The Truth of Antisemitism

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You're seeing more and more evidence of anti semitism. It says the word ironic, ironic that you call the saving of symmetric lives as anti semitism.

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So one of the words that gets thrown around constantly, sometimes in context, sometimes out of context is this word of anti semitism. And it seems like, if you're in doubt, call it anti semitism. And one of the people that caught my attention who used it recently was

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the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson. So let's watch this little clip and and then we'll have a chat. It may be that what we're really seeing now in some of these, these marches in the in these demos and the unthinking way people are talking about this issue, what we're starting to see perhaps, I really hope this isn't the case, but you're seeing more and more evidence of anti semitism. And in the end, that is something that simply cannot be tolerated, neither in my country nor nor anywhere else. So this is the former prime minister of United Kingdom. And I think he's world famous for ordering the rest of the country to socially distance. And

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kids were not allowed to visit their parents who are dying because of COVID. And he himself was enjoying drunken parties, number 10. But that's the second story.

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So Mr. Johnson in this clip has is visiting Israel.

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And at home back in the United Kingdom, millions of people have taken to the streets

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to try to end the genocide that is happening in Gaza. So in that context,

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the former Prime Minister

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refers to the marches that is happening in the United Kingdom as having elements or possibly being anti symmetric.

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And there's obviously an irony there.

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Because I think

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the former Prime Minister's probably using the word

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out of context, and probably inappropriately, simply because if he was to tiptoe a little raised his head, look over the border, he would see that on the other side. 30,000 Semites are being massacred

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30,000 noncombatant civilians of which a good 70% are just women and children.

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And I know this is hard to believe, but they're Semites as well. And the millions of people that you don't want to match and you calling them anti Semites back home in the United Kingdom, they're actually marching to say stop the killing of Semites. And you're calling them anti semitic. And if you're shocked why are they Semites, here's a bit of context. So the story goes biblically

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that the great floods happen to the time of Noah or know how they have Santa. And humanity was eradicated apart from the family of Noah and some others. But humanity really started with the three sons of Noah, one of whom was called some. So some had children, his children had children, they grew and his children and reference to their father became cold. Sami Yoon, or Semites in English. So who are the Semites, they are all the people that speak Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, and so on.

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So the Arabs in that population that you have come and whose massacre you're morally supporting, and you've probably given technology and intelligence and equipment for it are Semites. So it's, it's probably it is the word ironic, ironic that you call the saving of symmetric lives as anti semitism.

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There's another problem probably more graver than then misuse of the word.

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And that is that when you keep using the word for anything that you don't like, that doesn't go according to your beliefs or in line with your agenda or, you know, with what is inside your heart. The word starts losing its seriousness and its gravity and its importance. And then it's like, the man or the child that cried wolf. So I think for the greater welfare of everyone, use it when you've learned its meaning and you know, it's correct application.

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And that's why it makes sense. Lastly, Mr. Johnson, you are a former

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Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and you still hold, you know office of importance, and there's a massive power difference between you and the average Joe.

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So when,

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you know, alternate opinion comes on the streets, in what is,

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you know, a very civil demonstration and part of the constitutional rights, and you try to quash it by labeling it by, you know, taking legitimacy from it and associating a dark, ugly context with it, you risk pushing resistance underground. People become afraid of engaging in political process, then they seek non political avenues of expressing their sentiments, which could result in extremism and all the rest of it.

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And I think for a person that has at one stage been the prime minister of a great country like the United Kingdom, they should be aware of these intricacies, both linguistically politically strategically, and use their platform more responsibly.

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instead of chasing their own, you know, selfish agendas and things that put the nation and the language to be honest, that risk Thank you.