99 Names – EP 34 – Arrabb

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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 34th episode he talks about the name of Allah – Arrabb

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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children all ages. My name is Grameen Do you appreciate beleives energy at the beginning of this clip?

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This is Episode Two after having eaten lunch I think I'm starting to get the itis.

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But having said that, let's I'm ready to go. You're ready to go. Um, then again I'm a well conditioned athlete, so

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there's so much like

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so much you could say don't take it there. Let's go.

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Alright, um, what are we talking about today? So we are talking about a rub, rub, rub boo. Okay, not rubby Lord of the Lord.

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l rub

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a BB put another beyond that. wb wb. Okay, so, and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Okay. Right shows up right at the beginning of sort of ricotta. Yep. Allah being robina so much. Yeah, no, hold on. Now, Rob is translated again as Lord, Lord, Lord, what does the Lord mean to you? Lord, I imagined some medieval English knight who owns a lot of land

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and taxes the people. Great.

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So Rob is more than Lord My a lot. And so even my Lord, the author who translated it as Lord, who knows, man, it sounds like one of those. To be honest, it's it's, there's no one word that you're going to translate that's going to carry all the meanings over. How do you open up your poem? Thank you so much with it.

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Rob means the master and sustainer nourisher creator, developer maintainer. And that's exactly what even Mongo says, okay, a bit more. A bit been on board is the author of the classic Arabic lexicon called the Santa lado. Okay, the tongue of the Arabs. Nice. So he defines the rub as a rubber block of lava. He says Adams medical say the king and the save the master. When would that be? The one who plans when would I be the one who nourishes and develops will pay him? Okay. The maintainer? Yeah. When when the Disposer of blessings. Oh, so Abdullah Muna. Yes, our new yorker friend, there you go. So he says. So yeah. Rob means the master and sustainer, nourisher creator, developer maintainer. He

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does all of these things. So all of these, and so so that master creator, developer, master and sustainer, master and sustainer, nourisher, creator, sustainer, nourisher, creator, creator, developer, developer, maintainer, and maintainer and put their Disposer of blessings, but I couldn't fit that into the right. Okay. Disposer of blessing blessings. So, that's a lot. Yes. And Allah does all of that. And that's why what you get from Rob, is the one who takes care of you. Okay, in every sense, the one who's looking after you, the one who's providing for you, and that's why you find that the majority of the supplications that are made in the Koran, sorry.

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Okay, I'll be adding a banner at the end after dinner has no philosophy even Sheldon calls upon Allah.

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Jessica Yeah.

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Rob BB my awakening, okay, losing and alone for a little Vietnam. He may he says, Oh, my Lord, by the fact that you've caused me to go astray you still calling him My Lord. Hmm. He says Robbie. Oh, my Lord, give me respect. I've always wondered is shaitan say literally saying you cause me to go astray? Or is it that you allowed me to go astray? Be my avoid any? That's a good question. Allah knows best. Because that's a good point of research. Okay.

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Anybody know the answer, do share, or just look up the seed. We can look it up after the video, okay. But I'm reminded that a statement of a walk down the line, he says,

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What earth will carry me and what sky will shade me? If I say about the book of Allah, what I don't know.

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Like, where am I supposed to go? So, coming back to up so the topic of rub Allah azza wa jal, he is the Sustainer and the nurturer and the provider and that's why we said that Allah azza wa jal, the eyes of the Quran are all calling out by lies on the stomach. And so what this reminds us of is one

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realizing that Eliza is the one who provides for you, okay, lies the one who takes care of you and to learning the supplications that are in the hold on. You know, a lot of times we make a lot of, and we're seeing a lot of things.

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But there's no statement that we can make. There's no doubt that is better than the ones that are mentioned in the hold on this.

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How often is it appropriate? Because there's certain things that are maybe they're not really a dog, but there's more conversation. Right? I eat the verses of Eliot Milan, in the end where he's saying, Robin is Allah Subhana Allah but not good, right? It's not like although it's beginning with all but it's not a DA Yes. So not every statement that begins with the robot now Robbie is necessarily a duck. Yeah, very good point. And this is something that I always thought was the case. The other day, when I was a drought, yeah. Okay, so you were shocked when you had the chance? Like, no, it's not a dog. What do you mean?

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Here you were crying saying

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that I bought in a panic, but there is a drought at the end of the day after it. Yeah, after

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that, but no, yeah. So, but even even in the early verses of Allium, Ron Rodman I

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don't even know. Do you know what I'm talking about? No. Okay.

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don't worry, we can do editing. Haha, I need to know. There was I was just reading it earlier. Um,

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ah, but then it kind of continues. Okay, so the point being is basically not every little banner is yes.

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Okay, very good. So, the point here being is again, your Lord is not a distant Lord. Your Lord is not a lord who does not care for you. Your Lord is not a lord who you will never have access to, or you are beyond having access to or your life has taken you in a direction where you cannot return back to at any point in time. Okay, a lot is built up. And he's the love of the world. He's lit up for a lot. I mean, a couple of connotations here with regards sewed up also that I didn't mention is that up being the hardest, not being the one who creates also the word that love the word teddy bear comes from Rob. Okay. And that's where you get this concept of developing. Okay, that'd be Yeah,

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that'd be that'd be a is.

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How do you translate that to be a teddy bear is a hard word to translate. It's a training. Yeah. Training and Development. Yeah. So you say Rob beer. hamaca. Matt, Rob.

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And so your parents do teddy bear. They're the ones who are raising you. And also have the meanings of Rob is the one who takes care, or the one who gathers people, the one who gathers people. And so that might be one of the meanings of the word Kunal Rabbani a lot as it used to be or abahani be Rabbani. And this is one of those really hard to translate terms a lot commands people to build a body. And people at the same time differ. So you'll read the translation and they'll say godly

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it's like be ish. Not rubbish. But Rob, Robbie, Rob ish, or so it's translated as to embody the traits of well here's the thing this is to be so to be one who the word and Rob has so many different meanings, right? So the question becomes, what does that mean? Kunal abahani, and in advance he says, Allah Allah Rabbani, he says, the scholar that is Rabbani is the one who teaches people basic knowledge before its complexities. Okay. You're taking people through appropriate stages. Okay. So, development aspect, so you're not teaching people fear, aggression? progression? Yes. Yes. You know, how to teach people basic stuff. You know, you might not have met the man came

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to him famous story of, you know, Mohammed demand came to him, and he said to him, Yeah, dude, dude, are they Muslim? Or are they Kapha? What are they? So he said to him, do you know what to say when you enter into domestic? He said, No. What if he said

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he didn't.

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But he said, You know, he probably gauged the guy. Yeah. And he said, Do you know what to say when you enter into the message? And he said, No, he said, You should ask questions like that. Okay. Right.

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And so that guy that the scenario ended there, we can all imagine if it was bilad, asking him about how much he would have just came from another angle.

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Then at that point in time,

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I would have been dragged out in the

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desert, I'm thinking but you know, here's a question

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during my Judo the Muslim or catheter. So the point being here is, that's one of the meanings of abahani, according to even Ambassador de la, and another is the one that I'm mentioning now, which is

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gathering, the one who gathers because the true scholar is the scholar who's able to gather people into goodness, and he's able to gather them upon level of a lot and love his messenger, not the person who separates everybody, right, bashes everyone over the head with the Quran and the Sunnah and makes them scatter and makes them disperse. A true scholar. The Atom or ban is the one who's able to gather people upon goodness, also have the meanings of Rob is the seed we mentioned that at the beginning, a seed amongst sources the master or the

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The leader, okay, okay. And so say it here as Shiva,

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Master of like martial arts, okay, you're the guy. I didn't know what language you were speaking just those Japanese Japanese. So they'll say Fulani, Juan.

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Fernando rob the Obama this person is the rub of his people. And that's why we say a person is a little boy menzi you know, the head of the household in his little boy Manziel they are the person who's leading this family are leading this house. And so phoolan is the rub of his people, which means that he has a lot to do with levels or Menzel is the house. It's where you Okay, so where you lay, okay. It's where you descender layer. Okay, yeah. Okay, so what are the takeaways from Rob is all of this that we just mentioned, there's a lot of takeaways, but the majority is just having this notion and recognizing that a lot of taking care of you. Is it because looking at all the different

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meanings of Rob, is it a name that one can adorn oneself with? What do you mean? Because you're saying that there's certain names that you can adorn yourself with? Other names you shouldn't like?

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You shouldn't okay, but with

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like your parents are the ones who adorn themselves with this characteristic from omaka model banni ciliata. And so looking after people taking care of people, servicing people, assisting people, that is all part of that, cool a lot of data and what are some of the highlights even hamadryad earlier cibus an mC mC if you're not, we are going to see you next time, as we say the next name from the names of Eliza