Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #203 – Advice for Aspiring Students of Knowledge

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being humble and not rushing to achieve knowledge. He explains that while it is impossible to avoid certain areas of the curriculum, it is important to stay away from certain people and areas of the curriculum. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of reading the Koran and Arabic, as it is the middle ground for all knowledge.
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advice for how to be a thought and how to be a student of knowledge be one right now start right now don't wait. Okay, a lot of people, they have this idea that they need to go someplace dramatic and impressive in order to start being a student. Now it's not true. Be humble enough to start with the people around you. Even if it's a machine or a teacher, that's not 100% in line with your views or your flavor of Islam, he knows something, even if he just knows the Quran and Tajweed or Arabic, go humble yourself and sit at his feet and learn what you can from him and then move on. This is the way this is the way that other men have always done it, right? What how the shaytaan will stop you

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as a che Tonle get you distracted and give you excuses not to Well, these guys, they're from this sect over here, they're from this group over here and you know, they're not on the hawk and they're not, you know, this and that and the other and then all of a sudden years go by and what have you done really, right. And there's limits to that. There's limits to that. I'm not saying just to go sit with anybody, right, there's limits but if we're talking like sunnah, I also know you believe in the Quran, you believe in the Sunnah. Okay, right, then there's room, there's room to take somebody as your as your core and teacher, your touch we teach you, right, you don't have to be splitting

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hairs at this point. And then just keep moving and finish things finish things finish things, that's a huge thing with students of knowledge is that they don't finish things, you start one block, and then he stopped because you jumped over to this other shake who's doing this other thing and you're gonna stop and you're gonna go over here and you've done a couple pages from 10 different books and you haven't finished anything you need. This is the trouble with YouTube to where you're the one on the driver's seat making sort of this own your own playlist for me, you need someone who's going to put you on a program, beginning middle advanced 1234 rungs on the ladder and you need to be able to

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be aware of two different types of people and stay away from both of them. One is a type of person who's going to waste your time and make you feel like you can't ever advance and they're going to be like, Oh, it's gonna take you 10 years and you have to study 30 books in order to just be you know, in order to wipe the sweat from your sheiks forehead, that's extreme. That's too much this person's a gatekeeper. So let's stay away from that type of person. Okay, then there's the opposite extreme where somebody is going to teach you one book and saying well, Abu Hanifa was wrong about this and you know, che flow slam Keller was wrong about that and data, data data that ended up right, okay,

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it's more involved in that right there is a middle ground. So every sort of discipline or area of study, you know, you want to go through four or five books, beginner, late beginner, intermediate, late intermediate advanced with a shake with somebody who is qualified first of all Second of all sincere and you can take from their character and their and their manners, and that's how it's done. That's how it's done. And the last piece of advice is that everything starts with the Koran and Arabic Everything starts with the Korean Arabic get out of English as fast as you can, right don't and now that more and more titles are being available in English, there's a if you're serious

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student of knowledge we're talking about not just for, you know, appreciation, right? But you want to be a serious student of knowledge. Get out of English as soon as you can. Everything's in Arabic. Very few things are in English. Get out of get out of English and into Arabic as soon as you can, and you'll benefit

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