Why is it that we make dua and it is not accepted?

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The speaker discusses how Allah Subhana is generous and sends his father to the door. The speaker also talks about how people ask him to not accept their assumptions and suggests they should ask their father to change their beliefs. The speaker also advises against doing things that make one feel sorry for themselves.

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think clearly. Allah Subhana Allah is so generous if you ask the proper from your heart anywhere any time he accepts you know his daddy take he said any time that will ask me I don't listen to them

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you know Ravi Allah there was a silent movie a very pious person in Missouri. He used to teach the people that keep knocking the door of Allah one day the door you open keep knocking door keep insisting the door you open to drive a car from a lotta set to more solid How long will keep teaching people keep knocking the door the door open telling me when the door was closed his door me close rate same put in real easy instead up in a stinky about the place click really change the heart. People ask him Jaffa sobre la Muladhara why is it that you make dua do not accept it? He says because you don't know who you are calling. You don't know you're calling if you know who is calling

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it an atomizer

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whatever you ask him for if you ask me one Pence, even if I vary myself personally step one is nothing to me. I say no to nothing I will give you whatever you ask us whatever, it is easier, fine, then what

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it is you need to ask him and when you ask him certainly he gives you more than what you asked anyway. It could be that he did not do what he wanted. But he gives certainly more than what you want. Even not giving actually big reward for me when they haven't met will come you will think anymore If I had not accepted any more into our cause so much reward

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him on the firearm Allah says that when I was younger, any day I made, it was accepted. I became a skill. That means that all my rewards live in this world. They stopped. People want the reward ahead of keep asking him Don't worry when he's going to give how he's going to give it up to him. You should just ask him he knows when to give and how to just depend on him. Simple thing. So you know do the prayer. Do Salah follow sooner simple thing really Allah wants you to follow the sooner and worship Allah tala sincerely. That's all. Don't do something new, which nobody had done. Just keep calling the professor lawless, safe religion safer.