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The transcript describes the history of the Surah message and its use in WhatsApp groups. It also discusses the theory that loyalty to the queen is linked to war events and the importance of unity in the upcoming year. The transcript also touches on the historical significance of " handyman" and the use of "will" in relation to war events, as well as the history behind the houses of Islam, including the use of "offensive" to describe culture and the importance of feeding people during extreme hunger and loss of health.

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aim and hungry lay help in alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He or mine, or praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala made a peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. We shall Medina tonight we continue our study of his ummah, and we've reached the soul of courage. This is the sort of straight after sort of the field and we discussed sort of the field, we shall not either connection between sort of correlation, sort of the feeling is going to come up with us, but at the very beginning, we're going

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to say, yeah, and it has a start to this to the defeat of this blessing grateful, but that is in the plan, that this sort of here sort of Quraysh with us tonight. This is the only school in the poem that is named after a tribe of the Arabs. And so you know, the Arabs, they were many tribes, and a lot of Zoysia selected from among these tribes he chose and he selected Croatia NaVi Salalah alayhi wasallam, in the Hadith, he specifically says, was puffer coalition manana that he selected Polish from among many tribes and from Ghana from Ghana, he chose them and as a result from them, he chosen to be sama Mohali, he will send them now other names for the surah It is also narrated in sahadi

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that this sutra is called solidly elf polish. So that's also an authentic name for it and you can refer to the soul as such. And this is a Metcalfe's law by consensus of the scholars of the field. So it was revealed to Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam way before his usual and it is made up of for a while, and it speaks about for blessings that Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah bestowed upon polish. So the first blessing is in the first two as the first blessing was the elf appellation elf em, letter schita. It was so if we're going to come to the deeper meanings of this, but the first blessing basically is that allows origin made the summer and the winter trips for Croatia, easy upon

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them. That's one very simple meaning he united them and he made the summer and the winter trips for Croatia easy. That is generally what is meant by the first two atom that is the first blessing for the Buddha has and bait this house that is the second blessing because the house was their source of pride and honor. And the third blessing of Obama whom in June he fed them from hunger yamasa panatela provided for them after hunger and after feminine that they experienced. And the fourth blessing that Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks of in the solar to them Manor home in hove, and he gave them security against fee and he made them safe from fee. Basically, he protected them from fee of

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danger. So now this solar here, it has a very special unique stock that is not found elsewhere in the air. And the first letter of it is a lamb Lee now that lamb that's the first and that lamb there that the surah begins with this is what actually connects this surah to the previous sort of salt and feed we're in must have obeyed and bla bla bla bla bla and he had a Muslim that he wrote in his must have reconsidered solar thermal field and solar Croatia's being one solar, and in other words, he did not write Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in between both of them.

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That's how intimately related they are. That's it for him. That's how connected they were to the point where there was no Bismillah

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between them too, and it is also underrated. That ombre Blue Moon wahala he said that we prayed one day we prayed solid muscle behind Oman lovely our loved one and all the Allahu anhu recited in the first workout what teeny was zaytoun and in the second block he recited Adam thought okay for for Allah bukovel Serbian feel why he left the Polish and he recited these two songs together in one book, as though it was one homeschooler however, the majority view is that these are two independent SWAT. But even in saying that they are both very closely related in their meaning and you'll find out we'll find out in Charlotte together. Once we begin with the meanings of the Saba one more thing

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before we begin with the first air and that is what are the virtues of the surah there is a hadith that in the vsam Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he teaches us something about the virtues of the sutra and he gives a whole range of virtues and he says in the Hadith and maybe some allamani or send them he said that on most of Hannah Houma died a fevered Polish by seven qualities, seven qualities coloration was favored because of no one was given such qualities before them and no one would be ever given such qualities after them. Number one unimin home that I that I am from them, that's one number two, he said well under Nobu at a fee him that the Prophet hood will be from among quraish,

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which was in the vsam Allahu Allah.

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Yo Selim coming up later on. Well, yeah, but the fee him that they were the custodians of the Kaaba they looked after, and no one before them ever looked after the cover and no one after them would ever look after the karma. They were

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one of the first and foremost people that were responsible and they began to hand it down a generation of the generation, one SCI, fi him that Zamzam is in their responsibility. It's in their care. One sort of Homer Mahajan field, the fifth one is the allowance or shall gave them victory against the elephant that was about her and his army. Number six, whatever the Maharashtra see Nina laya, Buddha vo and that they worship Allah azza wa jal for 10 years, and they did not worship anyone besides him. What does that refer to that refers to the first people that accepted the message of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they were from quraish. And so they accepted

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and they they accepted Islam, and they worship the loss of panatela for the first 10 years of homosassa lamb being in Mecca, and that was something as a virtue for them. And the last one, that and the result of lavaredo celebrations, which is relevant in the topic, he said, What unzila ma houfy him subrata Mira, de la musica

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de la left the Kurdish and he said and Allah revealed a surah in their name, and no one of the tribes have ever had ever had a surah in their name. And that surah is the elf voice for this is one of the virtues that is counted for this tribe of Quraysh, which also the masama Mohamed Salah was from among them. Now to begin with the surah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, After our beloved Michelle Balaji, remember him, he left the Polish, she opened the translation and you read the translation, maybe this is one of the most difficult songs that you will ever read the translation for the translation would not make sense at all, from the very beginning, at least the first two, you will not understand what's happening. Translation can only give you a much. But the end at the end of the day, the real understanding of these app is going to be in there to see it. So be patient and try to absorb and understand as much as you can, so that you understand what is happening in these first two, if he left the Polish translation, any

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translation would give you something along the lines and say, so that Polish may be together. So that Polish may be united. That's what the elf equalization means. Now, let's understand this lamb at the beginning, Lee, he left that lamb at the beginning has three opinions. One opinion suggests that it is the connector lamb. In other words, it connects what's before to what's going to come after the Second Opinion says that this lamb connects what comes at the beginning of the surah to what comes in the middle of the slaughter. And the third opinion is that this lambs got nothing to do with what's before and what's after it's separate. And that has its own opinion. So let me begin

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with the first opinion. If this lamb is considered a known as lamb with daleel the Lamb of reason, only the lamb that connects what came before what comes after. What does this mean when allows origin says so that Polish may be together so that Polish may become united. In other words, what's being said is this allows only saying

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala destroyed a baja and he destroyed his army. And that was the message of Fullerton field. And he sent upon them birds from the sky carrying baked stones, and he turned them for Jana whom Caspi McCool he turned them into chewed up hay and straw and he made the story of Anfield, he made it story he made it popular for everyone to know about all of this. So that Polish may come together. So that Polish unite for the summer and winter trips. That is when my that is what is meant by when you say so that Polish may unite. In other words, Li nephew Polish means we did all this for Quraysh we destroyed abraha and his army and that was an act of blessing from Allah

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azza wa jal upon Polish Why? So that Polish may become united in their trips. The summer and winter trips will speak about those trips. Now, why is it important that our most of our data destroyed abraha because Quraysh they used to travel towards Yemen during the winter. And if abraha and his army survived and returned to Yemen, police wouldn't be able to travel to that direction anymore. Why any social power law it was it was important that Allah subhanho wa Taala not only protected Mecca, but also destroyed a behind his army so that when Quraysh later on, would travel with their caravans towards and Yemen towards Yemen during the wintertime. They would be able to go there and

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not feel any revenge attack from abroad or from the Yemenis Eonni so Pamela This is the reason for our loss.

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Para Para Yana destroyed a BA and protected the cover at the time. Now this is what connects these two four together. And as a matter of fact, every single area of solid field each and every single area of Fullerton field is connected to the first I have sold Polish yen. In other words you say, and I'm talking with a fan or a book of yours harville field that's the first day. Did you see how your Lord dealt with us heaven feet? Why did Allah deal with the people of the elephant black that he left the Polish so that police can unite and they are able to travel they will see freely and no one coming their way? Read the next day. And I'm used to al Qaeda when people believe that Allah

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subhanaw taala took the plan of abre and threw it in the bin basically put it to waste it worked against him. Why did Allah azza wa jal waste the plan the evil plan of abraha Lee left so that Quraysh can unite and are able to travel during the winter and summer trips, an additional data

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point on availability sent birds upon them why lean approach so that police can come together, right. And so until the last day of that solar each and every single error is related to the beginning to the first have sort of sold polish. So that is that is the first opinion. The first opinion once again, a lot of Zoysia destroyed a behind his army. So that Polish unites upon each travels, and then have defeat the attack of anyone. Now the second opinion of what Lila means is that this lamb is tied to what comes after it. What comes actually in the third area which is fully burdened by the and in other words, in other words, Allah Subhana Allah is commanding Quraysh to

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worship the Lord of this house, the one who fed them from hunger The one who made them safe from fee another

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man who may have and because he made unity between them, and he and he gave them he made the summer trips and winter trips easy upon them for that's what it is he left boy's family

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as though in the second one where allows or gently saying they are supposed to worship alone. They're supposed to worship the Lord of this house. Why lead Africa is because he made the trips of summer and winter very easy for them. Ababa home enjoy he fed them from hunger, what a man or woman COVID he gave them safety from fee. So as a result for the Abu Dhabi behalf. And that's the second interpretation. So when you read so that they become united, what does that mean? That means worship Allah and because of this blessing that he gave you. And the last and final opinion in this lamp in the first day and the elf equation is that Islam is not tied to the full of before, nor is it tied

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to the to the ad that come after. And it is considered land attached to the land that is used to express amazement.

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In other words, a lot of Xhosa is saying or he Bulli enough for me

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to sing, be amazed and be astonished and be shocked at the fact that I united Porsche together. And I made their trips in summer and winter easy upon them, they did not have to feel worry about anyone or anything. And as and this was as a gift from me, to them an act of mercy and blessing for me to them. And in return, they did not thank me, and they did not worship me. Rather they devoted their worship and their entire life to worshiping some idols and a few stones, Leila fucose or Shiva. How amazing is that all these blessings and gifts that allows origin gives them were at the end of the day that Yanni turned to the Lord of this house that is among them, and then worship him subhana wa

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Tada. This is the third meaning in it, well, Allahu Allah, and these three opinions are all accepted and they all correct. However, the more favorable one in context and in the placement of where the slot is, is the first opinion. And that is that this lamb, the Lamb connects this slot to the one before and obviously that's the wisdom for why pseudo Polish came straight after school and feed. For me that is the more correct opinion on mahana that Lila a few Polish means Allah subhanho wa Taala destroyed about Chinese army. So that Polish may all come together on these trips during summer and winter. Now the ENFP Polish nail polish polish,

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Polish boyish, we can look at it from a lineage perspective and from a linguistic perspective, if we're to look at it from a lineage perspective, then Quraysh is the name of an Arab tribe. And this is the tribe that and the result of Mahatma Salim belongs to. And fundamentally the word Polish was actually the name of a person. This person was young he had been manic been a novel been kwinana. That was polish that was his name. And he was the grandfather of color

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Basically, so polish is, is shorthand for that person's name, who was Evan Malik. Now that's looking at it from a lineage perspective. But if you look at the word correlation from a linguistic perspective, here you have three meanings. It comes from three origins. Number one, it comes from the word Parrish crush is a shark, Polish their their name comes from the word curse, which means a shark. While we all be a loved one who once he came to an Abbess of the Amman and he asked him, he said, Why was the tribe Polish called Polish? Why were they named Polish? He said, they took they're named after a giant creature that lives in the ocean. And it eats everything living nonliving

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humans, whatever it is, and it is not eaten by anything. And it overpowers and it cannot be overpowered. And that is exactly the case of the tribe polish. They were the strongest they were like a shark in the ocean. But except that these people lived on land, they were the strongest and the toughest of all the tribes. And they would always overpower and dominate anyone who came across them. For the word boyish. When we see it comes from the word Kurdish, which means a shark. It is basically highlighting their dominance, their power, and their authority, that last panel data and it basically blessed them with the second meaning of the word polish, it comes from the word cash,

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cash, cash is the pasta, you know, who have the money and lose money crush, it actually comes from the word money. And they will cope polish, because they were people of business. And they were people of trade in a few morellato. So if we're going to speak about that, and so they had business everywhere business in a share Malia, Manuel, hamartia, and so on. So Panama, it comes from cash and cash. It comes from from what was the first one crush, which means shark, and what does that highlight their authority, their power, and it comes from a coach, which means money. And these two are related. Of course, they're related. Because only when one has a lot of money, when one is

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wealthy, in most cases, he becomes in a position of authority. And he becomes you're in that position of dominance. And the third meaningful Quraysh it means together and to unite Yani Takahashi meaning he gathered and he united something, he collected something he put it together. And so they were called polish, because at one stage in their life, they were all divided. And then Allah Subhana, Allah united them after the incident of the elephant, and that's basically the first day he left. So they were called coalition, because Allah Subhana Allah united them after they were divided. Well, this should have allowed this last meaning here that Allah united them, and this is

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what Polish means. This was a huge blessing from Allah Subhana Allah upon them. It was them uniting was actually a miraculous sign in the preparation of the birth of muscle allamani and send them and then later on in the midst of them spreading Islam.

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to Panama, this is how a more prepared the world for the birth of homosassa limb. By making toys you're not Superman, you will not understand how much of a blessing This is this this idea of unity, you will not understand how much of a blessing it is, until you look at the condition of a nation that allows or shall divided look opposite to understand how much of a blessing unity is. Look at the the Jews for example. Yeah, Allah subhanho wa Taala divided the Jewish community as a punishment towards them, allows origin he says walk upon the woman, we chopped them, we cut them, we divided them onto this earth in nations. And that is why you'll find any small numbers of Jews scattered all

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around the world. They can't live together, it's impossible for the Jews to night and live in one place all together, it is impossible. Look when Allah subhanaw taala narrated onto us the story, especially in sort of the Bukhara when he speaks about the story of the cow. What was the story of the cow was, was a person from among many Swahili who went and killed his uncle for his money and his daughter. And then he went and took the body of his uncle and fluid in front of some other Jani nation of bunnies soil, so that they caught the blame the next day, and they have to pay blood money. And as a result, he'll take it because he's the only relative remaining mildly This is a

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slide. That's what most of what I did with him as a result, right? And he can understand what kind of problem comes with the division itself and how much of a blessing it is for the unity itself. So Pamela, and you know, when you live in small numbers, scattered all around the world, what happens? You become subject to oppression, and humiliation by those who are greater than you a number of us have had a lot yeah, and the the reason for the defeat of the Jews at the end of the time is already current, or the reason for the Jews is defeat on the end of time is because they divided and that's already the case. And the

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Reason for the victory of the believers is opposite to that, which is unity. But unfortunately, that's not the case now. So unless that happens, then only the reason for the feet is already there. Once the reason of any victory for the believers comes the moment it comes. And that is the unity, that is the moment the Jews would be defeated. And that is at the end of the time, as in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam Yanni mentioned, Lee nephew Quraysh. Next, he left he left a*a

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he left, it comes again in the second air. And the second time it comes, it means exactly as the first time as the first one. Why, because the ILA fee, the fat has a customer. And the second one ILA fee, him It also has a customer. So the second one means exactly the same as the first one. And so the entire two together, only they make the ILA fucosylation letter schita. Basically, that's what the meaning is. Let me now give you the whole thing in English. So you can understand basically, what Allah subhanho wa Taala is seeing in these two, that I destroyed a bar, and I destroyed this army. So that Polish may come together so that they may come become united for what

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reason? Not a*a it was safe. So that when the only for the summer, and the winter trips, now, if he left means the same thing. Why was it repeated? Why did the law repeated twice? The benefit of the repetition is that allows origin wants to emphasize his blessing upon orange. So he's saying to him, ILA fee, and I from my blessings that are united you together, Isla fimbriata schita. And again, I united you for one reason, and that was so that you do these trips together and none of you fight each other anymore. Oh, yeah. And this is just like the example that is the only the place in the Quran that is found in solar profit, in solar profit, a similar style happens Allah Subhana

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Allah He says, walk around, maybe you'll understand it better with the example losses we'll call a fit only a ham and Delia sort of lovely a blue a snap, a snap a semi weighty one. In a listen to what he says. He says that around he goes to heaven and he says to heaven, it Delia Saul had built me a whole building, build me a tall building loudly upload a snap, so that I may reach the pathways, then the next day almost is a server somewhere. And you're asking the question, what pathways what is fit I'm talking about allows origin says in the next

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hour, the pathways of the heavens. So in other words, in the eye of the law says so that I may reach the pathways full stop the pathways of the heavens, you see how he repeated it. But this is the same thing what Allah azza wa jal is saying here, is he left the Polish so that Quraysh may become united and become together. And in the second, he's explaining upon what are they going to be united. And that is not the sheet that you will sleep upon the the the travels, and the journeys and the trips of the summer in the winter, he left him a lot a*a he was safe. Now let us see that he was safe, how big these trips begin on one of these trips all about. You see, at the beginning.

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They used to be very poor. And they used to be running in famine in starvation, starvation would hit them from time to time. And when a family from among the mackinaw city, when they would get any when they were really, really starving. They would go out of the city to a very far place. They would pitch a tent. And they would sit there until they die. Young either just die from starvation because there's no food that that's how difficult it was in Mecca.

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And because this became very common

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Haitian been abdomen f A person from Makkah, he came to the Makins, and he gave them a hope. And he said to them, Listen,

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if we are always going to do this and kill out every time we are starving, we go out with picture 10 and we wait to die. Only we kill ourselves from starvation. If we're just going to keep doing this, our population is going to decrease. And other nations around us their population is going to increase. And if our population decreases, nations from the outside would come and attack us. And that's the end. Of course that's it. We don't know life after that. So he proposed to them and he said to them, I get an ID. Why don't we collect whatever Wolf, you and your family, what does it have with your family or doesn't have authority, let's collect all our money together. Let's collect

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all our abilities and our manpower and our caravans and our camels and whatever it is that we possess. Let's collect it all. And Yanni let's travel north, west, east and south, let's travel the globe and start looking for our provision. And so as a result, they did that. And that's how the summer and the winter trips began.

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felonious Panama Allah subhanaw taala, he gave him success in his ID in his proposal, Polish accepted before that polish, they would fight each other for food. They would fight each other for money. You couldn't do business with someone with polish. But most of what Allah gave them to me, this is why you need to understand. What does it mean when a law surgeon says that one of the blessings upon them, one of the gifts of a law upon them is that he united them together, because their situation before is like this, they'd rather see each other die out of starvation and not help anyone. And everyone is looking after himself. But then after this Blissett idea that came from this

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man, they all put their money together and they manpower together, they come together. And as a result, yani they went in search for food. Well, most of our data guided them to Alabama in winter, and he guided them to assure him in summer, and over a few years, over a few months, I lost this was the normal thing. Allah subhanho wa Taala had given them this. And that's how they trips you only the summer in the winter trip, you get a muscle panel who He says He left a letter A she thought it was safe. He called the trips.

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You know, what is another word for a travel when someone travels? What do you call that in Arabic? suffer? Allah did not say he left him suffer a*a even though suffer means travel. But he referred to the travel as irregular. Why did he refer to it as irregular? What does it mean, you see, is different in the sense that it is when you travel, and you carry lots of lots of luggage and bags and you're loaded. Right? And you know, when you're loaded in you have lots of bags and lots of luggage, especially back in the times where are you loading it not in an aeroplane to loading on a candle. And when you load on a camera which expose everyone can see it. And if everyone can see your

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It it exposes you and it makes you more of a chance of being robbed and ambushed by the

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army if the army if the people around so push our social referred to malicious creep. As Alicia mentioned, these people are coming out from Mecca or they're coming back from Yemen or coming back from a ship and their caravans are loaded. Everyone can see them who obviously there are thieves on the road. For if they were to see them they would stop them and ambush them straight away. That's that's the thing, but also pattern what I see, however, larusso gently saying from the blessing upon them, one of the gifts allows or shall gave them is that they were the only tribe that would travel with loads and loads of luggage. Their caravans are filled. And they did not worry about anyone

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robbing them. People were scared. Often, people would refer to collections, these are the people of a law. These are people that allows origin for Ghana for their case, and he defended them and he got rid of abraha and his army destroyed them in one moment. And he don't mess with these people stay away from them. Don't rub them before a mile. So he'll deals with you. In the same manner he dealt with a boy hurt his army. So Pamela This is what the word that it's highlighting a lot of social through the word that he is highlighting another blessing upon him upon them. And he's saying that you people have you enjoyed not only that are united you together, but you travel, and your caravans

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were so loaded, that you you are juicy in the eyes of the thieves. And even then everyone was scared to come in with loss of Hannah Dionysus in our amuro genre one minute where you offered nourishment to him that didn't they realize that we made for them a safe city? How often? How long an amulet What else? When you have powerful nurserymen Howdy, and the nations and the people around them, you the hope of they were being robbed. nations around them would be robbed would be ambushed. You having people in on the other nations, they would come out barely carrying anything. So that way if a thief was to see them either he's not carrying anything. Maybe he's going for a short distance and

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coming back. That's how other nations have to travel. They couldn't travel loaded. Yeah. And he left him a letter when a law says letter and does not see suffer. He's saying that this of yours. Look, look at this blessing that you enjoyed. You traveled loaded, and you did not have to fear of anyone because people actually feed you elf. Natasha also the word as well. It came in the singular form. It means one.

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But we know as a matter of fact, it was two travels, right? two trips, one in winter and one in summer. So why didn't Amazonian say enough in a a*a. It was safe. He said, Why? Two reasons. Number one, because both of the trips the summer and the winter trip both of them, they were same in terms of organization. So they were the same people that would leave. They were the same caravans that would leave and the only difference was the direction where one would go to Yemen and one would go to a shared philosophy

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He used the singular form. And one one of the things that implies is that the organizational structure of the strip was the same all the time. And the other reason is this.

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Because they travel correlations travel from one location to another was continuous. They will travel and trade in one place. They would come back to Mecca, trade a little, then they would go back to another place, Jani Makkah Yemen back to Mecca, Sham back Go Yani throughout the entire ye and so it seemed as though it's one continuous strip throughout the whole he from last letter in the singular form to teach you that their trip was like one trip budget that was the whole life. It was spent like that for Isla de la a*a. The word a*a means winter. Winter is Jani 93 days, approximately three months, or the winter trip was towards Yemen. Why? Because in winter, who was

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Pamela in winter Yemen is a bit warm. By ciani. It's better. And it is the season in which staple food is harvested like a rice and the corn and the lentils and the medicine is at the time and the weapons are being sold from an Halberstadt to Yemen at that time. It was convenient for quraish to go towards Yemen during winter because all the action happens in winter and winter. There is a warmer The only is a warmer environment was safe a safe which is summer. It's also about 93 days, approximately three months. Summer trip was towards a shed. Why was it towards a chef? Because a sham during the summertime is an enjoyable experience. Anyone that goes to a sham during summer,

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he'll realize it's not really really hot it is actually an enjoyable experience. And yeah, nice oh Panama winter winter in a sham is his death cold. In universe of how to lay any we see the results of winter in a sham every time. You know when pictures go around, and Heather the refugees and they died from the extreme cold and so on. What else can las panatela to relieve the situation, but this is why Polish would choose to go to a sham during summer because it was an enjoyable time and an enjoyable experience. Not only that, but also the fruits of the time would ripen a tea and was the tune and so on. And that's what they would bring back to sell in Mecca. For lfv, Maranatha. schita.

00:32:25--> 00:33:07

It was life. Now we know that there are four seasons a is autumn spring, summer and winter. Allah azzawajal mentioned two seasons, which is the summer and the winter. But the other two seasons of Libya will hurry if the spring and autumn haven't been mentioned in the soil. What about them in a medical home Omar he says that in the Arab lands, in reality, you only experienced two seasons summer and then goes on for six months of the and winter and that goes on for six months of the hula even though there is autumn and spring in the Arab land. But really that's not felt it's either hot or it's either cold philosophy panel data you said either a*a or Saif did not mention anything

00:33:07--> 00:33:52

about alternative spring. Because in reality that's not something that is felt friendly Abu Bakr has and bait failure due to the fact now that comes mean so as a result, and most of Hannah to accept the fact that I joined you together and are united you and the fact that I made the summer and the winter trips easy, and they were a wrestler, you carry your luggage and you wouldn't care about anyone and everyone feed you because of all these gifts and all these blessings fenley Abu Dhabi heaven bait because of all that you should now enslave yourself. In other words, worship the Lord of this house. You see so Pamela the command here is fairly Abu Salah Abu means to enslave yourself to

00:33:52--> 00:34:00

worship Hamas, Peridot, but you know, when someone does a favor for you, in return, what do you do? If someone does a favor? What do you do?

00:34:01--> 00:34:42

What do you think of them? Someone does a favor by Allah Subhana Allah He at the beginning of the surah he speaks about blessings. So what was expected is that a massage and you would say family or school or better than bait, let them thank and show gratitude to the Lord of this house. But as a matter of fact, a lot of social doesn't say that. He says for the Buddha Why? Allah Xhosa is teaching us that the only way you can thank Allah is by worshiping that is how a large Zoysia is thanked. We know there are some people that don't have a problem in thanking online that we think about they are nice, but then what happens when it comes to worship there's nothing and that is not

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

accepted. Thanks. Thanks, that is not associated with worship is not real thanks. So the only way you can truly thank Allah Zoysia is by enslaving yourself to Him by worshipping Subhana Allah when the VESA mamajuana you can as I shall be Allah mana

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

narrates that he used to pray the night. He used to pray the night to the point where his foot would become swollen, some alojado you know, send them and it would crack and it would begin to pour blood. And I shut up the mahana would say to him, yo, swallow the Why? Why are you praying like this when Allah Zoysia had forgiven you for all your future and your previous mistakes? So he said, though, what did you say? You said, I felt a coup Abdullah Shakira, shall I not be a listen? What did he say shakoora shall not be a grateful slave. For In other words, in the response under his teaching in that Hadith, that my solid is sugar to Allah subhanaw taala Jani my worship is sugar to

00:35:39--> 00:35:54

Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala Danny when he when he speaks of Buddha you set up he makes the Buddha you send them an example in schuco an example in gratitude and he says in our manual al Adel Buddha suka.

00:35:56--> 00:36:36

imitate and replicate the sugar of that would do the sugar of that would what was the sugar of there would be some sentences in the Hadith. Have to see me in the last example there would that the most beloved fasting to Allah is the fasting of their food. And in other words, his first thing was in sugar. How did you used to do that he used to Yanni first every second day, and I have more solid and the most beloved of the press to Allah subhanaw taala is also the solid of Deadwood. He used to sleep half the night, then used to wake up a third of the night. And then he used to sleep a sixth of the night. The Buddha you said I'm sure his gratitude to Allah who was worshipped for this is why

00:36:36--> 00:36:51

most of hanadama said fenley Abu and did not say failure school. Because true gratitude to allow social is only manifested through your worship team subhanho wa Taala. Now he says Fendi Abu why again, finally Abu.

00:36:52--> 00:37:32

Why was it that specific commandment given to polish Why? Because since Allah Subhana, Allah has taken care of the issues. What was the issue? The after will tell you the issue under the Obama home in Juba a monomial health. The issue was what two things you're right Quraysh they had a problem. Their problem was hunger. They city would be struck by famine, from time to time, as we said that they would go out to the mountains and kill themselves from starvation, they will die from starvation. And the other problem is fee. Their city wasn't secure. And what proves that is when abraha came towards them and wanted to destroy the cover. They had two problems in life. They were

00:37:32--> 00:38:13

hungry, and they weren't safe. They were always they were living in fee for low resolution when he took care of the hunger. How did he take care of their hunger, he took care of their hunger by making the trips of summer and winter easy for them and uniting them all together. And he took care of their fee by destroying a bar. And as a result all the nations around feed them. So now allows origin since since I've taken care of your two main worries, now you have plenty of time. You have plenty of time to focus on the worship. But this is different to all other tribes, other tribes around them Gani, they barely survived. They were in search of food the entire day. And they would

00:38:13--> 00:38:52

travel when they travel, their travels would even safe they might get robbed, etc. So they didn't have that time to perfect their worship for lasagna but for Quraysh Allah azza wa jal had taken care of all their concerns, he took care of the economy, economical concern he provided for them, and he gave them safety. And now all they have to be doing Yanni basically they have all the time in the world to concentrate on perfecting their worship. And this is why that's the commandment that comes in handy. Abu and what do we learn from this? We learn from this, my brothers and sisters in Islam, that people people that are well off and are living in a safe country in a safe town in a safe area.

00:38:53--> 00:38:55

They can choose to do either two things.

00:38:56--> 00:39:10

One, they can choose to immerse themselves in this dunya and just become richer and richer. And they can choose to make more money out of the money they already have until COVID until they die. That's one option.

00:39:11--> 00:39:55

And then the other option they have is they can say and hamdulillah I'm doing well. I have food on the table. I have a roof above my head. I'm living in safety what hamdulillah now that allows origin has taken concern away from me is taken those concerns away from me. I can start taking a break now. And I can study my Deen and I can read some more. Why can worship allows origin and I can afford to take the last 10 days of Ramadan off and do it in the masjid. Why can go to Alma from time to time and maybe also I can go to Hajj every single IE and I can take care of those in need and spend time with my family and children etc. For me these are the two situations for Allah azza wa jal he tells

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

koi fish folia Buddha was the head and bait he seemed to

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

Porsche Porsche I've taken care of your two main concerns. I've given you these two blessings. Now you have the entire time to worship Allah Xhosa. Talia boo. So worship Allah Subhana Allah when, when one has his life in good shape, he should ask himself, why do I have my life in good shape? Why is that the case? And the answer is so that you concentrate and concentrate on your worship, so that you can give your worship more time or this is the basic answer for Subhana Allah for Allah Buddha Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala he says heaven Beit folia, Buddha heaven beat the lord of this house, Ahmad mahapatra, a loved one who when he used to pray in front of the cover, he used to he

00:40:44--> 00:40:57

used to pray and he used to recite the slaughter, he left and when he used to get to this fella Buddha, heaven beat he used to point to the house as is praying. Finally I will obey heaven. Beatty levy Obama home in Georgia.

00:40:58--> 00:41:42

He used to do that any from the from the from the great meaning that would be instilled in his heart at the moment. You're standing right in front of the Kaaba, and you're reading the eye of Allah Zoysia told you worship the Lord of this house. And he did not choose to say folia Buddha law, he chose to identify among so choose to describe himself in this as the Lord of this house. Why? Because this house has a history. Yeah. And in this house, when you say on behalf and bait, you're supposed to. This is supposed to remind you that this is the house that bought your pride and honor this is the source of honor and pride of the marvels and losses and not only them but this was the

00:41:42--> 00:42:24

source of pride of coercion as well. It was because of a loss of Hannah tile and then after the cover that Quraysh were in the situation and comfort and relaxation that they were in. This is the house of your father about him and he set up this house has existed since the beginning of time from when the angels I think it was celeb Delta, right? And then after it Adam alayhis salaam and then he brought him and his son and then after the Kaaba was built 14 times in history. fact there's these history behind this house. What you said when he made the drive he says in me a skeleton in Berea to be wet in the summer in the bay Tikkun mahama he referred to the as the house of data in our bait in

00:42:26--> 00:42:27


00:42:28--> 00:43:08

he decides and he mentions in this funny Abu Dhabi has and bait because there's much more meaning in the word have and bait, maybe a little weak polish up and really look at this heaven bait this house really look at discovered and give it a thought one more time and say hello alone. All of these blessings around us was because of this house. How can we worshipping stones and idols that are around this house? Why don't we focus our worship to the Lord of this house for these yummy these incredible meanings are supposed to come to one's conscience when he sees the house of Allah subhanaw taala before he finally Abu Dhabi and loving Obama home in Juba, what a man or woman hope

00:43:08--> 00:43:50

this is the same Lord of the house is the same Lord subhanho wa Taala that Obama home in Juba, he fed them and satisfied them from hunger. But before that I end let's look at the word failure. Why did Allah subhanaw taala say on You see, when the Kaaba was about to be destroyed by Abraham, but he failed in his attempt. But when he came in, and he came to have them open it What did Abu Talib say to him in response, he said, Listen, and I believe in I am the Lord Yanni. I am the owner of the camels when he made the lagoon yummy. And for the house there is a Lord that will defend it and we only will protect it. Yeah, and he Subhana Allah it is the same words that he said that Allah

00:43:50--> 00:43:56

Subhana Allah would put in this area so that he remains polish. Yeah and what blessing he did for them.

00:43:57--> 00:44:40

Heaven bait Allah subhanaw taala did not say for the Abu Dhabi heaven ballot, for example, the Lord of the city, rather heaven bait because as we said, the focus in the hot the the spotlight and the highlight is on the house itself. That was the reason for why police are enjoying what they were enjoying at the time. Finally, Abu Dhabi the last day of luxury leases under the Obama home in Juba, men are home men hope these are the two blessings Ababa home endure. He fed them from hunger and he provided for them. An Abbess will be a loved one who he says a lot of Zoysia did that because of the of Ibrahim Allah His setup was the daughter of Ibrahim. He is before of this Ibrahim alayhis salaam

00:44:40--> 00:44:43

raised his hand and he said What did he say?

00:44:45--> 00:45:00

what it was I left home in a thumb a lot man mmm in humbler who aluminet he said oh law also can provide for his family minute from our from all kinds of fruits, men M and M in home only those who believe from among

00:45:00--> 00:45:06

Man mmm No, but there will also feed the disbelievers for his feed employees which are machine key

00:45:07--> 00:45:09

in that boy when

00:45:10--> 00:45:12

you said I made the massage and he said to him

00:45:14--> 00:45:15

and he said to him, what is

00:45:16--> 00:46:00

similar to an m&m, you know humbling. Color woman come on a woman Kapha Amazonian responded to the dryer with wine and said woman cafe I'm going to provide for those who disbelieved as low. Anyone want to clean and I'll give him a few a bit of an enjoyment. Janya temporary enjoyment from our Pablo who have been married or it's mostly done on the Day of Judgment if he died, not repented. That's when his destruction would be unloving Obama whom endure Allah subhanho wa Taala did not say and levy ashba whom He did not say the one who satisfied them and filled them up from hunger. He said Obama home Why did you say Obama home because an ish there Shiva is to is to eat until you're

00:46:00--> 00:46:29

full, you can't eat and that itself, it's a luxury. And this luxury would be a reason for why they would decrease in their worship. For when Allah subhanho wa Taala provided for them. He only gave them enough to keep them away from hunger abama home in July. Why did he do that? Because if he satisfied the stomachs to the food what would happen the worship would be out of the picture over there's no more time you couldn't get up

00:46:30--> 00:47:12

to a normal bond and now we see a mom about we'll have for Russia allow the people fill up at the end. He can move over in our shell masala diluted maybe if he can make Arusha just on time it will be good. Right for a Shiva. Shiva been fooled to the max. That is no good. That is a luxury. That would be any it would bring down an EVA to Allah subhanaw taala ferlazzo agenda and even what he gave them and provided for them. There was concern in that it does not affect their worship for they had no excuse at all, for Obama home enjoy Subhan Allah and loving Ababa home enjoying las parotitis is under the Obama home in Georgia. Manor Home, home home now apama home in Georgia, he fed them

00:47:12--> 00:47:13

from hunger.

00:47:14--> 00:47:21

It is known that feeding gets rid of hunger. So why didn't Alonzo just say I love you Obama was

00:47:22--> 00:48:07

the one who fed them and gave them security. Why did he say the one who fed them from hunger? Well, that is food. That's what he does. So why, why and so Panama because when a person is fed during a time he's really hungry, he'll really appreciate that blessing. A lot so gently saying to them, I fed you during a time you were sure you're hungry, so that they can really really really immerse and embrace this blessing that Allah Subhana Allah gave them for Lhasa jellies telling him you people will enjoy it, people are hungry, he used to kill each other over food. And if there was no food you used to leave and used to die out of starvation. So he he associated the word, feeding with the word

00:48:07--> 00:48:44

joar so that they can remember their food came as a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Subhana Allah Lily Obama who manure and he says at the end what manner human health and he gave them safety from fee How did he give them that safety? We said by destroying abraha and his army, and that became a popular story for all the nations around the world to know off. And the fact that they knew of that story it instilled fee and terror in their hearts from Croatia and as a result of law so shall gave them that when a man he gave them the money that security was a Panama these two blessings are always together

00:48:45--> 00:48:47

any of our whom enjoy

00:48:48--> 00:48:55

these two blessings go hand in hand you cannot survive you can't survive with one and not the other. And imagine a town

00:48:56--> 00:49:32

there's no food in it but there's safety can you live in the car? By have opposite to that? Imagine the town is ruined war torn country and this food can you live in it? No, you can't. We see overseas everyone's trying to run away from countries like that. Even if they had the best of foods for Savannah like getting this even highlights the wisdom of the Divine of Abraham Ali's setup. When he made the art to align he said or law, bring safety into the city and bring all kinds of fruit into the city. Then no blame either you said I knew what makes a city livable are these two things for me as long as you have these two things in your midst into your living in the greatest blessing that

00:49:32--> 00:49:59

Allah Subhana Allah has ever made for humans and for mankind that your food is taken care of. And your journey and the safety and the security around you has also been taken care of and loving Obama one final comment and living up our home in your home in half Amazonian mentioned feeding them from hunger before the money giving them security and safety. Why was this mentioned before that? Why didn't you say let me know home health or Obama home. Enjoy

00:50:01--> 00:50:04

See what if someone is hungry and afraid

00:50:05--> 00:50:09

someone is hungry and afraid at the same time? What's the first thing you do?

00:50:11--> 00:50:21

Think carefully then you're hungry and you're afraid what's the first thing you do try to satisfy your hunger or get out of the any situation of feet.

00:50:25--> 00:50:28

You try to secure yourself eat first.

00:50:35--> 00:51:13

It's the order that allows origin gives I'll tell you why you will go and look for food. Why? Because what's the point of finding some way safe if you're still hungry, but that hunger is eventually going to result in your death and you being afraid would have resulted in your death might as well we only go to look for your food where you will get to die anyway in any any situation for loss of Hannah dialysis, Olivia Obama whom in your teaching you that that any being fed and being provided for is a greater blessing than living in a place that is not secure. One more Harlem and then any sama Subhanallah just before we conclude

00:51:14--> 00:51:16

with a commandment in the last one.

00:51:17--> 00:51:34

That was the commandment, I've done all this, the blessings began from the beginning of the soul, he left join them, he united them after they were divided. And then also he left the shadow side. He reminded them upon their summer and winter trips. And not only that

00:51:36--> 00:52:16

only the people feed them they would travel and measure their luggage and their caravans were loaded and no one would even dare to come near them. And then what at the end of the Surah apama home enjoy he fed them enjoy him you see your intervene at and we meaning extreme hunger. That was the situation in extreme hunger. And above this he gave them security, all of these blessings from the beginning of the soldier to the end just so they can do one thing in return. Yeah, Buddha heaven bait. Did they fulfill that commandment? Or Didn't they fulfill that commandment? The answer to that question comes in the slot that is after our eight and levy you can be will be Dean for the liquor

00:52:16--> 00:53:01

levy a door only a team when I have bought a pie when we skied for Waylon Lynn muscle lean and levina masala Team sanghoon and levina homeo our own way unknown and their own, look at the terrible things they engaged in. After all, most of what they had and blessed them with for school until now only is going to come after the soda to give us a reality of what boys did. How did they respond to the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala each and every single as only it gets worse, getting inequalities and in their traits as you go off the air. And then after the tour comes sort of the gopher in Kosovo, to teach you among that society of polish. There was one man that opposed them all

00:53:01--> 00:53:39

in the qualities and characteristics. And that was also the loss of a Mohali, he was someone who used to do what for suddenly the optic used to worship 101 hardly any sacrifice and when you slaughter you distribute the meat and they young now they used to hold back and they used to give no one nothing. Yeah, and if suddenly not big, I won't have enough little beaker, little beaker to log this goes against your own our own your own, that any when they used to engage in any act of worship, it was only done. So the tribes around them could do any sort of they can rise in the eyes of other tribes. Nothing was done for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah and this is the trend of these

00:53:39--> 00:53:44

yearning of the slot. And the placement of the sort of Shama palette next week we continue with the study of

00:53:45--> 00:54:11

our own and the annual discover the meanings in that silver, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us people of the people who are only reminded by the by the messages and the meanings and the lessons of the call and of the call and ask the most paradata to make us from among the people have acquired people of the superveloce homosassa live in Julio Veliko called the body or some of Maha cinemavilla carlina Vina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi nahi