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dilemna Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala. So the

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idea here was happy here Manuela

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Allah subhanaw taala

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mentioned two conditions with respect to the Quran

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lizarraga says Delhi, Calcutta Willa Ray Murphy, who de Lille with the pain

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that this book has no doubt in it and it has guidance for the moutoku

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and Allah had Alonso said in other place yeah the vehicles here on we will do Louis kathira on I will do villalpando Allah tala said this, this keytab this book is a means of guidance for many people, and it is a means of misguidance for many people,

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but it does not misguide anyone except the rebellious.

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It does not misguide anyone except the rebellious.

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So, we understand from this that there are two conditions with regard to

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the Koran.

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The first condition is that if you want either from the Quran, guidance from the Quran, and taqwa is a precondition.

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Radical Gita will arriba v was a lil would that be

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so taqwa is a precondition, that if you have Taqwa, if we have pressure to lie, if we have the fear and awe and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala in our hearts, then inshallah four iron will be a source of guidance for us.

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But if the heart is filled full of rebellion,

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like save us from that, but if we are among the first among the people who are rebellious and the among the people who do not like the kind of allows Mandela, then

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when such people read the Koran, then those are the people who get misguided. The Quran does not misguide them, they misguide themselves by even though they read the Quran. The point is, that if a precondition of knowledge is the right intention,

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if inside the heart there is rebellion, and inside the heart, there is a disease of luck, then even if you have the best of sources and there is no source which is better than the Quran,

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as the will How do you think it Allah, so Allah Allah, Allah said, the best of speech is the Kitab of Allah.

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Even with that source,

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you will not get guidance will get misguided. And these are the people who look for, they try to make the whale in the hands of the IRS and they try to extract wrong meanings from IRS and so on and so forth.

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So I remind myself and you that the most important thing to keep focus on is the level of our pathway.

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The first sign of

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a fiscal folio, the first sign of rebellion is laziness.

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Laziness with regard to the outcome of a loss.

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There is the first sign that you are on the path, which will eventually end up in

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putting you on the verge of

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laziness with regard to the health of Allah.

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The hope of Allah subhanaw taala is to pray but we don't pray we delay the Salah. Allah said pray in the masjid, we don't pray in the masjid. We pray at home. Allah subhanaw taala said do something we don't do that we do something else. And all the entire thing everything comes down to convenience, personal convenience.

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The quality of the MBR and the quality of the Olia Allah

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was that they tired themselves in the eyes of Allah.

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They will not tired of the bad of Allah

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a lucky bothers me up nap was God does he bother to mythicality by the identity

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part there was a

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very big difference. Somebody who's tired of a ballet and somebody who dire himself in a bath.

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When there is a large element among among the

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is his way of doing the hatchet.

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He would sit and he would recite in the hatchet. He would resign 100

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and then he would stand and he would reside another 100 if and then he would make Rico and then he would move to do this one. Sometimes he would stand he would recite so many if

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Then he would sit, and they will decide so many. And then he would stand and he would make a request.

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Because of physical tiredness, praying the whole night's rain thick or three quarters of the night, his blessed feet would swell with just standing in one place.

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Just think about this, we are talking about people, the Sahaba and also lasala, whose level of fitness was such that today, we cannot even imagine that

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these were warriors. They're not, you know, shopkeepers or somebody who's used to sitting in the life. They didn't have to worry about dieting or you know, the belly becoming big. So they have to do some exercise. No, ever one is they'll fit people, for somebody like that for his feet to swell, imagine how long how many hours is standing.

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It's not that these are not people who are not used to standing are not used to walking. For somebody like that for his feet to swell. Imagine how many hours

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they used to tire themselves in the inside the tire themselves in the back of them, they will not tire off the back of this is the view big difference.

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He bothered me talking about all the bad stuff are gonna dominate.

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And that is what I define myself to say that the first sign of rebellion is laziness.

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That is where it begins laziness with regard to Allah. Laziness with regard to the laziness was about with regard to the Wrath of Allah.

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And if Allah does not protect us and if you do not take precautions, then that leads down to the

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issue of becoming actually rebellious. And now let's write that as a guidance will not be this. To be asked Allah Subhana data, to put taqwa in our hearts and to make the Quran and make the sunovion Habib's Allah Allah says Allah is also guidance for us, and to save us from all sorts of laziness and all sorts of rebellion with regard to him to his orders, Camila, Camila, as well as the sunon of his visa La La Jolla service Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts and fill our hearts with the knower of His love, and the law of his majesty and glory. And the neurophysiology was Allah Highlander will carry Hualalai he was savage may be like motyka