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The First Commands

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This lesson will be the following

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the interruption and pause of the revelation,

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then we're going to look at the command

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given to the prophet

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to rise and one and rise and pray they were to commence after o'clock.

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So the commands

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and basically that goes on to teach us the man Hajj, which is the methodology

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of a Muslim, very important. And we're going to explain that.

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And then the stages of the call

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the stages of the call of the professor last lm In other words, phases of the DAO in Mecca.

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And before we mentioned that last week, we talked about when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam received the first opening, I attribute a lot of Revelation. And that was a sign of his prophethood from many angles, number one that the first eight revealed were not your Prophet verado was about to hate because the Quran is from Allah. Number two, he was so scared, where did he go?

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After the case, he went to his wife Khadija, usually if a person is an imposter, they're not going to sit around back home to my wife scared. Especially when the brothers for example, they're talking on the phone, as soon as their wife gets on, okay, their voice goes all squeaky and soft, and they walk away from their brother. So they're not getting embarrassed. But no with rasulillah at least what was slammed, he was so scared as a terrifying experience, that he had no problem going to someone to ask for help. And I happened to be hardanger. And she believed in him immediately. And that's another proof of his problem. And why because usually the first people in your family because

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the people in your family know you're the best known, especially your spouse, you know, your spouse inside out. If they're trying to pull us up on you, you know, you know, they might get back in your hand. So if anyone was gonna say his ally would have been his family members. Imagine one of your family members came to you and said, I'm a prophet.

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Say you're fruitcake. No, you're not a prophet. You're not gonna believe them. But also love was so truthful. They knew he was so truthful. She believed in him immediately, Mahatma Khadija. And she provided so much support for you financially, emotionally, spiritually Jani, she really helped him out. And that's how you should be sisters with your husbands. And husbands have to be like that with you. We work together, we work together very important, out of region. Oh, well, Mona, Lisa masuleh said the men of the maintainers of women we help the women and the women also as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, in them and Nisa, originally the twin halves of men. So we complement each

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other, we have different roles doesn't mean one's better than the other, we have different roles. It's very important.

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And also, especially as mothers don't think of what you've given up, and what you've lost to be a mother, but rather look at what you've gained to be one. Look at all the things that you've learned and experienced and gained in being a mother. Sometimes, sisters complained because things are tough being a mother, so for them, I've lost so much, right? Oh, I've gained so much weight, or I've gained this and look at what you've gained in the positives of being a mother. That's very important. So you won't be able to and as we said, the struggles you face today will lie at developing the strengths that you need for tomorrow. And being a successful mother doesn't mean that

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you won't have any problems or struggles No, but rather the success the successful mother is the one who doesn't give up despite their struggles. That's very important.

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And it's not easy. So Panama will lie especially the single mothers very difficult. I don't know how they do it. Well I don't know how

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Alhamdulillah for example, my wife and I were together and it's sometimes very difficult on her despite me helping him despite getting help from my in laws as well. So I didn't know how the single mothers to make money we make a little draw for them Allah tala help them.

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So what happened after that was a pause Allah azza wa jal did not reveal any more I had for a while and I mean,

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in the notes on page six interruption of Revelation, events are reported.

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Okay, interruption of revelation

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We have the Green Book, it's 88 interruption of revelation events are reported on the authority of ignore bass.

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But the revelation pause for a few days and that seems the most correct, some say three and a half years, but rather, after careful study, this seems to be the most possible

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Amanda pursuer revealed was

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you will not abandon me did not forsake you. So don't worry, before Allah didn't, didn't love him, and that broke his heart. Why? Because if Allah is all that you have, you have all that you need.

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And the one who has nothing but has Allah has everything.

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And life without Allah is like a blood pencil. It's gonna point. That's how he felt. I've gotten to a point to live anymore. So what did he do the notes go dimension, he wanted to commit suicide. That's how depressed he got the divine inspiration, pause. This is a hadith mentioned before it was empty. It paused for a while. And the Prophet became so sad, as we have heard that he intended several times to throw himself on the tops of high mountains. And every time he went up to the top of a mountain, in order to throw himself off to visit him.

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You better listen to the people before him and say, oh, Mohammed, you are indeed Allah's Messenger in true, very upon his heart would settle down. Now that tranquility.

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Devi was counseling him saying, Don't Worry, Be patient, you are the Messenger of Allah. So that made him happy, what hamdulillah and he would return home. And whenever the gap became long, once again, he will do the same thing. But jabril will appear again before him and say the same thing he had said to him earlier.

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So that was the interruption and the pause of the revelation. And why did that happen? For many reasons, among them to create this longing and craving in the heart of the Prophet summit law, it's an important revelation. You know, when you experience something beneficial or good, and it stops for a while you want more of it, you have a craving for just like Ramadan. You know, you haven't eaten for eight hours, and you go to the shops, everything looks good, everything, even if it's something that you didn't even really enjoy while you weren't fasting, but because you haven't had it for a while you're just craving it. So Allah azza wa jal, one of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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to crave the revenue, therefore,

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appreciate it.

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Because you don't appreciate something until it's gone. And that's when Unfortunately, many times we appreciate things. He appreciate a few drops of water when you're fasting, just to see,

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you appreciate one cracker, when you're fasting, you appreciate a few grapes when you're fasting or anything, you really appreciate it. So having a lot all the time, it can be overwhelming and you don't appreciate. That's why very important system with your kids, giving them a lot over time.

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That's what's called spoiling because you've rectums woven,

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rather at times to deny them is actually a good thing. It teaches them patience, and it teaches them to be appreciative of what they have.

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So a lot, we just wanted that appreciation to build in the heart of the purpose of the lesson. So when he did get the revelation, he appreciated it and first he gave it

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so that was

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asked for the commands after a crop that was the first command and what does that mean? Read the command read

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among the first yet revealed to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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confer ended.

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In other words, give our

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knowledge in other words before you give that guy knowledge, because firstly to shake your tea,

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if you've got nothing or the possessor of nothing can give it if you don't have something you won't be able to give it.

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What are the people that are involved in Dawa, yet

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And then the demand was

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is a beautiful sequence.

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That is the man

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you have unbeliever.

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Because after why worship after the hour, when you're heavily involved in dour, it can really drain the heart. It can really hard in the heart. You're worried about rectifying other people's hearts. Don't forget your own. That happens a lot of the time it can wear you out it can drain you dealing with people's problems, hearing people's complaints, answering the questions. Well, it's very difficult. And if the day the Schaeffler teacher doesn't, doesn't give his his own soul a time to relax, rest, stand up in the night, pray and do other forms of a bother, it'll drain his heart as well. And he'll burn out many people in that way. They get burnt out early on why

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Because they haven't had their fair share of worship or their fair share of knowledge, they're just involved in da da da, especially when it comes to massage it or running massage in Morocco is the Shura very important that they gain knowledge and they also involved in doubt, also MSA workers, volunteers at universities or they concern about our with our with our and to think I'm going to help everyone and just neglect myself. That's okay because I'm benefiting others. No, that's an unhealthy attitude to have. Because the one who is poor rectifying themselves is poor rectifying others, but you're going to a dentist with bad teeth,

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or a doctor is always sick. Or a plumber with poor plumbing doesn't work. It's a contradiction, you don't want that. So that's very important.

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So worship after dour inshallah, it will give you that recharge just as your phone or your iPad or laptop, when you you know, runs out of batteries, you know, recharge it in and recharge your Eman. Give those daily boosts with a better seeking knowledge, you need to increase your email.

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That's why they're Wu Dali sallam. He was a prophet, but he was also what

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he knows, they were the Prophet of Allah.

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He was

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a king

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and a king.

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so they're getting problems. They're getting complaints, or complaints and

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double the workload. So therefore what

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the best prayer is the prayer of their food, why?

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Stand up and pray for

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the remaining

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remaining third.

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So he knew

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usually people in politics

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due to the deceptive nature of that work,

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little Yeoman, he would foster day and break is faster. Next, he got on and off alternate days upon Allah. Now, he's a king, king kings have whatever they want the shocking look at the kings of Saudi Arabia, they're driving gold cars, for crying out loud. Kings can whatever they want. He can eat whatever he wants, he can drink whatever he wants, but he decides to fast.

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And we don't want to fast because we want to enjoy our big mac meals and KFC, three piece feeds and we can't give up our design. He's a king, you have whatever he wanted his fasting day on alternate days, day on day off.

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So none of that really shows you there would listen. And what a man

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what a man.

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And you know what's amazing?

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There was that Islam.

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He had this real for his family, especially his wives is jealousy, extremely jealous. Therefore, he would

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make sure now I can get into his home because he was extremely protective over his family that's praiseworthy. One day, his wife sees a man in the middle of the castle. All of a sudden a man is in the middle of the house. Imagine that. Imagine you're for example, doing the dishes and then you go into the living room and you see a man in the house.

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I can't get hold of you right? Like,

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I can't get through to you over the phone. I'll just

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this guy was actually in the house. She's if they would find this out. I'm dead and we're all dead. He's gonna kill us all because extremely jealous. So he comes in. He comes in and he goes over to him. He says Who are you? What do you want? He said, Anna levy. Now I have one more look. I don't feel the Kings kind of for you. It's part of life talking to the woods like that. He said what I am Daniel minissha Nothing can stop me.

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The wood was wise he said in Aqaba, la he Melo como. You are the angel of death. In that case, he was smart. He knew you don't feel the kings and nothing can stop you the angel of death. What

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This after that. He said, Please give me five minutes. Please come back tomorrow. He said marhaba and be amela welcome the decree of a law.

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And he took it so

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he was a king, and he wanted to make a law. He wanted to make a law, what would we do? Please come back next year please. I suffer after a pen. And you know what he's telling us? I wasn't a king for the kingdom. I was a king for Allah. I was a king for Allah azza wa jal. Look at us. We want to cling to this dunya despite the few bucks that we earn,

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we want to cling to this world. We're earning you know, a few $100 a week we just please don't take me that will that

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will lie on you What an amazing man.

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You know when I first heard that, I was shocked and amazed like when I first heard that fear of the woods story will lie that just shows you the level of Eman the prophets reads May Allah grant us the level of Eman that inshallah tada we are capable of reaching.

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So my sisters, all three are very important. seek knowledge, give dour, but also, don't forget yourself very important. And the scholar said zakka. To learn in fact, woohoo. Your knowledge has to pay has to be paid, or the Zakat has to be paid on your knowledge. How do you give the cattle knowledge? pass it on. That's your circa just as when you have money to pay circa 2.5%. Likewise, when you have knowledge to pay this account, you pay this occur by giving it to others just as you give your money to others, you see the beautiful wisdom and the connection between the wealth in this account knowledge and user care of your wealth is all the wealth or a little bit

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a little bit. Likewise, your zecca in your dow is a little bit. In other words, don't turn the tables upside down. Your knowledge should be more than your dow some people are so involved in dow they're giving down six, seven days a week and they only seek knowledge one day a week. No, your knowledge should always be more than your doubt, like how your will should be the vast majority that you keep with you as opposed to the zuka and a little bit that you give away. That's another very important point. And finally, the stages of the call. It mentions there in your notes. On paper. If you got a few pages later, or a couple of pages later, it says the fate the phases and stages of the

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die with the coal. The word Tao in Arabic is translated as the coal Now the word dour came from da da in Arabic has many meanings among them is to invite if I sit down to keep elevating or invited you to my home for example. So that is to invite and how do you invite someone come to my house for dinner?

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Now we didn't do that and that's not allowed.

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So invite and how did the prophet SAW Selim invite Of course with nice wisdom with wisdom and nice character. However, the Tao of Islam had stayed,

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can be split into

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and stage of Almudena.

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They're the two main phases and Mecca is split into three.

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Firstly, it was what

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because they were being persecuted fear of punishment for being killed, secretive. After that, there was

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Open now That's right. And this occurred from the fourth year

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to the 10th year in Mecca, opened our

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and then after that it was beyond Mecca, opened our but beyond Mecca.

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And that was from the end of 10th year

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the time of Elijah where they went and migrated to El Medina.

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So Chronicle lahoma will be shadow Allah Allah inland Mr. firaga one or two