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In this video by Shaykh Yasir illustrates the biography of Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA.

We are enamored by the information that we get about the blessing that Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA received from Prophet Muhammad SAW right at his birth – Haneeq- and the specialty was that it was done with the saliva of the Prophet SAW itself which was the ultimate barakah hat he could have received.

Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA is also said to have seen Jibreel AS twice though not in his original form. The privilege in question of seeing the angel in his true form was only granted to the Prophet ﷺ.

The Prophet ﷺ would often pray to Allah regarding Abdullah RA that, “O Lord, make him acquire a deep understanding of the religion of Islam and instruct him in the meaning and interpretation of things.” He repeated this dua for him more often than not and with the barakah of his dua, Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA did become a beacon of light in the pursuit of knowledge.

Abdullah RA narrated the incident, “Once the Prophet ﷺ was on the point of performing wudu. I hurried to get water ready for him. He was pleased with what I was doing. As he was about to begin salah, he indicated that I should stand at his side. However, I stood behind him. When the salah was finished, he turned to me and said, ‘What prevented you from being at my side, O ‘Abdullah?’ ‘You are too illustrious and too great in my eyes for me to stand side by side with you,’ I replied. Raising his hands to the heavens, the Prophet then prayed, ‘O Lord, grant him wisdom.’

We also are acquainted with the dedication of Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA when he is sent by his father to learn salaah Tahajjud from the Prophet ﷺ in his house at night. For a detailed account, please do listen intently so that we are deeply humbled and grateful as to how this enthusiasm and zeal of Abdullah Ibn Abbas has benefited us immensely.

Narrated Ibn Abbas -’ I stayed overnight in the house of my aunt Maimuna bint Al-Harith while the Prophet ﷺ was there with her during her night turn. The Prophet ﷺ offered the ‘Isha’ prayer (in the mosque), returned home and after having prayed four rak’ah, he slept. Later on he got up at night and then asked whether the boy (or he used a similar word) had slept? Then he got up for the prayer and I stood up by his left side but he made me stand to his right and offered five rak’ah followed by two more rak’ah. Then he slept and I heard him make deep breathing sounds and then (after a while) he left for the (Fajr) prayer.’

“Be mindful of Allah, He will be mindful of you…” is another  hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas RA that illustrates our true values that should be cultivated towards Allah and how all the Sahaba had set precedents in this domain with them even seeking Allah’s help and guidance on the most trivial and simplest of matters.

There is also a mention of a Hadith which illustrates how the Prophet ﷺ had made a premonition of the loss of eyesight of Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA in his final years of life.we also realise the true tafseer of Surah Nasr made by Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA when questioned about the same by Umar Ibn Al Khattab RA. this leads us to the conclusion that Ibn Abbas was truly gifted with the knowledge of Tafseer.


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