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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The 99 names and language used in the podcast are discussed, including the language used in the show and the language used in the show. characters like expand, Moosa, and Missy are mentioned as wots and writers. The speakers emphasize the importance of flexibility and learning to be communist, as well as the need for a relaxing environment and the importance of praising and not having the ability to praise someone. The conversation also touches on the definition of " legends" and the use of animals as symbols of one's success.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Welcome back to an episode of the 99 names. I am your host bill Alfond. tagalong Ahmad is not taking over.

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As salam aleikum, everybody, this is the E diversion. We're still on day number two is today day two or day three of eight. It was on Monday. Today's Wednesday. So today is a very

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Yeah, today's day three of EAD. Okay, yes. So, today inshallah we'll be talking about it why Sarah? unless it was me. I was it means I know that it was it. No, you don't know.

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Why. Okay. Possibly, but that would be really strange. If his name is wasa was it means expansive. Okay, wide, flexible. All of that. So how is it translated my one word, and measurable would be good. Okay. So all of that is Alaska. And so immediately right from the get go when you have that what type of connotations come from that. When you're talking about a name of God being Alaska? It's just it's I don't know. Like a lot. That's the laws we didn't he says in the law last year and I do a lot so that is why I said I need an ID IDM is knowledgeable. Yes, right.

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So once it is even more expensive than for example lkt Okay, allies are yet is plentiful. So how is that different? Karim Karim is generous, okay. But what I say is like, so everything belongs to him. Okay. He is what kind of law who is it and hakima Allah has a yet another verse. He says a lot as good as last year. And he is Hakeem. He is wise. Okay. I have the resources. And I'm wise. Right. Okay. I got you. So he's has everything at his disposal and more. Yes. Okay. Yes. It measurable is a good one. Yeah. So a lot as a gift. So of the meanings of Eliza is the one who envelops or covers his creation, with sustenance and his bounty.

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Okay, so immediately now, this reminds me of how if you try to count your blessings, you couldn't? Yes. So immediately. Like, I read that one of the ways that I feel like I can interact and call upon a lot as a yellow asset, is when I'm asking for for blessings. I'm asking for bounty. I'm asking for resources I'm asking for because allies are good as it is, and a lot as yet is the one who

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suffices everyone. Okay.

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Right. He suffices everyone because his resources are so vast, the vast is also another way. Okay. So also included in that isn't Jude and column. So that's

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Jude and column is his generosity, okay? Jude, it's also another word for generosity, okay. And in his knowledge, because he is the vast as well as his protection, and his preservation, because he is an asset, also of the meanings of Alaska means the one who is absolutely perfect in his creation of everyone. And he is perfect in his own attributes, and in his own names. He is absolutely perfect in his names. And so no one has the ability to actually encompass him, even embrace. And so the prophet SAW the light his enemy says, Love safe, and I think he says to a lot as a young, I don't have the ability to praise who you are as you praise yourself, okay? Because you can't wrap

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a praise around the law as if that phrase works. I don't get it.

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You can't encompass a lot as we did with it, there is nothing that you can say, except that Allah azza wa jal is above what you say, even beyond what he has taught us. No, not beyond his titles. Obviously, he saw this as a perfect accurate description of himself. But what you come up with, okay. And so well, in order for us to come up with anything, we would have to comprehend a lawn, we really can't do that. And you can't do that. And that's why, you know, one of my favorite poets and within a beat, he has a verse. Yeah. And he's a very interesting character. Do tell me about that.

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And he was a poet who's a diva. He's an absolute diva. Okay, he was

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when he what's fascinating about him other than the fact that he was a diva. What's fascinating about him is will be comparable to today. I don't know personality perhaps Kanye West for real. So he's a Kanye West of what century? I don't know the century off the top of my head. Okay, but he was I think Kanye is got a little bit

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Within a b&m the sense that

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when he's introspective, yeah it's amazing. Okay when he is

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his skill level is incredible. Okay. And would you say Connie's skin levels and crit? Absolutely. Okay. Sure. Okay, then you have

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ego is off the charts, okay? His ego is off the charts and in fact he had a verse and this is the famous verse that everybody knows but they call it the verse that killed the one who wrote it. So I'm gonna be he said that'd be wrote it he wrote it okay? But this verse ended up being his demise Okay, what was the verse he says? Another the another at ama Adobe he says I'm the one who made the blind see my art okay less mighty mighty been based on the my words made the deaf hear the deaf hear my words. The blind see my art and the deaf hear my words for little Halo a little audacious right there for Halo, a little Bay Delta, safe water. Alamo. He says for lane. So the the horses will lead

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and the night will be that and the desert. They know me well.

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was safer. One worker password, and the sword and the spear and the parchment and the pen. They all know me well. Okay, so what's he alluding to? He's alluding to the fact that he's a warrior. He's a warrior. He's a writer. A poet is an artist. All of these. Yes. They all know me very well. So he's a traveler is a journeyman he's all of that. Yeah, the desert knows me. Well, right. Very, very beautiful. Now, it's like the streets know me. Yeah, the streets know me. The block knows me. So he asked me about me in the hood. Right.

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So I'm gonna be at one point of time. He's traveling with one of his servants. Yeah. And they get caught by highway robbers. Yeah. And so the highway robbers are like, you know, run your pockets, and they wouldn't be fleece. Oh, no, he flees because he doesn't really he's just a poet. He's not really. He's not, you know, the big. No. Okay, you know, and that's something that poets they always they say what they don't do. The law says. So

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the he leaves his servant hanging and his servant is getting like mugged and abused and maybe even killed by these guys. Yeah, so serving calls out to him. He says, Aren't you the one who said on Halo and

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even when he was safe?

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Hello. So now he hits and we're gonna be surprised and I'm gonna be says, attack Allah who come after me. He says service. May Allah kill you like you just killed me. And he turns around and he comes back and he gets killed by the robbers, man. So they called it he just let his ego just Yeah, man, his ego kill. He's just like that situation. And Back to the Future Marty McFly gets called chicken. Honey, have you seen it? Tell me you've seen Back to the Future. I've seen Back to the Future. I don't know what you're talking. Like. The whole thing was like, every time somebody called chicken. He'd have to like defend his honor. Right? And you always get beat up. Or you always get in

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trouble or something. Right. Yeah. And his his ego was bruised, bruised. And so he had to come back. I mean, he wrote the verse. Yeah.

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So and he was he says here with regards to this concept of praising, not having the ability to praise someone he says to Joe, as I had been mad at that I know who he is, and I'm gonna find it. Weird that he knew that he was gonna get killed if he does that. So why, why he didn't know he was gonna get killed. Come on. He said himself. You've killed me the way okay. I mean, there are people who care about honor. Fair enough. Okay, so he says the job was I had done Mad Hatter. I know who we are. Cinema is neither here I will. He said this person, whoever he was praising. He said he reached the limits of praise. Okay, to the point where the best thing that you praise them with is still an

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Do you get it? No, I don't get it. Meaning they've reached such a level of excellence, that no matter how you praise them, it's still an insult because it's still it's not matching what they're actually at. That's the level of height that they're at. Okay. Right. And so when you're talking about allies, we did being Alaska. Okay. And that's why, you know, some have have looked away at this concept of, you know, coming up with your own titles for a lot. So it is almost like an insult. You can't like why you're straying from the way that Alaska has taught you.

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They're coming up with your own ways, which won't even match with which aren't going to do him justice. Yeah. And the privates of the lesson himself says, I can't do justice, love sleeping at night. I don't have the ability to praise you. So you are as you praised yourself. So unless it also something important, is to turn that into a line of poetry. I don't have the ability to praise you and you are as you praise yourself. Yeah. It's a good idea. That's a strong I mean, that's a strong line just by itself. Yeah.

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That's a thought.

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We don't have the ability to praise you

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You are as you praise yourself, we thank you for our families, our friends, our health and wealth. That's in my way. Nice. Yeah.

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So, the last thing that I want to mention with the rest of the class is the expansiveness and the flexibility of the legislation that he gave. Okay. Oh, just just a side note, guys, if you want to link to that with a dog, just check in the description below. Perfect. Excellent. See, we're just point down here it is. Yeah.

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So the last thing is the flexibility. You know, I was once asked a man came to him and he said, I wrote a book and I called it the book of St. Olaf, the book of disagreement disagreement. Okay, so Mohammed he said, don't call it that. He said, Call it Kitab. We call it the book of flexibility. Oh, nice. Right call talk about reframing. Yes. He's like don't call it the book of differences, call it the book of flexibility. And these differences do grant us flexibility you know, this, this reminds me of one in one of the past videos, we talked about the different names of a line which there is disagreement on, or rather than names about line which there's a lot of flexibility and

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beautiful. That's a great thought. And I think we should do that. Call it the names that have flexibility Yeah.

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So the prophet Elijah yet he says you need to learn how to be communist.

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Right? Yeah. Okay. A lot. This is the part where you're

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Like, we didn't have like, we were rolling we didn't have like a two minute break or anything like that. That's in the middle of the conversation. He raises his head He's like, we're still doing

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Yes, we are.

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So it's a lot of these this he desires for you easy, he doesn't desire for you difficulty and so there's a lot of flexibility with regards to the religion. There's a lot of vastness to what a lot as a jet has granted us and so the only person who restricts themselves Yeah, that person is the one who gets overwhelmed by their religion

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as a result type folks. Yep, the prophets Allah sent him says in the DNA us whether you share the DNA hudon illa, Allah province and the license side this religion is easy, and no one makes this religion difficult upon themselves or on others, except that the religion will

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defeat them. Yeah. You can't be how many times the people burn out, man, people are gonna burn especially a lot of these college students bro this relax. Yep.

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And that's it. So that's what's the takeaway is really to relax, you know, come that to me, but also, we're continuing from, you know, AlKhateeb and then Mooji and now it was it. So these are all names that invite a person to call upon a lot, we get too caught up on a lot as we did with confidence and to recognize, you know, also one thing that's really important is to realize that there's nothing that you're going to ask in this dunya except that a law can give it to you you know, like it's not something that's to his reach her it's not his resources are not limited or finite a lot as he says in a beautiful Hadith Hadith about he says, that, oh, son of Adam, if, first

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of you in the last of you and the human of you, and the jinn of you all gathered on a single plane, and all of you asked me, everything, everything, your wildest imagination, and I gave her all that to you to every single one of you that wouldn't take away from what I have, except like a needle takes away from the ocean.

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And so to call on Eliza and to not be,

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you know, Sue Damon said, Rob this really heavily Mukunda emerita had me buddy, said grab me a kingdom the likes of which no one will ever have after me. Was there a dog Rasulo loss I said lambda was so unique. The way the DA of sodomized Santa was unique. Something that was specifically unique to him. something specific to the I mean, Mohammed. Yeah, the province of the Lord SLM was definitely unique to him was that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that every prophet had a dog that they used up. Yeah, and my daughter, I'm saving for my own mom the Day of Judgment. Also and do we know what that is? It is for his oma.

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But would like to save them. Oh, okay. Yeah. Like, it's not that they look like they can all fly or something like that.

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No, but I have I don't have other prophets asked for the fact that there might be saved too. But they used up they had one that was like actual action. actionable, guaranteed, okay. And they use it up for whatever they used it up for. So they would use it for I don't know. Okay, there is this notion that every every prophet had this and has not used as yet. Yep. Most of us, I believe, although I'm not. I'll have to check on this. But Moosa asked a lot as we get to seal the hearts of Pharaoh

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so that they don't accept

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Islam until they see the painful punishment

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he made against it on it his people.

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That's interesting. Yeah, I never even considered or knew that. Yeah, he did.

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Okay, so we end here which

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caused them. Yeah, Melissa was done. He was over it

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with you. Yeah.

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So the lightest

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 23rd episode he talks about the name of Allah – Alwasie

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