Why Do Some of Allah’s Names have Negative Meanings

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Shaykh Ammar AlShukry answers

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The speaker discusses the limitless experiments of the world and how it is impossible to break the negative attributes of individuals. The negative attributes include best of Potter, Al Qaeda, and windows of faith. The negative attributes are not just negative, but also positive.

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Why does ally use negative sounding names for himself such as best of plotters?

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handed off so lots of ammo Sula, so number one that isn't a name, the best of plotters isn't a name. So we have names and we have attributes and MK or plotting is an attribute but these are what are called reciprocated attributes, reciprocated attributes. What does that mean? It means that Allah Subhana Allah if you pay attention when you're reading the Hold on, you will always find that these attributes are done to those who have those attributes in the first place. why I'm calling on William called law or law Harold mcatee. That they plot and a lot plots and he is the best of Potter so alasa panel that is plotting against those who are plotting against Allah and His messenger and

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the believers a loss of Hannah data deceives those who are deceiving Allah and His messenger and the believers Allah soprano diocese in knowmia que una Qaeda, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, they have a hidden plot and we have a hidden plot. So these reciprocate of attributes, what they denote is that Allah Subhana Allah, for lack of a better term is outmaneuvering. Those who are trying to be deceptive, but you will find that even with regards to reciprocate of attributes that there is a limit. Allah Subhana Allah will out plot, a loss of Hannah to Allah will deceive those who are trying to deceive but Allah Subhana Allah says For example and sort of that in fact, he says what you do Fianna Taka,

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Taka de Haan Allah May. Allah says if they look to betray you, they have betrayed a law from before. But Allah doesn't say so he betrayed them. Because betrayal and treachery. There is never a positive manifestation of treachery. There's never a positive manifestation. So unless Canada doesn't then say, so he betrayed them. He says, I'm Canadian home allies, so a lot give you authority over them. And so what this shows is that these attributes are not actually negative. They are positive when they are done to those who are initiating them. But even those reciprocated attributes have a limit.

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When they manifest in attributes like treachery, that have no positive manifestation and a lifespan of that