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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of a "monica handmaid deadly force" and the importance of showingayed behavior to save people. They also talk about the creation of Islam and the importance of preparing oneself for life in a hurry. The speakers emphasize the importance of staying in a bar for a long time and not losing too many years of age. They also mention the upcoming 10-night window and the need to showayed to receive it. The importance of staying in a distant time and dedicating time to one's family or community is also emphasized.
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Long one long one long

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along one to one

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how do I

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know more

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Let's see whether when normal madam was to

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on a stain on stuff

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fusina on say Dr. Marina may have been in mandala only you can follow her

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for sure one

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question on Muhammad and

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another your horse's head over time if he could tell you he can yeah

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Jonathan I love

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ya you're

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SEO either way I thought I

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was sending him out

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cuz he Oh and he saw

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what happened was

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gonna be here

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in no Monica

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yeah you

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said he used to do that come on man. Oh my oh no no that was a de la

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photos and

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another thing

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we're having here Hanuma handmaidens, some of them were shown when

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we're putting them in beta

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now that started with a system ask Allah subhanaw taala together doesn't just merge it together as human fear will stay in whistling Mohamed Salah

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few questions that I want to ask myself and my brothers and sisters

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do you feel now 16 days are gone from Oregon

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to Panama

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Phillips was yesterday when I stood up and I said

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today's the second day 16 days f1 are gone.

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Do you feel that you are closer to Allah? subhanaw taala

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Do you feel that your tendency to do good as higher and the inclination to do evil is much less?

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Do you feel that this fasting that we did in the past 16 days was deserved me to enter from the doorframe again.

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told us that every single night and Ramadan there are people who they will be recorded that their necks will be saved from how

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do we do we feel

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that the actions that we did in the 16 days will qualify me will qualify my name to be on the list

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because if the name is on the list Yes.

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If the name is on the list

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You and your neck Allah defeated to be saved from the head fire from now till you die you will not do the amount of l&r.

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And when you enter Jannah and you're sitting with your brothers and sisters, you start reminding each other, you tell them, my neck was saying Ramadan 2015 and other guys say no, it was 1999 for me. Another one was say no, it was 2000 something.

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So when Allah subhanaw taala put the name of the people on the list of being saved from the hellfire. That is the biggest army. So do we feel that our airmen

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microwave that I pray

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my donations that I gave

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the fasting itself, do we feel confined my name to be on that list?

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16 days are gone.

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If you feel

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guilty, like myself,

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well, the best of the days are yet to come.

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There's still room

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from the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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He said in the Quran

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and Allah created everything. And he chose from whatever he created to make it move out, I cannot make anything mobile you cannot nobody can, but he Subhana can, it can make make a person without a place rubella and the time of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala created the angels and from the angels he chose to bring them to be the best. Allah subhanaw taala created mankind and for mankind he made the promise of the prophets to be the best. And amongst the prophets. He chose 5000 No Ebrahim Moosa and asin Muhammad Ali, remain to be the best and from the fight for Eliza. He chose Muhammad SAW Allah Allah send them to be the best man ever created.

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Allah subhanaw taala created the places and chose Mecca to be the best. Similarly, Allah subhana wa Tada created the month and chose Subhana for Ramadan to be the best. And Allah subhanaw taala created the knights

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and chose the last 10 nights of Ramadan to give the best.

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And from the best 10 nights from those last 10 Nights, there is one single night

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that Allah subhanaw taala not only chose but he revealed the sewer that will be recited to Yeoman. About that like

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Lena told me about grant us all

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my brothers and sisters

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this night is so special. And tonight. Today my contention is to prepare myself and my brothers and sisters

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mentally and spiritually

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to welcome and prepare themselves for that like so. With nila, we will not miss its virtue.

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First, Allah subhanaw taala to be the solar and told us one a documentary

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Allah saying when

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you see something beautiful.

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You travel somewhere in vacation and you come back and you tell somebody I saw you. I can't even explain to you. This is a human being talking to a human being. What about the Creator say what a drug can lead to?

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Muscle Mass I said in the beginning of the month, he said in this month there is a note higher alopecia better than 1000 month whomsoever is deprived from its virtue is that it is indeed the department is the balloon along with that.

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He is indeed the my room

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in that night.

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The number of angels on earth

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are more than the number of apples

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the number of angels that descend on that desert night are more than the number of pebbles.

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That night high yield on a lot of people when they translate. They say it's equal to 83 years and more in a bar that's not equally as one. It's how you own is better than spending not living at three years and doing that we do it well. No, it's better than 83 years, the whole 83 years of full, yummy fasting all day and up all night. 83 years of that 83 years of remembering of all

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last panel died at three years of of getting disability 83 years of age died. That night is better is better than 83 years and above have a bad bureau. So how can a person that call himself smart let that night go by without reading that virtue?

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What is that night

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was almost like something in Buhari, he told us this in the last 10 nights.

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And another Hadith, I really thought was salam, he said, For the HalleluYah look for it in the odd nights.

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let's assume that our three

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hour sighting of the whole was wrong.

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And the brothers who fasted one day ahead of us were right, let's assume that that means our art becomes the evening and then even becomes our ad.

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So I'm not gonna waste any chance. I'm not gonna take any chance I lose that Azure. So the whole 10 nights, the whole 10 Nights. I'm going to try to please Allah subhanaw taala I cannot take the risk. I cannot afford to take the risk.

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Ramadan might come back again, but he might not find me.

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So these 10 Nights,

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I'm gonna struggle,

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muscle muscle Allah and he was

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one of them

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from the wisdom otherwise, as soon as I said, I'm gonna focus it is this night. And some of the Sahaba indicated that it is the 27th of may.

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But from the hikma of hiding that death is true we can strike the whole 10 Nights

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What are its signs Yasuda? How do I know this is negative.

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Because it was so sad that night, specifically, last

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night weather that

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it's not too hot. And it's not too cold. It's moderate.

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That's the same during

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the same after, which was many, many of our brothers I've seen that's why we have to struggle because we can see it after the sign out that is that next morning you will get up and you will see the sun as no race.

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You will see the sun with no race.

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What should we do

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in order to gain the virtual if that makes sense? I have no chance maybe to make it again. So another

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number one, look Allah

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if you are sincerely if you are sincere about gaining the virtue of that night, my Allah would bless you that way.

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But you have to show Allah subhanaw taala Ya Allah, Ya Allah. I'm going to strive and struggle. I'm not going to let the moment in me Shafi Rahim Allah He said lady you How can I help you?

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He said, those last 10 nights this data is similar to it's nighttime.

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Be true for sure Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah Allah, because you kept me alive to witness these 10 Nights ya allah I'm gonna do my best to gain the virtual failure to

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let our battle be my brothers and sisters that will be in these 10 nights which will start on Monday night. Let the banner be Lana.

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know mostly

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you only sleep whatever you need to survive and stand up. That's it. We have 350 days to sleep and more than that under the ground, maybe millions of us to sleep but those 10 Nights no mostly can.

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Can Oh golly.

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John Joan, Allah, when Allah subhanho wa Taala is describing and talking amongst them. What was the characteristic you can Colleen and they used to hardly sleep at night?

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hardly sleep at night. Colleen Amina lady may

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take your dose wherever you can in the daytime, or maybe an hour at night just to keep you up. But it's okay at one. Let's try and struggle. It's only 10 Nights. Imagine. Imagine that you go to work. And let's assume for just calculation sake you make $100,000 a year.

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And the boss told you to stay 10 nights in the office. Struggle and strike after you finish

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I will give you 83 years of pay.

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That's $8,300,000 Who would give the opposite one? Who would leave the office?

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So why would it come to African Americans younger? It's okay. I have an extra the Harlem and there's a deal maybe I will make 100,000 rial and somebody told me either you make 100,000 yet or you catch up with the Imam of the huddle and it's equal to 100,000 Salah What are you going to choose?

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First of us will chose the will choose the 100,000 I pray later, but maybe you will not make it to that prayer. And you will miss 100,000 Salah similarly, if I miss mistake that

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I don't know if I have a chance to do it again. So number one, he has one.

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Be sincere, he saw it be truthful, that you really want

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you're really looking forward to that Azure. Allah promised it is the truth.

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Canary Salatu was Salam either

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shut down

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Oh, can I use salatu salam, when the last 10 nights come Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, the man who's going to open the door of genuine, the door gentleman will first open to him guaranteed Jenny, the last 10 Nights is to struggle harder.

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Strive more wishes.

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Learn and that said that used to avoid intimacy with his wife the last night it's not haram, but he used to avoid it.

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What are you and used to wake up his family?

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Let's apply the Soudan of Asuma cisilion in these 10 Nights

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2010 nights

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I'm not gonna neglect as soon as one that you can do in this distant Nights is the sort of ethical,

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to divorce the dunya for 10 days, 10 days.

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Put your phone on airplane mode, who would dare to do that for 10 days.

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And dedicate those 10 days he said

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I know many brothers from the beginning of year from January, they go to their boss, they do the calculation, please I want those 10 days as my vacation.

00:17:33 --> 00:17:39

They would value they understood the weight of these days. This is the vacation time.

00:17:41 --> 00:17:47

Those 10 days be dedicated. If you cannot have the open days that you can please move forward.

00:17:48 --> 00:17:53

If you cannot have the whole 10 days in Africa made the intention Yaffe and the weekend

00:17:55 --> 00:18:03

made the intention from the class of the tomato tomahto Patricia that's also considered Africa, but dedicate some time in these 10 days.

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To be alone, remember Allah subhanaw taala minister will call you have our stuff in love the stuff.

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Salatu salam ala Ananda the media about

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the days of Saturday over here.

00:18:29 --> 00:18:37

The days of Sir nuco are here. The days of running and racing and hastening to Allah subhanaw taala are here.

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And when when you are in a race and you see the finish line, you get a boost.

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If with more energy I'm almost there.

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One of the greatest things

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he said I

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saw that he had in a year. Make a lot of fun. Our brothers in Kashmir are suffering. Our brothers in Syria and Iraq and Yemen and border everywhere make a lot of God.

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This is a serious person.

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This is serious woman.

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She was serious about

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very serious she wants to gain weight

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and that's nothing but our mother.

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She's very serious. She knew the value of hair color. She came to us with allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said yeah rasool Allah

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if I was blessed with this data I

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wouldn't lie the other sort of lie you advise me to say

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now listen, this is the most relevant to us all muscle Allah.

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Allah I'm asking the best man the most eloquent man in speech. What is the best two I can say a native country Arasu Hola. From all the DUA that was who was Totus

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It shows this to let John Murtha I want all of us to memorize and repeat it abundantly since he said it is the best it is the best to

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Allahumma in a car food to help build alpha by one

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simple but mean it from the bottom of the heart Why Allah does say there are three times the word mentioned in this what are you gonna say the food Rahim what

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I said to the app and the food Allah

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the Arabic language they say

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the wind come and erase the traces. So what does that for me? It means not only Allah subhana wa Tada will not punish you for that sin. But when you go on the helm, if you have and you stand up, you will not find that Allah

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I disobey Him and then I raised my hand begging him. Allah erase these things. He erased them. Subhana cambie Allahumma in Nagar foon. To him we'll have one for one.

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Repeat this to heart as much as you can make to have for yourself for your family for your home or for your community.

00:21:22 --> 00:21:26

Do ARIA one a lot of in these nights

00:21:28 --> 00:21:36

make it make a vow. Even though he finished over an one time already make it out and finished again the 10 Nights you're sitting in the masjid

00:21:37 --> 00:21:41

three shows a day I can do it. Over here we can do it.

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The other night says the minimum if you want to get 10 at the least thing you should do the least is nothing special in Asia in general.

00:21:53 --> 00:21:58

Why? You believe is because if you professional nation Jamar as if you are up all night

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that's the least you can do.

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So my brothers and sisters

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if you had any especially my sisters, they got very busy in the last 10 days shopping for a clothing, food gift.

00:22:20 --> 00:22:22

Please do it now do it this weekend.

00:22:23 --> 00:22:25

So you can dedicate the whole thing days

00:22:26 --> 00:22:27

don't be in the malls.

00:22:29 --> 00:22:34

Don't be in the marketplace the worst places on earth in these last 10 Nights

00:22:36 --> 00:22:37

finish your shopping now.

00:22:39 --> 00:22:41

dedicate those times for a dive

00:22:43 --> 00:22:50

you yo what's he do couldn't have seen I needed my I need a mean hiring

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I would do now

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whether you know and then

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you will find it on the Day of Judgment. You'll find that everything that you did right there right in front of you

00:23:15 --> 00:23:20

lie you are you know sorry you're not you can be last

00:23:22 --> 00:23:23

KB authentic.

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00:23:26 --> 00:23:34

saw Wilma J Do you have your word? I only have Booker.

00:23:35 --> 00:23:43

This small animal you will find every smile on your brother's face you will find every dollar you donate you will find it

00:23:45 --> 00:23:50

don't miss that opportunity. Because that opportunity might never come back again.

00:23:52 --> 00:23:53

Among my criminalities

00:23:54 --> 00:24:01

among the public Republicans belong to and then as a woman I'm a slob and with that and I'm also not a public athlete.

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