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The speakers discuss the meaning of "mitigating pain" in relation to the holy eye, with "IT being the holy eye" in relation to "the holy eye." They also discuss the meaning of"slivers" and "will" in relation to actions and actions, as well as the importance of finding the right person to receive blessings from.

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Good afternoon.

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So Jama

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Okay, so I'm going to speak as loud as I can, but maybe the brothers can come closer, and everybody can come closer. i This makes us.

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So, the shoulder over the next couple of days, while we're here, I was asked to do a series on the names of Allah, which is fine for me. So

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I figured the best name of a lot to start with, while we're in inputs is produce.

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no, we're in a place that is very, very

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special. And the names of Allah when you learn the names of Allah, the purpose, or one of the purposes, one of the main purposes is so that you interact with those names. Allah subhana data says are sort of the louder when he smelled Krishna, if I do who we have, Allah says to Allah belong the most beautiful names, so call upon him by those names. And undoubtedly, when you are in these types of places, where there's almost a thickness to the air between the heavens and the earth, that you should be interacting with Allah subhanho data much more differently than when you're at home. When you're in Mecca and Medina and Jerusalem Durant is something that is

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easy, because you're so inspired, because you're so overwhelmed because of the logic of the place. And so when we talk about the name of Allah subhanho data produce, then first thing we want to do is we want to know, what is it mean? Where does what is what are the meanings of this name. And really, there's two meanings of a producer that I want us to know.

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The first is a producer, meaning the pure, and that's where you get this concept of purity and holiness. When you talk about Allah subhana data being a good dose

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of produce meaning the one who creation sanctifies they absolve him of all shortcomings, they absolve him of all imperfections. And that's what the angel said when ALLAH SubhanA data said to them, and suited Bacara that I'm going to create humanity. They said attention Adolphe hammer you see the free house you could demand our people be handicapped one occurred the Sulak. They said are you going to create on this earth those who are gonna make mischief and spilled blood, when we are praising you, and sanctifying you we are sanctified you from all imperfections and shortcomings. And so the first meaning of produce is the one who is pure in and of himself. And that's one of the

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meanings of this city. Bay to market. This has two famous pronunciations. The first is they do more but does and that means the place that is pure.

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This city has many other names other than that it has auto SODIMM, auto Shalem, mousseline, it also has where Jerusalem comes from it also has Chatham just peace, it also has EDR. So and it's also has a books, of course, so it has many, many names. And you know, the Arabs, they say cattle Latella smarter than thou shalt, if you do some more names, something has indicates the greatness of that thing, a city with many names, only indicates the greatness of that city. Nonetheless, one of the meanings of the one of the the the ways that this name is pronounced two famous ways the first is beta, but this which means the city that is pure in and of itself. And then the second way is beta

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on market, this and beta market, this manifest the second meaning of this name, produce, and that is the one that is blessing.

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Beta and map this is a blessing. It is a place where sins are purified, because the prophets of Allah it is and then he said, in the Hadith as reported by and imagine, Muhammad, he says, The mafia was a man, even that was set up in a meeting like this. When should a man the Son of God who completed building bait and muck this, he asked the last panel data for three things? Hope met, you saw the hookman he asked Allah for a judgment that was in accordance with Allah's judgment, that his judgment always be

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synonymous, or that's not the word that I'm looking for. But something that is

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you guys aren't analogous.

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Along the same lines, yeah. In sync which sync to the washing hands out of judgment, right. The second is Monica Lyon. Belinda had him embody the he'll have a kingdom the likes that no one else will ever have. And then he said, a lie. It had an MSG that I had done that no one comes to this Masjid. Now you read to Illa, Salafi, he doesn't want to do anything except pray in it in lithology means nobody can tell me whether that's home, except that they will leave this message it sinless, like the day their mother gave birth to them. And then the province syllabi, send them commented and he said, asked for two of those things. So a man was given. And I hope that he was given the third

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and so we hope

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that anytime that we walked in this message from our hotel room, not wanting to do anything except for praying in this masjid, and that wouldn't be leave, we leave having our sins completely purified, like the day that our mother gave birth to us. So ALLAH SubhanA that isn't produced the two meetings over produce number one is the one who's holy in and of himself. He's pure in and of itself. Number two, one of the Greek meanings is the one who is blessing. A mushroom Hana data is the one who blesses everything else. Because many times people they ask, Well, how do I how do I pray to Allah by His name and produce like he's the holy one, you can ask a lot to make your actions

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holy. You can ask Allah to purify your heart to purify your soul. You know, remember was it he says that when a person has a family member or you have a relative that's coming over to your house, what do you do to the in the house? What do you do you clean it? You purify it, you make sure everything is spotless, right? And he says ALLAH SubhanA died. He doesn't look at your homes, he doesn't look at your cars. But Allah looks at and He glances at is your heart. And so that is the thing that a person should be purifying the most. Your heart what ALLAH SubhanA data glances at, because the prophets of Allah it is and it says, Allah does not look at your shapes in your bodies, but he looks

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at your hearts and your actions. So that's number one. But number two, is that you ask him about his name produce to bless you, to bless my actions, to bless my projects, to bless my family, to bless my time to bless my life to bless my health. What does blessing mean? What does Baraka mean? albaraka means yarder to fail, it means an increase in good. So I have an hour and normally I can only get this much done in an hour. But

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Allah blesses this hour and I'm able to write a five out of five page essay, I'm able to go a place that I'm not normally able to get to, except for two hours time, whatever, Allah blesses that time of yours, Allah blesses that money of yours that $20 that you have stretched out for an entire week, Allah blesses things, your relationships, and so ask them Allah subhana database name, and Lucy is actually a name that we should be repeating a lot, because we want so much of

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our lives to be blessed. So that's number two. As for how to act in accordance with this name, so we know how to call upon a lie by this name? What about acting in accordance with this name? How do you get blessing from ALLAH SubhanA data, there's two ways that I want to share and then I'll conclude, number one,

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even imagine he reports that the prophets of Allah do send a

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jab at Abdullah. He says that a couple Muslims had come back from from abbacy.

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And the Prophet saw the lightest, and I asked him and he said, What is the thing that was the most amazing thing that you saw in abbacy?

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Which is a very human question. When you go back home, people are gonna say, What's the most amazing thing you saw in Jerusalem? Right? So what's the most amazing thing you sign over here? So one of the people he said, while we were sitting there was a woman who was a nun as their Christian. So there was a woman who was a nun and she was carrying a vessel of water over her head and she was walking. And a man came from behind her, and he pushed her down to the ground, and the vessel broke some young man, he just came in, he pushed her down for no reason.

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So then the woman got up and she turned around, and she pointed at the man and she said, You will come to know both traitor.

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That one day when Allah subhanaw taala sets up the footstool, and the hands and the feet, we'll talk about what they used to earn, you will come to know about this affair between you and me very soon. So she's threatening

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right with the day of judgment.

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And the province of the lady has said that he then said sada called sadaqat K for you cut this love Coleman. Now you heard me like if he had mentioned him, he said she spoken the truth, she spoken the truth. How can Allah purify a community where the weak do not have a mechanism to secure their rights from the strong?

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How can Allah bless a community where the weak do not have a mechanism to secure their rights from the strong. So anytime, if you want your community to be blessed, you want your house to be blessed, you want a country to be blessed,

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then we must be concerned about the oppressed. And we must be concerned about the voiceless. And we must be concerned about those who people will run over to get to wherever they want to go. And they don't have a mechanism to air their grievances. They don't have a mechanism to secure their rights, and we are definitely in such a place and so unique so we'll create blessings for you. That's number one. Number two,

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recognizing that even as we traveled to incredibly blessed places, that the thing that will bless you and I the most is our actions. There is nothing that blesses us more than our actions you can live in Jerusalem and still not be blessed. Where do we get this from? We get this from the statement of said magnify to see the greatest so how to muscle muscle the lightest and absent minded fire to see had migrated from Persia that adopt his close friend and brother

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or was from the unsought, they were inseparable. There are many a hadith talking about the adventures of a man. And nonetheless, they eventually separated, said mine went to Iraq. And I would that that came here he came to Palestine.

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And eventually he became the judge of Damascus and many other things, but I would have thought had wrote a letter to said manifest. And he told him, he said, Hello, my Condesa he said, Come to this, bless it land. Notice how I didn't say, Holy Land, because that's not the only translation this land is blessing Allah subhanho data says Subhanallah the SMI van de Leyland miland messenger haram, Elon Musk, the Oxford Lady Barbara can now hold on this land that we have blessed its surroundings. How is this Latin blessing, it's busted in its fruits. Its blessings in the amount of profits that were sent to it. Its blessing in the revelation that came down to it. Its blessing in its martyrs, the

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amount of martyrs that come from this land. And by this land, I don't just mean Jerusalem, but generally the entire region of a sham, its blessings Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, this area, its blessing in the praise of the Prophet sallallaahu Selim over this Latin Prophet sallallaahu Selim says if our current defeated or the man we shall,

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this is going to go into a different lecture, but there's so many blessings that in this land has experienced. So since they did not have a right to learn to settlement, and he says, Hello, my

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firm to this blessed land. So some modifiers he writes a letter back to him. And this statement is should be like written in gold, it should be inscribed in our hearts. He writes him a letter and he says, In order to add this,

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he says land does not make anyone holy.

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You can live in Mecca, you can live in Medina, you can live in all of these places and still not be holding this out of the love to continue to work in your cut. This will insana Armello but the thing that makes a person holy is their actions. A thing that makes

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the thing that makes a person holy in their actions and and so even as we're in this beautiful place, listen, Shawn, let that be committed, that we rectify our actions that we worship Allah subhana data in the best way that we can. Allah subhana wa Tada told ya, yeah, and we're in

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the place where yeah, he lived he says, yeah, absolutely, and Kitab.

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So yeah, take this book with strength. So we ask ALLAH SubhanA data to make some of those who take the book with strength. We ask Allah to bless our actions and bless this triple bars and bless our families and bless our relationships. And bless our acts of worship that they be accepted by him was the lightest and who do I decide to send him something from