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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various popular names and attributes related to "hole," including its meaning in various languages and political environments. They also touch on "hameless culture" and "hameless culture" in relation to weight, height, and weight. The speakers stress the importance of action items in relation to "action items" and encourage viewers to share their own examples and ideas.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, brothers and sisters Welcome to another episode discussing the 99 names or the names and attributes and if you've seen the other episodes, you will recognize that there's sometimes maybe more or maybe less but according to Heidi there is 99 we have here with us amado sugery salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and yours truly without on Yeah. What are we discussing this episode? We are talking about a last name and Hey,

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are you Yes, exactly.

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But right now we're going to do it Hey separately and inshallah we'll do it after so And hey, as mentioned five times in the Quran, Allah as I just said, most famously, I'll give you a second to guess where a lot Yes, guests very quickly where a lot of it is mentioned that is a hold on, hold on. Everybody's guessing you got it. All right. So the first one I had to go see very good at the beginning of sort of Milan also, so Allah says nicer coochie Allahu La la la la la la. La says there are a lot of there's nothing worthy of worship except Him and hate the EverLiving la you don't worry we're gonna get to it soon. Charlottetown what are the other three guys of course the laws are here

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he says what's what can I did? Hey, lady diamo to say baby Hamdi, and that's a source of four pi. Allah says in depend on hate the one who does not die was a bit empty and and make the Spear of his damnit said empty means and exalt His praise also allows it it says well who will hire you? La Ilaha Illa who, for whom Luciana Houdini Salafi verse 65 he says he is the ever living there's nothing worthy of worship except to him. So for those who who supplicate to him or ask him if they see another hoodie and making the religion sincerely to him, and also allows again, he says Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah who adhere to the norm and that's in salted bacara which 1am I missing and sort

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of Taha Allah says, Well, I need to do a yum. About Harlem and hammer level map. This is a sort of reverse 111 nice Info palette versus 65. No, sorry. 5858.

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And then add in Milan, it is verse. It's verse two. Verse two. Okay. And I haven't cruces which verses book 255 255. That's like a pop quiz question. Yeah. Because just so everybody knows that everybody knows where it is. No, everybody knows where it is. 255 that's like, okay, it's like certain I would not, I would not

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like to 265

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Okay, gotcha, gotcha. So, I mean, everybody knows now they know. I'm assuming everybody knows to 255 now they're trying to think if there any other famous like verses of the hold on that are just everybody knows the sort of number and the verse what that was.

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Okay, which one is that? That's belcarra 183. Okay. 183 because what else is there that everybody knows? You've got? You got the last two.

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You've got no I'm talking about where the people say like 571 or 255 or slash 71. I just made that up.

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Like, you got it. Right. That's awesome. Well, a lot of these famous verses are from Booker. Yeah, you just shout out famous verses though. There are lots of famous verses you could say I have to know what I'm talking about verses that are people know by the number. I don't know if anybody knows anything but

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that's fine. So let's is that hey mentioned in hadith

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of course. Let's get to it though. So okay, I'm jumping in Yes. as normal.

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So this is the benefit of going through unscripted. Oh, we're going on scripted I mean, I'm sure everybody's watching you see how unscripted it is. So you probably realized that by now Yeah.

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So Allah has a yet he says that that hallucinatory? what I know. So part of so I just want to share very quickly, just a few meanings of the word and hate we're just gonna go over them. And then

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we'll jump into whatever discussions that leads to but the first is the meaning of it hate that his higher laws life is that Mr. Thomas, it is perfect, and it is everlasting. So there's no when you say perfect, it means that it's not deficient in any way. Our life becomes deficient. Sometimes we're healthy sometimes we're sick.

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Sometimes we're awake sometimes we're asleep. Okay, right. It is boy devoid of any and all miseries that life has to offer. Eliza Yes, it's perfect in every way. Okay. So Allah says that that hallucinatory dynamic is not affected by slumber, sleepiness or sleep is life is perfect. And also have the meanings of hate is that it is a what's called civitan that year. Meaning that it is a attribute that stays with him. It is is an it's an act.

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aspect of his essence with regards to us weight. How is he different from higher? Higher as in modesty? Is that the same thing or different words? No, it's a different letter at the end. Okay.

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Right versus okay. Yeah, yeah. So and height is it's an attribute of his essence, meaning that with us, that attribute can be taken away from us. Right? It's a part of us. Currently, while we're in this state. Yeah, but we didn't have it before. And it gets taken away from us. Right, but with our lives, oh, yeah. It's not a block that you can remove. Okay. Okay. It is. It's, it's with him.

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Forever. Gotcha. Okay. Okay. So a lot is is exactly a loss. Isn't hate. Hate is not, you know, something that's separate from him. It's not an attribute. It is an attribute because all of his attributes are with him. Okay. But it is not something that's separated from him, but it is it Yes. I understand what you're saying in the sense that it's not it's not a description. Exactly. Okay. It's like he is he isn't high. Like, just like he is a man. Like, it's always there. It's not like for example, anger where he may become angry. It's not something that he has the ability to demonstrate.

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Explain, explain, like anger is something that he is not anger. Okay. Right. But he has the ability to demonstrate anger. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. That's what that's what we're that's what we're saying. It's, it's maybe he is merciful.

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And he's able to demonstrate mercy, mercy, or we say like, it's an essential name, for example, or essential attribute or something like that. Gotcha. Um, so when somebody says hi yaka lolich Palestinians, they do that a lot. Hi, yah, kala. Yeah. What does that mean? That is your homework to go look that up?

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What does that mean?

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And then you have the highest of the law. You know, in the shot. Yep. So is that like, we're praising Allah for his higher?

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Wait, what? In the hood? Yeah, is staying at the Hyatt de la he was allowed to have a bath, right? So are we praising his, like, his higher or like, how does that work? But let me let me come back to that in a second. I just want to lose.

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organized, I'm going into tangents as usual. Yeah. So a lot. So again, so then the next I don't remember, let me see which one we stopped at. So we stopped at number two also have the meanings of and hate of the meanings of a height we said is that Allah azzawajal his life is an essential component or such an attribute. When you think about

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when you think about

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the third is that a lot is good as the giver of life. Okay? So allows you to gives life to everything, and allows you gives life to the earth allows it gives life to us. So I'd hate and he's the one from which hat hat comes from. And Allah xojo He's the one from which hieght comes from a law that he gives life. Okay, so I thought, Hey, you know, I don't get confused about Hya which is modesty and higher, which is life. They're different words. Okay. So just trust that for now. Okay, hold on a sec. You know, I mean, I feel like

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like, we're doing the names of a lot as a surgeon and you're trying to do being his dream program.

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all of a sudden get out of super curious about Arabic grammar and Arabic, whatever. It's like, I'm just curious. That's all good.

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Like, so what I'm saying is for our purposes right now, okay. Right now just leave it for me would be so a lot of yen is the giver of life. And a lot of data many times will criticize the disbelievers for their disbelief that a lot can give life. So they disbelieve in the resurrection and a little bit NMS NYC. honkala says they gave us an example. They struck first an example because a man came to the Prophet satellites in a mini crash some bones in front of him and he said, Do you claim that a lot of zeal is going to bring life back to these bones after they become dust? Yeah, and unless there's a little bit in a method, I'm gonna say, we struck first an example. You gave us

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an example and he forgot his own creation. Caught me up in a minute Hillary Varma healed me. He said who will give life to these bones after they've become dust? Pull your hair lady and shadow? Well, I'm gonna tell them life in the first place. Yeah, tell them He created you the first time around. Why would creating you the second time around or bringing you back be more difficult? Yeah. And so of the meanings of hate is the one who gives life and so it's such a visual description of somebody crushing the balls and a lot of responding to that.

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Yeah, I mean that man came and you know the prophets response to him was very quick response the prophets I send him said yes, he will resurrect the bones and he will resurrect you and He will throw you in the fire.

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Like it was just like when people came with attitude sometimes the prophecies that I'm would respond to them with a lot of you, I'm sure that guy went home scared.

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I was like, Oh, no, they used to believe it was a little less and most of them even though they didn't believe in Him, they believed him Yeah, when he would say something or he would threaten them or anything like that. So this is some of the meanings of the names and hate and inshallah Allah will conclude here and we'll go into LTU in the next video so Elias and Mohammed

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before we conclude what are some action item takeaways, you tell me you give me some action items. Okay.

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I am

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if you will my action items to look up

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is that part of this is reflection right part of it? I mean, with some of these I think it's a good idea to give you know, action items, but I'm also wary of just spoon feeding everybody all the time. This is what you know you should do here or should do there. I want you guys to think about what does that hay mean to you? What reflections do you get from it? Hey, how do you implement it Hi in your life.

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I feel free to comment and share the lesson hamadryad outside of sim conceal

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about the name of Allah – Alhay

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