed by Allah azza wa jal, the King of kings, the one whose resources do not diminish. And in fact if, as the hadith of Abu Dhabi says, Allah azza wa jal says, Oh children are welcome. We're in second Virginia calm calm I'd also Aden wa hidden for so long if I'll tell you to cooler in Santa Monica daddy coming man in the in la cama Yonkers when either asked Allah, Allah Allah says, Oh mankind if the first of you and the last of you and the Jinn of you and the human of you all were to get on a single plane and each one of us were to ask Allah azza wa jal, the asking of our wildest imaginations and Allah were to give every single one of

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us everything that we could ever hope for. That would not take away from what is with Allah azza wa jal, just like a needle doesn't take away from the ocean when it's dipped into it. Well, what I failed on was when Allah azza wa jal is the most generous of those who give, and then Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he also swears and the prophets of Allah they said them doesn't need to swear, because he has a surgical must do because of the liveness route says, But Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he swears by three things and of the things that he swears by is he says Monica sadhaka to me, man, he says that wealth is not diminished charity.

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And in fact, we know of people who when they would feel that their wealth decreased. When they would feel like money is slow or money is tight, they would cure that by going to give in charity. And it's doesn't make sense, right? It's the complete opposite instinct, but they recognize that whatever you give that Allah azza wa jal is going to replace and the example of this are too many to mention as well. The province little light is centered on us to seek refuge in Allah azza wa jal from Al Kahf. And the focus

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and so when you are removing people from poverty, when you are assisting by giving people charity, you are removing from them something that is so detrimental to their faith, that a sort of loss of Allah they send them used to seek refuge from it in the morning and in the evening. You say Allah Khomeini or Hulu because a minute ago free will * where all the big I mean other been filled cupboard, oh Allah I seek refuge in You from disbelief and from poverty. And I seek refuge in You from the punishment of the grave in the morning in the evening. Rasulullah Baba send me used to seek refuge and Allah from the harm of disbelief and the harm of poverty. Some of the arguments that

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people use against giving in charity is they're very, very, very worried about whether when I give in charity, is this person going to really, really be benefiting from the charity and I need to make sure 100% That

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This person is going to benefit from this. The province of a lighter sentence tells us the story of a man who simply said, this morning, I'm going to give him charity. And so he wanted he gave him charity.

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At night, he gave him charity. And it turned out that he gave in charity to a thief.

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And so the next morning the town that people in the town started talking and they said, charity was given last night to a thief.

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And the man said, Oh Allah, you gave, I gave charity to a thief, Allahu Melaka

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I'm still going to give him charity tonight. He wasn't dissuaded. And so that night, he went, and he gave charity, and he ended up giving charity to a prostitute. And so the next morning, the people in the town are talking and they're saying, charity was given last night to a prostitute.

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And the man said, Oh Allah to a prostitutes Allahu Melaka.

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I'm still gonna give in charity tonight, anyway, and he gave me charity again. And this time, he gave charity to a person who was rich.

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And so the next morning, people in the town are talking and they're saying charity was given last night to a rich person.

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And the man said to a rich person, Allahu Malecon hunt.

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It's all good.

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And then a call, they heard the voice of a caller calling. And it said, your charity was accepted. As for the thief, maybe the charity that you gave, will stop them from from, from stealing. As for the prostitute, maybe the charity that you gave is going to prevent her from needing to sell her body and maybe the rich person, it will inspire him to give him charity as well. And so we ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those who are always charitable. And we ask Allah azza wa jal to place wealth in the hands of the generous amongst us and never the stingy once and we ask Allah azza wa jal to guide us and make us guiding of others. Hakuna Massey, mentor Mustafa, Allah they were

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looking for stuff you don't know for right?

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hamdulillah so salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah, Allah besetting sin cathedra. When you give Zakah when you give charity recognize that you're doing so fulfilling the Command of Allah azza wa jal, you're thanking Allah for his blessings upon you. You're purifying your wealth, you're purifying your body. And when you give in charity, realize, be cognizant of that this charity could be the cause of feeding a poor person, this cat charity that you give could be the cause of caring for an orphan or securing the dwelling for someone who's evicted or or bringing happiness to a mother or bringing happiness to a child and the prophets of Allah de settler when he was asked about what is

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the most beloved Acton to Allah, He says sudo to three who Allah muslim I'll talk to you and who day in and out oh, oh tuna fish and who caught button of total Dan who run the Prophet sallallahu sallam said the most beloved actions to Allah is happiness that you bring to a believer that you repel some harm from them or that you, you repel hunger from them or that you, you you bring happiness to them. And so these are not things that are insignificant. And don't belittle, commit to being someone who is a giver of charity, whether it's $1, or whether it's a quarter or whether it's half of $1 or 100,000. Because Allah has a UDP socket, Allah azza wa jal accepts charity, and Allah azza wa jal

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increases charity, the more you give, the more you receive. And this is not something that we need Islam,

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or Islam specifically talks about but people who are simply looking for happiness, they find that the more they give, the more they they feel lighter, they feel happier, they feel that they're able to contribute. And one of the greatest gifts of giving sadaqa and I conclude with this is in our society where we are,

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we are conditioned, to always want more, more, more, more, more, I need to buy this and I need to buy this and I need to buy this and I need to live this particular lifestyle. And 6 billion people on this earth live on less than $13,000 a year.

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And so Allah azza wa jal has preferred many of us over many of his creation and many of humanity, but we have this many times artificial need of more and more and more and more and when you are giving in charity, what you are saying,

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and it is a very powerful statement. Whenever you give. I have enough.

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That's what you are saying. You are saying I have enough. And that's where happiness lies. We ask Allah azza wa jal to allow us to hear the speech and to follow the best of it. Allahu Manana. So look at general Makabe Hamiltonian Raman. When a rule is becoming a narrow Makarov am encoding or Amel Allahumma 18 fusina Taqwa zakiyah integuments A ka Antonio how Mola Allahu Maximilian I mean Cu*ic a matter who Luba he been in Albania Marcia tick, I mean, it came out to be he Genetec when Medallia cania Mata who will be here I didn't almost like it but dunya and Allah who maybe are smart enough outside you know what you know, about the amount of Katana which I mean, which I thought I

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know I'm gonna I'm gonna also know Allahu Madame and Dinah without it, I'm gonna see you but then if you

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Idina when I set out to do Nakamura Hamina when I'm a blogger in MENA What are in anatomist? Sirona? Watch Allah Genetti Hedorah noburo Hermetica or Hamada Rahimi Robair hum hamaca Mara bernisa lira Aloma Hamilton omoton Muslimeen wash prima donna all Muslims the mean was still alive. So there Maha Mudra it was like descending seam concealer