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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and welcome to a nother tagalong discussion on the 99 Names of Allah I am your host, without Han with yours. I just realized I'm not even showing up in this town. You're not supposed to show up in the camera like I'm not supposed to show up in that camera. Okay, so FYI, okay, by the way, this video we're gonna be talking about I came and part of the wisdom of or which is the most all wise encompassing of wisdom, right? Yes. And one of the one tidbit on folks, if you're ever doing I eat hobos make them snappy. Huh? We're still in the season? Yes. Um, the last season every Friday? Yes.

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Yeah, you know, the profits lesson I've said from the film a person is that he makes this whole bus short. And his

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solo long, huh? That's from the fifth of a person's understanding of a person. And I know one chef who makes his whole bus on purpose. Uh, huh. His community everything. Anybody who comes and visits? Yeah, they tell him the whole bus 10 minutes.

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The whole first 10 minutes. That's dope, man. So the question.

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My question to him to the chef was I said to him, the problem is, is that what I've heard, many Sree have talked about is they say, Hey, this is the only opportunity we have Yeah, to educate and inform the people was not for me. So we need that for 20 or 3040, sometimes 50 minutes, right.

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Not everybody's his response to that was a really good response. He said, that's their problem.

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Right? Like, that's your problem. If you can get people to come to an educational program. That's your problem. But that's not what the hope was intended for. And I also think that Ted Talks, kind of flipped all of that on its head, because they proved that you can provide information or inspire or educate and do all of these things within 15 minutes. Yeah. I mean, in fact, they like, their whole thing is like to their magic numbers, like 18 minutes. They said, Because beyond 18 minutes, he started losing. And even you'll notice these videos, they're not longer than ATAR videos. Yeah. I mean, these videos, I think are gonna have to be edited down to 18 Minute. No, they're not longer

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than like, the longest running video that we have. uncut is 18 minutes. Okay. And so like, even when we edit it down, it's anywhere between like, five and 15. So I'm good. Because I don't think that's for you guys. Yeah, I don't think a person can listen to us for more than 10 minutes at a time. It depends. I can listen to us all day. Gary says you can listen to us for three minutes, three,

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three seconds. Okay. All right. So let's get to it. Hakeem ham de la sala Salama the dream? Yes. So I mean to from Houston. Yes, rockin. He's talking about Hakeem Olajuwon. But we're talking about Hakeem a lot as origin. And so a lot as well. Is that Hakeem?

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And hacking meaning the all wise, there's a couple of names, all sorts that are appropriate with that. And that is at Hakeem as well as in hacking and Ackermann hacking. So these are play. Yes, these are the these are the names that have some flexibility. Okay, which we defined last week to be, or in the last episode to be names that are have flexibility or names that in which, you know, some people will say this is a name and someone will say, No, it's not really a name, like a hacker would hacky mean, okay, the most

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common hacker mean, or just would hacky mean? Come on. Okay. Yeah. Come on hacky mean, which is the most just of those who judge

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asked for a hacking. And hacking is mentioned in a number of places. So it Hakeem has mentioned a number of places in the Quran, he's mentioned 94 times. And what was the difference between on hacking? I'll get to, I'll get to that. So jumping the gun that Hakeem is mentioned in 94 times. And and Hakeem is mentioned five times, what's the significance of a particular name being mentioned X number of times?

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What is the significance? Yeah.

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I see this much like I see people do that a lot. Well, they'll come through and they'll say, this is the the reason, and I believe it's just something that people like if you find a name being mentioned a lot, okay. Right. that's indicative that allows you a lot of times is directing your attention to this name. And if a name is mentioned only once, like, or a couple times like alcoholism, yes. Right. Does that mean it's not that much attention setting? I would think that would be more attention center, because look, I'm only mentioning it here. So pay attention. And that's a way to look at it as well. Right? It's like you look oh, this name is only mentioned once

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in this particular instance, pay attention to the context for example, in which this name is mentioned, okay? Whereas you have something like Rahmani Raheem is the fact that it is mentioned at the beginning of every

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sutra indicate something. Yes definitely. Is it part of the sutra? Or is it part of the editor simply just part of the etiquette of reciting a sutra from the beginning? Because if you recite investment it isn't a part of any genre. Except for saw that animal. animal. Oh, because in the end, no, it's in the middle of the soul. Oh, really? It is in the middle. Okay.

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In case she says, Yeah, you had Melo in a lake town Kareem enormous Lee man. Oh no. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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I get goosebumps man doo, doo doo. It's amazing. Meaning she says yes. Today man sends a letter to misplace the Queen of Sheba. Okay. And so her name is not Chiba. She was the play Subbu Subbu. Okay. Oh, okay. Because this is actually the DC five version of Shiva. Yes. Okay. So Subbu is Yemen. Okay. So she says yeah, you had my that she says all my people. It will take Nikita and Kareem. I received a Nobel letter in a homerun today man. It's from should a man we're in Ohio. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. And it is it says the letter says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. So they used Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, from the time of even Solomon for sure. For sure. So it's not a new thing. That's for the

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month of May. Not by text of the whole on that it's there. But we digress as usual. So let's come back to Hakeem and then hack him. So I'll hack him. We're Holla Holla. I know we will. Sorry. So he was after Moosa. Yes. So bunnies are familiar with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Yes. So now I'm wondering is this midlaner Jorge Matata? Is it in the solder? Maybe? Huh?

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So why were the Arabs? Like a rough man? They were. Yeah. Why were they? What was it because it didn't reach them. Okay. It didn't reach them. So were the Jews of Medina familiar with it? Possibly. Okay, I guess.

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They might have been familiar with it. But we're talking about Polish Polish was not familiar with it. Right, man. Okay. He said who's got it? Yeah. So Hakeem. So at Hakeem is the one who, Alinea come up with dinner. So Hakeem is the one who perfects everything. And he places everything in its appropriate place. And so, again, you'll always find the definition of hikma, you'll see this come a lot, that the definition of wisdom is putting things in its proper place. Hmm. It's not necessarily treating two different things equally. It's treating everything and everyone in a way that it is appropriate to them, equitably, equitably. Very good. Exactly. And of the meanings of hikma also is,

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I mean, there are a lot of ways that hikma is reflective the hikma velocity and is reflected in this world that we live in. So of them, for example, is believing that a lot as we realize that Hakeem is that we weren't created for no reason. You know, just a lot of people they always fight for equality.

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Would it? Would it be more appropriate to fight for equity? Yes, I think so. For sure. To fight for equity would be better than to fight for equality, because treating two people who are different equally is an act of oppression.

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Yeah, so then we have

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so of the ways in which we see the wisdom of allies or yet isn't the fact that allies it did not create us for nothing.

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He created us for a reason because he is in hockey. And so Allah azza wa jal, we know that we are here.

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Not Agatha, we're not just here for no reason about ABA, ABA, you're saying ABA, I'm saying ABA. What? What does that mean? And that just means for no reason. Right? Cobain? Yes, envying? Okay, that there was no purpose behind it. Okay. No, we believe that our Lord is hacky, that we have a purpose here. It's a matter of us. So anyway, borrows the justice is hekima hacking justice as well, or No.

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It's not sometimes the term is has to do with somebody being a judge, right? Somebody hacking and hacking was the one who judges. Right. So, so it's very much related to justice. So the fact that it is the justice of a loss, Matata, that we're not hearing, I mean, when you put when you put things in their proper place, that is an act of justice. Okay. Right. So then you have the manifestations of the hc mobilizing budget is the idea. Okay, is the law. And so a law as again, gives us these measurements around when you're talking about wisdom set up already and how much of it is

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interpretable and,

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and all of it, we're talking about what is set up already? Yeah, like for example, inheritance, mostly even Mafalda law says, These are

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These are the amounts that are no play in it, or that which has given us flexibility. All of that comes back to his hikma he knows what are the things that should not be played with at all. Okay, it should not be left for interpretation clear. And that's clear. Okay, and the things that are open for interpretation and that's clear as well and so this is not what the province of the lightest and let me say it says the holiday is clear and clear and between them there are doubtful matters that many of the people don't know. But he said many of the people he didn't say all of the people don't know so there's always aspects that are going to be clarity in the doubt granted, somebody has taken

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the time to clarify it and a lot of it has given that person that clarity God which brings us to the third aspect of

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photography Dania, someone has been given the religion Okay, also, which brings us to the third which is the pigma Masha Allah says He grants wisdom to whoever he wills and whoever is everybody's was no and wisdom cannot be always we have the statement here. You know, common sense is not so common. Forget wisdom, just common sense is not so common. Okay, so a lot of good grants wisdom, and whoever has been granted wisdom that has been given a hit on Casio has been granted a lot of goodness. And so is there a specific da for asking a lot of grant I've never heard or come across a specific asking a large budget for achema. But that person can ask a lot for Hickman, for sure. You

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know, you see people who martial law have wisdom, they know how to solve people's problems. They their suggestions are always suggestions that are just very weighty and measured. And what was the one time it was, I think in one of your classes, you mentioned something along the lines of wisdom isn't knowing what's right or wrong, but it's being able to decipher between two rights, or between two, that's the definition of

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a person who's a puppy. Yeah, it's not the person who knows.

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Between Helen O'Hara, but he knows between to highlight things, what's better? Yeah. And between two how long things what's worse, okay. You see, so But that requires wisdom. Yes. Okay. But it also requires filter understanding. And so you have to be able to measure things, okay? accordingly. And not everybody has the ability to do that. Some people, you know, when they command the good or forbid the evil, they bring an evil that's worse. And you see that every single day. And then you have some people who you know, try to command the good

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and they don't bring about a good that's better than the good that the people are already experiencing. So and So asking a lot as well for hikma is

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something incredibly valuable to be

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to be encouraged for a person to seek out and also something that's beautiful, just a normal example everyday example of the Hakan mobilizer is really the differences in languages. Okay. How is the how

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were what are what are what is the wisdom and allies of creating so many different languages a lot, Isaiah says and we have created you into nations and tribes that you may know one another, but also the differences of the languages. For example, it shows you the, you know the power of a lot. Okay, you know, we

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we keep bringing up this guy who, who, who made this elf language, what's his name? Oh, JRR Tolkien. He's the guy who wrote Lord of the Rings, right. And as part of the writing of the book, he he's also a linguist, right, so he developed his own fake language called the elephant language, but the same process was also Gene Roddenberry applied the same process, where he came up with the tracking comes out in me is the Klingon language, okay, and people actually learn the Klingon language and speak it as not people but nerds nerds.

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Yes. So it's the same concept that they actually came up with develop this fake language and people so he created the language. So it's, they do the same thing with the movie Avatar with James Cameron. Okay, they developed the NaVi, they worked with linguists, and they literally work. I wonder the depth of these languages like how, how rich these languages are? It's a good question. I mean, I think for the purposes of, I think out of these three, I mean, I would say the elephant language is probably the most has the most depth because it has had time and culture and nerds and geeks to get in on it and develop it and develop it further. And one of the cool things that he did

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was he even developed dialects within it because I would imagine that they had a lot of time to develop it. They spent almost two years since he came up with it and and even then it's just like people continue to have their practice in their parents basements.

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So yeah, so what were we going with this so where we're going with that is that you saw how Bella's face lit up and how he amazed he wasn't excited he became when we're talking about a single person who created a language a language and we are not sure about its depth that just spans three novels or what have you know, man, he's got like a bunch of books, bro. Okay, got Lord of the Rings, which is three, you got the hobbit which is one and you got the silmarillion

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Which is another, and then you have a whole series of other books, which kinda is like a dictionary, Encyclopedia of the his fake history of Middle Earth, which is and then we look and we say, look at what our laws are created of the vastness of languages on this earth. Sure. And these are the languages that are spoken now not the languages that are spoken 1000 years ago or 2000, or three or four. Yeah, so a lot as we had mentioned, that is one of all of that is indicative of the power of a lie, says women a it Hulk was similar to a lot of data for synthetic oil when Kamala says from his sciences, the creation of the heavens of the earth and the differences in your color of skin and

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your languages and allies. It says, Man Holla Holla Holla insane. Right? Wait, we talk about sutra Han? Yeah.

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Allah, yeah, so Allah says, Allah man, he, he taught before and he created mankind, and they taught them speech. Okay, right. So this being taught eloquence and ban is a great favor from Allah, as we heard that he taught us. And that was one of these is that that no other species on Earth has been right?

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Or is that? Are there species that I don't know? I mean, every species has some way that they communicate, communicate, but the idea that they're not gonna, well, you're talking about your poem, right? You don't see a cat and marvel at the sunrise or whatever it was. They're not they're not. They're not impressed by beauty, whether or not they communicate and what level of communication that's, I think, something that scientists figure out because because of that, because the thought was like, like, even with the from the Quran, or the ants would say, like, you know, so the man is coming and going to travel. Right? So that's communication, this communication, but it's not like

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the answer to go back and write poetry.

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That's a very good point.

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Unless they wrote it, and we don't know about it.

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All right. So we end here with regards to Hakeem.

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Some of our listeners hamadryad.

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Wait, before we end, like is there any action points we can talk away? Like, what do we do with this? The action points? I mean, we go home and read Lord of the Rings, I'm all for that.

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No, the action points with regard Hakeem number one very important action point is contentment, contentment of the heart. When I realized that, you know what, the way that my life is going is being designed by a Lackey, the one who is the most wise one is the most, okay, that grand So basically, what we have in life and where we're at is out of the justice of a lunch for us to be his wisdom is his wisdom and a luxury, it is the most wise there is a reason and not only a reason, but a marvelous, incredible reason for why what's happened to me has happened to me. Okay. I may not know it, I may never know it. But I take solace in the fact that a lot has it is it hockey,

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everything happens for a reason. And a great example of that is the story of Musa Musa is incredibly intelligent, yeah, and knowledgeable and all of these things, and he can't wrap his head around why these things are happening. Yeah. And he, you know, the story gives us access at the end. But

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we don't have access for the stuff that happens in our day to day lives. And so we have faith. Okay, and understand that a lot of it is that hacking? Sure. Also important action item is from this is to seek out wisdom. You know, people used to seek out wisdom, learn wisdom, and recognize also that a lot of wisdom comes from simply experience.

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Okay, but one says seek out wisdom, you say that's not not everybody's going through wisdom, but you can seek it out. Like what does that mean? What that means is that when I add

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experiences, to my experience, I add lifetimes to my lifetimes. So seek out the experiences of others, is seeking out the wisdom that is seeking out wisdom, okay, and not only that, but also

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in the form of mentors, or if not in the form of mentors who are alive. mentors who have passed away. You don't want to just realize, we talked about like experience, right? What is what defines an experience, right? It's not just a memory, but I was just, I was having a conversation with someone. And I was asking, like, if you were to describe somebody to me, like, why is it so difficult to describe them? They're like Yeah, but it would take a lot of depth to know someone I'm like, Well, if you know somebody you know on a number of levels, right? You know them on what their basic talents are. Right? What what what comes naturally to them. Right? corniness comes naturally

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to me wit comes naturally to you.

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At the same time, what it what is it that they've spent learning? What have they spent educating themselves on? Going into that? How have they what the skills have they developed along with that education? And how they combine all that into

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something that they've applied, which has become an experience, and what have they learned from that application? I think that's where the wisdom comes in.

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And that's very good.

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So the question now is, maybe a lot of times we might have a lot of wisdom in our own experience.

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says we just haven't taken the time to reflect on it. And by the way, I love what you just said right there. I really think for example, journaling. Yes.

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I'll tell you right now, the book I'm writing myself is just like your journal, your thoughts? Yeah, just a lot of us go through life, and we're not even recording. Right? You're never going back and seeing, you know, looking back reflecting pulling lessons, you know, some of the most painful moments in life, you don't realize how many lessons are in it, if you just take the time to relive that pain, maybe a little bit, but then I think more and more people are journaling than ever before. Yeah, in the form of Facebook statuses. Okay, but it's not really reflection. I mean, they write their reflections, I suppose. But I would, I would say Facebook statuses kind of, they just

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vary everything.

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Just as you write a Facebook status, that you just copy it into a single document that becomes your own journal. That's a brilliant idea. Thank you very much. That was worth getting to the end of the video for

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do that, guys. That's an action. Yes, you guys write stuff, documented? Google Docs, Evernote, whatever. And I really think, you know, Marhaba, Minister shot, the one who

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consults doesn't lose ever. And so when you consult people, and you gain x, you add experience to your experience. And that's something important also to consult people. You know, we talked yesterday about the story of the province of Alliance and a misaligned marriage. Yeah. And the prayer was obligated on him 50 times. Yeah. And he met somebody with more experience than him. And that was massage, and massage, and I've continued to tell the profit, go back, go back, go back, trust me. Your people aren't going to be able to do it. I tried, I have more experience. I went and I tried with vinius law in and they're just not going to end the profits of the license and continue

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to benefit from Russo's advice and his experience, until he got to the point where he said, I'm too shy to ask my Lord for more. And so it stayed at five. But look, we benefited so much from most artists and his experience with venues like we were saved by that. Yeah. So

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consulting people who are older than you is always something people have more experienced than you is a habit of people who are,

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you know, successful. And this is maybe like even a something that we can even revive and a benefit for us personally visiting old people. Yeah, learning their stories. Yeah. benefiting from their example. You know, they say that a wise person is someone who learns from the mistakes of others.

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Yeah. And I just think of this poster, right. You know, they have those motivational posters. Yeah. And then they have those on motivational posters as well, which is kind of like the sarcastic Yeah. And they feel like a ship is sunk. And it's like, some people are just meant to be a warning for you. Yeah. They say a wise person learns from the mistakes of others. An intelligent person learns from their own mistakes and a dumb person doesn't even learn from their own mistakes. Yeah, something like that. So we end here with a hacky sort of lights and a hammer. Do it like this.

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 24th episode he talks about the name of Allah – Alhakeem / Alhaakim / Ahkam / Alhakimeen

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