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Allah leads astray no one can guide I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah alone. And then Mohamed Salah law while he was sitting on his slave and messenger, the best of speech is the book of Allah. And the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The worst of all just matters are those that are innovated, and every religious innovation is evident and everybody is misguidance and every misguidance will be in hellfire. I'm not bad.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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in a hadith in a famous Hadith directly spoke to ignore our best or the low and when he said, Yeah, well, I'm in new I'm a mocha Kalima. He says, oh, lad.

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I am teaching you few words, few sentences. So listen to them.

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Holy, Father, God, preserve Allah and Allah will preserve you to the end of the Hadith.

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And inspired by that, where you find there the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaking to the young directly,

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giving them giving him advice, knowing that he can comprehend, knowing that this could make the difference between a straight righteous future and the opposite.

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This hoodline Sharla is addressing the same audience, the young, not to the exclusion of others, because you will hear in it no matter how old or young you are things that are relevant to you. But specifically, I'm speaking to the young directly not to their parents,

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not those who are supposed to raise them and how they're supposed to raise them, but to them directly if they can comprehend if they can hear what I'm saying.

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The first thing I want to say is that the use that you are experiencing is from Allah azza wa jal

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case in the Hadith Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam. When he says that there's a Zulu,

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Yama, you're not going to be moved from your spot on the Day of Judgment allowed to move away, until you will be asked about few things. And he said among themselves, Allahu alayhi, wa sallam and ohmori he. And then he said about Shabaab, he says, you'll be asked about your life, how you spent it.

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And then he said about your youth, how you used it and spent it.

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So they say that although your youth is part of your life, but that is an additional nygma that Allah is going to ask you about it exactly how like he was going to ask you about your health, about your money, where you earned it, and how you spent it, he's going to ask you about that period of your life. And what did you do in it, because that period, could be the most productive, and it could be the difference between

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heaven or hell.

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How you use it, and what you do with it is fundamental and setting the stage who is going to come later.

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So Allah azza wa jal is going to ask you about this.

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But like so many of us on this earth we don't recognize. And then until we lose it, you're not going to recognize your youth as an airman until you start to lose your health years later, until you get to start losing that free time that you used to take for granted years later. Until you're gonna have responsibilities of life piling.

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Use later, until you get into

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life and its difficulties and disappointments. See years later. Until then you're not going to recognize this as being a net. So you can either be a cautionary tale where people say, don't be like him.

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Or you can be a fortunate among the fortunate few, who will heed that advice, learn from others, rather than then being an example. Meaning a cautionary tale rather than then being that they learn from others and they become a model.

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And people will say be like him, not like so and so but be like him. So either you're going to learn from others, are you going to be blind to everybody else and their advice and their experience and decide to repeat everybody's mistake? So this is an error.

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So recognize it as an error. Now,

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the second thing I want to say

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is that what does this religion mean to you? What does Islam mean to you? This is something that you have inherited from your parents most likely unless that you entered into Islam by choice.

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This is something that you've inherited from your family. But you got to recognize, first of all, that Islam is bigger than your parents

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is bigger than your local Masjid bigger than this particular shape or that particular shape this Islam is the religion that Allah has revealed, in which prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had explained. So whether you argue with your parents or not, you're on good terms with them or not. Whether you like this particular shareholder, you hate them, whether you like this particular mustard or dislike it, that is all is irrelevant, because Islam is your right. Because that's the only religion that Allah zodat accepts. And without it, you are going to be miserable, sooner or later. So it does not matter how Islam has reached you.

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You're going to read it, you have to discover Islam for yourself and ask yourself what does this mean to me? beyond my parents nagging me and telling me to pray or too fast or read the Koran or put on the hijab? What do these things mean to me, and you got to discover them as your own. You got to make the choice that I want to do these things because there is value in them. Because you are living

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in a world today that has cultures that predominantly devalue religion, devalue belief in Allah, as they look down on decency, look at what is popular today, objectively. You don't have to be religious, objectively. Look at the world today. What rises to the top? What is trending? And what is popular.

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Just go today, look online, what is popular, what are people talking about?

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Who attracts attention, what attracts attention.

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And you will find that the vulgar and the indecent, and the obscene

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is what rises this.

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And you will find that truth and honesty

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is not valued.

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And is not respected, despite what people say.

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So you have a choice. Either you're going to hold on to decency, even though it's not popular, or you're gonna go with the crowd. And you're going to choose what's popular. And we're going to choose what's trending. And you're going to have a weak personality that is influenced by people to the left and people to the right, or you're going to find out again, why you're a Muslim, and decide to hold on to it no matter what people say. And no matter what people do.

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Life is gonna throw a lot of things your way. And if you're young,

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you may not know what these things are, you may not know the severity of life's tests, but look around and ask those who are older, those who have experienced some of it, some losses, some disappointments in life.

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And you'll know that without belief in Allah azzawajal, you're not going to be able to take all of that you're not going to be able to be patient, you're not going to be able to keep your sanity.

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Those who disbelieve in the law as well, and they want to make it seem like rational and the only rational choice, they have no solution and no medicine to life's problem. No answer to why we are here. If you believe in that if you choose to surrender your faith, because you are admires this person or that person, you're gonna live the most miserable existence in this life, because you basically have no answer. And when life hits you hard, there is no one to go back to and say, help me. You're all on your own. There's no one to go back to and say explain to me, there's no one who's gonna promise you compensation or recovery, you're on your own, and you'll always be alone, and

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you're gonna be dying alone. That's no existence.

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There's nothing to look forward to.

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People in this age, because of the pressure of modernity, we feel more depressed than ever before. more stress than ever before, more anxious than ever before. How are you going to combat all of this without a loss origin without a belief that there is someone more powerful than you? If you ask him, he'll answer your call. If you seek his assistance. He is so close to your closer than your own parents and the closest friend that you have, and he's offering your help to you.

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This is the difference between

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Religion and non religion, you will face many temptations in this life, there are many fitness.

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And the greatest among them is the fitna of wealth. That's what life is offering all of us young or old, the fitna of wealth, it wants to convince you that you should concentrate, spend all your time on becoming rich, on becoming famous, and becoming recognized on buying the best of things on owning the best of things. That is the sum of your life. And that is the sum of your happiness live is going to try to convince you of all of these things. But you know,

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and it's not a broken record if we talk about death, because again, that is a reality that is inescapable. If you sit objectively and honesty with yourself and ask yourself, if I spend the next 20, and 30 and 40 years, collecting this life, and then eventually I can become sick, and they take me to the grave without all of that, to what value was my collection, to what value towards the end was my life and everything that I've collected? I'm going to leave behind the someone else.

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Why am I living for?

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Is there any significance to my existence? And you will not have an answer or a satisfactory answer. Unless you go back and say I'm living Flinders origin for a law's origin. I'm living to please Him, because I know that he's the only one who can take care of me now. Who can give me sanity? Now who can answer my questions now. And when I go through trouble, he's the only one who will never abandon me. And then when I'm about to die, I can call on anyone else but him.

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You'll call on the doctor to help you. But eventually, the doctor will say, there's nothing else we can do. We're just waiting for his time over time to come, family will cry, but they won't be able to help you and you will find yourself before you even reach the grave alone.

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And then

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late, you'll discover the value of Allah zildjian. Because there's nobody else to turn to. You can buy your way out of it. There is no happiness to seek and purchase anymore, or in being rich. The only thing that you can do then is the law. So to help

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you discovered a law but it was late. And when you are in your grave, only Allah can help. When you rise from it. Only Allah can help. So don't discover this reality late and be deceived by your own youth or a belief that you're going to live forever. Ask again those who are around you, as your parents as your elders, weren't you one day or one day as young as I was, then as you believe as foolishly, as I believe today that you're going to live forever. Didn't you think that the best of this life is what I buy and what I purchase what I own? Now tell me, after decades on this earth, what is this some of your experience, because if you made a mistake, I don't want to repeat the same

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mistake over and over and over. And they'll tell you, you use will leave you as if it's a blink of an eye. And you will wake up one day and look at yourself in the mirror and discover, hey, there's an old man looking back at me. There's an old woman looking back at me, I don't feel that all but I don't really know where my 20s went, where my 30s went, where my 40s went. And now I'm old. And I've wasted all this time away from Alaska's origin. So life is going to try to convince you

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wear the best clothes

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on the fastest cars. What beside the most beautiful women drink this smoke that that's what happiness is. But if you're not intelligent, wise enough, if you don't go back to Allah azzawajal each one of these things is a fatal blow that has taken away from your happiness and taken away from your life.

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A lot as Odin has told you, and brought this guidance to you. Open up your eyes. Because the true life is not this life at this moment. This is only a partial enjoyment metab something that you're gonna enjoy. But think about it.

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Every good day that you have

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is either followed or preceded by a day that you hate.

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Everything that you enjoy,

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is either followed or preceded by something that you dislike and hate. Think about it. And this is a message from Allah azzawajal that yes, you are allowed to be happy on

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This roof but yes at the same time it is not gonna last so did not deceive you.

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So if you're young

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understand this message from Allah xojo law did not give you this health to squander it did not give you this time to waste it did not give you this energy

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to spend it on how Allah gave it to you so that you can use it. Because as we said, if you're not going to use it now, a time will come when you're going to be reading it. We ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those who listen to we have what to his advice, and to the advice of his Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam we take it to heart and we apply it locally. Heather was de la de Welcome

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Hamden Kathie Lee Ivanova confy he was suddenly was suddenly Manasa Lee Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam. How many of us young or old know right from wrong, know what we're supposed to be doing and know the things that we're supposed to avoid. But our problem is not ignorance. Our problem is lack of commitment or weakness.

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What is this weakness come from?

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One of the main sources of our weakness is the company that we keep,

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you know, handle from her arm, but if you have people around you,

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that lay down the difference.

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They point you to what displease Allah azza wa jal, they practice it, they make it attractive. You are more and more likely to be a practitioner of that rather than what pleases Allah as a surgeon. You know what's wrong? You know, it's wrong to smoke, you know, it's wrong to take drugs, you know, it's wrong to drink alcohol, you get strong to commit heroin and Xena, you know, all of these things. But if you know, all of these things are wrong, why are you keeping the company of those who do it?

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If you're keeping the company of those who displeased a lot as the least of it, the least of it is that if Allah decides at that particular moment, when they are ascending and you're saying to yourself, I'm just simply not doing this, I'm just sitting with them. If Allah decides that the roof should collapse upon you at that moment, you'll be resurrected with them.

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You will be resurrected with them.

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And that is the first step that you take towards jahannam towards the displeasure of Allah azza wa jal

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if you want piety, secrets from its sources, but if your heart is inclined towards impiety, towards sin, that understand that this is where you're going to be heading. Wait a few months, wait few years, and you will look at yourself and you'll not be able to recognize who you are. You're not be able to recognize the person that you've become an all of this is because you've allowed yourself to take the first wrong step.

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Yes, it is not easy in the world today to do the right thing.

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It is not easy in the role today to say no to all the wrong things

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to hold on. Because as we said, it is what's popular.

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And what is least popular is for you to see that either a llama hammered and Rasulullah is for you to say I'm not going there. I'm going to the mystic to pray. And even when you go to the masjid, to battle the shaitaan every step of the way until you're inside and in the Salah. And when you leave

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it's not

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cool to say I'm going to stay home reading the Koran rather than go out to this place or that place it's not

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but if you keep in mind that you as you're resisting the shaytan Allah is blessing you as you're fighting with your own weakness to come to the masjid. Allah is beside you and as you please Allah sooner related or low and please you and please serenity into your heart

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and the pleasure that you will feel

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from the harem that you do, will soon turn into bitterness will turn into spiritual bitterness and will turn into physical bitterness, ailments sickness

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will turn into family bitterness and sickness will turn into social bitterness and sickness you will pay its price.

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So if you want the price for gender, you know that you have to resist

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you know that you have to resist and you can be strong enough to have

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That in you, if you keep the company of those whom Allah loves in houses and places which Allah loves, constantly asking Allah azza wa jal for support,

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constantly asking Allah zodia Allah I am weak. And this is for all of us, not simply if you're young, or starting on the way of practice Islamic practice. Yeah Allah, you know that I'm weak, you know, my weakness, you know, my many weaknesses more than I do. But I'm asking you at this moment, not for the sake of anybody else. But at this moment, I'm asking you to make me strong. I'm asking you, you're allowed to make me stronger than my addictions stronger than those temptations. And what do you think Allah will do when you sincerely come to him like that and say, Allah help me to do what pleases you? I'm weak, but I need you. What do you think is gonna happen? except Allah

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azzawajal easing you into agenda easing you into piety paving the way for you? That's what's going to happen. So if there's any particular rebounder that is difficult for you, any particular haraam that is a very attractive, ask Allah azza wa jal to make what he hates difficult and repugnant, and what he loves, easier for you to do.

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If you like the hot arm, ask Allah to take that out of your heart. If you are attracted to it, if you waste time, ask Allah to take this out of your life and to give you seriousness in faith that will make you among the blessed in this life and blessed when you meet Allah azza wa jal

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Allah as the origin is there, and his repentance is vast. And it doesn't matter what your past has been. It doesn't matter what you have done. Today's doesn't matter what you will be doing tomorrow. What matters is when you wake up, and you say, you know Allah, accept me. Yeah, Allah cleanse me y'all like take me. And then Allah zodion accepts you in full.

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And know that

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if you want the halon

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you will find your happiness in it. And anyone who tells you that your happiness lies in how ROM

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he is a helper of the shaytaan whether he knows it, she knows it or not.

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If you're attracted to the opposite sex,

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you can either go the halal route, or the Haram one. And if the Haram one seems easier, more attractive, more satisfying, more alluring, etc, etc, etc. Know that sooner or later you're going to be paying a better price for it. But if you really want to be happy and satisfied,

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do what Allah Zota loves.

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Stick with whatever Allah zildjian had blessed and he had blessed marriage. He had breast blessed decency had blessed openness.

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And that is a thing that once you hold on to what you get a lot as a doula bless it for the rest of your life be in the law.

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Hold on to your religion.

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Hold on to belief in Allah azza wa jal and continuously ask Allah azza wa jal for support, I know that the task ahead of you is difficult, is challenging. But nothing is too great if Allah zodat is with you, and nothing is too great.

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If you make dua

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for your child,

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nothing is too overwhelming. If a law zoton intervenes on your behalf, or on my behalf. So we ask Allah or hammer Rahimi to bless the young among us, and to make us to make them from among the righteous, to make us of those who understand the plus of the shaytaan and to avoid them, and to make them those who believe in the promises of Allah and follow them. Yeah, Allah we asked you to save them from all harm in this life and in the Hereafter, and to make them among those who love you and love your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, guide them to the straight path. Teach them your religion, teaching the son of your Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam filled their hearts with your

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love and love for your prophet. protect them from all the fit and the big ones and the small ones. Make them those who guide people to Islam not of those who take people out of Islam. Where's your love? Well, Al Ameen for all of us to forgive all of our sins was developed by Al amin to make the love that we have for you the greatest love in our in our life. And the love that we have for your prophets of Allah O Allah. He was greater than the love that we have, even for ourselves and our children, was who we are allowed to strengthen our email to grant a sincere repentance to make us of those who read the Koran often and contemplate it to make us of those who seek the sunova homicidal

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How to Sell them and implemented to make us of those who have righteous children and who raised them as you love your hammer Rahimi, to make us of those who choose righteous spouses and treat them well and are treated well by them and to make this family a family that pleases you in this life and tonight that family in general in the house of your pleasure of hamara Hamid aloha Marina for dunya Hasina Sierra de hacer una joaquina de na Allahumma Yama, poly purpura with a bit Ruben Allah de la mia masala for kulu kulu banal orthotic, alumina silica gel neto makabe Hammond codina Mohammed, we're not only becoming a nerio Makarova, they have in common in Ramallah.

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When I say look, I'm in Haiti Mr. Allah God Luca Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when I became inshallah haemostatic I mean who Abdul Mohammed on sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, aloha minister local Hara Kula YG La Jolla home glaucoma and him in Houma Nana when I became an usher. Riku Lee igd, GLA ma alumna minha, man alum, yada yada you can study

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in an akula Latina either unforeseen

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