Ammar Alshukry – A House in Paradise Is Waiting

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the process of memorizing the names of Islam's followers, including the Hadith, which is a statement of who everyone is in contact with. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing the meanings of the names and calling them accordingly to avoid confusion. The goal is to call people as the ones who actively interact with the name of Islam.
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So, we begin with

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how many names Allah is with us. Now how many names there's a lot

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huh? Okay, the ones that we know are 100 So you have the famous Hadith, right? The Prophet sallallaahu Selim says that who to Allah belong 99 names may Allah Ada 100, except for one Manasa 100 Jana, that whoever encompasses these names will enter into paradise. So this is the Hadith that initiated, you know, all of this research in this conversation throughout the past 1400 years of Islam, because this word saw, you know, it's vague it requires, you know, it's controversial with regards to what does it actually mean? What does I saw? I mean, does it mean to simply memorize it? Does it mean like, I just memorize 100 Names of Allah Xuyen? Well, there are a number of different

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interpretations with regards to what I saw, I mean, the first is to figure them out and to memorize them. Now there's a there's a famous Hadith, although it's weak, where it says that Allah azza wa jal has 99 names and these are what they are right man are human medical produces Salam, and Mortman. Basically, what you see in people's houses that list of 99 names that are really popular list, that is a Hadith that it's the Hadith itself, that list is not a statement of the Prophet sallallaahu sin. It's actually a statement of one of the narrators of the Hadith. One of the tambourine he narrated by Ed said, these are what the 99 names are. So it's not a statement of the

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prophets, Allah lighters and them, so it's not conclusive. Now, with regards to how to figure that out. How do you memorize that? Well, the first thing that you have to do is you have to ask to figure out what those names are. And so many of the scholars in the past have tried to extract from the Quran and the Sunnah, what the names of Allah as they did are, and so they look throughout the Quran, and they look throughout the Sunnah, and they came up with their own list of 99. And that's why you'll see that the list of 99 names actually vary from one person to another, from one scholar to another. But that's part of the process of US law, because you're actually seeking out those

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names. And you are memorizing those names. The second is to simply know their meanings, which is part of what we're going to be doing a shout out over the next couple of weeks is just to figure out what does Allah mean? What does the man mean? What does it mean? What does the medic mean? What are the connotations of those names? How should I be responding towards those names? How do I worship Allah as or call upon Allah as Egypt, according to those names, which brings us to the third, which is to call a lot as we did by those names, the call of law as they get by those names, you know, Manasa, Demna, whoever encompasses these names, and so when you look at the person who every time

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they converse with Allah as though again, they are using a different name in accordance to what their request is of Allah. So they're asking Allah as though yet for his bounty by the fact that he is MKT. Or they're asking Allah azza wa jal for his provision by the notion that he is not or they are asking Allah azza wa jal by for his forgiveness by the notion that he is unlawful. And so this person is interacting with the names of Allah azza wa jal, through their supplication. And this is something that I was reading it I'm like, Man, I don't do this. I always go back to my default, which is Allah Houma and Rob B and O Allah, right, you go back to the default, and that's why it

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becomes you see how valuable it is where the prophets of Allah did send him says that whoever actually interacts with the names at this level, where they are calling Allah as though again and using these names in accordance with their desires or in accordance to what their requests are, that person will enter into paradise.

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