Quranic Reflections Episode 1 Enjoyment of delusion

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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A speaker discusses the idea that everything is just an illusion and that the reality of death is not real. The speaker also mentions a person named Jana entering the pocket and being called the successful ones.

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When rapper 50 cents, announced to the world that he was declaring his bankruptcy, people were shocked. And they asked him, Where is all of the money all of the fancy cars and the expensive jewelry? He said something so profound. He said that all of it is just an illusion. It's not real Subhan Allah, what did the Lord tell us in the Quran? One mil higher to dunya Illa material rule, and what is this life except for an illusion? And if you look into the eye and sort of Allium Ron, from the beginning, Allah mentions another reality. And that is the reality of death. Who laughs in the airport will know that every soul will taste death, this reality at the beginning of the eye,

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and the other reality at the end, which is that this life that we live in, it's a delusion, it's not real. Allah subhanho wa Taala in this ayah mentioned that we will get our jewel we'll get our rewards, you'll know the AMA for that which we have done in this dunya and then he says subhanaw taala Bermondsey on in that whoever is saved from the Hellfire Woodfill Jana enters into the Jana pocket bears, then these are the successful ones.