Your Insurance With Allah! Part 3 of 3

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The profit or loss of sin is actually reported by

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the prophet himself, whoever seeks to please Allah. So, even if this would displease human beings, Allah will protect him from

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and whoever seeks to please people, even if this will lead to displeasing Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will leave him to his own.

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No protection, no guarantee protection.

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That's why we

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asked the governor at that time

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to give me an advice. He said, anything, you know, is basically

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that he is the one in charge. And he put me in this position that he said, he's a tough

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Fear a lot more than you see. And then fear is even more than Allah. Fear a lot more than your boss more than your governor more than your king, then you feel your king more than Allah, Allah protect you from this color of this president of this governor. But this governor cannot protect you from Allah.

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She will come to Australia from empower your throne, and we'll get you down in the hall, Natasha holdco grave. And in that grave, no Jezebel, England can protect you executives.

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Have the sufficient that you need that the insurance policy that it will work with you even after your death. When you are in front of a law, when you are in front of the Hellfire about to pass over to your destiny agenda.

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referral systems ask Allah to grant us all of us His protection, and his aid. And his he died dyers guidance. And may Allah Subhana Allah to protect us in the day and the night, then all the time until we meet him soprano town until we all settle in paradise. Upon your interest to the mustard, we have two important things to look at an auction items. One is blood draw, go ahead and we shall get

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to 10

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all the time. So you can go and donate blood participate because it's a great need. There's a need of 1000 units, you know, that unit would need the

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you need 1000 units every day.

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There is no way we can collect that amount of money unless we all participate as a community. So that's something you can do and ask any doctors on any hospital to tell you the importance of blood to save lives, and unless

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equal to savings argument. So please take your time go up until three o'clock in South Africa. Number two, upon your entrance now on exit, you will find a table and in this table a petition that it has the logo of the mustard exclude academic center or community and this petition is addressed to the senator and the commerce. Okay.

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These two petitions are in relation to the debate that we have today in our community about gun control. And I thought it would be a nice idea for our Muslim community to be part of that discussion. And to demand and to demand

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something as citizens these people represent us. And basically there is two points that

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agreed upon. But I found out that my system, my friends, disagree with me on it. But that's

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but that's my opinion, if you share this, please sign up, put your zip code, put your first name, last name and sign it. And this is two points. One undemanding two things in this petition for our Congress and Senate. Number one is to have what we call universal background checks. So if someone purchases a gun, we need to make sure that this person is not a criminal in other states, it's not a person who have committed a crime or person

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or anything like that in other places and other agencies that he wanted for number one, number two, that I think we do have a lot of law exists already that it will have, you know, a control over guns. I think the problem is not gun control as much as he did control

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and controlling these guys who are using it in the wrong way. So what I'm demanding the other point the Congress to increase the funds that it will be given to law enforcement to implement the law.

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Good laws to prevent the usage of these guns in the wrong way. But the problem to complicate these legal illegal weapons in the street, the problem is the shorter default, you can hire people enough to do that. So what I recommend is to increase the budget instead of our budget, and things which is not necessarily very beneficial. So I'm demanding to vote for God to have more funds towards these two things. You agree with you think it's a good idea, please go ahead and try to name sign it. And let's say we're going to mail the petition to the country. I think that's part of our community. In general, we should care about that concept that we living in as a community and we have a voice to

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voice our opinion about it.

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to benefit and to make it beneficial inshallah