99 Names of Allah #72 Zul Jalaali Wal Ikram

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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is the oil Jalali well it Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala is duly Jalali well a kromm, he is the one who possesses might and honor and glory. All these things are for Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Now, if we want to understand this name, maybe we should look at the little tiny amounts of glory and honor that we get in this world. Let's imagine you play on a sports team, maybe a soccer team, or let's imagine maybe that there's a sports team that you really like. Do they win every single game that they play? Every single year, they went all the championships, they have all the best players? No, it's impossible. They're going to win some games, and they're going to

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lose some games. Some years, they might win the championship. Other years, they're not going to win the championship. And the same with you. Do you in school? Do you get every single question on every single test, right? No, you get maybe some of them right and some of them wrong. And you have some tests you do really, really well on and the other tests that you didn't do so well on you and me. We have victories and we have defeats. We have triumphs, and we have setbacks. But Allah subhanho wa Taala never loses. Allah subhanaw taala has no competition. Nobody even comes close. He has no setbacks. Everything that Allah does is a triumph. And that's what makes the law so special and

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unique, and that's what makes him go to Jalali, while Accra. That's all for tonight, so don't worry