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into two ways. One of them is a married person committing Zina and the other is a unmarried person committing Zina. So a married person committing Zina is actually much, much more serious in Islam, and they're both serious and they're both made sins, but it is much more serious. And that is the enemy of Zen of fornication. Somebody heard that the punishment for that would be 80 lashes. So it's a very serious topic, and unless panna cotta tells us in the Quran, well, Allah tempura bozena, and don't come near to Xena in the who can officiate a warm up don't was a sybilla. Right, don't come near to Xena. And to start off, you know this topic primarily when it comes to Xena May Allah

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protect us that it's something widespread in our in our culture, something that's normal even sometimes when you hear people say we want the Muslims to integrate, sometimes they're talking about we want them to fornicate. We want them to just basically drink alcohol, come to our clubs. And and be with like one of us. That's what they're talking about when they say we want integration.

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So this society, basically when,

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when I was in high school, what you would call a levels correct.

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Now I was in high school, I know that the the teacher would say that all the boys would need to partner up with one of the girls, I noticed this as you know, allow us to you know, memorize a crime, but I went to Publix, public high school. And in school, the teacher did not separate the boys from the girls, what will happen when you take non Muslim boys and girls and put them into a room What will happen? The girls will go and sit on one side and the boys will go and sit on the other. That is their fifth row and they're not even Muslim. That's their feature. That's their nature, the girls will go to one side, the boys would go to one side, and there will be there'll be

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one boy who was like, I'm just gonna go sit in the middle of the girls section. And he'll go and sit right in the middle. And what will the girls do to immediately they'll banish him, they were like you're sick get out of this section, this lady said, and they're non Muslim. This is the way of us content creators, so the culture and his schooling system. And they will what they say is like, you know, where did they get this from this Puritan Christian, you know, whatever. And they'll say, we have to break this. So your boys and girls, and if you've been through the schooling system, you know that they do things in school to try to break down this barrier. So what they'll do is, when

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you have you know, a chemistry lab, you have to partner up with a boy partner up with a girl, that is intentionally when we're in sports. in gym class, they'll say every team, you know, in basketball or something like that, they'll say you have to pass to the girl on your team before you shoot. Otherwise, it doesn't count as a point. And they try to integrate so that the boys and girls are art together and that these barriers are broken down. Now, when I was in high school, I remember you know, young ministry, trying to lower his gaze and all of that stuff. And we learned from the sin of the prophets of the licen that one way to protect ourselves from this is to fast is to sown.

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So remember one time walking down the hallways of my high school and I was saying to myself,

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I'm fasting, I'm fasting, you're fasting, you're fasting. And I actually had gum in my mouth.

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And I remembered the irony of this is I say I'm fasting, governmental. Something doesn't doesn't work here, right? Allah subhanaw taala wants to protect us but in our societies, I want to go through a list of ways that the boundaries have been shut down. But before I go to the, the the boundaries that have been basically been broken down, let's look at the human creation. A lot of data tells us in the Quran, in Ninja I feel only halifa Allah says I'm placing in the earth, a halifa vise gerrant or whatever I halifa basically means a creation that will that will procreate, it will continue holida means to come after. Now there is you guys know that there's a website like

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Second Life Have you heard of that? There's like these websites where you can it's actually a world of people inside they buy and sell real estate or in an internet type of situation right now in these in these virtual worlds. There's so much money involved in it, that they hire PhD economists, PhD this and that in order to maintain the commodities that are inside these virtual worlds so that they don't collapse the whole thing. So how much gold is there? How much real estate if it's a virtual world and they give too much real estate the value goes down. So what I'm saying is that there is a lot of intelligence

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The goes into human beings and how they can sustain themselves. Now from there and take the verse in the giant of the halifa. I reflect on the human like, a lot of times people come and ask me questions, and I'll tell them, You know what the human nature is, this is how we're created. One of the things that we were created with is the desire to procreate, right? The desire to procreate, and it has to be that way. So if a woman isn't married, and she feels sad, I'm telling her, you can shut off that sadness, because you're a human being, if the if the desire to have babies could be shut off, people would have shut off about men, you know, if it could be shut off, people would shut it

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off. But you can't. You cannot shut it off. Just like you hear the angels. They're created to worship Alas, Panda, human beings are created to procreate. So the desire is fully intense. It's there amongst the men and the women, it might be different desires, maybe a woman man wants to basically have marital relations, and the woman wants to have children and she wants marital relief, maybe not as as much as the man but she still wants to have children. Right. And you'll see even people they'll go and adopt later on, if they can't have the desire is so intense, it cannot be shut off. Now, that being said, with such an intense desire, you know, taxi drivers, if you go to the

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airport, these cab drivers have to get in line. Correct. They're in a big long lineup, and what we have in Canada, and you might have it here, it's please do not accept rides from rogue cab drivers coming up to you and saying, Do you need a ride? Do you guys have something like that? Right? So they say, you know, you don't know who they are when our basically what they're saying is that if you if this person jumps the line, and, and tries to capture you, as soon as you come out from you know, it was getting easier, like do you need a cab, I can, you know, and they work something out. It has destroyed the whole system.

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Okay, it's destroyed the whole system.

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Now, because what will happen is that all the cab drivers will have to get out of the line. And we'll all have to it'll ruin everything that you can no longer stand in line by everybody will be like a fight for themselves. It's like a marketplace. everybody's like, hey, look at me. I don't have hijab. Look at me. I'm more beautiful than my sister here. And they'll do that. So now let's look at the high heels. Woman. Why is she wearing high heels.

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She's wearing high heels because the short women are wearing high heels.

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And now they're the same height. There's no visual advantage to the tall woman. Because the short women are wearing are wearing high heels and they look like they're six feet tall now, because they're high yields are like this big.

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And so then the tall woman is like I need to distinguish myself from my sister. So she wears high heels.

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So now the shorter one does what?

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Okay, now the man is like, which one should I you know, I'm in a marketplace here, you know, meet dresses and all that stuff. Which one should I look at? And then so now the one now the tall one is taller, she's got a visual advantage man's looking at her. So then this one says like, Hey, I got some skin over here.

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Oh skin. And then he turns that and then the the other woman says, No, I got skin too.

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And he looks at her. I got more skin. I got more skin. And then it just gets you know where it goes from there. And then you have

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half naked people walking around. And then you have fully naked people walking around. And then what do they do after that when everybody's walking around naked and there's no more visual advantage to one or the other? It spirals down until they're just beasts. You know, like you're talking to African Safari, right? You don't have gazelles wearing clothes. That's what happens in society. Each one is competing to show more skin and to visually stimulating get the attention of I'd say primarily the men. I don't know if they're doing that for the women is. Okay. So now you understand what this spiraling downwards of the society. You can see each one each magazine is trying to outdo

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the other magazine by more lewd and showing more skin. And I know like the newspapers you have here, they're just full straight out, right? It's completely nakedness. They're like, here's the news. And we'll show you a naked woman just so you buy this newspaper. How do you feel about them?

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And they sell the newspapers. They and they do that. Okay, so now you're looking at the newspapers, you go to buy something, the newspapers, boom, they're all trying to capture your attention from there. You look at the billboards. Now, actually, your billboards are not as bad as some other places that I've been to. in Toronto. They had a billboard I remember I'm taking my daughter, my wife and my daughter and immediately we're like, cover your eyes cover your eyes, the Billboard. I think the poster was at least 10 floors.

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Right 10 floors, and she's not wearing a shirt. But now with that type of attention now all the other gene companies come in, and everybody's got to come in and all the travel agencies got to come in, and they've got to compete with that. And so Toronto especially, has just spiraled downwards, where every build right now has gone in this direction. Now Hanalei saw your billboards here in London, and the people are wearing clothes in the billboard, that's a good thing. Hamdulillah, but it's not too far before somebody pushes the envelope a little bit, and somebody has to compete and push the envelope, and it spirals downwards. Let's look at the accessibility of pornography. I went

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to a older sister, she works in social services. And I said, is the situation of divorce more problematic in our community? Or is the situation of people not being able to get married, which one is more problematic? Because it's my assumption that the problem of people trying to get married is actually a bigger problem. Then the three times speakers come along on the microphones that are allowed to divorce the divorce issue, actually, I think, you know what, that's something small in comparison to our boys and girls can get married. I think that but that issue of the boys and girls Getting married is is not championed and people don't speak about but I would assume it is a much

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bigger problem than the divorce issue. People get married they have problems Yeah, you know, that's life. But what about people getting married, getting older and not finding enough the the right mate for themselves? And so they'll turn to non Muslims where the non Muslims so a Muslim boy can't find a Muslim girl. There's a whole bunch of girls at school that will be like they don't have those restrictions. So they come out the skin being shown the person either a falls into Xena or they fall into or they marry like a non Muslim. And then you have amongst the sisters sisters wanted you can imagine a sister is getting older she has this desire. Can you imagine she's gonna go through a

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whole life never having marital relations? her entire life? She's never gonna have children ever gonna have a man in her life never all of this stuff. And and that's a problem. What does she do? What's the situation there? And again, it's like it's not champion people don't bring up those the situation everybody just kind of like just suffers quietly so the pornography in the olden days was you know, you had to go to some some dodgy store to you know you had to be a straight out pervert right? Like complete with the trench coat everything in order to get a dirty magazine. Now times have changed signs of the day is into shadow Zina that Xena will become widespread. Do you look at

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for example, a Muslim country a nice clean Muslim country then Mashallah the internet came to town.

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Right? And they look at, for example, a city in in some Muslim country. I don't want to name any specific countries, but they're conservative. The worst most horrible thing was them watching WWF Wrestling, WWE wrestling. The men are wearing underwear. Did you guys notice that?

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Right? You see this thought they're like you forgot that this is a man whose outer is showing. And you know, here are little Muslim girls in a conservative Muslim family in a conservative Muslim country. You've never seen stuff like this, watching men and underwear, jumping around and stuff like that. And like Haha, it's funny, funny, and so on. Now, those countries, that was just the tip of the iceberg, because when the internet came in, boom, now you got the pornography issue in every household, every hour, actually, I won't accuse all the men right there but you know how it is?

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The pornography so when I asked this, this Auntie about you know it which issue is bigger, the divorce or the marriages or issue that is the biggest more than marriage or divorce, and that's the issue of pornography addiction.

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Pornography Addiction is it's everywhere. Because now it's accessible to anyone everything already the billboards. Now the billboards have to compete with the internet's pornography.

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In fact, the wide spread of the internet is coming because of the pornography. Pornography chooses the medium. And you know, you see these other websites Oh, you got like 500 hits you got 1000 hits on your website pornography website comes in boom 20 million in one month. Right and and growing. And all these people competing in the pornography, may Allah protect us. You've got also the music, and the music is widespread. And then the language and what the what the songs are talking about in if you notice the top 40 songs, they're all related to love. They're all related to love breakups, or you know this and that in order to get in Maine.

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stream in the music. You don't have like,

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what it like social service type of messages coming out in the music in the top 40, top 40 songs that everybody's listening to all love story based, right? And it's not like I want to get married and this and that it's all Xena. Okay, so now said, Roumain back to what I said about the desire of the male and female.

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And now these are, you know, the additives to the situation, before we go to some solutions. Let's look at the husband and wife, husband and wife like people are married.

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We've got a problem with the marriages in that marital relations don't happen often enough, they don't happen often enough. And I would assume that this is something that shaytan is very happy with. If a man are lived together, they're just basically like roommates, you sleep in your room, I sleep in my room, you know, we get into the occasional fight and everything. And you know what life just goes on? How long has it been since you know, to have stuff together? And how many years has it been? And then and life goes on like that? We recently did a very graphic

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workshop with shift after quality. And it was called like a garment like a garment that was Hello, intimacy. Okay, and how about intimacy is a nice word for you know what,

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now a sister, she

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she emailed us, she was very happy.

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And she made a donation, because of what they had learned in the thing and Hamdulillah, both the husband and wife had took this, and in hamdulillah marital marital relations took place. Now, that is one of the happiest testimonials I could ever hear is that here, a husband and wife were able to come together and have marital relations, because that goes against the plan of shavon shavon shaytans plan is to divide the husband and wife to make them not sleep with each other to not have marital relations, to not have children to not raise them, let the family unit break. One of the things actually one of

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one of the capital assets of a woman is her beauty,

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capital asset, distributing.

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And with that beauty, here's a man for example, let's suppose he has a lot of money as a good job. He has this he has this desire to have marital relations, and, and her beauty and his attraction to the beauty. This is your asset. Now Islam protected the woman in that this man is not going to have this woman unless he makes a commitment to take care of her in a married marriage contract. And so even when she grows older, and she may lose some of that beauty, she's still in a protected situation.

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as the years go by, she's still protected by the Islamic Islamic system.

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Now, what would a man do if he's able to get marital relations without making the commitment?

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He would never commit.

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So a woman says, You know what, I'm really desperate. Hey, I'll have this marital relations with you. But we're not married. Let's do it in Xena. When a woman does that, she has no value. She's dead. She's finished. The values gone?

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Because now the man's like, Well, why would I take care of you when I already got what I needed.

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So maybe in the moment, she thinks Oh, but you love me. Right? Yeah, right.

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So Shipside says something interesting. He goes,

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that men they're all slick. When you see a man and woman they're at a restaurant. And the man is sitting beside the woman. And he's kind of like leaning into and they're like it's a booth, right? There's two sides to the to the table. And the man is sitting beside the woman he's leaning into, you know, they're not married.

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Because he's being so loving to her.

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Okay, unfortunately,

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now when they're sitting on opposite sides, and they have kind of like a little frown then you know they're married.

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All right. I wish that it could be that you know, the married couples are the ones leaning into each other. And you know, they're in love and all that stuff. And I wish we can cultivate that more and it makes me happy when I see husband and wife that are just so much in love with each other hamdulillah I would love to see more of that. Muslim men and women they're all you know, married and in love with each other and we have like this love in the air and all that stuff. I'm the law. It's a dream one day inshallah Tada. But, so this guy who's not married the boyfriend, girlfriend situation, why is he being so loving? Is this isn't rocket science.

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Okay, so he's like, I love you. He's putting his arm around her. He's like leaning into her and all of that stuff. And her value only goes up to to the merit of relations and then

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It's over her value is done. And with that, you see the women there, their value in this society is going down and down and down.

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And I would assume now I'm putting myself into the non Muslim, you know, the developers and the strategists and the flood the think tanks and whatnot, I'm sure they're saying to themselves, we're screwed, we got a big problem on our hands, because our boys and girls have cut the marriage system out. And now they're just getting these marital relations like this. Our women are not going to have value in the future, once they get a little ugly or something like that, boom. It's like, why would I? Why would I take care of you? Right? When I can add, you know, all these medalists can happen, they're not going to have children. And their society is not going to continue. But bring a Muslim

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society hat right beside another society like that. And here the Muslim family has a marital religion has the marriage system where the women are valued even into their old age. And and and there's this love and desire to have children and raise them and take care of them. Now you have a thriving community versus a community that's crumbling from the inside out, right? Unfortunately, life isn't so idealistic, and our Muslim boys and girls are falling into that same trap. Maybe it's not in this situation here inshallah Tada, hopefully, it's not here, but go out into the street into the reality of our Muslim community. And Xena is a big problem. And pornography addiction, you know,

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and all this stuff. It's so intense spatola. You know, you might ask me why, why does Mohammed a sheep do more lectures? I honestly think that some of these lectures is just a big farce. This is a big fake thing. Why would I say that I was once giving a lecture, this is in Toronto and a brother.

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He came up to me before the lecture was gonna be talking about marriage or something like that. And he told me the reality of the situation of, of what take place of what takes place. Now, he said things that are so horrific and so like, jaw dropping, scary of what happens in our community, that I came to the conclusion right at that point, that the lecture that I was about to give is just a joke, compared to the reality of what the situation happens of what's happening in our, in our society. So take one day at a loss.

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And don't come near winter, Xena Don't come near to it. So there are steps that lead to it, the magazine, the internet, talking a little bit too much to the opposite gender, and so on and so forth. Those things lead into zinna. And so a person cuts off. I like to always, you know, test my, my social skills. Sometimes there's a woman there, I'm like, should I test my social skills on her? And I'm like, No, I don't need to be testing this. Ever. Let go.