Tom Facchine – Will Allah Replace Us

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker describes how Allah's actions have led to the generation of people who fear him and do not want him to replace them with other people. The speaker describes how Islam has changed people's perception of who is truly a woman and who is a man. The speaker questions whether Islam is a path to achieving a better understanding of who Islam represents.
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So let's have made our last round to Allah. So something amazing. He basically tells us, he tells us the qualities of a sort of beloved people. Right last point. He sets it up by saying, Yeah, you have a Latina Ave may have had the mean come and then he for Sophia Tila will be coming. You have Bahama, you had buena said basically oh people who have believed whoever rejects the Steen rejects this way Islam and turns back and leaves it that allows will replace you. Well, and that's a you know, an amazing thing in and of itself. Allah saying he doesn't need us, right? He doesn't need you. He will replace you and he'll replace you in a heartbeat. But what's really struck me is Who will he replace

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us with? He describes them he says, you humble home, he'll replace you with people that he loves. Well, you had buena home and that they love Allah. Now listen to the description, the description that Allah gives of the people that he loves, and they love him. He says a villa in Allah meaning is that in Allah Caffery, he said they are meek and humble towards the other believers, and they are proud in the face of the Kufa, they're proud in the face of people who aren't Muslims. This is something that Allah subhanaw taala wants from us. This is the standard that he sets such that he's telling us sort of half threatening that if we leave this thing and we don't fulfill our covenant

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that he'll replace us with other people that he loves, and that they love him. And the first characteristic that they have is there are people that are going to be meek and humble towards other people of faith believers. And they're going to be proud in the face of the Kufa. And we find these days that regretfully, we have the opposite. We have people that are extremely proud and arrogant and haughty, and they don't take advice and they don't give the proper due to their fellow believers. And then when it comes time to the non Muslims, and especially the non Muslim politicians, and the big speakers and all these things that were very meek and humble, and please

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accept us, and please listen to us, that we have it backwards, we have it backwards, and we have to ask ourselves a question. If we have it backwards? Are we putting ourselves are we making ourselves eligible to be people that Allah replaces? Maybe we haven't, you know, according to the literal meaning of the eye, maybe we haven't left Islam in the most literal of senses. But is this something where we're not fulfilling something that a lot expects of us? So it's not that you know, we're not necessarily meaning the letter of the idea in the sense that we're not, you know, explicitly leaving a snap. But we have to question ourselves and say, Are we on a path to that? If we're not fulfilling

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this expectation that Allah has we're not we don't demonstrate this quality that Allah subhanaw taala loves, we're actually doing the opposite. Are we on a path to leaving his deen or or neglecting our covenant?

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