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The Eleventh Hour


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You're listening to Ramadan reflections but with the same money. This summer multicuisine will be teaching the Hadith intensive, students will study the different methods of compilation and preservation of a hadith. The major role of female scholars have played in Hadeeth preservation, the biography of famous Hadith narrators as well as different collections and excerpts from famous heady texts like Sahil Bahati. For more information visit Hadeeth intensive.com a lot of hungry,

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hungry Allahu Akbar,

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for Kannada,

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Milam via earliness wasabi helix pa on my blog

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in every form of worship, that Allah subhanho wa Taala commands that

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there is some form of a struggle, a form of Machado, a difficulty regardless of whether the Avada is small in nature, like a person making Vica there is a discomfort of keeping yourself engaged, keeping yourself focused, not doing other things that you could be enjoying at that time. Or when it comes to giving Sokak there is a discomfort there because that wealth can be used for your own personal pleasure. Or when it comes to Hodge traveling across the globe to another country that's hot as a furnace, wearing garments that you don't feel comfortable in, not bathing yourself, not grooming yourself, there is a sacrifice involved in every battle. The same thing goes for Salah. And

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the same thing goes for fasting as well. When you experience emilija when you experience the difficulty of the ibadah that's somewhat of a sign that you're doing that either right. If you experience no difficulty at all, either that can be a sign that you're doing it wrong. Or if you're doing it right and you don't feel any difficulty that can mean Allah subhanho wa Taala is showering his blessing upon you and making that ibadah easy. And you think Allah subhanho wa Taala for that. But when Allah subhanho wa Taala makes that a little difficult and there's a little struggle involved in there. That's the moment that you spiritually grown. There's 100 you know, the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where a companion by the name of Osama came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And he said, O Messenger of Allah guide me towards an act. If I do this act, I will gain access and entry into agenda. The Hadith is narrated by him so you don't have to lie Yachty the prophets of Allah Juana he was sent on sestet It's a hobby, be punctual in particular about your fast fur in the hula hoop because there is nothing that compares to fasting. The sacrifice that a person goes through is very real, in a sense, not for a few hours. It's not for one or two days. It's for 30 days straight. And that's exactly why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and another narration, he said to the companions, that for the fasting person, there are two joys but hotton

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Farhatullah and the fitri were for Hakuna indelicato be there is one joy that the fasting person experiences when that fire time comes, you know, you're struggling all day then right? When it's a minute left, and someone says there's one minute left, there's a spark of joy in the heart. It's almost over. And you pick up the date and you see your daughter hopefully, and you start chopping down you enjoy the date so much all of a sudden dates are the most pleasurable thing that your mouth can taste because it's the first thing that you're tasting. So Farhatullah in the fifth three, there is a joy that a person experiences when they break their fast. Some colors, they say, this joy isn't

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actually because of the food. Rather, it's because of an act that's done right before and it's thought and in one narration the purpose that a lot a wisdom tells us that we are made before if thought is never rejected by a loss of data, that God is highly acceptable. And the joy this person is experiencing isn't the food it's actually that this person knows that. The dough I just made right now was accepted by lots of hands on work on that though I made for my marriage to do I made for my emaan that while I made for my children, for my community for the protection of oma for the hungry people across the road from mine episode Allahu alayhi wa sallam for their beloved companions

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for the Olia of Allah, Allah the Father foon. All the people that I just included in my door, I know that Allah subhanho wa Taala shortly without any doubt, will give great acceptance to this law. That's what brings us person joy. That's what makes them happy. I mean, I just made the offer for my parents that has passed away. I've just made law for a sibling or child of mine that is lying six feet beneath the ground. And I know amongst them kind of one thought as accepted this and the second thing The Prophet said a lot while it was sent him says Farhat on the second joy is one that fasting person stands in front of a local portada because what Allah has stored for you in the Hereafter is

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much greater than a date.

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It's much more than your thought on your spread in front of you. What Allah has stored for you there. The Hadees is telling us it'll bring

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such joy to you that you will thank Allah for every moment every second of hunger and thirst you experience while you are fasting. These moments right before a person breaks their fast are very special moments. And it because of the sacrifice involved when a person makes blob, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that it had so much sacrifice involved. So when it comes to the pillar of Hydra alpha, what should you do? If you ask someone who's gone for Hajj, what are you told to do an alpha and your mom will tell you the only thing you're supposed to do is law. There's no push ups, no handstand, no special fancy schmancy Salah all you do is because you've been through so

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much sacrifice now allowance to reward you and that rewarding comes in the form of da similarly when it comes to saw, I follow the humbling and breaking and breaking our ego and discipline that we go through standing in one place looking in one place, listening attentively, bowing down, prostrating glorifying the law exalting Allah after that whole cleaning process, think of the beginning of your slaw kind of like the rinse cycle in the washing machine. It's just washing the dirt out of you, humbling you breaking you down. And then at the end, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives you the desert. What is that before your son um, make whatever you want. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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says that though I made before set up before the end of your prayer, right at the end, that law that's made is accepted about loss of data. And the same thing goes with fasting too. After all the hours of hunger and thirst and all the Mujahidin, the migraine and the stomach ache, and the first and all of it that comes at the end of it, Allah subhanho wa Taala has stored a moment that you can ask whatever you want. And this is the same reason why I'm still loving, I'm a fan of the Allahu Allah. When his time for a father would come. He would call all of his family members. He would call this children and call his wife and bring everyone nearby. And then he would raise his hands and

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they would make dua together. And then after that, they would they would make their thought you might be confused on how to La La narrates this loving ominous narration and it's the fifth and we're going to consider narrates this deceit is very, this is very interesting. Actually. He brings it under the ayah what you Asada about the Anita in me, curry. Okay. Surah Baqarah. This ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala says when my servant asked regarding me say to them, not even say he's not the only one of my servant asked regarding me for me 13 for any aquarium barely I have very close for anybody very early. I'm very close. If you don't know the law, he says if you focus on this is what

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you'll realize is that this ayah comes right after the mention of phone and Ramadan and sort of walk on All right, well, he took me out when he took a bit of Maha Maha Docomo Allah, Allah,

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Allah just finishes off the discussion of phone, just finished talking about the month of Ramadan. And then immediately the ayah that comes after that is that when you call on to me indeed I'm very close to you. Because when a person fast, they get very close to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And that's exactly what you should be doing at the end of your fast raising your hands in front of Allah subhanahu wa tada and asking Allah, The Prophet said a lot of money was sent on set as narrated by Timothy and also by email, even imagine I'm going to la dee, da da, da da da da to whom there are three people whose prayer is not accepted, not rejected. Three people are such their prayer is not

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rejected. The first person, a thought, a thought a slightly Mohatta used to the fasting person until they make a thought until they break their fast. The second person was a mom and Adil, the just ruler, and the third person, Alma booooooom, the one who was oppressed. We read through all these narrations, and many more, and we understand the value of the law at the end of our fast. But now comes the reality. What are we doing before our fast you know, half of our community is spending time in the kitchen just garnishing food and making the last during that last dessert and last fruit shot that we're making before thought that's where we're spending the most valuable moments of our

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fast. We're spending them preparing for food, putting the tablecloth out doing this doing that vacuuming, putting fragrance on and making sure the food is right and you know, garnishing it and half the other group of people that are in the machine. They're standing there sit there sitting on a table, staring up food aimlessly, even though they can't have it not making any law at all. Wasting these moments just sitting there looking at food. You know, you've asked him what are you doing right now, the foods in front of you. This is a time for you to raise your hands and ask a lot. A lot of open the doors of genda for you shaitan is locked away the doors of genda are open.

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You just finished. You're about to finish your fastball. It's the last last part you make a glass it will be accepted. And this person is just sitting there looking at the food and wasting their time. This is how we waste you know my teachers used to say I asked him I said what's the difference between an average person and the special friends have a look. He said the special friends have a lot they do. They're a bother and they follow through with sincerity till the end. They follow through with this and till the end. The average person they start off there ibadah with sincerity and sincerity and excellence but they don't see it through till the end with sincere

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And acceptance. And that's kind of like one of the differences that you see your fast through right till the end until the Adhan isn't called you keep making blah you keep calling on Allah subhanho wa Taala. So now you can ask, what can I do and how can I become punctual and making the art before it's thought. So the first thing

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after after football or 30 minutes or 45 minutes before your thought, clear your schedule, no cooking, no food prepping. No putting out the tablecloth have everything ready. 45 minutes before no more phone calls, no more email normal Facebook, no more Twitter, no more visiting friends, no driving on the highway. No rushing to someone else's home. If you want to be in the machine for a thought to get there 45 minutes before Otherwise, the most important part of your fast will be wasted. Clear out your schedule 45 minutes before a thought and get ready to get into the door zone. The second thing,

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keep a two hour book with you. The reason is because ideally, you should make two out on your own with your own words what comes from your heart. But if you go dry on words, or if you go dry on thoughts, and you're not sure how to continue and the clock says 27 minutes and you've only been making block for three minutes and you're thinking What do I do now for the next 27 keep a book with you. I usually recommend the reading of one of my favorite blog books of his one album. This is a blog collection gathered by Milan el khajuraho Allahu tada a great logic. One of the greatest scholars of hadith of his time and his books of Hadith are still studied till today and talk till

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today will not call it Remo lozada gathered a great compilation of blogs, no one of them is one of them. If anyone would like a copy of it, you're more than welcome to reach out to me I can share it with you keep that PDF with you right before your thought. So if you go dry on your blog, you're ready to move forward. The third thing

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know that you don't only do it yourself, you don't only need to make draw for yourself. But remind yourself there are certain people who you old want to. There are certain people who played a role in your life, that making law for them is necessary upon you. For example your parents making dinner for them is not an option you need to you must make to offer them Allah says in the Quran, Quran Hama, Kumara biani saphira you need to make to offer them what fildena homogenise elimina, Rama, Rama they are your children, you need to make law for them. Someone who borrowed you money 20 years ago, you still need to make law for them. Someone who came to visit you when you were sick, make

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dinner for them, someone who helped you with your moving, make law for them, someone who came to you at the time that you needed it the most. And this took you out for a dinner or took you out for a meal or to set with you and share tears with you you should be making to offer them And out of all the people you should be making the offer. Without any doubt you should be making the law for the Prophet Mohammed solomani will send them to Sahaba and the generations that came before and the sacrifice they made. Don't make law just a selfish thing. As you might know we're gonna put the law here it says under this ayah he says make dua for yourself, your dunya your alzira and for the

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Muslim ummah. He said if you finish off

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if you're tired or if you're tired half an hour and before you know if you've finished making glass before the half an hour clock ends. You really don't understand the depth of these things. You don't understand how much the why you should be making for your lunia you really don't understand how much the why you should be making for your aka, you really don't understand how much law you should be making for the Muslim ummah. Otherwise they should pass by and your hands shouldn't come down, your hand shouldn't be dry, you continue to make the offer lots of data. So with that I wanted to close off this Holocaust of ours with a reminder that the month of Ramadan is a very special month.

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Fasting is a very special day. Because what a sacrifice, but don't give up on the race 20 minutes before your opponent. Because at that point, you're truly a loser. The cream was the last 20 minutes, the last 10 minutes the last five minutes and that's when you should raise your hands and pour your heart on him for the last panel Donna, tell Allah how weak you are. expose yourself in front of your Creator. Be humble in front of your Creator and after a long for whatever you want. And Allah subhanahu wa tada will never ever fail you. You know, you can keep asking Allah Allah will never get tired of hearing you. You can ask other human beings they'll get annoyed very quickly.

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That's not the relationship you have a lot of data for free that allows to partner with them. It gives them all the focus and energy ability guidance, the words to make law the way we should be making the law. Allah subhanaw taala inspired us with the laws of the prophets that the laws of the Olia have afforded him the Shahada, distributing, and Allah subhanho wa Taala was reckless with them on the day of judgment was that a lot harder to them home and family come to light on over again.