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Brother jostle or Jerseyville from Sri Lanka, he emails and he says can you please explain how says that Thilawa or the such that A prostration is to be performed 107 mean Kobe league in the Jalan no he lay him first earn Oh, la la curry

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Joomla John

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says that a Tilawat is the search that is done at specific places in the Koran. Now, what are those places there are 10 that are agreed upon in all schools of law, and then you know, some ad one, some ad three, four, some ad five. So, between the mudah Have you had between 11 to 15. So, this is something that, once again it depends on which School of Law you follow, there are 10 that are agreed upon, and then restaurant, you know, difference of opinion. So, whichever, you know, most half your reading follow the demarcations of that no problem. And so, follow the, you know, the most hype that you're reading, and whenever you come across a verse of such that it is encouraged to do

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search there is not obligatory it is encouraged to do search. And our brother is asking how is that search the done now this search that may be done inside of Salah or outside of Salah. So if you are reciting the Quran, and you come across the search that while you are praying, then you may fall into frustration right then and there. And if you're outside of the Salah, and you're reciting the Quran, you may fall into frustration right then and there. And if you are listening attentively, and I say attentively, this is different than if you're passing by and somebody recites, then you are not obliged. In fact, there is no obligation such that Atilla is not obligatory, it is certain if

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you do it good, if you do not do it, there is no sin on you. And this is the default position of the schools of law. So this says that Tilawat is not wajib, it is encouraged to do and it is encouraged to the one who is praying, and the one who is attentively listening as for the one who passes by and somebody else who's reciting, then it is not something that you are in that circle because you weren't paying attention to that. So how is it done, according to the majority position, a person should have will do and a person should face the Qibla and if you're in Salah, then you have Udo and you're already facing the Qibla if you are not in Salah, then in order to sit it out the default

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position now of course I've been to many others they have their opinion that you don't need to have although that's a minority opinion, the majority opinion that you should have Udo and you need to face the fibula. And you say one tech Bureau to go down and one tech Vera to come up and that's it. There is no tech Vera tool if if data you don't say Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah Allahu Akbar, no, you simply say Allahu Akbar, and you go straight down into such them, and then you say Allahu Akbar, and you come back up, and that's it. There is no Tasneem so there is no Allahu Akbar of beginning and there is no Tasleem of ending because it is not a Salah, the Salah is what needs Allahu Akbar and

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Tasneem as for such that it just needs the tech bit of going down and the tech bit of gear coming up. And in the sector, you may say what you generally Say Subhan Allah, Allah Subhan Allah but Allah Subhana Allah but Allah and if you want to add some ethical, that is fine. And this is the simple way of doing the tech be the says that have to our once again it is not obligatory, it is encouraged to do so. And the default is that you should have will do and face the fibula once again. So if you're in Salah you may do it right then and there. If you are not in Salah you may delay it if you're reciting the Quran from memory. And so you're reciting the Quran and you come across the

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verse of sage that if you don't have the will do at that time, you may delay it until you have the will do and then you may do says that the Thilawa and will Allahu Taala Adam