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hungry now salatu salam, O Allah rasool Allah and he was marrying a man somebody like Allah Ricardo.

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Inshallah, today I'll try to wrap up our discussion on a passage that belongs to sort of sci fi that we've been talking about the past the passage of the sacrifice. And I'll also share with you some future plans for the series in Sharla. Today is the last day that I'm going to be doing this series in s for this Ramadan, but I'm not done with Abraham series. In fact, I thought I'd be completed in 30 days or 29 days. And we can call it a series but we're probably not even halfway there. So there's, there's a lot of material in the Quran on Ibrahim alayhis salam, and I think it's important that we give it its due. So I'm, some of you might know, I'm traveling to Europe Inshallah, in the

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next few days after he actually the day a very, there'll be, my journey begins. I'll be stopping over in California, and then from then on, I'll head off to Umbra and I'll be making dua for all of you, of course, Inshallah, and then from there, I'm heading off to a tour in Europe.

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But when I come back, Inshallah, I'll announce it, and we'll probably hold a couple of weekends, like a day long program on just Ibrahim had a salaam to kind of comprehensively cover some of the material and tie it together in one go. So we'll make it Ibrahim days and Sharla that's the plan because instead of extending it too far down the road and you know, making it little by little, there are other projects that I need attention on, that would take away from this and I don't want to leave this hanging either. So in sha Allah that's the plan. And so stay tuned for that for those of you that are watching on YouTube or on Facebook, I'll make the announcement there all sorts so

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you can attend inshallah also broadcast out on social media, so that you guys can also access it inshallah Allah may Allah make a series of benefit, and really bring this closer to our father Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam, and through him to our own messenger, salallahu Alaihe Salam, and to Allah azza wa jal in any case, so now we're going to talk about where we left off in academic energy Masini. Certainly that is how we compensate all of those who excel This is the Quran is way of telling us a story and then tying it back to ourselves. So we don't have to wonder whether the story applies to us or not. Allah explicitly says it enough times that you get programmed into thinking

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that when you're reading a story, in the Quran fee, the curriculum is mentioned of you, it is something that's talking to you in it, there's a reminder for you and for me, right? So that's a constant. So we never look at the stories in the Quran. Without contemplating about ourselves. However, there has to be caution and sincerity when we contemplate the stories of the Quran. So for example, if you're studying the story of Yusuf alayhi salam, right, and he is falsely accused, right, you could say, oh, I remember a time when I was falsely accused, I can relate to use of rallies around, it's cool. You can and there may be truth in that, but he's kind of totally

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innocent, and we rarely are. Right, so where I have a, you know, a share of the blame. And as much as I like to say, Well, my blame was 5%. And the other side was 95%. You know, if you ask the other side, they'll say their share was 5%. And your share is 95%. And that's them being generous, right? So it's a matter of perspective too. So when we, when we think about the experiences, or the discussions that are taking place in the Quran,

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it's good to say that we want to be able to relate to the stories of the prophets but it can also turn into something dangerous and self righteous if we're not careful and rightly concerned so self righteousness is a an important disclaimer that you know, you and I have to worry about the other thing is, you know, we think about

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you know, like in the case of USA, we think about use of Friday, so I'm gonna I'm gonna find a lot of inspiration we do suffer.

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But his brothers Yeah, his brothers are a lot like my brothers or his brothers are a lot like my uncles or his brothers are a lot like

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My cousin, or his brothers, I know a lot of people that are like his brothers, you know, so you know, use a fist for me and his brothers are for everyone else. Right? So this is also a problematic mentality if I'm being completely, blatantly honest with myself. You know, just interestingly, I was recently just got involved in studying just some correlation between Quran and psychology, particularly, I was looking into the subject matter of jealousy. And jealousy is one of those things that it's really hard to admit if you have it or not. First of all, we have a vague description of it. And of course, because of the term has said in the Quran, we associated with terrible evil. And

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we also know that shaytaan is jealous of human beings. So we, we associate, like the highest level of evil with it. And because it's so evil, the hardest, the last thing anybody would want to say is that they're jealous, right? But there are levels of jealousy that are that are natural, that are normal. Like you're sitting in a class, one kid keeps answering the questions. You're like,

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I wish I was smart. But that little tiny bit of jealousy, right? And at some level, jealousy is actually a natural experience. You know, you're sitting with your friends, and one of your friends has been looking for a job for can you believe it? First week, I applied, I got the job. And you've been applying for six months, and you haven't gotten even a single call? Not a single email, little bit. Uh, and I wish I had a job like that there. Is that right? So that the feeling itself isn't evil? It's natural, actually, you know, but what do you do with that feeling can turn into evil? And can you take that negative feeling and turn it into something something productive? something

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constructive? Yes, you can? And can you take this down a very dark path? Yes, you can. But if you deny in yourself, I don't even have it. I don't even feel it. This. I know other people that are just I've never been jealous in my whole life.

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Then you've got, you know, your lack self awareness. I like self self awareness, awareness if I have that problem, right. So the same way in the story of Ibrahim Ali salaam, we're talking about Abraham Assad, we're trying to relate to some of the things that he had to do. At the same time. We talked about his father, we talked about a society, right. And we want to be on a team Ibrahim, right. So that's relatable to us. But those we should be cool. And the way they reacted and the way they were against him and the way they didn't want to hear it. And the way they were irrational and the way they use their position. And the way they intimidated that. Yeah, that's all for the first stop for

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me. Actually, maybe, maybe in some situations, I am behaving in some remnants similar way to that which was condemned, or that doesn't make me a mushrik. But it certainly makes me more aware. Am I exhibiting some of this behavior? Am I turning into a mob? You know? So just to just to make you and I contemplate that for a moment, like,

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you know, online, you can have fan pages, right, so somebody's got a, you know, page and they got millions of followers on whatever social media outlet, right. And of course, most of the people that are following them, like them, that's why they're following them. Then somebody comes along and says, I need to unboard right now. So I'm going to hurl an insult at this person on their page, or on their post, right? Because people need some extras, masala with their food, so they just, they throw out an insult and what are the what are the following the fan base? What do they do? They eat that person alive? 500 comments on them, insults at them? Who are you to say that? You know, it just

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starts this ugliness? Are you turning into a mob also? Right, are you are you not so so even if you think you're doing something righteous, you are actually turning into a mob and there is a criticism of mob mentality isn't there? So these are the kinds of kind of mindfulness you know,

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levels of awareness that we have to bring to the table when we study the stories in the Quran and Allah at the end of this as in academic energy Mazzini That's why I brought all this up. That is that is exactly how we compensate all those who excel meaning Allah azza wa jal tested Ibrahim Ali son with the hardest test. And then Allah told him that you have completed the dream, you know, and this is not just the next words aren't just for him. It's for all of us that Allah may test us in different ways. And it is because of that sacrifice, that now we have a legacy that Allah will test you and I and then Allah will compensate in ways that we can't expect or imagine his son think about

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this. His son began when he was a young man. He was a mortal sin when he was a young man, and he's being in the world compensated in his 80s.

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Right, that's how Allah does things. It's Allah's timetable. It's not our timetable. You know, but he will compensate in some way or the other in this world and in the next in this world or in the next that's up to him. He doesn't give us any guarantees of when and how and what that's going to look like. The same way Allah's punishments, we cannot decide what they're going to look like. We cannot decide when they're going to come all these things

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People who did so much wrong, how come they're not getting? They're not paying for what they did well? Is that up to you? Should you be dictating to Allah how he should decrease punishments and when and how? Or is that up to him? He he actually took a lot off my plate and your plate that he doesn't let us be concerned with who's getting punished and how right that's not that's above your paygrade leave that alone that's not for you don't worry about it. No, but I saw them I they posted something they still look happy.

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Where's Allah hasn't delivered his wrath yet? What's the problem? You know, this this is this is our man we want to dictate to Allah. We want to tell Allah how to do his his bidding, how to execute His justice. You see, we were not in that position, which I should humble myself to think that and what did Allah do? Liquid limited Minho? mcta Sabinal it's me for every one of them. Whatever sin they earn, they'll get their share. That's it. Once he said it, I don't have to worry about it anymore. You took it off my plate. Right. So the same way here when Allah says it NACA, radicalism sin in the way Allah will reward and the way Allah will punish. And whether that will happen in this life or

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the next like all of that is up to him. But one thing is for sure it will happen. In ahava, who will Bella Oldsmobile in this in fact, this truly is a great, great test. And the word Bella is so beautiful in the Arabic language because by that means two things at the same time. It's from loadall abduct. And Bella means near Madonna Halima and it actually means Esteban Arlene like it both of them at the same time. It actually means a huge blessing also means a huge test. Isn't that remarkable? Like what Ibrahim Allison went through is two things at the same time a huge test and also a huge blessing. Now the thing is when you and I are going through a test we see it as a trial

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a punishment tests are you know confused with punishment. Another word for tests in Arabic is fitna actually test or trial in other word is fitna your Allah fitna, NASCI, gab, Allah. Allah says in the Quran, there is a person who takes the test that Allah, the people are testing this person, and they confuse that to mean that must be Allah's punishment. Listen to those words, how often does that happen in people's lives? How often does this this come to reality? Giada fitness and Nancy Gabriella, they take the fitna the trial that people put them through and they turn it in their mind into the punishment of Allah Jalla fitna Nastika Adam, Allah. Here, Allah describes the believers

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attitude towards even fitna, even Bella, what is it? It's actually a terrible test, a whole a difficult, difficult test. I can't imagine a test harder than the one given Ibrahim Ali Salam, right, and then that test, and the anguish that it must have come with, it's not at the moment of cutting the knife, you have to understand the first time he sees the dream, how disturbed would he be.

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And then on top of that, he sees it again. And then he sees it again. And then he sees it again. And when he sees it again, then he has to tell even telling his son must have been a huge test. And then looking at his son in the face and telling him that test. And then his son telling him do what you're told must be hustle, hard to hear to, that's not an easy thing to hear. And then every step they're taking to go and do the liver and a knife that he has to put in his in his bag. You know, and the fact that he has to lay his son down every second of that is such an incredible test. The test isn't just a moment of the you know, and then Allah stopped him. It's the whole thing was a

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test. What all of it as gruesome as grueling as it was, Allah describes it as Albula, which means a great test and a great blessing at the same time, clearly, what does that tell us, you and I, that, you know, every test includes in it a blessing that you may or may not be able to see, you may have lost, I may have lost a lot of things because of a test. I may have suffered losses of different kinds, you know, we're not sentimental and wildly well unfussy or thermal ratty, right. It could be that you lost people, family that used to love you hates you could happen, family, friends were lost could happen. You know, people could die, people get sick people could turn their their hearts could

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turn away from you. All that is not Seminole unforce money that you had disappears, vanishes, this goes away into nothingness. And then with some rot and the investments you had the fruits of your labor that were going to come forth, can just vanish. And what does he say at the end of that? Well, Bashira congratulations to those of you that have suffered, like why are you congratulating after they lost money, people and fruits? What's the congratulations?

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It's congratulations because if you can go through that trial, understanding that behind this there must be a blessing. There has to be a blast.

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Say, Allah even says in Surah Shula that he holds risk back from his slaves. Because if he opened its doors, they would have fallen into sin.

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Like, and I was explaining this to a crowd the other day, like, think about this Bala, like if he if he opened the doors of risk, you said No, that wouldn't spoil me really it wouldn't spoil you. Let's think about that for a moment. You, those of you that have children, if your kids ask you for something and you give it to them, then they ask you again, you give it to them, you ask it again, you give it to them, you never say no to your kids.

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Those are some of the most terrible children on Earth.

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If you give your kids everything they want, all the time, the one moment, you will not give it to them what's going to happen, they will turn into monsters you've never seen, they will have no respect for you. Because you're nothing more than a cash register an ATM machine for them. That's all you are, you have no other value. And on top of that, all the things you give them they take for granted. They're not grateful for any of them. They're not grateful for any of them. Allah shows us the manifestation of giving, giving, giving without any limits, and what it does to a human being.

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What did the children have not they have fitrah they're innocent. And look at how their innocence can get corrupted if you just want, give, give, give and give. Their innocence can get corrupted. What do you think is going to happen to you and beings if Allah just kept giving and giving and giving? Right? He teaches us these lessons in real life. So here when he says in Nevada, Allahu Allah, Allah will move in. That is that was clear. This clearly was an ultimate great test and a great blessing of Medina who believed in our lien, and we substituted for him Vidya means a substitute price, we substituted for him with a great sacrifice. Now this is also incredible words

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from Allah, great sacrifice, the great sacrifices the sacrifice of a child. And then he replaces the child with a with a Gibbs with that with a ram or a goat, you could say, but a large one, right? So some scholars look at the word Elohim and said, Oh, it must have been a really big animal. That's not the point here. The point isn't if it was a rabbit, or a goat or a cow, and we need to figure out if it was a cow or not. That's no, if Allah wanted you to know that it was a cow, or it was a deer, or it was a rabbit. He would tell you, he would tell you those details are mentioned in the Bible. Quran deliberately doesn't mention them. What did he decide to mention? He decided to mention

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that the sacrifice was great. It was great. But the first counterintuitive observation is the great sacrifice would have been the child and compared to the child or random animal. There's nothing. There's not so great. Right? But to Allah, what makes that simple sacrifice of an animal which was an everyday thing for them back in the day, right? That's what they did normally to eat. In fact, when the angels came to the house of Ibrahim years later, and they gave him news that he's going to have yet another child. What did he do? sacrifice an animal is not a big, there's not that didn't Aleem his agents. I mean, it's just easy, easy slaughter, right? What makes it great is what it

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represents. what it represents, from then onwards starts the legacy of sacrifice. The legacy of sacrifice attributed to Ibrahim holidays and sacrificing of the animal became the cornerstone of the religion of Ibrahim alayhi salam and actually the reason we eat halal food in the way that we eat is actually a continuation of that that in that actually in that incident and every one of the sacrifices of an animal that happens in the name of Allah is actually going back and adding to the greatness of that sacrifice. And then if you study the Bible carefully the the Old Testament particularly Can you close that door because the kids are trying to kill each other and it's sold

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off abandoned?

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Somebody find out if they're okay close 100 Okay, putting tile in the hallway was a bad idea. So much echo. I'm gonna put soundproof carpet and

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so anyway, what was I saying something about Islam sacrifice. So in the Bible, you know how in the Quran you keep hearing a Campbell's masala tea masala to Zika. Right. So established a prayer gives the guy a sandwich to pray that's like the cornerstone of the religion like that's the that's the that's the thing that keeps coming up that defines and characterizes Islam. The character, the feature characteristic of Islam before in the in the Israelite history is actually sacrifice.

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On every turn, there's some kind of a sacrifice at the altar of sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. That lineage of Ibrahim Ali Salam was constantly you know, celebrating sacrifice on this side. What is the ultimate victory of Islam in the spirit of the prophets Allah Allahu Allah

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For them, it is hudge because when Maca is conquered believers can finally restore what this house was built for why Ebrahim Alehissalaam built it, and when we complete the hudge we are finally able to make the sacrifice that we were supposed to that was done the way it's my holiday salon was supposed to the video that he did. And so what do we do at the end of Hajj we sacrifice the animal. Right? So that makes it a win. You want to understand what Medina who will depend on him. Look at how many people are going to hedge how many animals are being sacrificed in Allah's name, and then the meat being distributed. All of that is actually a continuation that's this is what gives it its

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Alma its greatness, both of his lines, the line of a smile, are they Salam through Allah salAllahu Salam, and the line of his heart, as we will see soon, you know, and then the then Yaqoob, and then use of and then from there, the Israelite prophets, both of them at the end, come back to sacrifice. Now,

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catabolic energy, so he says what he felt herein and we left that for the last people to come. We left him on it, meaning we left this legacy for him to be committed to until the last people that will live in this world. So we are sacrificing. And Allah is explaining Himself what makes that sacrifice so great. For the last of the people that come because we're the last Omar is the last messenger were the last OMA and we're so sorry, Salam says and our cyclohexane i and the our are like these two fingers. Why do you think that is? Because if there's no more Prophets coming, then these you know, other prophets would warn of the destruction of a nation. Right? They would warn of

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the destruction of the Nation of New how the nation of Saudi or the nation of loot, etc, etc, right? Our messenger socialism is not warning of the destruction of a nation. He's the only destruction left as the world altogether. This The only thing left is judgment itself. You know, the final book has come the final messengers come, the only warning left now is judgment day itself. Right? And so we are every generation of Muslims is part of the last batch of humanity. Were in the last chapter of human history. That's where we are, you know, and the more years that go by, these are just next passages of that same last chapter, the last chapter, we can begin with the coming of Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi salam and we're in it now. We're living in that part of the legacy of the world with Dr. Ali he fell off hitting Saddam when Allah Ibrahim because early conventional Mazzini look at this, you know, may peace fall on to Abraham or they Saddam. So you know, we even now when we pray, we sent salvato on our messenger SallAllahu sallam, and alongside with every time we associated with who, Ibrahim alayhis salam, right, so here Allah Himself, Allah Himself, so Salam o Allah Ibrahim, great peace shall fall upon should it fall upon Ibrahim alayhis salam, and salutations to Ibrahim Ali Ali salaam, Kedah Lika energies in Marcin in in the home and everybody

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and I mean, that is how we compensate those who excel again. This is the second time we just saw and I have 105 In Canada, the Canadian Marcin and then I have 110. Again, Canada, the Canadian sale Marcin. Allah is reinforcing and reinforcing and reinforcing the idea that this story has to be relived by all those who try to excel. They will excel and Allah will compensate them also, Allah will give them a legacy also, what makes the now let's contemplate this a new for a minute, what makes the legacy what makes the sacrifice so great, the fact that it created a legacy, right? That's what makes it great. The fact that work continuing that legacy adds to its greatness, the fact that

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it was also reinforced and revived that legacy adds to its greatness. All of that is actually what makes it is the Aleem of Medina who believe in our theme. But Allah at the end says that is how we compensate those who excel What is Allah telling us to do? Allah is telling us to create a legacy.

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Allah is telling you is teaching us something about, you know, the mentality of Ibrahim alayhi salam, and you know, the the inspiration molecule South Africa, the inspiration of Ibrahim alayhi salam is to think about what's going to be left of the good that I do after I'm gone.

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What will I leave behind? What am I giving to the world? What am I giving to my family? What am I giving to my neighborhood? What am I what am I giving of myself of my knowledge of my wealth, whatever it is, what is it that I'm giving, that is going to live longer than I do? That's going to continue to make it this this one thing that I do continues to become greater and greater and greater. It only it only flourishes more and more as the days go by as generations go by. I will be dead maybe some nobody will even remember my name, but my deed will carry forward. Just think about that for a moment even in terms of Dawa. I often say this because this is one of my desires Allah

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grant all of us Jana, one of my wishes in in the US Hara, and I pray Allah grants me

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In all of Uganda and forgives all of our many sins

00:25:03--> 00:25:43

is that when I go there, I actually really want to meet my ancestors. And I want to meet my, the first ancestor in my family that became Muslim because on my ancestry, my father's side, were there from Afghanistan, two, three generations back. And if you trace the Fulani history, further back, these people were pagan, and many of them were Buddhist, also, they had influence from China. They had other kinds of pagan religions, the Mongols came in that area, they had different kinds of religious influences, right? So they were not Muslims. There is a time in history where people in that region started coming towards Islam. So at some point, someone became Muslim. Right? And then

00:25:43--> 00:26:24

he decided to marry and have children and raise them as Muslims, and generations down, I get to be raised by Muslim parents, whatever migrations happened, economic conditions happen, whatever happens, I get to be raised a Muslim, and I get to say, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, I get the opportunity to hear about the word of Allah, because of a legacy that was created. Right? And I want to meet that person and they might not even know how great that act was. They might not even know but its impact will come for generations. This this, this generational mentality. That's actually part of what are they now who believe and Aleem, what are they? Hearing Salam, O Allah, Allah,

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Ibrahim, Quranic energy, medicine in human, anybody know what we need? And finally, he certainly is, from Our believing slaves. This is the final motivation that Allah has given us in this IRA, which is what of, of all the things you could have described Ibrahim alayhis. Salam with what did he choose? He was from Our believing slaves.

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You know why? Because that opens an invitation who else of you wants to become a believing slave? Because if you do become one of Our believing slaves, you can be affiliated with Ibrahim on Instagram, because you will be from everybody Allah helmetless meaning and he was from everybody law helmet we need you see. So it's actually another invitation to affiliate ourselves with Abraham I listen and I was telling you Quran has lots of evidence that the son to be sacrifice was not as hard as it was Smiley's Salaam and I inclined towards that view, look at these ayat, or Bashar now who is happened to be a minister Ali hain. And we gave on top of that, we gave him good news of his heart,

00:27:22--> 00:27:33

a Prophet from among the righteous. The whole story of the sacrifice has come to an end. And then Allah says that we gave him the good news of his hack. You will that tells you that the previous story is not about us.

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That somebody is married and Islam and this is now about his Huck, who's maybe a minion Salah Hain or Barack Natalie he rather is how women do reality Hema Marcin and Wally Molina FC and we bet we blessed him and be blessed as hawk and from their offspring, meaning the offspring of Ibrahim from a smile in his heart, there are those who do excellently and those who wronged themselves moving clearly wrong themselves. You know, so So volume on Linux, he will be in clearly wronging themselves. And that's a description of the Israelites. Now, among them were great people, and among them were those who wronged themselves. And so now the story switched over to the side of who is

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hacker they salaam, the other child of Ibrahim Elisa, and that's why in the next day, and Soto sofar are going to go to one of his most prominent children, which is Musa alayhis salam, right, because the story has the line has switched. So on that line, the key figure is Musa Addis and I'm from that lineage. Right. And so that then Allah will talk about Musa Elisa. So with this contemplation, I'm going to wrap up our discussions on Abraham Ali salam for the month of Ramadan. And I'm really excited to be able to cover more of our Greatfather with you which Allah there are some incredible passages that I haven't even begun to touch in this in this account of Ibraheem Alehissalaam, one of

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the most important figures, I think, the reason my, my motivation for doing this series in Ramadan, was that I what I said in the beginning, I'll reinforce again, is that I certainly believe that if we don't understand Ibrahim alayhis salam, then we cannot understand the connection between him and the coming prophets, because the prophets that come after him are actually a continuation of his legacy. Right? And the perfection of his legacy is actually Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. Right. That's the culmination of his legacy. So in a sense, if you say I have studied the life of our Prophet or the South Sudan, right, you've studied the marking period, you studied the Madani

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period, you studied MCI, etc, etc. But you don't know its connection to Ibrahim Ali salaam, you're missing something huge. You're missing you have to put Ibrahim glasses on and then study the life of the prophet slicin. Because actually what he was given, the struggle he was given the mission he was given was to restore the work start and finish the work started by Ibrahima de Sena. That's why he sent to the kava that's why he's given the attack.

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advice at the end, the ultimate victory certain fact he's given the sacrifice, which is the legacy of his father, Ibrahim alayhis salam, you know, so it's it actually all comes back to the Kaaba and because the Sierra all comes back to the Kaaba. The Kaaba goes back to who? Ibrahim, are they some, so there's an intricate connection, and we have to really deeply understand Ibrahim alayhis salam, so we can deeply appreciate not only him, but his great son Rasul Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam, and through them we truly understand and appreciate our religion and the legacy of revelation that Allah has given us. BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran Al Hakim when a family were El Camino it was in Santa

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Monica Morocco after