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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about the name of Allah – Alhameed


AI: Summary © The Bible uses "monster" to indicate evil and evil behavior, and the speaker discusses the importance of acceptance of one's own actions and actions of others in shaping one's behavior. A woman named-seems like a hermit who is deserving of praise and gratitude, but doesn't need gratitude, is considered a "monster." The segment also touches on the importance of praise for Islam, and the speaker explains that the best way to praise Islam is through actions and words, which are the essence of one's actions.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to another episode of discussion on 99 names of a law. We are here with Amada shoukry. So now Michael and yours truly it is on. And today in this video we're talking about, we're talking about Hamid Chawla, Hamid

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Al Hamdulillah lillahi, Syed Hamid is the one who's deserving of hampt. He's the one who's deserving of praise, with all of its values, levels all of its ways. There we go. So he is, and Hamid is the one who's deserving of praise, even if nobody praises him a lot. So yet he's the one who's deserving of praise in and of himself. And

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Hamid, is mentioned in the Quran, Allah, Allah says, Allah has anyone heard me know that Allah as well as the vahanian, Hamid, Allah as well as plenty Allah is?

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Allah is free of need. And he is Hemet. He is the one who's deserving of what's the word? What would you say that he is free of need, and he is free of need. And that is different from summit. summit is literally the one who has been our best described as summit as being the one who has no internal organs. Oh,

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interesting. And that what that means, right? It's similar. You have no internal organs, it means that I'm free of neat, you're free of material anchors.

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Well, it means that the reason why I have internal organs is because I have a heart Yeah, I have I need blood to go to my veins. I have lungs, I need oxygen to go through into my body. I have stomach kidneys, I have all of these things. But you take all of that out. It means what it means I don't need air and I don't need sustenance and food and nourishment, and I don't need any of these things. And so that is the meaning of a summit at Hamid or Lenny Lenny generally, for example, you'll try to do with the rich be richer. Yeah, right. Well, what does what is Lena? What is richness, except that you're financially free and independent and a poor person can be a Lenny, as long as they don't need

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Oh, yes. Okay. And so Lina, or Allah, as you know, he says that he is a little honey you'll meet Allah azzawajal is the one who is not in need. And Allah is the one who is praiseworthy or a lawsuit is the one who's deserving of praise and allies and yet he says for so long as again mentioned, this, one will pair these words.

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Very much love to you and Hamid, that he is Lenny.

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Whether you praise him or not. So he doesn't need you're not alone. He's free of us. At the same time, he is handmade, he's deserving of that price. Got it. Okay. Okay. Oh, that makes sense. That's very beautiful, so and humped. So the thing is, so

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there's the meaning of the fact that he doesn't need the praise, and he doesn't need the gratitude by itself and handmade stand still stand without the honey. say one more time. So there's the there's the idea that he doesn't need our praise, and he doesn't need our gratitude stand alone in Hamlet itself, or that it works because we add a learning.

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Even without aloni he would still be a hermit. Okay. still be at Hemet.

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So he's deserving of that praise, whether or not we praise him whether or not he prays he wasn't Hamid before when he is the fact that he's free of the need of praise and free the need of gratitude. Exactly. Okay. Exactly. So it's for our benefit that we praise Him. Of course, it's not for him. Right. Right.

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The Prophet sallallaahu Selim, he says, if all of you, mankind were all had the hearts of the most righteous person, that would not increase a lot as they get anything. Okay. And if we were all the most had the heart, imagine 7 billion people all had the heart of the most evil wicked person on earth. That would not take away from anything. And so our worship doesn't benefit him and it doesn't increase him in Namibia, Amara Kumasi Hara, Kumasi, Kamiya Allah says simply it is and that's a hideous bootsy by the way.

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Basically, we don't benefit a lot yet Allah says it's simply your actions Yeah, I encompass them for you and then I reward you for them. So whoever finds goodness then let him thank Allah is good and whoever finds evil in that then let them not blame anyone except for themselves. And so I'll add Hamid Yes. Is this interesting? Because I'm coming to the idea that okay, if

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he's not in need of us, he doesn't need our praise. He doesn't need our gratitude. If we're good or bad. It is. It makes no difference to him. Yeah. But at the same time if we got the love it well he's at the wall because and so even if from evil, we return to Him and good, he is the happiest and most welcoming.

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This is where my mind to start going. Okay

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guys, if any of you find Balarama

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Please return it

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is my mind's eye, My mouth is about to explode right now. It's just like trying to take in all of these attributes and stuff in one.

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It is interesting because it's like,

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it's not human,

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for somebody to not care about something, but then when somebody returns to them,

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for them to be joyous about the fact that they return it like as a human being, I mean, when you look at all of these attributes, they're above and beyond what we not only what we do, but what we've ever seen or common can comprehend. Yeah, I mean, you forgive somebody.

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But when you forgive somebody, rarely do you ever, ever return to the station back before they ever harmed you, right? Yes, you definitely don't forget you ever completely erased but that is what allows us again and again and again. And even if sometimes you forgive somebody, how rare is it that you turn around and love that person then? Yeah, you know, even the prophets of Allah said, I'm like what she say to him. I accept your Islam. And I'm okay with you accepting Islam, but I don't really want to see you. Yeah, around all the time. Yeah, you killed my uncle Hamza. That's it. But look, Allah turns around and forgives and raises that person, right and loves that person. The prophet SAW

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sent us a lot laughs at two people who enter into paradise. One of them killed the other. Well, how did that happen? One kill the other. And then the other the what the killer accepts Islam and both of them enter into paradise. So that would be essentially the situation between Hamza and Rashid. Yeah, exactly. And it's played out so many different times. Right? How did the new elite and academia never died? and many others? Yeah. So Allah Jen loves. And when we're talking about when we're talking about this topic, you know, it brings to mind the statement of the Prophet alayhi salam, and he said, I don't have the ability to praise you. Like, there's nothing that I can say.

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There's nothing that I can conjure up as I'm talking about a lot. Yes. Okay. love to see Santa. And he says, I don't have the ability to praise you. You are as you praise yourself. Like when we think about laws, or Yeah, there's nothing really that can allow us to even begin to describe it. It's incredibly profound. Oh, my God. Okay. Say that again. I don't have the ability to praise you. Okay. Now see, then I enter combat athlete, I don't have sick you are as you praise yourself.

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Wow. Yeah. And so these are just some short reflections and thoughts about the beautiful name of Allah as we did at handmade, we recognize that every beautiful attribute that Allah azzawajal is the one and every praise Allah as of yet is the one who's most deserving of it. And even then we don't have the capacity to praise Allah azza wa jal in the way that he deserves other than at hamdulillah. What Allah has did has taught us to praise him with and that's why, by the way, always the best praises of Allah. A lot of times we try to get fancy with our, you know, supplications and our praises, but the always the best way to praise him is going to be what is the way that he's taught

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us? Yeah.

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It's like, sometimes it's like, staying at home too loud. But I mean, you're like, Okay, I want to move on to something else, or the Hollywood output a low or low but but these are the ones that a lot as Josie had taught us to praise him. And I think I think it probably come jaded with it. It's only because we haven't unlocked their secrets. It's just yeah, I mean, just just just even the sense that How many times are we actually Cognizant and conscious of when you're saying it? Are we really taking it into account internalizing what we're saying? Yep. Exactly. Yeah, that could be the takeaway very much. So thinking about what you say, you know, every action has a essence and a

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physical manifestation and the essence of prayer. supplication that you make is the brokenness and consciousness of Allah xojo brokenness of yourself towards a law you recognize that he's a Lenny Yeah, and I'm the puppy and I'm the one who's in need and he's the one who isn't and thinking about his names and attributes and calling upon him law by that. And so we end here Sharla

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for everybody watching was the lightest and I'm hamadryad it was like missing him

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