Will I Be Held Responsible For an Oath That I Wasn’t Able To Fulfill – Ask Shaykh YQ #153

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My brother, always see, we see emails from South Africa martial arts about our goal and by the way, I love to read where your emails are coming from. So when you email me, please email me a state or a location. And it's something that it helps me to contextualize and perhaps even fine tune the answer for you. So brother away see from South Africa, beautiful land that have been there many times and I look forward to visiting soon again, a shout out to either he says that he made an oath In the name of Allah subhana wa Tada. He made a person that if he did such and such a deed, he doesn't he didn't tell me what it is in the oath that he would pay such and such amount of sadaharu charity. Then he

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says that I have done this deed, but I'm unable to pay that quantity of charity. I have done the deed, but I'm unable to pay that quantity of charity. So what should I do? One

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out of seven, me poverty in Asia. No, he lay him first.

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So the response is that this is something that is called a yameen. And you have not been able to fulfill your Yemenia mean is an oath. Allah says in the Quran, law you are who do como la bella with a monocle. Voila, can you ask her to come in via a man? Allah will not call you to task for your frivolous oats. But a low will call you to task for that which you were solemn about. So a frivolous oath, you understand by context? No, well, I'm not hungry. Now. No, I'm not gonna eat right now. You just say it like this, you know, everybody understands that if food is put in front of you, you eat from it, you're just saying like that. But when you say a solemn oath, and you say, will law he, I

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swear by a law that such and such, you know, I'm not going to do that. And it's very clear from the seriousness. And from the context, you making a custom by Allah subhana wa, tada, this is now an oath, and you're obliged to fulfill it, unless, unless

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you see something that is better for you. Or you're unable to like in this case, perhaps you put an exorbitant sum of money, and then you're not able to do that, in which case, you must make a cafaro you must make a explanation of your oath and a lot. And the Prophet system said, by the way, that whoever gives an oath and a custom, and then he sees that there's something better than his oath, then let him break the oath and give the photo for the oath. Allah has made a way out for us the process and has made a way out for it's a beautiful thing. So for example, suppose you were very angry at your friend, very angry at your friend, that whatever he did, and you got very angry, and

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you said to him, I swear by a law I will never visit your house again. And I'm never going to step foot in your house and I'm never going to have food with you again, spell that this is not a good oath. It's not a good oath at all. You should not do it, you should not have done it, but you did it. Now what are you gonna do? You're supposed to break the oath and give the co founder of the oath, and then men do away with your brother again. How does one meant How does one do the kafala it is in the Quran very clearly. Allah says in the Quran, that if you are going to break an oath for cofounder to who are more I shall Altima Sakina mean Oh, salty metal dreamin, alikum hokey swear to

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whom out the Hydra. Acaba familia de mujer for cm with alethia yam that he could have followed a medic with the head of one wife although a mannequin feed 10 people feed 10 poor people the average amount of food that you feed your own families to or give them clothing how you give your own you know family or free a slave. And if you cannot do any of these three things, then you fast three days. So Allah mentions four things the third of them is not possible not because there are no more milkman anymore. So you either feed 10 people so whatever is your meal. So you have rice and meat as your average meal okay? Or in America you have your burger and fries as your average meal or in Sir

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Do you have a shorter man whatever as your average meal, you take that average meal and 10 people 10 poor people, you feed them and you make the Nia This is your co founder or you buy 10 outfits, so 10 average clothes, pants and shirt or silver show Archimedes and you distribute to the poor. Or if you're not able to do these to not able to afford to do that, then you fast three days. If you cannot afford you don't have the money to buy then you fast three days and then you may break your oath and then do what needs to be done. So this is how one abstain or how one breaks the oath if need to be and a lot of den says wife although a man can guard your or don't just break it for no

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Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best